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The Red River District, Shreveport LA


The nightlife of Shreveport has desperately needed street preachers. At first I would go out to the bar and club district alone but then I found another brother named Chris to go with me. I’ve been praying for the Lord to help me build up a team of believers to go out to this area. Another brother named Scott saw me preaching at the Christmas parade in Tyler a while ago and said that he would like to start coming out. So recently I was able to take Scott out for the first tie along with Chris to do some street preaching in Shreveport.

We went on a Friday night which was unusual for me. Normally I would go out on a Saturday night because the crowds were bigger. But it was a good thing that we did go out on Friday night. Since the usual clubs that we have preached to didn’t have many people hanging out outside of them, we walked around and found a new club that I never noticed before. And it had a huge line outside of it waiting to get it! I thought, “Great! Now I have a Friday night spot to preach too!”

We stayed out late into the night and preached the gospel to a lot of people. Everyone had a great time and said that they wanted to do it again!

Kilgore Junior College, TX

Kilgore College has been a wonderful place to preach the gospel over the years. The campus has always been very hostile towards my message. Since my target audience is not those who agree with me, but those who disagree, I take their rejection as an encouragement rather than a discouragement. It means that there is good work that still needs to be done on this campus. If they already believed the gospel, I wouldn’t need to go there and preach.

During this particular outreach the opposition was interesting to say the least. The administration was upset I was there and tried to tell the crowd to leave. A Police Officer also tried unsuccessfully to make the crowd leave. One man even road his motorcyle up on the sidewalk to park in front of me and make noise with his bike so I couldn’t preach. A sinner tried to steal my Bible. Professing Christians said it was OK to be gay and that you can’t stop sinning. The daughter of a local pastor ripped up my tract of Bible verses and gave me the middle finger. A local youth pastor accused me of being hateful. A local pastor said that Christians can go out and get drunk and commit all sorts of sins and still be right with God. And I received multiple threats of violence….. Nevertheless, I preached the Word of God. It was a good outreach. 

Tyler Junior College, TX

At Tyler Junior College I preach from the public street because a few years ago I was arrested and put into the county jail for being on the public campus. Now I preach from the sidewalk at a section of the campus designated as the “smoker’s corner.” There is no smoking allowed on campus except at this corner. There area does get a good enough foot traffic during the class changes, but not as many people as the middle of campus. I could challenge the unconstitional policy of the campus to fight for my right to speak at a better location, but even if I win the lawsuit the College will probably just designate the “Smoker’s corner” as the “free speech area” anyways and I’ll be right back where I started from.

Since all of the smokers go to this corner every day, I have some regular hecklers that see me everytime I go there. Some of these hecklers are very vile and profane, but interestingly enough they talk corgial and respectful to me privately. I have often thought that many hecklers act outragous in front of the crowd because they want to be funny or look cool. But since these individuals hear me preach every time I go to campus, it may be that they are the big hecklers because they are the one’s God is dealing with the most. They have to fight harder than everyone else.

I did talk to one believer that I used to attend a Christian school with and who also attends a Church I used to go to. He has heard me preach on this campus before. Though he expressed to me that he didn’t think this was the right thing to do. He didn’t have a problem with the message but he disagreed with the method. The problem was that he was looking at the reaction of the crowd and concluded that this method wasn’t working and therefore wasn’t a good way to reach people. It seems that many in the churches today think along the same lines.

The problem with this is that we are not to base our method upon the reaction of sinners, but upon the commands and examples of the Scriptures. The word for preach in the great commission means to publicly proclaim or to be a public crier. It means to publicly herald. And every great preacher in the Bible was an open air preaching; from the prophets to the Apostles to Jesus Christ himself! And often their audiences did not receive their message either! Rather then thinking that we are doing something wrong if the world opposes us, we should think that we are doing something right! The world loves its own. But when you start rattling the devil’s nest, you can expect him to attack you.

The Red River District, Shreveport LA

When I first came out to the nightlife of Shreveport I was completely by myself except for the Holy Spirit. Then I started going out with another brother so there were two of us. Another brother joined the team which made three of us. But this last outreach there were a total of eight of us! It was pretty awesome to see the nightlife of shreveport go from no street preachers, to one street preacher, to eight street preachers! 

We were blessed by having two missionaries on their way to the mission field in Mexico stop in at our house. It was my cousin and his friend from Bible College. When I asked them if they wanted to go out street preaching they were excited. They said that they wanted to see my ministry in action. When we arrived I asked them if they wanted any signs or banners but they said that they would just observe and do some one on one. But as soon as we started street preaching outside that new club I found a few weeks earlier, they started holding signs and open air preaching! They couldn’t resist! It was great to see believers start street preaching for the first time!

The club complained to the Police that we were preaching right in front of their business. I told the Officer that if it is public property then I can preach there. But since we were standing on the street, where cars park, I said that we could move out of the street onto the sidewalk. That put us on the side of the line rather than right in front of it. It was not as good of a spot to preach from as the first spot, but it is good to negotiate with the Police so that they feel they accomplished something in addressing the complain so that they leave you alone.

Since we basically gave up the good preaching spot at the other location, we decided to walk around and see if any other clubs or bars had attracted a crowd for us to preach to. A club called “Chicago” had a good size line out in front of it. This was a Friday night. Most of our outreaches before were Saturday nights. During those outreaches I never saw a crowd outside of this location. So I was excited to find another new club to preach in front of. And its in a nice alleyway which is cool.

As you can see from the picture above, sinners have to wait in line in order to get in. This gives us a great opportunity to preach the gospel to them as they wait. The good thing about preaching to the lines of people trying to get in is that they are usually still sober. And this location had a public sidewalk right in front of its front door. It was great because the people in line could engage us in conversation.

The other interesting thing about preaching in this alleyway to the people at “Chicago” was that they have a belcony that has people partying on it. Where we stood was right below the belcony. The sinners up there could read our signs and banners and hear our preaching too. But I knew that they would be tempted to throw stuff at us so I kept my distance. However, one of the team members who had never been out before apparently had someone pee on his leg from the belcony. I told him to take it as an honor. The world was treating him like they treated Christ. Its a blessing to suffer for the Lord.

The only downside about preaching that night was the rain. It would rain on and off and often it would rain very hard. Sometimes we would go under the bridge for some cover but there were times that we were preaching outside of these clubs in the pouring rain, while those in line were  dry under an over hang. I hoped that it was a testimony to them that we would stand out in the pouring rain, being soaked, just so that we could preach the gospel to them. And I figured that if the rain did not stop the sinners from going out to sin then it shouldn’t stop the preachers from going out to preach!

Kalamazoo College, MI

Some good friends of mine live in Michigan and have had me up there to preach this year three times already! Just recently was my third trip! They invited me up this last time because they found out that their local college “Kalamazoo College” was having a chapel service to teach on “the importance of drag” and were then hosting a drag dance called the “Crystal Ball.” They wanted me to come up and spend a few days preaching the Bible on the campus.

The first time that I preached on this campus during my second trip to Michigan, the administration came really hard against me. They called the Police multiple times to try to get me to leave. They even stood in front of me to block me from preaching to the crowd that had gathered. Even the chaplin on campus came and confronted me saying, “These are my sheep! You are undermining the great work that I am doing on campus.” So when I heard that the chapel was promoting drag and that the administration was putting on a drag dance, I understood why they so badly didn’t want a conservative Christian preaching to their students!

We were even told by one of the students that the administration sent out an email to everyone telling them not to listen to the street preachers! It seems evident to me that Kalamazoo College is trying to brainwash its students with liberalism. I call it brainwashing because they are trying to isolate the minds of their students from the outside world so that they are not exposed to opposing worldviews. If it were a real academic atmosphere where learning was encouraged, they should welcome the exposure of the students to competing views. They should welcome dialog and debate rather than seek to discourage it. It seems that Kalamazoo College is not a good place to go to learn how to think, but rather they seek to teach you what to think.

On the very first day that we went to campus we saw a guy walking around wearing high heals and a mini skirt. It’s always very disturbing to see sinners blur the distinction of the sexes. It seems to me that our secular society tries to tell men to be like women and women to be like men. Men are encouraged to get in touch with their “feminine side.” Men aren’t supposed to have a feminine side! And women are encouraged to be “independent”  of men and to pursue their own careers.  The traditional roles of men and women and the traditional functions in the family unit have been entirely lost by our corrupt and perverse society.

America is not the only perverse and corrupt society. Two men decided to cuddle right in front of us as we were talking about the Bible. They did this to mock us. I was very surprised when they said that they were Muslims! I was even told that homosexuality was becoming popular in the middle east. I ever heard of one muslim village in the middle east where a visitor saw all the men walking around holding the hands of little boys. When he inquired about this he was told that sex with women is for babies but sex with boys is for pleasure. I have heard about muslims beheading homosexuals in the middle east over homosexual marriage, but apparently homosexuality itself is becoming acceptable.

Before the fall of the great Roman Empire, the society was full of luxury and pleasure. Men had become soft and weak, especially compared to the “barbarians,” and homosexuality was common place in their society. America is sadly over due for a fall.  

As I preached from the public sidewalk students sat and listened on the grass. Very few students would heckle us or even engage us in conversation. I have been on some really rough campuses before with hostile crowds. This campus rates very low on the hostile scale. The administators and professors have been more hostile than the students themselves! I personally prefer a crowd that asks questions, heckles, and engages me. I find it hard to preach for more than an hour, without being redundant, if they just sit and listen. And I would take an angry crowd over an apathetic crowd any day.

The night of the drag dance was what it was all about. And it just so happened that the front door to the dance was right next to a public sidewalk! Praise the Lord! And as it turned out, the two administrators who viciously opposed me the first time I ever tried to preach on the Kalamazoo College campus were the same two administrators who were involved in putting on this “Crystal Ball” drag dance! They did not look happy that we showed up. Even the elderly lady working as a security guard heckled us when she walked by. In a grumpy voice she said, “Tell it somebody who cares!”


As you can tell from the pictures above, the night started off really slow but then it suddenly picked up! At first there were just small groups of two or three walking into the building now and then but then out of nowhere huge crowds of people started coming from all over. Sure enough, the boys were dressed like girls and the girls were dressed like boys! The great thing was that they all had to pass by us to get into the drag dance! So they all heard the message of God’s wrath, repentance, and Jesus Christ!


 The following are some very insightful theological charts relating to the open view of the future. They answer questions like, “Does God ever change His mind?” “Can the future be altered?” “Can God modify His own prophecies?” And, “Do prophecies in the Bible disprove open theism?”

Special thanks and acknowledgement to Dean Harvey for his teaching on extrapolative prophecies and analogous fulfillments. And to Dr. S. T. Bloomfield, Moses Stuart, Dr. Edward Robinson, L. D. McCabe, and Howard Elseth for their writings regarding analogous or ecbatic passages in the Bible. And to Michael Saia, Gregory Boyd, L. D. McCabe, Gordon Olson, Howard Elseth, and Richard Rice for their teachings on the openness and changability of the future.


The Natural Ability of Man: A Study On Free Will & Human Nature by Jesse Morrell is an exhaustive theological volume that defends the Christian doctrine of man’s free will against the false Gnostic/Calvinist doctrine of man’s natural inability.

This volume explains the truth of man’s freedom of choice in light of Church history and other doctrines like total depravity, regeneration, atonement, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, predestination, repentance, faith, the believers security, original sin, etc.

One Bible teacher called this book “the most comprehensive exposition on man’s natural ability in print.”

690 pages


To Order: Click Here


“Jesse Morrell has provided much needed evidence that man is capable to meet his obligations to God. He has compiled evidence from historical Christian leaders, Biblical declarations, and the compelling demands of man’s conscience and reason. An honest mind will see the truth with clear conviction.”

Dennis Carroll,

President, Gospel Truth Ministries

“By appealing to Scripture, logic, common sense, examples from civil government, and some of the greatest minds from Church history, Jesse Morrell has annihilated every excuse the careless sinner has to sin. He also has torn down the last refuge for religious sinners, which is the Augustinian/Calvinistic doctrine of inability.”

Brother Jed Smock,

President, The Campus Ministry USA

“Jesse Morrell has written a complete apologetic for natural ability. His research rivals and exceeds most doctoral thesis. The primacy of Scripture and logic in proving his points, makes this work a must read for those interested in defending God’s justice in eternal punishment.”

Dave Coke, M.A.

“It is Biblical truths like the ones found in The Natural Ability of Man that vindicate the character of God and put full responsibility for sin upon man, where it belongs. To deny free will is to blame God for sin, which is blasphemy in the highest regard. Christians everywhere would do well to consider the truths found in this book with a willing heart and an open Bible.”

Evangelist Kerrigan Skelly,

President of PinPoint Evangelism

“The Natural Ability of Man is a well-researched, powerful, and readable book that clears away confusion and makes this vital Biblical truth crystal clear. The author effectively demolishes dangerous errors that have grown up around this doctrine. It will be a very valuable tool for Biblical evangelism and discipleship.”

Pastor Mike Wiley,

Hope Church, Oregon

“Jesse Morrell’s new book ‘The Natural Ability of Man’ is one of his finest works next to his “Vicarious Atonement” booklet! The language is simple and understandable by even the new believer. I’ve been using nearly all of Jesse’s works i.e.: videos, DVD’s and booklets (especially his Atonement Series) in my YWAM School of Evangelism (SOE) here in the Philippines in preparing my missionaries-in-training in their theology as preachers and evangelists. I so appreciate Jesse taking the time to put all of these important doctrines in print during this generation.”

Mitch Metzger,

Missionary with YWAM Philippines

“The Natural Ability of Man by Jesse Morrell is so comprehensive that it may be the standard in theology for many years to come. It is the most comprehensive exposition of man’s natural ability in print. It could be the primary “go to” text on the subject for many years to come.”

Dean Harvey,

Pastor, Author, & Itinerate Bible Teacher

“In a day when it is common to hear statements like, “God only gave us the law to show us that we cannot keep it” or “We all have to sin every day” or “Even repentance and faith are not our choices but God’s work in our lives,” Man’s Natural Ability provides a necessary and refreshing rebuttal to these common misconceptions. Jesse Morrell’s Man’s Natural Ability is thorough and well documented, giving abundant Biblical and historical references to support the truth of the natural ability of man to repent, keep God’s commandments, and persevere in a relationship with God. I recommend Man’s Natural Ability as a welcome refutation to the false doctrine of the natural inability of man.’

Michael R. Saia, author of

“Does God Know the Future?”

and “Understanding the Cross.”


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