Important Update From the Morrell Family – Please Read

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Dear Friends,

I wanted to write a personal support letter on behalf of my family because we are in the process of trying to purchase our first home! Our living situation has been very unique over the past five years.

In the beginning when I was single, I joyfully live in a minivan in the service of the Lord. Some friends and I put a mattress in the back of the van so that we could travel the country and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ!

When I got married, my living conditions had to change. First, we rented a one room apartment. The quarters were tight but we were happy and made due. At one point we were renting a single room in the house of a friend of ours, which we also made work fine for just the two of us. Then we hit the road with our car and lived at host homes and camp grounds in a tent. All this time we were able to preach the gospel full time on streets and universities and absolutely felt blessed by the Lord!

In preparation for our first child, Elizabeth Morrell, we purchased a 5th wheel. We began to travel the country as a family preaching the gospel everywhere we went while living in the 5th wheel that we hauled with our truck. It wasn’t long before our family out grew our first small 5th wheel so we eventually upgraded to a second 5th wheel that was a little bit bigger in size and helped meet our family needs.

We now have our second child, Justice Morrell, and certainly do not plan on stopping the growth of our family! The more children that we can raise in the ways of the Lord, the better! But to accommodate our growing family, we believe it is time to start looking for our first house.

With the economy being in the state that it is in, the foreclosure market is very good for buyers right now. We prayed hard about it and decided to sell our truck and 5th wheel so that we could pursue the purchase of our first home!

Having a house will be a great blessing to us as a family and as a ministry. As a family, we can use the house to home school our children and for them to grow up in. As a ministry, the house will serve as a home base from which we will continue to travel the country and preach the gospel. When we are not traveling and preach, we’ll like to use the house for meetings, conferences, etc. We’d like to start an annual evangelism and theology conference which we would host at our house as well as start home groups to equip believers. And eventually we would like to house full time interns who we can train in the art and science of open air preaching. We get very excited when we think about all the ways we could use this house to serve the Lord!

We have been looking at the market and have found one particular house which we believe would accommodate our family and ministry.  However, the house is slightly out of our price range. So I am asking our friends for help. We need to raise anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 to help go toward this particular home. For those of you who can afford to make a large donation, would you consider doing so? And for those of you who can afford to make a small donation, would you also consider doing so? Everything will help!

You can help by sending us support either through Paypal or through the mail. (Paypal is preferred because it is quicker). Here is how you can do that:

Paypal: Click Here

Physical Mail:
Jesse & Krista Morrell
134 Williamstown
Ct, Newington CT 06111

We will keep everyone posted on our housing situation and would greatly appreciate your prayers that the Lord will provide for us exactly what we need! Thank you so much saints!



PS: Here is a recent picture of the children. I haven’t been able to send out many pictures yet of the kids due to a lack of internet connection, but more pictures are on the way soon!


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One Response to Important Update From the Morrell Family – Please Read

  1. McMurdo says:

    I just want to say how much I appreciate your ministry and your website. I feel that I have met a kindred spirit!

    I even like the way you dress – a couple of generations ago, the men in (my native) Northern England wore flat caps, ties and waistcoats.

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