Preacher Was Arrested & Souls Were Saved!

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University of Central Florida, Orlando   


          I had some very good outreaches on the UCF campus while we were in the area. I went to campus alone but had very good weather for preaching. There are many preachers who come through and preach on this particular campus, which can make it difficult to draw a crowd because the students become used to it. Nevertheless, I was able to draw some good crowds who gathered to ask questions and listen.   

Inspiring Others to Labor in the Harvest Field   


          While I was preaching, an older man came up to me and said that he greatly appreciated what I was doing. He said that the campus really needed it and that I should keep it up. I talked to him a little bit more and he said that he used to go out on the streets and witness and would like to start doing that again. I told him that Bike Week was coming up in Daytona and he said that he wanted to make it out there to witness! Though it didn’t work out for us to witness together, because certain circumstances came up, I still praise God that He is using our ministry to inspire other believers to get involved in the Great Commission.   

The Judgment of God Against the Wicked   

          I warned the students about the judgment of God. I warned them that the wrath of God is against all ungodliness and sin. “If you have sin in your life, you are under the wrath of God”. I expounded upon the judgment of God in Noah’s flood, in Sodom and Gomorrah, and in more recent events such as the Earthquakes in Haiti. I said, “The wicked will be cast into hell, and all nations that forget God. America is a nation that has forgotten God! America is under the judgment of God! And God will not turn from His wrath unless America turns from her sins!”   

          When the world hears about the judgment of God, it is common for them to think that such preaching paints God out to be a mean, cruel, and vindictiveness being. This is because the world does not understand the holiness of God, nor do they comprehend their own wickedness. It is not that God is mean, cruel, and vindictiveness, while the objects of His wrath are good and pure. I explained, “God is holy, but many of you are unholy! God is righteous, but many of you are unrighteous! It is not that good people are in trouble with a bad God. But that evil people are in trouble with a good God!”   

          I also explained to the students that the wrath of God was justified against them because God had granted them a conscience so that they know right from wrong and because God had granted them a free will so that they can choose between right and wrong. I preached that sinners truly deserve damnation and therefore they greatly need a Savior – Jesus Christ.   

Why Is Atonement Necessary for Forgiveness?   

          I remember one student asked me, “Why is atonement even necessary? Can’t God simply forgive sin?” I explained to him that yes, as a mere individual, God can simply forgive sin. If another individual offended me, I could simply forgive them without atonement. But God is not merely an offended individual. Otherwise He could simply forgive without atonement. God is the Moral Governor of the entire Universe. If God is going to remit our penalty in the forgiveness of sin, He must substitute our penalty with an atonement in order to uphold and maintain His law. If the Ruler of the universe simply forgave mankind without atonement, God’s hatred for sin and love for holiness would be questionable, His regard for His law would be doubted, His law would fall into contempt, sin would be encouraged, and therefore the rights and well-being of His universe would be endangered! Therefore God, as the Moral Governor of the universe, cannot simply forgive man’s sin without atonement. The only way that God can pardon mankind by withholding the punishment of eternal damnation, without weakening His authority and influence over the moral beings in His universe, is because Jesus Christ suffered and died on behalf of our sins.   

God’s Omniscience & Man’s Free Will Are Compatible   

          One student asked me, “If God is omniscient, then how does man have free will?” They reason that if God is God, He is omnipotent. If God is omnipotent, He knows all of the future. If God knows all of the future, He is omniscient. And if God is omniscient, the future is settled and certain, and therefore man does not have a free will.   

          I explained to the student that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscience, but that these attributes of God need to be properly understood. I explained how God’s omnipresence corresponds with reality. That is, God exists everywhere that exists. Omnipresence does not mean that God dwells in places that do not exist. In the same way, God is omnipotent. God can do all things that can be done. God cannot do things that cannot be done, such as intrinsic impossibilities. For example, God cannot make a square circle, or a circle square. Neither can God know something which cannot be known, for example the outcome of a contingency. God is omniscient but that means that He knows all things that can be known. His omniscience corresponds with reality. Since reality has an element of contingency on account of free will and therefore the future is not merely a straight line of certainties but is more of a web of possibilities, God’s omniscience mind perfectly corresponds with this reality. God knows reality as it is. Therefore God knows reality as containing contingencies and God knows the future as having alternative possibilities. Since God’s omniscient mind perfectly corresponds to reality, His omniscience is no limitation or hindrance to the free will of man. God perfectly knows that man has a free will and God perfectly knows all of the possibilities, probabilities, and actualities, of man’s choices.   

Chariots of Iron   

           In an effort to discredit the Bible, another student brought up a passage of Scripture which I had never considered much before. “And the Lord was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitances of the valley, because they had chariots of iron” (Jdg. 1:19). The student mocked the God of the Bible, saying that God is not all powerful and that He could not overtake people due to their iron chariots. Therefore the God of the Bible, he reasoned, is not true.   

          I explained to the student that this passage merely states a fact, it does not give an explanation. He is reading his explanation into the passage. The passage does not say that God could not drive out the inhabitance with iron chariots, because God is not all powerful. That is what he is saying but not what the passage says. The passage doesn’t explain why at all. I said that it is possible, though it is only conjecture, that when the people of Israel saw the chariots of iron they were intimidated and lost faith in God, and since God limits Himself to the faith of His people, the inhabitance with the iron chariots were not driven out. This would be an explanation that is more consistent with the rest of the Bible.   

         I also said that if the Bible was fabricated to deceive the masses, as He seemed to believe, and if His interpretation of that passage was correct, that God is not all powerful or cannot overcome men with iron chariots, why would that passage even be in the Bible at all? The fact that such a passage is in the Bible convinces my mind that the Bible was not fabricated to deceive the massages but is an accurate record of the facts that occurred.    

Always Obedient to Conscience   

          As I was preaching, one student asked me, “Why am I a sinner?” I said, “Because you have violated your conscience.” He said, “I have always obeyed my conscience.” I asked, “You have never felt guilty over anything you have done?” He then admitted that has had at times felt guilty. I explained, “That is a guilty conscience. So you haven’t obeyed your conscience all of the time. You are a sinner and you need a Savior!”   

A Whorish Women   

          As I was preaching one woman came up next to me, turned her back to the crowd, and pulled down her pants. Though things like this have happened before, I was a bit taken back. It was unexpected. I used it as another opportunity to rebuke the sin of the campus. I said to the crowd, “This is a perfect example of a whore on this campus.” The crowd was offended that I called her a whore and came against me for it! I found it interesting that they were not offended that she pulled her pants down in public, but they were offended that I rebuked her for it! I said to the crowd, “I can’t even call a girl a whore who drops her pants in public? What is the world coming to?” Many in the crowd saw my point. I went on to say, “This is just further proof that this campus is wicked and needs to repent and turn to Jesus Christ.”   

Unity & Diversity   

          Somehow the question of unity and diversity came up. I explained, “Effects reflect their causes. There is unity and diversity in creation because there is unity and diversity in the Creator. God is both unified and diversified. There are three distinct persons in the Trinity and these three diverse personalities are completely unified in purpose and essence. They are unified in nature and character, yet distinct in personhood.” I went on to explain how the God of the Bible is an adequate cause of the Universe. Christians can account for the unity and diversity which is in creation because we claim that the First Cause is unified and diversified. Yet a part from an understanding of God, specifically the Trinity, we fail to find an adequate cause of the universe.   

What About Those Who Never Hear The Gospel?   

          Because I was preaching that Jesus Christ was the only way to have our sins forgiven, the question was asked about those who do not know about Jesus Christ. I explained that the very reason the Church is supposed to take the Gospel to the ends of the world is because the world, even without the knowledge of the Gospel, is condemned and hell bound. If the world was already saved through their ignorance of the Gospel, they would not need to encounter the knowledge of the Gospel in order to get saved! Someone asked, “So people in other countries are going to hell because they haven’t heard the Gospel?” I answered, “No, they are not going to hell because they haven’t heard the Gospel. They are going to hell because they are sinners. They have freely chosen to do what their conscience told them was wrong. Everyone is accountable for their choices. Everyone is accountable according to the knowledge that they had. And Jesus Christ is the only way for guilty sinners to be pardoned by a holy God.”   

Grace & Mercy  

         I made sure to spend a good deal of time preaching the grace and mercy of God. I explained how we all deserve to go to hell because we have all violated the law of God and the law of God is that important! Yet God offers us forgiveness and eternal life! God offers us what we do not deserve! We do not deserve forgiveness and eternal life, yet if we forsake our sins and trust in Christ, God grants them to us! That is the grace and mercy of God!   

          I also explained that the only reason God didn’t send them to hell as soon as they sinned against Him was because He is gracious and merciful. The only reason that every sinner in the universe is not in hell this very moment is because God is gracious and merciful, desiring their repentance and salvation. Though God would be completely justified in sending all of us to hell, in His goodness He wants all to repent and to be saved. I told the crowd that that was the only reason they were not in hell yet.   

Bike Week, Daytona   

DSC06881.jpg picture by openairoutreach  DSC06884.jpg picture by openairoutreach

Sinner Repents and Preaches the Gospel

          The week before Spring Break starts in Daytona is “Bike Week”. Thousands and thousands of bikers from all over the country come to this event. We arrived early for Spring Break and therefore had the opportunity of preaching the Gospel at Bike Week as well.


          There was at least one known conversion from the labor done at Bike Week. There was a man at Bike Week who was involved heavily in alcohol who heard the preaching. He came under the conviction of his sin and gave his life to Christ for salvation. He immediately ceased his drinking and started coming out with the team to preach the Gospel! Right away he started open air preaching, calling sinners to repentance!

Daytona Spring Break   


          We have gone to Daytona to preach to the College students on Spring Break for a few years now. Thousands of students flock to this location to party. Some of the students will even recognize us as “those preachers who came to our campus”.   



 Man Soundly Saved   

          On the Sunday right before the big Spring Break week, we attended a Church service put on by the local evangelism group that we were working with. After the service, one of the members of the worship team came up to me and asked, “Did you come to Spring Break last year to preach?” I said, “Yes”. He said, “My friend and I were out on the street and saw you preaching last year. You rebuked my friend for something and we stopped to listen to you. After we stopped, one of the members of the local evangelism team came up and ministered to me. I gave my life to the Lord and for the past year I’ve been a part of the group. I probably wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you!” I greatly rejoiced at this testimony. I had no idea that he gave his life to the Lord. This ought to encourage street evangelists. We are being fruitful even when we don’t know it. He’s even been going out on the streets every week for the past year, to witness to the same places that he used to hang out at!   

Preaching Day & Night           


   Spring Break is an all day and all night type of event. During the day all of the students hang out at the beach. During the night they all flock to the bars and clubs. This provided us with an opportunity to preach the Gospel all day and all night!At the beach, we were able to draw crowds on the board walk which would gather around, ask questions, and heckle, just like they do on a college campus. We would also march up and down the sands of the beach with our banners and bullhorns, so that everyone at the beach could hear the Gospel.   

           At night time, there would be a lot of foot traffic on the sidewalk in the party district and there would be large lines of revelers outside of the bars and clubs waiting to get in. We would confront their sin and preach the Gospel as they walked by and as they waited to get into the buildings. They would gather around to talk with us and some of them would even stay for a very long time to talk with us about God and the Bible. I thought to myself, “We are pretty effective. Here they are at Spring Break, seeking a party, and just feet away from the bars and clubs where the party is at, we’ve been able to get them to stop and talk to us about the Bible for an extended period of time! That’s pretty effective!”   

Son of a Famous TV Evangelist   

          While we were out at the bars and clubs preaching on the streets, one young man saw my banner and decided to come over and talk with us. It turns out that he is the son of a famous TV evangelist. He stayed and talked with us for over an hour. He said that when he first came up to us, he thought that we were doing it all wrong. But after talking with us he realized that we were right and that what we were doing was right. He and his friends were very receptive to what we were saying. We didn’t hold back and pray that they will take heed to the word.   

Preacher Arrested & Souls Saved   


          After I finished giving an open air sermon across the street from a busy club, four Police Officers suddenly arrived and immediately arrested me without warning. They cuffed me, put me in the back of the Police car, and drove to the station. At the station I found out that I was arrested for “violating a noise ordinance” for having our speaker too loud. I thought it was strange that they arrested me for that because usually, if a noise ordinance is violated, they simply write a citation. But it seemed clear to the team that these Officers, who had been complaining about the preachers for a few days now, were trying to make a point.   

          As it turns out, they gathered statements from residents who lived over a half mile away. They claimed to have heard my preaching. Yet, when I was preaching I questioned whether I was even being loud enough for the people across the street to hear me! One of the team members, who was across the street, affirmed that I could barely be heard over there due to the noise from the busy street and the music from the club. I suspect that the Club owners, who repeatedly complained to the Police about our presence, had some local friends make complaints from nearby residential areas.   

          Interestingly enough, the team that I was preaching with has been preaching at that same location with the same sound equipment for the past year. They have never had any problems with the Police. The team was shocked that I was arrested because nothing out of the ordinary was going on. I was surprised as well because in the past, if there is a problem with our volume an Officer who received the complaint will kindly ask us to turn it down and we of course always do. In this situation, if they simply asked us to turn it down we would have, but they suspiciously didn’t even ask us but rather chose to arrest me without warning.   

          I was released on a “promise to appear” but have yet received any court date in the mail. The Police also confiscated the sound equipment from the team and will not return that until the criminal case is over. Since I am already in Texas and since there was no audio or video recording of the situation, I’m just going to have to pay the $100 fine.   

          I was told that after I was arrested, two girls who had seen the situation came up to talk with the group that was still there. They were very interested in hearing about Jesus Christ and later that night, they both gave their lives to the Lord! If it was my arrest that sparked their interested to talk with the group, which resulted in their repentance, I pray for many more situations just like that one!   

Girls Gone Wild   




           A couple years ago at Daytona Spring Break we went outside of a club to preach to find that the “Girls Gone Wild” tour bus was at the same club. That provided us with an opportunity to preach to some of those girls and also to minister the word to a club that was very busy with Spring Breakers who came to see them.  

           This year the “Girls Gone Wild” tour bus was back in Daytona for Spring Break. We found out what Club they were going to be at and set up shop right outside with signs, banners, and bullhorns to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There was a huge line of sinners waiting to get into the club. We preached for a couple hours as they were slowly getting in. A few of them actually got out of line to come and talk with us. One man that I talked to, who came out of the line to speak with us, said that our conversation was “life changing”. He said that he did not grow up “religious” but that He wants to believe that Christianity was true after I spoke with him more about it. We prayed together and I pray that this “life changing” conversion has a permanent impact in his life. I gave him my email information so that we could stay in touch.   

University of North Florida, Jacksonville   

          On our last tour through Florida, I enjoyed preaching on this campus the most. I remember having large and calm crowds, which provided for some great open air preaching meetings. For that reason, I was excited to return to this campus.   

          As soon as I arrived and began preaching, a student came to the lawn where I was preaching from and put a “Gay Club” promotional sign in the grass. Whether he was simply going around campus to place these signs, or whether he decided to place it there because I was preaching there, I do not know. But either way, it shows the moral depravity of Universities today. Students are actively seeking to spread their sin throughout our culture. Therefore we must actively seek to spread the Gospel, and the morality that it brings, to our culture.   

          I decided to bring up the topic of homosexuality, since they brought it up first. Strategically such a controversial issue is good to bring up in the open air, because it draws attention and helps to gather a crowd. I plainly and boldly stated what the Bible says about the topic, that it is a sin which leads to hell but that there is forgiveness through repentance and transformation in Christ. A crowd did gather and I was able to discuss other sins and expound upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

Is Marijuana and Alcohol a Sin?    

          During the couple days that I spent on campus, I found it difficult to draw a crowd and then, once a crowd did gather, I found it difficult to get much of a dialog with them going. This could be due to the fact that a number of different preachers have been on this campus just a few weeks prior to my outreach. However there were times when crowds gathered and there were some students who asked questions.   

          I remember one student in particular who asked, “Is marijuana a sin?” Students always ask this question and I guess they hope that I would say no it is not a sin. This time, they got what they hoped for, sort of. I said, “No! Marijuana is not a sin! Marijuana is a plant! A plant is not a sin! Sin is not a plant! Sin is not a substance at all. Sin is a choice. It is a sin to choose to smoke marijuana. That is not the design of our nature. God did not give us our lungs to in hail smoke of any kind.”   

         A student asked, “What about alcohol? Is alcohol a sin?” I said, “No! Alcohol is not a sin! Alcohol is a liquid! Sin is not a liquid! Sin is a choice. It is a sin to choose to get drunk on alcohol. God did not design our nature for intoxication. That is why you suffer from hang-overs, because you are violating your design.”   

       Regarding the usage of marijuana, one student said, “But God made it! Therefore it is OK!” I said, “Just because God made it, therefore you can smoke it? That is fallacious reasoning. God made a lot of things but that doesn’t give you permission to burn them all and in hail the smoke!”   

            I explained to the crowd that God designed us to operate a certain way. He wants us to be sober minded. That is because when we think right, we are more likely to live right. But when we are not thinking right, we are less likely to live right. Drugs and alcohol impair your judgment and decision making. I will give them examples of things that I had done and things my friends had done when we were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. But I always explain that if this wickedness is repented of, God will readily forgive.   

University of Florida, Gainesville   

          I have heard from others that this was a very good campus to preach on but had never before preached on it myself. As soon as I arrived I realized that this would be a great place to preach the Gospel because there were so many students everywhere.   

Hare Krishna Evangelism on Campus   

          It seems that lately I keep running into Hare Krishna groups on University campuses. On this campus, they had a stage set up in the middle of campus. There was a person on stage with a microphone who was chanting a Hare Krishna chant that could be heard from where I was preaching. They had gathered a large crowd of students themselves who were participating in this religious service. The false religions are becoming very active in spreading their false religions. I have even seen Muslims on the streets passing out Korans! The Church must not sit back in idleness while other religions take their message to the world. We should be more devout in our commitment and more aggressive in our evangelism because we have the truth of Jesus Christ that can save souls from hell and set lives free from sin!   

Atheist Thought Christianity Taught a License to Sin   

          While I was open air preaching, one student who stopped to listen and engage me in dialog was an atheist. He objected to Christianity because he thought that Christianity taught that you can live however you want because you are forgiven of “all your past, present, and future sins”. He said, “No, the Bible says that only repented sins are forgiven sins. When a sinner is converted to Christ, he repents of all his past sins and is therefore forgiven of all his past sins. But that does not give him a license to continue in present sin or to plan on sinning in the future. If he returns to his sins, he returns to the wrath of God which is against all unrepentant sin. If a believer sins in the future, they must repent or perish. But a true believer does not plan on sinning in the future.” He was surprised with my answer and said, “You’re obviously not a Baptist or a Calvinist”. I said, “I’m just a Christian that believes the Bible.” It is a terrible thing when an atheist will object to Christianity because he thinks that Christianity teaches grace as a license for immorality. Atheists should be able to look at Christians and be amazed at how holy their lives are, so that if they are accused of sin at all, they are being falsely accused as the Bible says.   

Threatened & Encouraged   

          Overall the reactions from the students were diverse. Some passively rejected what I was saying and just continued to walk by. Some mocked the message as they were passing by, while others stayed for an extended period of time to mock. Some were very interested in what was being said while others were not interested at all. Some students encouraged me in preaching the Gospel, while others even threatened me with violence. One man spit on me while others shook my hand. Some seeds never take root while others seed sprout and grow very large, but no seeds would grow at all if no seeds are sown.   

University of North Carolina, Charlotte   

          Since we moved out of North Carolina we had not had the opportunity to preach in this State. This was the first time since we moved. I was excited to return to campus, especially because I had a local friend of mine come with me. Throughout the day I recognized at least one of the students in the crowd as a heckler from a previous semester. The great part about returning to a campus regularly is that you can see the students from their freshman to their senior year, exposing them to the Gospel throughout their entire College experience. That is an experience that they might not have otherwise on a University campus.   

So Called Christian Pretends To Be Homosexual   

          Shortly after we arrived and set up our signs and banners two students walked by us intentionally holding hands so that we would notice them. I made a comment to them, something like “repent”, which caused them to stop and come over to talk with me. They said that they were “Christians” but just did that because we were there. I began to confront the sin that they had in their lives and they said, “You can’t stop sinning.” They then went on to say, “You can’t judge us. Judging is a sin.” To which I humorously responded, “I can’t stop sinning”. I went on to explain, “Logically, if judging is a sin and you can’t stop sinning, then I can’t stop judging.” Their own excuse backfired on them and their inconsistency was exposed.   

          Our conversation finally got to the core of the issue. He asked, “If I’m a Christian, can I still sin?” To me, that exposed his heart. He wanted to be a Christian and yet hold unto his sin. I said, “A Christian is capable of sinning, but they shouldn’t sin.” He said that didn’t answer his question, so I frankly told him, “You are not a Christian while you are in open rebellion against God.” He said that “Jesus died so that we could fail”. I said “Jesus died to save us from our sins, not to help us continue in our sins.” He stormed off angry and upset because he didn’t want to repent of his sins. He reminds me of the rich young ruler who Jesus talked to. He wanted to inherit the Kingdom of God but he always wants all the pleasures of this life. He was not willing to give up what was necessary to meet the conditions God had laid out for salvation.   

Jesus Was Preached to the Diverse Crowd   

          We continued to preach open air throughout the day. A good size crowd had gathered and stayed for hours. Some stayed because they were serious about these issues. Others stayed for the entertainment. The crowd was very diverse. Some were professing Christians, some were homosexuals, some were Muslims, and some were Atheists. We answered their questions and addressed their objections. And Jesus Christ was preached to them all.   

Basket Ball Game, Charlotte NC   

          There is a Sport Stadium in downtown Charlotte which has a public sidewalk right in front of the main entrance way. Before and after the games there are a lot of people walking on those sidewalks. This provides a great opportunity to pass out tracts, hold a banner, and open air preach. While we were in the area there was a basket ball game so my friend and I took our banners and open air preached on the sidewalk while literally thousands of people were waiting in line to enter the game. Just as the preachers in the Old Testament were commanded to preach at the “gates” of the city because that was there the most traffic was this location was a great place in the city to preach the Gospel practically speaking. While on a college campus your primary audience are young men and women in their twenties, at a sporting event like this your audience is much more diverse.   

University of Texas, Austin   

ut8-1.jpg picture by openairoutreach

          Though the University of Texas does not allow free speech on its campus without student sponsorship, despite the fact that it is a public university funded by taxes, there is a city street in front of its main entrance from which you can preach and gather a crowd of students. Though it is more difficult to draw a crowd from this location, using one of our big banners we manage to do so.   

Pot Smokers in Heaven  

 ut20.jpg picture by openairoutreach

          While I was preaching repentance, one man in the crowd began asking me questions to quiz my knowledge of the Bible. He apparently was a professing Christian who didn’t exactly like what I was doing. He particularly did not like my emphasis on man’s repentance from sin being a condition of God’s forgiveness and mercy, because he thought it was contrary to grace. He believed that God saves us in our sins, not from our sins.   

          He began to contradict my preaching and the crowd loved it. They loved to hear that they can be forgiven and right with God while they continue in their rebellion against God. He essentially preached that if you believe in Jesus, you are on your way to Heaven no matter what kind of sin you have in your life. I asked him, “Will pot smokers be in heaven?” He said, “Yes! They are on their way to Heaven too.” I explained to the crowd how I used to smoke marijuana and I believed in Jesus, but I was heading for hell because I hadn’t yet repented of my sins. I wasn’t yet born again. The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin. He convinced me that my sins, like drug abuse, were going to condemn my soul. Therefore I forsook my sins under the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit, in order to find the forgiveness of God which is through Jesus Christ. This man however was saying that the wages of sin is not death, that the soul that sinneth will not die, and it is the oldest lie in the book. It was precisely what the serpent told Eve in the garden and these people loved to hear the same message.   

Open Air Preaching Is Effective   

ut7-1.jpg picture by openairoutreach

          One particular student who had heard me preaching on and off for a couple days came up to me and said, “You are not being effective.” I said, “We’ll, I’m able to get college students to gather around for hours and talk about the Bible, when it is hard to get College students to talk about anything for more then five minutes, especially about the Bible!” He said, “You have a good point. You got me there” and that ended our conversation.   

Texas State University, San Marcos   

          I have preached on this campus many times in the past and have always enjoyed it, but this particular outreach was especially special for me because I had a new friend from San Antonio coming out with me, and also a distant family member who lives in the area! I have never had anyone from my family come out with me to the open air to hear me preach so I was particularly excited. Though this member of my family is not yet saved, he said that he greatly enjoyed my preaching and believes that God is with me. Pray for his salvation!   

The Skull   

          Typically I preach without any tricks or gimmicks but rather draw a crowd through dialog and debate. However, I find that banners and signs help to communicate the message to the public and to get some attention. Another small item that I will occasionally use to illustrate a point and get some attention is a fake human skull that I bought from a pet store. It actually belongs in a fish tank. It is large enough for the fish to swim in and out of it and therefore it is fairly life size.   

          I used “the skull” on this campus simply because I hadn’t used it for a while. I knew that a crowd would gather even if I didn’t hold it in my hands, but it does have a dramatic effect and impression. Holding the skull in my hands, I will preach how the wages of sin is death, that after death is the judgment, but that Jesus Christ can save sinners from sin, death, and hell!   

          When I am holding the skull but not using it as a sermon illustration, a new comer to the crowd will usually ask me, “What’s with the skull?” My response is, “This skull is to get your attention. It works doesn’t it?” Then I will go on and say, “This skull is to bring to your attention a fact that you probably have tried to forget about, you are doing to die. Are you ready to die?” This provides a perfect transition into the message of the Gospel.        

Soaked in Cold Water

            Overall, the crowd was must calmer than in times past. During previous outreaches to this campus I had been physically attacked. But this time around, the crowd remained very civil. There was, however, one exception to this. While I was preaching a girl came from behind me and dumped a cup of water over my head. At first I thought to myself, “I’m so glad that is only water” because in the past it has been smoothies, which can be pretty sticky. Then I thought to myself, “Wow, that really cooled me off.” Since she was obviously trying to discourage me from preaching, I told the crowd, “I was getting so hot in this Texas Sun that I was thinking about calling it a day. But now that I’ve been cooled down by all that water, I can keep going for a few more hours!” And that is exactly what I did.  





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3 Responses to Preacher Was Arrested & Souls Were Saved!

  1. John McGlone says:

    Great looking blog brother! Keep to the King’s business. We look forward to fellowship with you guys soon, Lord willing.

    God bless you.

  2. dividingword says:

    Hey Jessie,

    I wish I had known you were in Daytona. I work in Daytona, night shift, and I always have to pass by these bars, etc. I could have gone to give some support.

    God Bless,

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