Newsletter Archive: Street Preaching Makes (Hypocritical) Christians Look Bad – 2/25/2006

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 2/25/2006


Making (hypocritical) Christians Look Bad
Jesse Morrell
Feb 25, 2006

This newsletter has no copy-right. Feel free to share it by printing it off or by forwarding it on.

Texas State University, San Marcos TX

San Marcos Texas State University 043

Large crowds gathered for 5 days for 5-8 hours.

Kilgore College, Kilgore TX


(While major universities would be more of the “cities” this campus would be more of a “village” and the bible commands we go to both cities and villages)

On this campus students took their seats as we preached the Word of God

Angelina College, Lufkin TX

Bro Miles preaching to nice crowd

A crowd of around 60 student gathered to hear the Word.

Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches TX

Bro Miles preaching the Bible

Many of the same students attended our meetings every day, as we plowed, planted, and watered.


New photos from: University of Texas, Tyler TX; Kilgore College, Kilgore TX; Angelina College, Lufkin TX; Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches TX; Texas State University, San Marcos TX can all be found in the PHOTO GALLERY . Go to the second page of “Colleges-Universities”.

The ministry that God has given us is an honor as well as terribly serious. On the campuses we are ministering to those who have already slipped through the sunday school programs, have bypassed the church youth groups, and are now on the verge of adult-hoo d, possibly to go unreached, or better worded would be untouched with the gospel.
They are now in the Colleges and Universities developing the worldviews that will effect and direct the rest of their lives. We know that statisticly those who do not become Christians before they become adults generally will never become Christians.
We have a small four year window to reach the students with the gospel of Jesus Christ (freshmen year, sophmore year, junior year, senior year) before it could be too late. We must move and come through, and we must do it quickly.
Since the last newsletter we have preached to:
3 Universities
(University of Texas, Tyler TX; Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches TX; Texas State University, San Marcos TX)
3 Colleges
(Texas College, Tyler TX; Kilgore College, Kilgore TX; Angelina College, Lufkin TX)
1 Christian Campus
(I was able to minister on “Go and Preach” to a large group of interns at Teen Mania Ministries Honor Academy, and Bro Jeff was able to speak on “Holiness” to another group of interns.)
1 Radio Station
(Bro Jeff was a guest on the Stephen F. Austin University campus radio show and was able to explain who we were, what we do, and why we do it)
This month alone the devil has called the cops on us 5 different times… that we know of. But God has delivered us from all his traps. If we are not a threat to the devil, and if the devil is not coming against us, then we must ask ourselves if we are really in the fight.
Because of the amount of ministering that we do now, I won’t be writing a report for every outreach. But here are two reports from 2 of the 7 campuses we’ve been on this past month.
Texas State University, San Marcos TX
Feb 20-24, Monday – Friday, we were able to minister open air to large crowds for 5-8 hours a day.

Here are some quotes from students that I wrote down:
“You guys are better then MTV!” – random student
“Every single class is t alking about you guys.” – random student
“This has set me on fire. It’s like God is saying ‘Wake up! Here is your opportunity for one2on2’. You guys have helped me grow in my walk. I love it.” – Ray. (Has been saved only 5 weeks.)
“I can’t thank you enough. Please come back. Please come back.” – Gabe, sophmore.
“I am just really encouraged by yalls faithfulness. You are faithful to your calling. I am just really encouraged. Stay faithful.” – John.
“I was with a guy last night (Thursday) who walked by on Tuesday. He heard ya’ll preaching. He told me, ‘I’m going to guy and smoke some weed…but I know it’s a sin.’ He heard you on Tuesday and was still thinking about it Thursday night. Even when you don’t think you are, you are being effective.” – Derek
Even Jimmy the homosexual said at the end of the week when he saw us still preaching, “D*mn! Ya’ll are persevering.” – Jimmy
Not all comments were nice. One quote is, “I’m an f***ing Christian, but I sin just as much as anyone…you guys are making Christians look bad.” – Jessica.
Later that night at around 11pm, Jessica called me up on my cell to talk. She apologized for her fowl language, and started asking questions about holiness. I explained, clarified, and gave her scriptures. She said, “you know, you really are making me think. I am going to commit myself to prayer and to studying the scriptures about these things.” Praise God.

Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches TX 

Feb 11, 13-15 – Saturday, Monday -Wednesday, the open air team, (Jeff, Miles, and myself) preached on the S.F.U. campus. We started preaching last week, but were shut down and told we needed a permit for this campus. Everyone campus is different, and so your best bet is just to preach and see what happens. If they don’t allow preaching, at least you got a little in. If they require a permit, they will come and let you know. If they allow free speech anywhere on their public campus, they will let you keep preaching.

So once we received our permit we checked out the free speech area. It was a big wooded area, that didn’t look like it would get much traffic, and it was right next to noisy construction. But on Monday we gave it our best and God blessed our labors.

Though all the traffic of walking students was across the street from where we preached, enough students became curious and interested enough to walk across the street. All three days of ministering Gods Word we had crowds of 25-30 people, which might not be too impressive, compared to some campuses, but because of the location of the area they gave it, it was great.

Some days we preached for 4 hours, others possibly up to 5 hours. The first two days were rough with very vicious crowds, but the third day it was very calm and civil and we answered questions/objections and straight preached salvation.
< BR>One college professor, which you can see in our photo gallery, came out and talked to us. He said he was a Christian and even lifted up a prayer for our meeting there in front of the students. He then talked to his communications class for 50 minutes about what we were doing.

Bro Jeff was interviewed for the campus radion station just about who were were, what we were doing, and why we were doing it. God opened up that door so that the truth could be proclaimed even further then it already was.
One student, the vise president of a student organization and writer for the student paper, sponsored us for Wednesday so we could preach in the center of campus were we tried the first day. But his organization has already gone through hardship with the administration and the students because they witness using the Law, so the President vetoed the sponsorship to avoid further controversy.
The entire campus was in a buzz about what we were doing and the gospel.
There was a division between professing Christians about us. Some hated us and would cuss us out, though they said they were worship leaders and leaders of Christian organizations on campus. Other Christians greatly loved what we were doing and rejoiced! A number of students all i nvited us to a local Church were we went and had wonderful fellowship and were well received by them.
The Patriot Talon of UT, Tyler TX: Religious Group Speaks To Students
The University Star of Texas State, San Marco s TX: Quarrel in the Quad
The University Star of Texas State, San Marcos TX: Age Old Debate
The Pine Log of Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches TX: Free Speech or Per sonal Privacy?
(Click on the name of the article you would like to read)
Here is one from a student at Stephen F. Austin:


It does me great pleasure to send this correspondance to both you, and our brothers in Christ, Miles an d Jeff. I can not tell you the esteem I hold for not only yourself and your associates, but your ministry as a whole. There genuinely exists not a more critical place to spread the gospel than my own academic home of Stephen F. Austin State University. It truly meant a lot that you chose Nacogdoches as part of your crusade for Christ.

Deepest Personal Regards,


P.S.— God Bless: Jesus Saves

Here is one from a missionary in the Phillippines:

Dear Jesse,

Greetings from the Philippines! I met you in Atlanta back at the Street Preachers Conference this past November. My wi fe and I are missionaries in the Philippines!

We learned a lot from you and the others at that conference, although we were only able to stay for a couple of days of the conference. I was touched by your boldness in proclaiming the Word. I remember standing besides you holding a banner, while you preached outside the U2 concert. We want to have that same type of boldness in our public ministry/ street preaching here in the Philippines. We hit the streets about 3 or 4 days a week. We are in an urban area so there are always people to reach out to. Filipinos tend to be “outside” people, so crowds are everywhere. Pray that God would give us even greater boldness as we preach the Word.

God bless you and your ministry!

In His Power,< BR>
Derek and Celi

New videos and audios of campus and church preachings are coming soon to our website. We have videos from Angelina College, hours of audio of campus preaching, and a new Church sermon called “Go and Preach”.
These will be added to the audio/video section of the website soon.


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