Wild Girls At Mardi Gras Confronted By Street Preachers!

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Texas State University, San Marcos

A friend of mine, Jed Smock, was coming to Texas to preach on various campuses throughout the state. It is my pleasure and honor to join him and preach with him whenever I can. I drove about five hours each way to preach with him on Texas State University for a couple days and then also on the University of Austin for a day.

Brother Jed has been preaching on campuses in the open air full time for over thirty years. I do not know of a man in the entire country that preaches, or has preached, the gospel of Jesus Christ more than this man has. He’s on a campus five days a week for five or more hours a day and he’s been doing this for over thirty years. Out of all the campus preachers I know, Brother Jed always seems to be the first preacher on a campus after the summer break is over and always seems to be the last preacher off the campuses once the break begins. In other words, he’s the last to leave the campuses and the first to return. I pray that God can use me as He has this man of God.

When I first arrived on campus, Brother Jed was already preaching with a large crowd gathered around him. I sat down on a wall to listen to the preaching. A student came up to me and said, “What do you think of this?” Sometimes professing Christians on the campus will work the crowds of campus preachers. Often they will say, “This is not really Christianity. These people are not Christians” and then give their own compromised message. I assumed that is what this guy was doing.

I answered his question by saying, “I like it!” He said, “You like it?” I said, “Yea this is great. He’s preaching the Bible and he has all this college students gathered around him listening.” We went back and forth on whether or not this was a good thing. Another student sitting next to me jumped in and sided with me. Of course, neither of them knew that I was a campus preacher as well and that I was friends with Jed. They both thought, I assumed, that I was a student or just a visitor to the campus. But then Brother Jed called me up to preach and my cover was blown. But I certainly left them with something to think about.

We had rather large crowds every day we were on campus. This is typical for this university. We preached for hours and talked about a large variety of topics. The issue of homosexuality came up many times. In an interview with a reporter, I was asked why do we talk about political issues like homosexuality, abortion, etc. I said that we are not talking about political issues, but moral and religious issues. It is not that we are crossing the line into the political realm, but that the political realm is crossing the line into the moral and religious realm.

We did have some problems with the Police and the administration the second day. The administration told us that they were getting complaints from a professor that the crowd was too loud and was disrupting him. They asked that we keep it down. We did so but a little while later the Police returned and said that they were told to remove us due to the noise. I told the Police that we would stop preaching and would only engage in one on one conversations for the rest of the day, to keep down the noise. The Police said that we wouldn’t have to leave campus if we did that. However, a little while later an administrator came and said that because of the noise of the crowd the Police were going to escort us off campus. And that is what they did.

Clearly, the the Police and administration of Texas State University violated our constitutional rights. It was not our preaching that was too loud, it was the crowd. But not once did the Police or the administration tell the crowd to quite down. Instead, they repeatedly threatened to take away our freedom of speech and the exercise of our religion. This was the first time that I have ever had any problems with the Police or administration in the past seven years that I have been going to this campus. I am hoping that this was an isolated case and will not happen again. However, next time that I return to this campus I will be fully armed with a video camera just in case they try to violate my rights again. If they do, I will have to pursue a lawsuit with my attornies.

University of Texas, Austin

It is pretty typical that as we preach a serious and soboring message of sin, judgment, and repentance on a campus that the students will respond with mockery. As you can see from the pictures above, one student dressed up as a horse and another as a chicken.

I have noticed that it seems to be “OK” with a campus for a person to mock at Christianity, but if somebody were to mock at any other world religion, such behavior is considered “offensive” and “intolerant.” There certainly is a double standard.

As usual the students accused us of being “haters” because of our strong stance against sin. In today’s culture, “hate” is the ultimate crime. I always find it necessary to correct this fallacious thinking.

First of all I explain to the students that our motivation is love for God and love for our fellowman. We certainly don’t want to see these sinners cast into hell, which is why we are bringing them the good news that can save their souls.

Second of all, it is the sin that we hate and with good reason. Sin is dishonoring to God and harmful to our fellowman. It is an object worthy of our hatred. There is nothing in sin that demands our love and affection but rather only that which demands our hatred and abhorrance.

Lastly, I explained that hate is not intrinsically wrong, neither is love intrinsically good. Love is only good in relation to the object that is being loved. Hate is only wrong in relation to the object that is being hated. Love is sometimes a vice which hatred is sometimes a virtue. If a person loves sin, this love is not right but wrong. If a person hates sin, this hatred is not wrong but right. In light of this, I told the campus, “The problem with this campus and with our country is that we have too much love and not enough hatred. America loves its sin! America loves abortion, homosexuality, pornaphy, etc. We ought to hate sin, not love it!”

Mardi Gras, New Orleans La

New Orleans is a very unique place to preach the gospel. This is a city known for its witchcraft, permiscious sex, drunkenness, and parties. They have a place called Jackson Square where all of the witches and wizards hang out with their tables for fortune telling, card reading, palm reading, etc. And they also have Bourbon St. for all the drunkards and homosexuals to party at.

The first time that I came to New Orleans to witness for Christ was in 2002 on a mission trip. I returned again in 2004 with some friends to do some street preaching. Now I was invited to the 2012 Mardi Gras. I couldn’t believe that it had been 10 years since I first came to the city to preach the gospel. I am amazed at how fast a decade can pass by.

I had never preached a Mardi Gras event before. But I had a friend who offered to pick me up and a Christian group that provided us with lodging at a local YWAM base, food, and transportation. I was very excited about returning to this wicked city to confront their sin and point them to Jesus.

During the day we preached in the open air on Jackson Square. The crowds during the day were, in appearance, mostly sobor. Not everyone out was a young party goer. Some of them were older tourists. Nevertheless, our preaching certainly attracted plenty of mockers and hecklers.

Since Jackson Square is the place of all the fortune tellers, I started my preaching by saying, “Many of you have come out to Jackson Square to hear your fortunes. Well, I’ll tell you your future for free. You are all going to die! All of you! And after death comes the judgment.” From that springboard I was able to preach the gospel. There was a band playing their music loudly but since I was speaking through a bullhorn, the crowds were still able to hear the message loud and clear.

At night time we went to Bourbon St. to preach the gospel. We had banners, sandwich boards, crosses, gospel tracts, and lots of Christians to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The crowds out there were mostly college age tourists there to party. The majority of the people were drunk. As a general rule I do not open air preaching when the crowds are drunk. That is because I find one on one more effective when talking to someone in that state. I prayed that the Lord would being serious and sobor inquirers to me and for the most part, every conversation I had on Bourbon St. seemed calm and intelligent. I was surprised.

These were some of the signs that we had out there on Bourbon St. They certainly attracted attention. The whole night we never had to approach anyone to get into a conversation. Sinners would see these signs and then come up to us to talk! It was great.

As you can see, there were multitudes of sinners out on Bourbon St. during Mardi Gras in the pursuit of sin. They came in from all over the country and sometimes even from foreign countries. It was a good thing that we were there with our Bibles and banners ready to preach the gospel!

Loyola University & Tulane University

New Orleans La

Some other street preaching friends of mine invited me to join them one day for an outreach on a local campus in New Orleans. But when we arrived on campus we found out that there were no classes that day. However, we were directed to Tulane University which supposedly had classes. When we made it to the campus, we saw signs that said, “Loyola University.” I walked around to the otherside of the campus and that is where I saw signs that said, “Tulane University.” Apparently these two universities have campuses next to each other but are divided by a city street. It looked like a great place to preach!

We preached the gospel loud and clear down the walkway. There were students walking around but no major class change that I saw. We did have some hecklers. Some of them asked why we weren’t down at Bourbon St. The thing is, many of these college students saw us at Bourbon St. That is where many of them spent their weekend. So they heard us on Bourbon St. and now they were hearing us on their campus. They couldn’t get away from the gospel!

It wasn’t long after we showed up and started preaching that the Police showed up. It must have been our large group, big signs, and loud voices that gave us away. The Officer said that we were on campus and couldn’t do this. We argued that we were on the city sidewalk and therefore we could. He said that we needed to cross to the other side of the street if we wanted to to this, or else we would be arrested.

So the team crossed the street and continued preaching from there. However, it was not as good of a spot as what we had on the otherside. And I knew that the Officer didn’t really know what he was saying and was clearly wrong. So I stayed on the other side of the street to talk with the Officer.

The Officer did not appear to be happy that I was there talking with him. But I argued that if this was a public street, and that other side of the street is public, then this side of the street should be public too. And I pointed to some of the street signs and crosswalk pole that was on this side of the street and said, “Those are paid for and maintained by the city.” He said that we could not stand here because we were blocking the crosswalk. So I said that we would preach from the sides and not stand in the middle. He said OK and that his supervisor was coming.

I called the team back over and we preached some more without any further problems. The supervisor did arrive with some other Officers but after looking around and checking out what we were doing, they left without even talking to us. Praise the Lord!

Michigan State University

This was only the second time that I had ever preached on this campus. The first time was during the fall semester and I had a good time. This was a particularly cold day so I was not sure how it would turn out.

Whenever I go to a campus that hears open air preachers often, I am always concerned that students might choose to walk by thinking, “I’ve heard it and seen it before.” This campus hears open air preaching once a week from a local brother, so I knew that the “shock value” that we have on other campuses would be gone. So I decided that instead of standing where the preachers always stand, I would change it up a bit and see if that attracts any attention. Instead of standing at the normal location, I stood on this bench instead.

This technique has helped me on other campuses, however, it did not make a difference here. After trying to draw a crowd at this location without success, I decided to go back to the normal location and preach from there. Almost immediately I ended up with some hecklers and a small crowd.

After preaching for a little while, I turned the crowd over to a local friend of mine who came out with me. He is the preacher that usually comes every Monday. The students were surprised to see us this time because it wasn’t Monday.

I had some interesting conversations. One man listened quietly while I preached and when I inquired he confessed that he was a “Wiccan” and practiced “Wicca” which simply means that he was a pagan and practiced witchcraft. It was good that he was quietly listening to the preaching of the gospel!

Another good conversation that I had was with a Muslim student who had only been in the US for eight months. He was from Saudi Arabia! I thought to myself, “How wonderful this is that I can preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a muslim from Saudi Arabia, without actually going there! If I preached like this in his country, they would cut my head off! Universities are such great places to preach!” He was a very respectful and gentle man. I was pretty happy about that because in the past my conversations with Muslims from the Middle East haven’t gone as corgially. Usually they get very angry and start to threaten violence. I recall that happening with Muslims from Egypt at George Mason University a few years back. But this man had a very good demeanor and temperment.

We talked about the differences between Islam and Christianity, the Koran and the Bible, and who exactly was Jesus Christ. The conversation was so pleasant that the student wanted to go out to dinner with me. Though our schedule did not allow for that to happen, I still have his number and hope to be able to give him a call sometime.

Kalamazoo College, Michigan

I tried to preach on Western Michigan State University but they had previously told me that I needed a permit. So I went to the campus looking for the Office who gives out the permits and ended up being directed to 5 different locations throughout the day, until finally somebody told me that I needed the “grounds reservation” application which is done online. I filled out the “grounds reservation” application but never heard back from the administration! I was not surprised.

I decided to give Kalamazoo College a try. It is right next to Western but is a smaller campus. It is also a private school but it has city streets going through it that you can preach on. I drove through this campus a few times before but never saw too many people so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.

Some administrators of the college came out to talk with me. They tried to encourage me to leave. “This is not the place for this” they said. “Why don’t you go to Western instead?” After realizing that I would not leave, they tried to intimidate me by saying, “I’m going to call the Police.”

When the Police arrived the Officer asked me a few questions and then told me that I was not breaking any laws so I was free to preach. He left to the disappointment of the administrators.

A small crowd started to gather across the street but it continued to grow. Before long there was a large crowd that gathered over there and then started to make their way to my side of the street. The administrators were really upset at this point. They said, “Ok. You really have to leave now. This is getting out of hand.” They said that they were going to call the cops again. I heard him on the phone saying, “There’s about to be a riot out here.” Of course, there was no riot.

Some of the students were saying, “I want to hear what this guy has to say” but as I tried to preach the administrators would stand in front of me to block me. I would move but they would move with me to continue blocking me. They were acting like little children. I was very surprised that they were not professional. Why couldn’t they tolerate free speech and the exercise of religion? I knew something was terribly wrong with Kalamazoo College.

When the Police did arrive there was a crowd of about a hundred students gathered around. The Police approached me and I told them that I deal with crowds like this every week and that I was not concerned at all. I said that I just came from Mardi Gras where I had been preaching so I really was not concerned about this college. The Officer said, “OK” and didn’t hassle me as I kept preaching. Unfortunately it wasn’t long until we ended up having a down pour of rain which washed away the crowd.

I returned to the campus the next school day with some friends of mine. It was good to have some reinforcement! They had some of their own signs too. Though we didn’t draw the large crowd that we did the first time, we did have small crowds of students stop and talk with us all day.

Even the chaplain came out to talk with us. But she was not very happy. She said, “This is my campus. I am the shepherd. These are my sheep.” I said, “What makes you think that you have the right, as a women, to be a chaplain?” Then she walked away. Now I saw what the real problem was. These students are being fed the doctrine of liberalism. It is no wonder the administration was so opposed to a conservative Christian coming to campus to share their religious views. They were trying to brainwash these students and isolate them from opposing view points. I studied up on the history of the college and found out that Kalamazoo was started by a Baptist minister. However, last I heard they were having a “Gay Day” and were inviting a transgender speaker to come and talk about the “importance of drag” at their chapel.

Kalamazoo College was the 100th campus that I have preached the gospel on since I started open air preaching on campuses in 2005. Praise the Lord! My wife and friends in Michigan celebrated with me with this cake! I look forward to the next cake after I preach on another 100 new campuses!

University of Connecticut, Storrs

Uconn is a special campus for me because Connecticut is my home state. Many of the people I went to school with growing up have gone to study at Uconn. And I especially like preaching in the North East because they almost never see radical gospel preaching like this.

While I preached two students came up on the wall I was standing on and started kissing in front of the crowd. There used to be a time when public acts like this would have been repulsive to the public, but the crowd loved it. They started cheering in approval. That is one thing I have noticed about campuses in Connecticut like Uconn, Yale, and Central; they all have a very blatant homosexual agenda. This same picture was uploaded by the students to Facebook on the “Wipe Out Homophobia From Facebook” group and the picture received thousands of “likes” and comments.

Since homosexuality seems to be a stronghold on this campus, I preached about the freedom that can be found in Jesus Christ. I shared the story of a friend of mine who is “ex-gay” and about another man who contacted me through YouTube and told me that he had forsaken the lifestyle of homosexuality after watching some of my preaching videos. While my condemnation of homosexuality on this campus was strong, my exhortation to forsake all sin and come to Jesus was also very strong.

Yale University, Connecticut

I’ve been preaching on Yale University now for half a decade. It took me a little while to find the best place to preach from but eventually I wondered onto a city street that runs through the campus which is very quiet because it is a one way street for service vehicles only. I’ve been preaching there the past couple years without any problems. However, the Police arrived this time to tell me that this city street is being “leased by the university” and therefore we could not preach on it.  I question whether it is actually being leased or not and even if it were, it is still a public street and freedom of speech should be allowed there. Nevertheless, I decided to move to another street to preach for the day. But next time I return, I will go to that street again and will hold my ground.

Just a little ways away on the other side of the walking path is another spot where you can open air preach. This is also a busy sidewalk with lots of students but it is also next to a very loud and busy street. But we lifted up our voices like a trumpet, warned the students about their sins, and pointed them to Jesus Christ for pardon and freedom.

One student came up to me and said that he was a Christian. He said that he had seen me in years past and did not think that my approach was very effective. He argued that a friendship method would be better. He said, “I have friends of mine who heard you preaching last year and it didn’t make them love or fear God at all.” I asked him, “These are personal friends of yours?” He said, “Yes.” I asked, “Have you been friends with them a long time?” He said, “Yes, a very long time.” I asked, “Do they love and fear God now?” He said, “No, not at all!” And so I said, “So you are criticizing me for not accomplishing in a few days what you have been unable to accomplish in a matter of years?” He said, “I see your point.” Obviously, his friendship method over the period of years did not make them love or fear God, so how could he criticize my method for not doing so?

The fact is, some will choose darkness over the light. There are many on the broad road and few on the narrow road. But open air preaching is seen all throughout the Bible, which is why I have never heard any biblical arguments against it.

Although we didn’t have the crowds that I have seen in the past years, we did have small groups of Christians and unbelievers talk with us during our outreach. I have always found it to be difficult on this campus to draw a crowd for some reason. Although I have always enjoyed preaching the gospel to the Yale students because people travel from all over the world to study here and they are the future leaders of the world, as well as children of the worlds leaders today. Unfortunately, it is a very wicked campus. The Yale Daily News has reported that the students will have “naked parties” and from my conversations with the students, many of them have gone to them. The New York Times called the campus a modern day “Sodom and Gomorrah” because of how rampid homosexuality is. And one student told me that “30% of this campus is gay.” Yale needs Jesus!

Occupy New Haven, Connecticut

When I first saw this “Occupy New Haven” camp in the park, it looked like a homeless camp out. I’ve been hearing about these Occupy Movements for a while now but I really don’t see what they are accomplishing. The only thing it looked like this group was successfully doing was killing the grass in the park. It looked like many of them are just taking this as an opportunity to sit around in tents and smoke pot all day rather than to go out into the world and get a job. But since there was a group of people there, we thought that it would be great to take our Bibles and signs to preach the gospel to them.

When we first showed up, the camp looked abandoned. I didn’t see anyone around except for a handful. But suddenly, all these people started coming out of their tents to check us out. We were wearing signs but hadn’t started preaching yet. From the very beginning this group of sinners acted like any other that we encounter. They were not happy that we were there.

The man on the far right started dancing and screaming in a very demonic fashion.  It seems likely that he actually was demonicly possessed. At the very least he was a sinner trying to distract from the preaching of the gospel by his dancing and to drown us out by his screaming. We barely got any words out when already this crowd was viciously opposing us.

I was surprised that they even started criticizing our use of signs to communicate our message. I pointed out that they had signs all over their camp with political messages painted on crates, garbage cans, card board, etc. Yet they tried to criticize the effectiveness of us using signs! What a double standard!

The man on the far left took out a metal container and started hitting it with a wooded pole to make a lot of noise while we were trying to talk to people. They were outraged that we were there. They started yelling for us to leave immediately. I thought it was very hypocrical that this “Occupy Movement” would scream at us to leave! The Police had been trying to get this camp to leave the New Haven green for a long time and they refused! They had signs all over the camp saying, “We’re Not Going Anywhere” after being there for months already! Yet we couldn’t stand there for more than five minutes before they started screaming for us to leave immediately! That’s the smell of hypocrisy.

To say the least, I was not at all impressed with this “movement” so called. But atleast their gathering provided us with an opportunity to share Jesus Christ.

New Haven Connecticut Bus Stop

This was the first place that I ever open air preached. Back in 2002, ten years ago, I was in this park trying to do “surveys” with people to get to witness to them. But that particular day I couldn’t get anyone to stop to talk with me. But I looked over and saw this large crowd waiting for the bus with an empty park bench right next to them. I had heard of “open air preaching” so I decided to stand up on that bench, open my Bible, and share a message with the crowd as they were waiting. I did it and it was awesome. I started preaching at bus stops all over the place after that. Eventually I started preaching in front of bars and clubs and then made my way unto the campuses in 2005. It was great to stand and preach at this bus stop again, knowing that I had been faithful to the ministry for 10 years now. Thank you Jesus!

This is a fairly large bus stop. Lots of buses come through all the time picking people up. At times I’ve seen over 100 people waiting for the buses. A street preacher could stand there and preach with a captive audience for 20 minutes or more. And you can do that all day long to new crowds. That is what I used to do when I used to preached there multiple times a week. The great thing about bus stop preaching is that you don’t have to worry about drawing a crowd of keeping a crowd. All you have to do is preach the message. It is ideal for street preaching, especially for anyone that is new to it.

 Not everyone was happy that we were there preaching. In fact, we had more opposition during this outreach than any of the outreaches that I ever had in years past. But we also had more listeners than ever before. That is because when I used to preach in the past, I was not a confrontational preacher. Since those days I have learned how necessary it is to be personal and pointing in your preaching in order to capture their attention and to prick their conscience. This particular crowd was pricked when we preached about the evils of “gangster rap music.” We said that such vile music promotes sex, drugs, and violence, and many of you in this city listen to that filthy music. There is an old saying that if you throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the one that squeals is the one that got hit. Well, the two people in the above picture obviously got hit. I pray that God can use the conviction that was brought to their conscience to draw them to repentance.



I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my friends and supporters who helped finance my trip to Connecticut to connect with my family! I was able to see my father for the first time since my infancy! I was able to see my older brother who I had not seen in about 20 years! I was able to see my younger brother for the first time ever! And I was able to see my younger sister for the first time ever! It was a very BLESSED trip! Thank you so much!

Next to the topic of the atonement, the subject of original sin and a sinful nature is one of my favorite theological issues to study. Many in the church seemed to be confused over the question of, “Does man inherit a sinful nature?” When a person sins, are they to blame their own free will or can they blame the nature God gave them? In this article the question is thoroughly examined and answered. I pray that it helps to bring the clarity of truth to the mind of believers.


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I recieved this message through YouTube:

“Thank you helping me find Jesus. I used to be a drug addicted, sex crazed Muslim. You have shown me to the true path and I am now started to fight my addictions.”

This is a message I just received through my facebook:


My husband, who is currently working as a contractor inIraq, sent me your website a few days ago to view. Since then my 22 and 17 yr old sons have joined me in listening to and watching you preach the gospel. Thank you for your boldness! My sons and I have discussed the reactions of the unsaved who gather around you as you preach. I believe that your preaching is helping my sons to follow the Lord with more boldness, conviction, and accountability. For myself, I feel a sense of the days ofSodom andGomorrah,Nineveh, and even Noah as he built the ark as I watch the actions and reactions of those around you as you preach. I am a Jr Teens Sunday School teacher and sometimes Youth Ministry teacher ( as needed), and the Lord has placed the message of “urgency with Christ now towards eternity with Him” within me for the youth around me. Again, thank you for your work for the Lord. May He continue to bless you and your family!

Living in His Mercy and Grace daily,

Your Sister in Christ,





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