Jesse Morrell Was Beaten for Jesus Outside A Strip Club

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University of Florida, Gainesville



Standing on this wall, I was able to preach the gospel to thousands of college students as they went to and from class. Hundreds stopped to listen for hours at a time throughout the few days that I was there.

The area was an open plaza where other groups would also set up to promote their message. There was a homosexual group promoting their agenda, a pot head group with a petition for legalization, and a group of sorority girls soliciting sex stories from the students for their class. And not far from this plaza was a field where a Hare Krishna group had a stage to chant and play music.



One man on campus joined our crowd who apparently was from Europe but was in the United States and was studying eastern religion. It is this type of scenario which makes universities a prime target for evangelism.

This man was evidently a Hare Krishna who had come over from their rally. His outfit made his presence known to all of the students so they said that they wanted to hear what he had to say. He spoke like he was a hippie and his views of God matched that type. He said, “God is love. He wouldn’t send anyone to hell.”

The crowd apparently approved of his message because they showed their agreement through their cheers and statements. They said things like, “That’s right. How could God love if He sends people to hell?”

However, I could not follow their logic. To set the love of God and the damnation of the wicked at an antithesis is to create a false dilemma. I argued that the love of God is the foundation of the condemnation of the wicked. If God loves His creation and wants the best for it, He would outlaw wickedness and condemn those whose behavior is at odds with the welfare of His creation. Just as any good judge will send criminals to prison out of a care and concern for the community that they commit crimes against, so also God will send sinners to the prison of hell out of a care and concern for His universe which they are sinning against.

The fact that God damns the wicked is evidence that God loves His universe. God does not simply damn anyone or everyone. God only damns the wicked. He never damns the righteous. That is because the behavior of the righteous are not contrary to the well-being of His universe, but the behavior of the wicked is. Therefore, the damnation of the wicked testifies to loving heart of God.

The crowd did not, as a whole, seem satisfied with my answer. I think that the problem is not that they view God as loving, or even so much that they have a misunderstanding of love, but simply and plainly that they don’t want to believe in damnation because they are wicked. This seems evident by the fact that when a proper understanding of love is granted to them and it is shown that God’s love does not bar Him from judging and condemning the wicked, they still refuse to acknowledge and believe that God is going to damn sinners.



Many were able to hear the word of God the few days that I was there. Since each day I was able to preach for hours at a time, the full council of God was able to be preached. We covered a large variety of topics like the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, the damnation of the wicked, etc. But what was emphasized throughout each day was that Jesus Christ can change their lives and save their souls.

University of West Florida, Pensacola





On a previous tour a few years ago I was able to preach on this campus. This campus does not usually have traveling preachers come through like some other campuses do because the free speech area isn’t ideal. The area is on the outskirts of the major activity and the sidewalks are not very busy during the class change. Nevertheless, with the help of signs and banners I have been successful in drawing a crowd anyways. Since the area is fairly quiet, I can amplify my voice fairly loud which also helps in drawing attention. With some persistence it is possible to draw a crowd. Though you might have to preach thirty minutes or so the first day before a good size crowd will gather. But after the initial day the campus will know you are there and it will be easier to draw a crowd the next day.

Of course there is the spiritual side of drawing a crowd. We must pray and ask the Lord to help us. But there is also the practical side of getting attention. We cannot become so “spiritual” that we fail to be practical. And neither can we become so practical that we fail to be spiritual. For example, it simply makes sense to start preaching around lunch time near the cafeteria, because that is where most of the campus will be. During the lunch break class change, those are the busiest sidewalks on campus. Those in the Bible were told to preach at the gates of the city, which is the area where everyone would have to go in and out and was therefore the busiest area and most practical place to preach.

I have learned that the practical keys to drawing a crowd is to preach about topics which are interesting, personal, controversial, and interactive. For example, the issue of homosexuality is always a hot topic on a liberal campus. Therefore, if a man goes out on a liberal campus and starts preaching against the sin of homosexuality, he is sure to get attention. When I seek to draw a crowd, I intentionally talk about issues which I know the students will have opposing opinions about. This will provoke a response from them. Once they state or shout their rebuttal and opposition to my Biblical stance and we start to have an interactive dialog back and forth, not only will they want to stay and debate instead of walking by and ignore the preaching,, and also causes them to think about their positions even deeper, but this interaction will attract other students to gather around and listen as well.

Drawing a crowd is a calculated and learned art. I know some who say, “It doesn’t matter if we draw a crowd or not.” But if having listeners doesn’t matter, why not just preach in your backyard to the trees? Of course it matters if people stop and listen or not. And open air preachers need to learn what works and what doesn’t work in securing the attention and the ears of the public.

In the Bible, the prophets did some very strange things to communicate their message. Isaiah walked around barefoot and naked. Ezekiel lay on his side for months at a time cooking his food on dung. Jeremiah wore the yoke of an ox.  These means were obviously calculated to get attention and communicate a point. Rather than employing these methods, I prefer to wear a sandwich board and occasionally use a fake but real looking skull to make my points.

I have tried many methods of drawing a crowd over the years. I am embarrassed to say that I once even tried magic tricks and also giving away money, as unbiblical and pathetic as that is. And remember, how you draw a crowd is how you are going to have to keep a crowd. But I have learned that nothing draws a crowd better than old fashion bible preaching. Preach against their sin, point them to Jesus, and engage them in discussion and debate. That will do it. I view our ministry like that of Paul who would dispute daily with men in the market place.




On the birthday of my wife she woke up and told me that she wanted to go to campus and preach while I stay home with the baby. She had never preached open air on a campus before. I was surprised that she wanted to go at it alone. But I was more than willing to grant her birthday wish.

For her very first time preaching on campus, she was even able to draw a crowd and engage them for nearly three hours! I remember my first time open air preaching and going for only ten minutes and that was a long time back then for me! And it takes skill to be able to draw a crowd and keep their attention for an extended period of time! I was very impressed and proud of her.

The crowd was hostile toward her just like they were toward me.  You can even see the protesters she had behind in in one of the pictures. People sometimes criticize me by saying that the crowd is hostile toward my message because I preach too hard. But my wife is much milder and softer than I am and they still heckled her and made the same type of accusations that they usually make toward me. This just goes to show that sinners are hostile toward the gospel, not because of the method it comes to them in, but because of the message itself. Their hostility toward the messenger is simply evidence of their hearts enmity against the message.

University of South Alabama, Mobile



This is also one of those campuses that is not blessed by many traveling preachers. I had come through once before without any problems but wasn’t sure how it would go this time. During my last visit I preached in a large amphitheater which is the designated area for public speaking on campus. When I arrived on campus I discovered that their amphitheater area was under construction. So I decided to preach in front of a busy staircase which was right in the same plaza area.

This new area was fairly busy so it was not long until a large crowd gathered. When a campus does not have preachers come through on a regular basis, it is easier to capture their attention and interest. There is more of a “shock value” in cases like this. Everything was going very well and I was having a very good dialog with the crowd until the Police arrived.

At first they stood off and observed what was going on but eventually they approached me and asked if I had a permit. I told them that I wasn’t aware of a permit requirement, that I looked online to see if there was any policy requiring it and couldn’t find one, and that I was here a few years earlier and preached without a permit. They said that I needed a permit from a specific person and told me where to find them.

While I object to the entire idea of a permit for free speech, since free speech is already a constitutional right and you don’t need permission for it anymore than you need a permit for the right to a fair trial; nevertheless, I went to obtain the permit anyways simply so that I could preach. While I am willing to preach the gospel without a permit until they either kick me off or arrest me, I would prefer to simply preach the gospel to sinners without Police interference.




One man came out of a building dressed up like stereotypical Jesus. He had a long hair, a long robe, and sandals. He told the crowd that he loved them and accepted them as they were as he lit up a cigarette. One woman put devil horns on which was actually fitting for her. She was very lewd in the things that she was saying and in the things that she was doing. She was a perfect example of a sinner who is not ashamed of their wickedness but rather flaunts it. The more that I preach on campus, the more that I see my reason for being there as justified and needed.

I was using my large banner for a good part of the outreach but eventually put it away. I put it down on the table I was standing on right behind me. I should have known better than that because I have had many signs stolen in the past. Sure enough, a student eventually came up from behind me and stole the banner. The crowd saw what was happening the entire time and said nothing to me. The only reason I knew it happened was because they all started laughing and looking at something behind me. It took me a few seconds to realize that the banner was gone and that the man running away had it.

I went looking for the sign since we were on a tour and really would need it but was unable to find the student. However, a female Police officer saw him steal it and also ran after him. She came up to me with the banner and said that he dropped it but continued to run. I returned back to preaching and the crowd was still there. It amazes me that people heckle and say, “Nobody wants you here. Nobody is listening.” But even after I leave and come back, the crowd is still there waiting for the preaching to start again!

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge



During my visit to LSU it rained on and off the few days that we were there. Nevertheless, we went out in the rain to call sinners to repentance and the students still gathered around for hours at a time. It is still possible to draw a crowd in the rain. It helps if the students themselves were prepared with umbrellas. But on some campuses I have seen people stand in the pouring rain to talk with us without umbrellas! If your message is strong enough, it will get their attention. If your message is personal enough by attacking their sin and showing the danger of their soul, they will stay to either listen or debate… even in the rain!

Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond




During my time in the Louisiana/Mississippi area, I was staying and had fellowship with Pastor Britt William’s church, Consuming Fire Fellowship. For years they have had a regular outreach to open air preach at LSU but have recently added SLU to their schedule. I was not aware of this campus but since it was new territory I was excited about going.

Standing on a bench, facing a busy sidewalk intersection, and echoing my voice off of some buildings, I preached the gospel loud and clear. It wasn’t long until interest began to grow on campus. Students slowly started to stop and ask questions. Soon, there was a very large crowd gathered to see what was going on. We were able to preach the gospel to them and call them to repentance for a few hours and then afterward continued to talk to smaller groups one on one for quite some time.

Illusions Strip Club, Mississippi



The Consuming Fire Fellowship also has a regular outreach to a local strip club. I wish that every church in every town and city had regular outreaches to the local bars and clubs! Imagine how much harder it would be for our country to continue sinning if every time that they went out to sin, they had to encounter the moral influence of the gospel!

The group I was with has had problems with the local authorities before. They have tried to say that they were not allowed to stand on the grass which is legally public right away. They tried to hassle the group during this outreach as well but to no avail. They left and the group continued preaching. But it wasn’t long after they left that two punk kids came and attacked us.





Consuming Fire Fellowship has suffered their share of beatings before. In fact, one of the boys who attacked us this time was also involved in an attack on the group just a few months earlier.

What amazed me about the attack was how it was completely unprovoked. I have seen some heated situations before where it seems like the street preacher might provoke the sinners to violence by getting in their face, saying provocative things, etc. I have had many sinners get in my face before but I have always stayed calm and will use gentle words to turn away wrath. I’ve been in some dangerous places and have preached to some violent and angry sinners, but I have never been attacked like this before.

There were about twenty of us men standing outside this strip club with sandwich boards and banners. One of the young men in our group, who was fifteen years old, was preaching the gospel. He was saying things like, “Turn from your sin. Turn to Jesus. Stop breaking God’s law. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Your sin will find you out.” It was a basic gospel appeal. It wasn’t too pointy, too hard, or even directed to any particular individual. But two men approached the group who were apparently looking to start trouble.

They tried to provoke the group by calling them names. They even went as low as to accuse some of the young men in the group as being “fags” to provoke the father to anger. But the group stayed calm and in the spirit. Nobody reacted in the flesh to their nonsense. Once they saw how they weren’t getting anywhere with this tactic, one of them said he would try to steal our camera.

During their attack a few months ago, they stole a camera as well so that their faces would not be identified through video. One man started going after the man with the camera when I got between them. In the past when I have preached, if a sinner tries to go after a preacher I have gotten between them because their anger is usually directed at that particular preacher and having me in front of them actually calms them down.

These guys, however, were just looking for a fight with anyone. They tried to go for my glasses when I pushed their hands away. The man on my left said to me, “Don’t get violent. Your God doesn’t like that.” While I was talking to him, the man on my right sucker punched me. Then they both started hitting me from both sides. After maybe six or seven hits or so I was knocked down. They then started heading toward their vehicle, which already had a driver waiting, but attacked the associate Pastor Charlie Kennon on their way out!

We did get the license plate number from the car and gave that to the Police in our report along with the video footage, but it has been a little while now and the Police have not contacted us to say that they found them. We continue to pray for their souls and ask that you do the same. One of the few words I was able to speak to them during this incident was, “You need to go home and repent of your sins.”

When I was in the world I had been in some pretty rough fights and have suffered some pretty brutal beatings. In comparison to those incidents, this really was nothing. I only suffered a headache for the night, a black eye, and some swelling on my cheek.

Video footage of this incident can be watched online, but be aware that it does contain graphic language and violence:

Central Connecticut State University, New Britain




The New England area is a place with a great deal of spiritual deadness. While this area was at one point the location of revivals, like those under Charles Finney, they are not in that blessed state anymore. It is very rare to ever find a street or campus preacher in the North East. Most of the traveling preachers stay further south due to the cold weather and the lack of support from churches.

I grew up in Connecticut. I was specifically born in the New Britain hospital. This university is just down the street from the house I spent most of my childhood. In fact, my great great Grandfather named James, who immigrated from Greece, once owned some property that he sold to this university when they were building it.

I first tried preaching on this campus last year but was escorted off by the Police and was given the run around by the administration. However, they looked into it more last year and became concerned about a lawsuit so they called me up and said I was free to return to campus. I wasn’t sure if they would give me any problems this year and to my joy they did not.

There is an amphitheater right in front of their student center which is a perfect location for preaching. Their student center actually has the entire third floor dedicated to the homosexual agenda. That floor is the “GLBT” floor where they have counseling offices and a study lounge for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. Every time I preach in that amphitheater, students come down from the third floor to join the meeting.

Since this campus has never, to my knowledge, had another open air preacher come through, at least not in a very long time, the students still remembered my outreach from last year. They were saying, “Jesse is back.” They gathered around and started asking questions and heckling and I remembered many of their faces from last year.

One administrator actually gave the students the idea of reserving the amphitheater in order to boot me out of it, gave them a sound system to drown out my preaching, and even gave one of the students a university bullhorn to heckle me with. All this just goes to show the campus is accommodating to the homosexual groups but are hostile toward Christian groups.

I preached for a few days and covered many topics. But my aim and goal was to point them to Jesus Christ who could transform their hearts. I shared my testimony, how Jesus saved me from a life of sin and wickedness, and how He could do the same for them.

Yale University, New Haven CT




Last year I apparently had a big impact on campus because the campus paper covered that outreach with multiple articles and even during one of the campus talent shows months later, one mocker made a sandwich board identical to mine and did some type of impersonation. I must have made a lasting impression upon their minds. This was also evident from the fact that many of the students remembered the outreach from last year and said, “Hi Jesse. You’re back. Is this going to become an annual thing?”

The crowd was pretty typical. There were mockers, scoffers, hecklers, jokers, and some who just stood there listening and contemplating what was going on. There were some professing Christians, but they were in agreement with the homosexual groups that it was “OK to be gay.” This campus actually has a large population of homosexuals and lesbians.

This campus is known for its sexual perversions. I read in their paper last year that they have “naked parties.” One year when I was preaching there were six men who stopped to listen, who had their private parts hanging out. Last year, two men started making out in front of me and a photographer took a picture of it which circulated all over the net. This year, there were five homosexual and lesbian couples who started kissing and making out while I was preaching. The men took their shirts off and even the women stripped down to their bras.

For a university which is supposed to be known for its education, it is disappointing to see so many who act so foolish. I have had students from junior colleges and community colleges act more mature than these Yale students, who are supposed to be the future leaders of our world. And for a university which has a spiritual and Christian background, it is very sad to see how pagan and ungodly it has become. But it is my hope to return to this campus once a year or so and try to turn the tides of wickedness and bring Jesus Christ back into their lives.

University of Connecticut, Storrs




I was blessed to have been able to meet in person Jeremy Hiltz, who is a fellow open air preacher I have known through the internet for some time now. He came down from Maine to preach with me at Yale and UConn. I hope that we will be able to preach again sometime in the future as well.

When we first began preaching we were standing in a very large amphitheater, which is where I have preached before, but I didn’t feel that it was going to be the best spot this year. That is because the wall for people to sit on is very far away from the preaching, so it discourages the interaction which you need for a good open air meeting. So we decided to move to a wall right in front of the student union. It was right next to a busy doorway and sidewalk and you could amplify your voice off of the wall. After preaching for a little while, the Police showed up.

One of the officers said that they were concerned for my safety because another student got up on the wall next to me while I was preaching. I told them that I was aware of the dangers that were involved in my job, just like there are dangers in their job, and that it is a risk I am willing to take. But that in honesty I wasn’t expecting to see any real violence on this campus because I have been on many campuses throughout the years without any serious incidents.

Then one of the officers said, “I heard what you were saying and it was just a bunch of hate.” I responded by saying, “I didn’t know that you had the ability to see the motives of a person’s heart.” He then said, “I just think you could go about it a different way. Nobody is listening to you and nobody is taking you seriously.” Again I responded by saying, “When did you acquire the attribute of omniscience? You can not only see my heart but you know the heart of everybody else here?” The atmosphere between us was not contentious but was, in my opinion, rather light-hearted really.

They then went on to say that they think my method isn’t the best and that I should try to talk to the administration about renting a room and holding an event and inviting people to come. I told them that it seems that we simply have a disagreement about methods and I wasn’t going to change their mind and they were not going to change my mind but that I appreciated their advice. All of the officers then left, except for one who stayed.

After our meeting with the Police Jeremy was under the impression that they were making us leave. I said that I wasn’t planning on leaving but was going to continue preaching. They gave us their advice but never commanded us to leave. I went back up on the wall to preach, since they never did tell me that I couldn’t or threaten me with arrest, when the officer who remained said, “Did we have a misunderstanding? I thought you were leaving?” I said, “Since I’m not breaking any laws, I plan on continuing preaching.” And that is what I did.

The weather was very cold. The wind made it awful. I seriously did not believe that we could possible draw a crowd in such conditions. Nevertheless, Jeremy was successful in gathering a crowd! He did a very good job answering their questions and preaching the gospel. I really enjoyed being able to listen to someone else preach.

There was one heckler that Jeremy had which was a very obnoxious homosexual. Through the unmentionable things that he was saying, he was blatantly sexually harassing Jeremy. When I got up to preach he turned to me and said, “What do you have to say about me?” I said, “Well, through the things you are saying it is obvious that you are a queer.” He was so offended that I called him a queer that he got on his phone to call the Police! He said, “That’s it. You’re out of here. That’s hate speech!”

When the Police arrived I explained that he had been sexually harassing my friend, which is against the law, and that it was based upon his actions that I accused him of being a homo. I explained that we have witnesses of his sexual harassment and that we have it on video. And that if he had said to an Officer what he had said to Jeremy, he would no doubt have been arrested. I then explained that we don’t want to have him arrested but want to simply continue preaching and that it was him, not us, that called the Police.

To the disappointment of that homosexual, the officer decided to do nothing to make us leave. The weather was so cold that both Jeremy and I were ready to leave, as our feet were frozen, but I thought that it would be good to continue preaching for at least a few minutes just so that the campus doesn’t get the impression that the officer was making us leave and that all they have to do is call the Police to kick us out. We continued preaching for a little while, reiterated the gospel in very plain and simple terms, and then decided to go into the union to warm up.

One girl in the union came up to us and said that she was a Christian. She was in the crowd and was able to witness to some of the students that were there. She said that she was so glad that we came to campus and hoped that we would return because it gave her the opportunity to witness for Christ and encouraged her to do so. I was very pleased by what she had said and I pray that other Christians on this campus and on other campuses would also be inspired to share their faith in Christ because of our outreaches.






It just so happened that during our spring tour of 2010, we were in Miami during the same time as the Super Bowl. I was blessed to be able to preach the gospel outside of the stadium alongside brother Ruben Israel and others at the beginning of the game and the end of the game. Ruben is an “event preacher” and has covered the Super Bowl and other big events for around twenty years. I do not know any “event preacher” with more experience than Ruben. I cannot think of anyone that I would want to be alongside at a street event more than him.

It just so happens that we are going to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the 2011 Super Bowl! I was excited to find out that our schedule once again put us in the location of this event. It could be the providence of God. We will once again be preaching alongside Ruben Israel and his crew of preachers. If any of you are able to make it to this event, you are more than welcome to join us. I do have some spare banners, sandwich boards, and even an extra bullhorn for whoever wants to join us and use them for the gospel.





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I am writing an article for a journalism class of mine about freedom of speech in the U.S. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for me.

1. Do you ever think that you use your freedom of speech in an abusive way or even go too far?

2. What do you feel the benefits of freedom of speech are?

3. Where is the boundary of going too far with freedom of speech? Is there even a boundary for such a privilege?

4. What is the point of freedom of speech? Is it suppose to sway others or merely make a point that the privilege is there?

5. Why do you come to many public places such as universities to preach? To show off your privilege or to make a point?

6. Do you even think that what you say might be going too far?


1. I use free speech to make my religious views available to the public for consideration. This is not taking freedom of speech too far but is the precise reason that our forefathers made such an amendment.

In tyranny, people are not allowed to think for themselves. Tyrants do not allow for opposing or competitive views. Freedom of speech is essential to freedom of thought. Therefore, freedom of speech is essential to a free society.

2. The benefit of having our speech protected is that we do not have to be concerned with being politically correct or have fears of prosecution for speaking our mind. The first amendment is specifically designed to protect offensive speech. If only the speech that everyone liked was protected, there would be no need for the first amendment or for protecting free speech. Free speech needs to be protected because tyrants, who do not want the views of others to be heard, will try to shut down their speech.

3. Speech should be as unlimited as possible. There are reasonable limits of course. For example, fighting words are forbidden. Fighting words would consist of language which is intentionally designed to provoke someone to violence. The same applies to inciting a riot. In the 60’s, radical liberals would give speeches designed to stir the masses to riots. This type of speech is not protected by American law.

However, if a man is speaking and the crowd reacts violently to him, if this was not the design of the speaker he is not breaking the law. His speech is protected. It is the audience which is breaking the law by reacting violently. The Police are obligated, in this situation, to maintain or arrest the crowd and not to arrest the one exercising his right of free speech. The audience does not have “veto” power over a speakers constitutional rights.

4. The purpose of freedom of speech is to secure freedom and liberty within a society. Again, freedom of thought is essential to a free society, and freedom of speech is essential to freedom of thought. If the government controlled what could and could not be taught, then they are trying to control what you can and cannot believe. This is a form of brain-washing. If they do not allow thoughts to enter your mind which conflict with their views, you are not a free individual but are under their control.

5. I travel and preach on university campuses to make my views available to the general public. Nobody is forced to come and listen but all are free to stop and do so if they so choose. A university is meant to be a place of learning and education. Diversity of thought and exposure to the world-views of others is essential to a real academic atmosphere.

My objective is to present such truths to the minds of sinners as to influence their wills to submission and surrender to God. The contemplation of the thought that God is holy and therefore is going to punish the wicked in hell, and the consideration that God is loving and therefore provided an atonement by which we can be forgiven, are truths which ought to have moral power over our hearts and minds.

Because the truth is valuable, because God is worthy to be served, and because I do not want sinners to go to hell, I present such truths to the public which are necessary for the salvation of their souls.

6. The way that I preach is not “going too far” in regards to the standards laid out in the Bible or in the laws laid out in American law. My motive is benevolent and my methods are both biblical and legal.

We use signs, banners, and t-shirts to help secure the attention of the public. We use language and topics which are controversial, designed to arrest their attention and engage them in dialog. We do not use fighting words or try to incite a riot. But we do use such topics and language as to provoke others to debate and thought.

My target audience is those who disagree with me. I do not need to reason and persuade those who already agree. Therefore, I intentionally bring up controversial issues and politically incorrect topics, which are relevant to the Bible and the salvation of their soul, in order to engage my target audience in debate.

What we say and how we say it is all calculated, strategic, biblical, and legal.




“I read the exert from your book to the Adult Sunday School class at Shady Grove Community Church. Also read it again among two Christian men both of which have joined me on campus before. We have gained much from this I hope I will be allowed to fill in for the pastor again in the future.”


“My husband and I have been so blessed by your teaching on youtube. We lead the outreach/evangelism ministry at our church and my parents are the pastors. Not only has the evangelism team been impacted but the whole congregation through our pastors has been experiencing a total change of mind on many issues, specifically Christian perfection. It is basically unthinkable to me now to accept the way I once believed that “hey, nobody’s perfect except Jesus, right?” and using that belief as an escape for my own and others choices against God’s law.

We are excited about Beyond Augustine and look forward to spreading it around to everyone we know. I have been shocked at the prevalence of Calvinist beliefs in my own non-denominational circles which have long prided themselves on not being “hung up on those religious issues”. My, my how our ignorance has led us into some pretty serious heresy!

Thanks again for all that you and your family do for the Kingdom of God. Be encouraged that for all those hecklers out there on the campuses, there are genuine believers who support the true work of the Gospel.



Hey Brother Jesse,

Thank you so much for your fantastic video “Is God the Author of Sin?” I think it is probably one of the finest Biblically based videos against Calvinism on the net. I was wondering where might I get a copy of your book? It would be an invaluable resource in my teaching.

Really looking forward to it. I’m on the Mission field in Moldova at the moment. Generally Moldova was free of Calvinism until some blasphemer brought in a few John Piper books and a handful of Christian here have been taken in by this lie. I imagine you’re book will bless us our work and turn the tide against this heresy.

Please let me know when your book is available. We eagerly await it.

God Bless

Rev. Patrick”




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5 Responses to Jesse Morrell Was Beaten for Jesus Outside A Strip Club

  1. I noticed that the interviewer used the word “privilege”, concerning free speech. This is not an accurate word to use, since free speech is not a privilege in this country. It is, in fact, a right! It is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is actually the very first amendment. The first ten amendments to the constitution are also named the “Bill of Rights”.

    To downgrade freedom of speech, and freedom of religion to be merely, a privilege, is a slur on supposed freedom provided by the law. Also, the same right afforded to free speech, is also the freedom of press. To make this Amendment seem optional, is to forfeit the same right, used by the journalist doing the interview. Thus, a self defeating practice.

    A privilege is, “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor : prerogative; especially : such a right or immunity attached specifically to a position or an office” according to Merriam Webster’s.

    Even though it is defined as a right, it is only granted as a peculiar benefit, or favor. Meaning a benefit not afforded to everyone. Also requiring a governing body to grant, or deny, each particular case, to each individual. This is not so. The law that is in place universally grants this right to all U.S. citizens. There is no need to apply for this right on an individual basis. It is granted to all U.S. citizens.

    There have been some concessions made in this area, since this right has been under considerable attack. In cases stated by Brother Jesse, like provoking violence, and inciting riots, are not covered. Deciding if these conditions are present, sadly fall to personal interpretations, of a judge.

    Also Universities that claim to be Institutions of higher learning, and the free exchange of ideas. While, many of them, have made considerable attacks on free speech. Requiring time, place, and manner restrictions. Effectively, destroying actual free speech. Now they have created restricted speech on their campuses. Those Universities don’t really want the free exchange of ideas, but only the carefully controlled, and conformed exchange of ideas. Which is to impose control on the thoughts of the people. They want people to think, only what they want them to think. They have proven this with the many court battles over this issue.

    Many will fight for free speech, but seek to destroy freedom of religion. These aren’t separate issues, but actually parts of the same issue. They are both covered under the First Amendment. They both deal with control over thoughts. Forcing people to only be allowed to say certain things are, in essence, equal to forcing people to believe certain things. It would be just as wrong to force everyone to be Christians, as it is to force everyone to be Muslims. The Bible does not force people to become Christians. Free choice is required, to become a true Christian. There are eternal consequences, for choosing not to be a Christian, but the choice is still there. It is contingent upon belief. Those that have tried to force people to become Christians are, against what the Bible teaches, and therefore, not real Christians. Islam, on the other hand, will routinely force their beliefs upon citizens of Muslim controlled countries. Which is consistent with their beliefs. Still, it is immoral to force anyone to a particular religion, against their will. It is tyranny, to do so.

    As of today, free speech and free religion, are not considered mere privileges afforded by gracious police officers, judges, etc. They are rights, given to all U.S. citizens. Although, that is likely to change in the, not too distant, future. Especially, with journalists using language that these rights are just privileges. To use your right of freedom of press, to undermine the Amendment, that makes that right possible, does not seem wise. Journalism, especially recently, has been used to sway popular opinion. It is not an objective telling of world events, as it proposes to be. So, it is dangerous to use language, that would suggest that the First Amendment is a privilege, only granted, or denied, to certain people. Not only dangerous to public speakers, or religious activities, but also to the journalists themselves.

    Ultimately, I am not given any freedoms, by the governments of this world. I was made free by the blood of my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. He made the necessary sacrifice for my freedom. I am actually, free, without respect to which government I happen to live in. Chinese Christians are actually more free than American Christians, in my opinion. The laws of this world only serve as an illusion to freedom.

    To be as wise as a serpent, I will continue to use the available laws, while they exist. I intend to continue to serve my King, whether any earthly government, allows it, or not. I only obey this worldly government. as long as. I am able to also obey the Heavenly Government. When that is not possible, I will continue to obey God, and face whatever temporal consequences, that may result. I only currently obey the worldly government, because it was instituted by God. I do it to honor Him. When the government does not honor God, and makes laws to defy God. I am compelled to ignore such laws, and continue to honor and obey God.

    Actually, if you want to get technical. This country was formed in defiance of God’s word. Romans 13 states to be in submission to our governing authorities. Even as I have stated, if that authority makes laws that contradict God’s law, they are to be ignored. No where in the bible, does it condone rebellion against that authority. It instead condones martyrdom. Which is not to kill for the right to obey God, but to be willing to die for it. Which is what the Christian Colonist’s should have done. The Early Church did not stage a rebellious independent war against Rome. The Jews did, and suffered as a result. No, the Christians just continued to obey God, at the cost of their own lives, not he lives of others. Which is how we should be.

    I exhort, and encourage Christians that read this post to count the cost of freedom. Not the temporal worldly freedom. Which is only a counterfeit to the true freedom, only found in Christ Jesus. Also, that we need to use the worldly laws in our advantage to proclaim the Gospel. There is soon coming a day, when we won’t be able to do so. What would the Christians of the Early Church say to “professing” Christians of today that have the freedom to go out and preach, and choose not to? Mostly for fear of rejection, and humility. Never mind, what they would say! What would God say about it? What has God said?

    Here is a quote from God, “When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Nevertheless if thou warn the righteous man, that the righteous sin not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul.” Ezekiel 3:18-21.

    Refusing to warn sinners, and back sliden Christians is not excusable. To not do it, is condemnable. God bless.

  2. Gary Lukas says:

    Dear Jesse,

    A couple of us will be witnessing at the Superbowl events on Friday and Saturday. I’m uncertain whether I will return to the Houston area early Sunday morning after the evening witnessing or stay until Sunday afternoon, but our focus at this point in time is hitting some of the party areas. My first Superbowl was in S. F. in 1984 when I was pioneering a church there and “Chaplain of Broadway”. Then along with the late Ed Human (from the Dallas Area) we worked the Superbowl in Houston a few years back. Ed made his first Superbowl with me in 1984 and we worked his last Superbowl in Houston. He passed away less than a year later. In between he had only missed one Superbowl due to his wife’s illness. I guess Reuben has picked up the mantle for this event. I hear of Reuben working with Brother “Jed” from time to time. Jed will be with me this weekend and then he will minister on three campuses before heading for the West Coast.

    Keep faithful and always listen to God’s leading. Sometimes he has you to be bold and other times with a certain person it may be the soft answer which breaks through to break their heart. Thanks for your boldness and perseverance in the battle.


    Gary Lukas

    P.S. Seven Years in Sodom – San Francisco, An Urban Mission is being released soon. It is the product of our 7 1/2 year work in San Francisco in establishing a church and seeing the fall of clubs on “Broadway”.

  3. Thank you for standing up fearlessly for the truth of the Gospel of our Lord and only Saviour, Jesus Christ!

    David Birch
    I will be praying for your today!

  4. jeff says:

    dear brother morrell
    i love your speeches. i was born in gainesville fl and their is sin everywhere we go as cristians believers in jesus christ. it is sad really. i go to a wonderful church called new hope in the village of nassau ny outside of albany ny. thank you again amen and god bless

  5. Ato wilson says:

    Hello jesse how are you. My name is Ato Wilson and I’m from an island in the Caribbean called St kitts. I’m 38 years of age and I’m married. My wife and I are christians. I’m a street preacher myself and am very fascinated by your passion to deliver the gospel to the streets. I deeply admire your courage as you continue to preach the word in spite of your many persecution by the many hostile crowd you have faced. Jesse you are a modernised apostle paul. Wow, you have courage like Gideon. I have seen it all as I have watched your videos on YouTube. Jesse I can’t find words to describe your awesomeness. You are like a lion, a David, a man who is willing to lay down his life for our Lord. Jesse I’m jealous. We have to meet and by the will of God I believe we will. I’m presently living in guadeloupe but will soon go back to St Maarten which is another island in which I believe will be the beginning of my ministry.

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