Was Jesus A Friend of Sinners – Casting Crowns – Friendship Evangelism or Confrontational Evangelism?

Was Jesus A Friend of Sinners

Casting Crowns Song

Friendship Evangelism or Confrontational Evangelism?

I just got this encouraging email about my sermon at a street preachers conference, “Jesus Friend of Sinners.” Praise God!

“Hello Jesse, I know you’re busy so please don’t feel like you have to respond to this email. “I just wanted to say that I have been watching you on Youtube and haven’t always agreed with your “presentation” of the Gospel. At times I thought that it was a bit harsh. “I have just finished watching the video Jesus Friend Of Sinners from the SOAPA Conference, and I have to say that you absolutely KILLED it! “Dude, you presented a Rock Solid sermon backed by scripture after scripture on what the preaching of Jesus Christ was really like. I’ve been a long time Calvary Chapel Church goer and as you know they teach verse by verse (most anyway) and in all the years I’ve been attending, these verses have never been addressed in this manner, or brought to my attention this way. “Anyway, I know you must get a lot of grief for doing what you do and I wanted to say God Bless you and Thank you for putting together such a solid message, it really opened my eyes. “God Bless you and your family! Mike”

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1 Response to Was Jesus A Friend of Sinners – Casting Crowns – Friendship Evangelism or Confrontational Evangelism?

  1. Sandra Fricks says:

    Dear Jesse,   I agree with them even though I feel sometimes I don’t understand you.  I know you have the best of others interests at heart.  I love you and your family.  You have made me feel better about myself.  Some times even though you have said some things of a nature that had hurt because of what life I had lived in my past.  I am learning from you not to be defensive about things.  I am learning why it has hurt me.  And I am trying hard to be more transparent with myself and others.  Which is not easy when I would rather deny the past ever happened.  At least what I have memory of.  It has made my view of love as something wrong.  But I now see it was  not love but only a person who choose to use my innocence to fulfill their own desire.  What I thought was love ,because I had no idea of what took place,  was not love at all.  Thank you Jesse for loving me as a person.  I love you too.  God bless you in all you are doing.  May you know His love in a deeper way each day you live.  Take care .  I Agape love you.    Love Sandra


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