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Where's Rufus Sports Bar preachers

This is a sports bar that we reached out to a lot last year when we were in the area. It was good to return again to once again call them to repentance and faith. The owner and some of the attendance remembered us well.

This particular night was actually very busy. This bar is ideal for witnessing because it has an outdoor patio where many sinners congregate and it has city easement right next to the patio where you can witness and preach from. Every time that we go there, we become the talk of the bar. I praise God for that. There they are trying to enjoy their sin and now the talk of the table becomes Jesus!

We were not there but thirty minutes when a women flashed us, I was sexually assaulted, the sprinklers were turned on us, and we became the targets of water balloons. But our experience from last year prepared us as we had umbrellas!

There was one brother with us who had never done anything like this before. I always enjoy introducing new brethren to this form of ministry. It amazes me how many Churches there are in this city and yet we have never run into any of them when we are on the street’s witnessing.


This summer Open Air Outreach has been working on some film projects to bless the body of Christ. My heart is broken over the amount of false doctrine that there is being propagated through the means of the internet, specifically through video media, so it is heavy on my heart to counteract this with good quality videos that have biblically solid content.


Jesse Morrell Is God The Author of Sin

This is a video that I have been working which explores the question of whether or not God wanted Adam and Eve to sin and whether or not He causes the sin of the world. You might be surprised to see what popular and well known theologians have said on this issue. We lay out plainly and simply what the Bible actually says in regards to God’s will for mankind.


beyond augustine jesse morrell

This is a film that Open Air Outreach and Inlight Productions have partnered together to make. “Beyond Augustine” is a theological / church history documentary which explores the free will controversy in light of the views of the Early Church and the Gnostic’s and how that relates to Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. Were Augustine’s views on human nature in accordance with the views of the Early Christians? Was the Reformation a return to the views of the Early Church? These and other similar questions are explored in this film.

Check out www.BeyondAugustine.com for more information!


We are hitting the road for our 2010 fall tour of university campuses. We plan on traveling to:

–         Alabama

–         Georgia

–         Louisiana

–         Florida

–         Texas

We are still looking for places where we can park our 5th wheel in some of these places. If you are in one of these States and have a church, drive way, or backyard where we could park our 5th wheel and hook up to a water connection and an electrical outlet, while we preach the Gospel in your area, please email me and let me know. My email address is jessewm218@hotmail.com


Right as we hit the road from Texas for Alabama we had some difficulty with our 5th wheel. When I pulled over to put air in the tires I found out that two of the tires were rubbing together! As I looked closer I found that the hanger which attaches the spring suspension to the frame was cracked completely in half! It was already raining from the Hurricane and it was getting late so we knew that we had to wait to get it fixed. The gas station let us park there for the night and in the morning I called up some welders. I found one who came out with his equipment to take a look. He was able to weld the hanger back together and unto the frame and we were able to hit the road again safe and sound! Praise God! We are in Alabama now!


Krista and I are very pleased to announce that we have another baby on the way! Krista is due March! We are very excited about having more children to train in the ways of the Lord. Please keep our family in your prayers!


The Morrell Family



The financial support we receive from the body of Christ makes it possible forus to continue to live and to travel and preach. All support from $5 – $500, either monthly or one-time, makes a huge difference. Will you consider being a monthly supporter, giving as little or as much as you can?

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