Sinners Threaten Street Preacher With Violence

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I went to Kilgore Jr. College with two other brothers to preach the gospel, however, it was a slow day and we did not gather a crowd. We preached for a couple hours and there were some students sitting around listening, but not much interaction as we normally have.

I preached that man was not created to be independent of God but was created for a relationship with Him. And man was not created to live an immoral life but was designed for virtue. It is no wonder, therefore, that many people in the world are unhappy people. They are living contrary to the way they were intended to live. You can never truly be happy or have inner satisfaction as long as you are a selfish person, living in sin, without God. It is only when we abandon our selfishness and live holy lives of righteous obedience to God and have an intimate relationship with Him that we find real happiness and peace of mind and conscience.


It did not take too long to draw a crowd on this campus, as they do not normally see campus preaching. With the help of a big banner and a loud voice, we were able to draw in a good size crowd for the whole day. The crowd was very tamed in comparison to other campuses. Our meeting consisted of mostly good questions and answers. I do not recall anyone getting too emotional or upset and there were no threats of violence. I wish that every outreach was like that.

The Police came and monitored the outreach for just a little while and left shortly after. Texas A&M campuses are one of the few campuses in Texas that is still open for free speech from the general public. Most of the other campuses that I know of in Texas have an invitation only policy now, which is just another form of censorship and a clear violation of the Constitution. However, we preach right next to the city street and sidewalk on this campus anyways, just in case they decide to change their policy.

There were many professing Christians on this campus. We rebuked sin, they defended it. As usual they were claiming, “We were born sinners” and “we can’t stop sinning” while we were preaching, “go and sin no more.” One student mentioned how we are saved by “grace” and we preached that grace is not a license to sin. Rather, it is by grace or the divine influence of God that we can live a holy life. This one particular student, who seemed very Calvinistic in his views, also contended for a once saved always saved. It seems so much “Christianity” so called is nothing more than selfish religion. They want to remain in their sins and think they are saved by grace no matter what they do. They don’t want to repent of their sins and persevere unto the end. They try to make the narrow road to Heaven as broad as possible. Then when they hear someone preaching, “Repent!” they label it as “legalism” and accuse you of being a Pharisee. Such is the corrupt state of the church today.


The University of North Texas is a good example of how we are losing freedom of speech in the United States. The University of North Texas used to have various “free speech” area’s around campus that you could get a permit to use. Now, they changed their policy so that the general public cannot speak on campus at all unless they get sponsored by a student group. This is nothing more than a means of censoring unwanted speech, which is a clear violation of the public’s right to free speech on public property. Due to the unconstitutional policy that UNT has adopted, we are now forced to preach from the public sidewalk on the city street that runs in front of their Union. It is a good place to preach. The problem is that not every campus that adopts this policy has a sidewalk like this that we can revert to.

I started off the meeting by preaching against sin and warning the students about the wrath and judgment of God. I said, “If you have sin in your life today, you are in big trouble with God.” One student started asking me about homosexuality. I preached that it is contrary to the design of our body and is therefore unnatural. Homosexuality, like any sin, is contrary to our God given nature. Sin is a perversion of our nature. Sin is a misuse of the nature God has given us. Since we were debating the issue of homosexuality, it wasn’t long until a good size crowd of students gathered around to watch and participate.

Apparently, the Baptist Student Ministry wanted to make sure that they disassociated themselves from us. Afterall, we were preaching the gospel and the full counsel of God’s Word. That doesn’t go over well on a secular university, especially if you are trying to win friends with the world. I was surprised that they used a sign though. These type of “Christians” who advocate a “friendship evangelism approach” are always trying to lecture us about how signs are ineffective and offensive. But apparently, the Baptist Student Ministry there at UNT recognizes just how effective signs can be when you want to communicate a message to the public. Now, if they would only put the gospel on the sign instead we’d be getting somewhere.

The signs which the students make to protest the preaching alwasy reveal a lot about their heart. One side of the sign says “Pro Choice” and the other side says “UNT is a LGBT Friendly Campus! Radical Alliance for Gender Equality.” LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender. I fail to see how this is “Gender Equality.” What they want is sexual equality – that however you want to have sex is just as equally good and right as any other way. This sign does show the core values of a secular campus – abortion and homosexuality. Sinners want the “right” to do what is wrong. When the students come out with these types of protest signs, all it does is justify our reason for being there.

This guy didn’t like me. It’s sad to me that instead of being able to intellectual defend his position and give a reasonable rebuttal to my views, he resorts of curse words and personal attacks. This is very typical of the modern day university and college student, as a general rule. It’s true of the majority of this generation.

Despite all of the opposition, hatred, and mockery, we stood our ground and lifted up high the name of Jesus Christ. We rebuked sin, warned of God’s coming judgment, showed Jesus as the only means of salvation, called sinners to repentance and faith, etc. The meeting lasted for hours with the students staying there and talking with us the whole time.

After the open air preaching went on for a few hours, we broke up into smaller one on one groups to further answer questions and to testify of Jesus Christ. Nothing creates more one on one witnessing opportunities than open air preaching does! There are always crowds of students, after the open air preaching, who want to stay and talk to us further.


It was over 7 years ago that I first visited Oklahoma University to preach the gospel in the open air. It was during my first campus tour in 2005. In fact, it was on this campus that I first told my wife, who was my fiancée at the time, that I planned on going full time in open air campus ministry. I knew God called me to this ministry and I knew it was time to step out in faith. Since that time, praise God, the gospel has been preached on over 100 campuses all across America! And it was great to come back and preach on this campus again.

In all the years that I have been preaching on this campus and have seen other preachers come and minister here, I have never seen anyone utilize this sunken theatre in the middle of the oval. Granted, it is a little difficult at first to draw a crowd. The sidewalks up above this area have a lot of foot traffic and you have to draw their attention to come down there. But once the crowd is gathered, it is an ideal place to preach. The walls give the students plenty of place to sit and help to keep the crowd back. It reminds me of the ancient theatres in Rome and Greece.

Preaching loud enough to be heard, the large banners, and a few hecklers was all it took to gather this crowd. Of course, we prayed for God to help us get their attention and interest. And He no doubt does this through both spiritual and practical means. It’s amazing how you can preach for an hour without drawing a crowd until you get a single heckler and start to engage him in discussion and then suddenly a large crowd gathers to listen and watch. It is like Paul in the book of Acts who would “dispute daily in the market place” with those who would meet him there.

As I do on all campuses, I shared my testimony. I explained how I was just as sinful and wretched as anyone and was on my way to hell when I heard a preacher. He was bold enough to tell me, and all the other inmates who were locked up, that we were going to hell for our sin. I came under deep conviction that I couldn’t shake with drugs and alcohol. I began to read the Bible, saw that Jesus died for me that through Him I could have the mercy of God and that I needed to be born again. I repented and asked Jesus to come into my life and I have never been the same since. There were numerous Christians on campus who said they were inspired and encouraged by our outreach. That was an answer to one of our prayers for the campus.


I went to Tyler Junior College to preach the gospel with two other local brothers. One brother just got truly born again about six months ago and the other brother has just stepped out in faith into full time open air preaching. I praise God that He is using our ministry to raise up other laborers for the gospel. It was encouraging for me to sit and watch and to hear the true gospel being preached. There is so much “gospel” preaching today, so called, which is completely void of any repentance from sin or moral transformation through Christ. I was glad to hear these brothers preaching against sin and teaching freedom and liberty in the Lord.

At first the crowd was relatively tamed and sat on the curb of the sidewalk. When it was my turn to preach I said tha I had three strikes against the campus.

Strike number one was that the campus was full of sin excusers. I said there are many who are trying to justify their sin by saying, “I was born this way” and “its my nature to sin.” I argued that God is the author our nature and He is not the author of sin. Sin is their own fault because it is their own choice.

Strike number two was that the campus was full of sin lovers. I said that sin ought to be hated and righteousness ought to be loved. But many on the campus loved sin and hated righteousness. Love is not always good. It depends on the object that is being loved. If a person loves sin, that is not good. Hatred is not always bad. Again, it depends on the object that is being hated. If a person hates sin, that is good hatred.

And strike number three against Tyler Junior College was that it was full of Jesus rejected. There were many in the crowd who said they were atheist, agnostics, and even satan worshippers. Those who claimed to believe in Jesus believed in a Jesus who accepts us as we are and does not require us to change. I said that this is a counterfiet Jesus, a fake Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible says we must be born again, sin no more, be perfect, etc. But many on the campus rejects the Jesus that saves us from sin and instead make up a Jesus that saves us in sin.

There were a few students who were so upset that we were there preaching that they called the Police. The campus Police arrived and one female student went over there and complained to him about our preaching. Of course, they never complain about how the students are mocking God, mocking Jesus, mocking Christainity, etc. Instead, they complain about how these preachers are condemning and rebuking sin and telling sinners to repent.

The Tyler City Police even arrived on the scene. At first an Officer Goode approached me and said we needed to talk. I took our my camera and started video taping. He asked me, “Why are you filming?” I said, “Beacuse I am going to sue you if you violate my rights.” He said, “And what rights are those?” I said, “Freedom of speech.” After that, our conversation went much better than expected. I explained to him that the crowd was calm but if they get out of control and get violent, his job was to control the crowd and arrest them if necessary. I said hecklers or an angry crowd does not have veto power over my constitutional rights. He allowed us to keep preaching, though it seemed reluctantly. It seemed at first that he was definiately going to tell us that we needed to stop preaching until he saw the camera. Surprisingly, the Police did not say a single word to the crowd. If they really were worried about the size of the crowd or the behavior of the crowd, you would have expected that they would have tried talking to them.

Throughout the day there were some threats of violence. I believe there were a total of three guys who acted like they were going to rush me and attack. Each one had someone hold them back. I was a bit surprise because our preaching was relatively mild compared to other outreaches. These guys seemed to break out in threats of violence for no apparent reason. At the end of the day, one girl poured a huge cup of Coca Cola all over me. Of course, those same students who called the Police on us for rebuking sin never did call the Police when these boys tried to get violence and this girl assaulted me. Nevertheless, the gospel was preached loud and clear. There were various Christians on campus who encouraged us and told us to “keep preaching.”

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I wanted to write this support letter for a ministry trip that is coming up. I plan on meeting up with some other brethren in Austin and San Marcos to preach at the University of Texas and Texas State University this week. In the past we have always had great outreaches on these campuses. At Texas State University in San Marcos, for example, we always seem to get crowds of up to five hundred students. As it is right now, we do not have the funds necessary for the cost of the drive, food, and the lodging for the trip. I am stepping out in faith and going on this trip because God has always provided for our needs through the body of Christ. If you would like to contribute to these upcoming outreaches, you can do so below.

Thanks and God bless!

Jesse Morrell



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