Police Shut Down Free Speech Outside Eldorado Casino

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During the school year we focus our ministry on university and college campuses. During the summer, however, we focus more on street and event preaching since the campuses have slowed down.




While this crowd was not a very large crowd, it was very unique. This was an event put on in the public square for the dignitaries, elected officials, business owners, executives, etc, of the community who had donated to a particular group. Even the major of the town came out to give a little speech.

It was a good opportunity for me to be able to speak to a crowd that I normally do not get to speak to. Most of our ministry reaches college students and party-goers, but this was a chance to reach a different type of person with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I held my generic sign that says, “Trust Jesus. He shed His blood for you.” As a firm believer in the unlimited atonement of Jesus Christ, I have the blessing of being able to tell every sinner that I met on the street that Jesus Christ died for them and that they have an opportunity of being saved if they will just repent of their sins and believe the gospel.


My daughter insisted on holding and carrying my sign after she saw me preaching with it! It is very important for parents to set a good example for their children because they so eagerly imitate them!



In downtown Dallas there is a busy spot called “The West End.” It has a train station, a bus depot, restaurants, etc. I first preached there in 2004. It seems to be much busier now than it was then.

I found a good street corner to preach on that had lots of foot traffic. I decided to stay near the city street because the police have bothered me before in years past for being on “Dart property,” which is the company that does the transportation. However, I ran into some other street preachers down there who said they have been preaching down there for a little while without any problems from the police.

I stood on a chair wearing a sandwich board and preached the gospel loud enough for all to hear. I had various people come up and talk to me throughout the day. One man that I spoke with was visiting the United States from Columbia! That’s one of the great things about street preaching; you never know who you are going to reach! There was another young man who came and spoke with me who claimed to be a Satanist. Even the man riding on a big street cleaner stopped a few times to talk with me!

One young man approached me and asked me what this was all about. I explained to him the message and he told me that he was a believer who just recently converted to Christianity and started reading the Bible. He said that he has seen various street preachers down here before but that my sign really grabbed his attention and interest. I encouraged him in the Lord and then he went on his way.




I was in Fort Worth for two nights to preach the gospel. Sundance Square still has a very popular nightlife. The nightlife is diverse because it is not merely a club district. There are also concerts, a comedy house, restaurants, etc. Young and old people venture out to the streets in this area for various reasons to enjoy the nightlife. This creates a great atmosphere for preaching because you can reach a diverse crowd.



Although I went out on this outreach by myself, I ran into some street preachers that I knew from years past. There were also some street preachers out in Sundance Square that I had never met. It appears that this has become a very popular location, not only for sinners but also for Christians. In fact, the street corner that I was preaching on apparently is normally occupied by another street preaching group. There are so many street preachers that there are not enough good street corners! That’s not necessarily a bad thing!


My family and I are purchasing our first home in the Tyler, Tx area. We have lived in this area on and off over the years and have always enjoyed East Texas. About an hour and a half west from Tyler is the Dallas area. That is where I’ve always gone for Friday and Saturday night outreaches. But an hour and a half east of Tyler is the city of Shreveport. Throughout all the years that I have been in this area, I had never made my way into Shreveport to check it out for street preaching spots. Through a simple search on the internet I was able to locate some casinos, bars, and clubs which looked promising as far as outreaches were concerned.


During the day I preached across the street from a casino called “Eldorado.” There was one particular cross walk that seemed to get a lot of foot traffic as people parked in the parking garage and had to cross the street there to go to the casino. I held my “God Hates Sin” banner and said things like, “You can’t spell casino without spelling the word sin.”

After about twenty five minutes of preaching on my bullhorn, a female security guard approached me and said I was on private property and needed to leave. She was very upset. I told her that I was on the city sidewalk but she insisted I was on private property. When I asked her where the private property ended, she told me to move back about five feet. I did that and she left me alone.


Five minutes later another man approached me who was also with the casino security. He also said that I was on private property and needed to leave. And he too was very angry. I insisted that I was on a city sidewalk and therefore didn’t have to leave and requested that he call the Police.



When the Police finally arrived, Officer Stafford agreed with the security that I was on their private property! He asked the man if he wanted to press charges! I said that I had no problem leaving if I was on private property, but that I wanted to know where the public property started. Officer Stafford arbitrarily pointed me to two blocks down. There were many other businesses, besides the casino, in between where I was and where he pointed me too. So I asked for his supervisor.


When his supervisor arrived, he said that I could be arrested for disturbing the peace because I was preaching outside of their business. He said that I needed to leave or be arrested. I asked him where I needed to go and he said that I needed to move one block down. That was one block closer than what Officer Stafford said. In fact, that was a location which Officer Stafford said was private property! I decided that since I wasn’t going to get anywhere with them, I’ll just move down a block.

I moved to where they said I could preach and was able to do so without any further disturbance from the Police. I did manage to get this entire situation filmed on video so all the evidence of their constitutional violations are recorded for legal purposes. I contacted the city engineer and the city traffic engineer to ask them if the sidewalks across the street from the casino were public or private. They both affirmed that the sidewalks were public! I have given my attorneys all the information that they need to file a lawsuit against the Shreveport Police Department and Eldorado Casino.



The nightlife of Shreveport was pretty active. It didn’t really pick up until about 11:00pm. The sidewalks were busy with people walking to and from various bars and clubs. Most of the party places are all in one particular neighborhood. For most of the night I stood up and preached on a wall with my banner. Many people wanted their picture taken with me and the sign. It was obvious that this city hasn’t seen a lot of street preaching like this. I also was able to stand right in front of a line of sinners waiting to get into a bar and preach the gospel. At one point there were five police officers on that same corner, but they acted like I wasn’t even there! That’s what I like! It looks like I won’t have any problems from the police in the future going back to the Shreveport nightlife to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!



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