Newsletter Archive: The Fruit of Street Preaching, Salvations – 1/04/2006

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 1/04/2006


Salvations – The Fruit
Jesse Morrell
Jan 4, 2006

This newsletter has no copy-right. Feel free to share it by printing it off or by forwarding it on.

Jesse Morrell at Kilgore Jr. College

Jeffrey Olver in the streets of Dallas




Heckle: Your not very tolerant!

Answer: Modern society seems to not know the definition of marriage, nor the definition of love. Many have added a new description of love to 1 Corinthians chapter 13 – “love is tolerant”. There is a reason why it’s actually not there, because love is actually in-tolerant.

Though love is patient, it’s patient for change while tolerance means acceptance. A liar wants you to accept his lying, a thief wants you to accept his thievery, an adulterer wants you to accept his adultery, a blasphemer wants you to accept his blasphemy, an idolater wants you to accept his idolatry, a drunkard wants you to accept his drunkenness, etc. And none of those things ought to be tolerated by God’s people!

Though some in-tolerance leads to killing (which is not what I am trying to promote by any means), biblical in-tolerance leads to change. The in-tolerance that leads to killing is based on hatred for individuals while the in-tolerance that leads to change is based on love for individuals.

If I have a child that grows up to be a drug addict, (biblical terminology is sorcerer) would it be loving or unloving for me to tolerate his destructive choice? Of course, it would be unloving. In that situation, love is demonstrated by in-tolerance.

Likewise God does not want you to be tolerant of your sin. He does not buy into this tolerance teaching. God refuses to tolerate your sin. That is why “God commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day when He will judge the world in righteousness”. But in His longsuffering and patience, He has given you time to repent. You must repent today because tomorrow may be too late.

Scriptures: Acts 17:30-31



Heckle: The bible says you’re not to judge!


Answer: There are two types of judgment in the bible. There is hypocritical judgment, which Jesus condemns (Matt 7). And there is righteous judgment, which Jesus commanded (John 7:24).

Matthew chapter 7 is talking about the qualifications for judging. Jesus clearly says in verse 5 that “hypocrites” are not qualified to judge. He says you must remove the plank in your own eye before removing anything from someone else’s. But once a Christian has repented and cleaned up his life, he is then qualified to call others to repent and to clean up their lives too.

John 7:24 says we are to “judge with righteous judgment.” Jesus said, “My judgment is righteous.” (John 5:30) A Christian is not to declare his own personal judgment but rather he is to declare the righteous judgment of God!

So what is righteous judgment? God’s judgment is that adulterers, fornicators, idolaters, homosexuals, thieves, murders, blasphemers, covetous, drunkards, etc will have their part in the burning lake. (Revelations 21:8) That is the righteous judgment of God.

Because many do not want to hear the righteous judgment of God, they attempt to say “judge not”. They did the same to Lot in Sodom in Genesis 19:9. But God’s righteous judgment is coming, and so God’s righteous judgment must be declared!

Scriptures: Matthew 7:1-5, John 7:24, John 5:30, Revelations 21:8. Genesis 19:9







Here is a picture of the van I recently purchased to travel in:

It now contains one futon mattress, one big trunk, three plastic draws, and some home-made shelving. I also bought portable camping equipment for cooking. Three preachers with one van will certainly be interesting. It is just enough for us to use to travel the USA preaching God’s Word.


 Seeing The Fruit

During the semester break for colleges, I took to the streets of Dallas for preaching. Here is one of those stories:

I received a phone call from some friends from Teen Mania Ministries who were on their way to the Dallas abortion clinic to protest. They wanted to know if I could come. I already had plans for the morning but asked if they wanted to go open air preaching in downtown Dallas in the afternoon. They were available so we agreed to meet.

I went to the West End Transfer Center where I have had quite a few problems with police before. So as soon as I arrived I asked one of the security guards if he had any problems with me preaching there. He said, “It’s free speech. You can preach wherever you want to speak.”

I have a brief case that I put a bunch of Christian bumpers stickers on. I put it in front of me when I preach so people stop to read the bumper stickers. Then I am able to engage them in dialog. One of the bumper stickers says, “Boycott Hell – Repent!”

A man named Regional stopped to read the stickers and started talking to me. After speaking for a little while he asked for prayer. When I asked what for, he said, “Deliverance from sin.” Praise God! So I prayed with him that God would save him from his sins. While many want to be saved from hell, to want to be saved from sin is a mark of a true convert.

I was preaching on a brick platform when three young kids sat on a nearby fence to listen. I engaged them in questions and was able to share the entire law and grace with them. After a while of listening, they needed to go, but seemed genuine and sincere during the time they had listened.

I continued to preach when my friends from Teen Mania arrived. A man dressed as a cowboy was walking by, listened a little bit, and then knelt down in front of me saying, “Pray for me preacher!” I asked he if was genuine or if he was mocking and he simply stood up and smiled. I perceived he was a mocker, so I began to rebuke him, asking him if he had any idea what God would do to mockers on Judgment Day.

Eventually others stopped to listen. One woman who was with her teenage son started yelling at me. “You don’t know your bible, etc.” As I preached about repentance and said “if you don’t turn away from sin you’ll go to hell”, she said, “No your wrong! God forgives EVERYBODY”. I explained that God could forgive everyone, but that God hasn’t forgiven everyone. If someone turns away from sin and turns to Jesus Christ then they can be forgiven. But if you die in sin, you won’t go to heaven but hell. She started justifying drunkenness and other things, but eventually walked off.

Just as a very nice crowd started to gather, a “Dart” officer came by and said I had to leave. He said that Dart owned the property I was on for the buses and the train and so I had to leave. I ended up walking across the street to a better location and preached some more.

The Dart official, Baxter, came over there and said I had to leave this place too. I asked, “Specifically, which dart policy am I violating? And can you show me it in writing.” He started by saying, “it’s a safety issue. When I saw you over there, the crowd was getting closer and closer to the tracts.” I said, “But it’s safe over here. Why can’t I preach here?” He said, “Its darts property.” I said, “But it’s open to the public.” He said, “Someone could call and make a complaint that you’re causing a nuisance. Then the cops will ask you to leave.” I said, “Only if it’s a justified complaint. Some complaints aren’t justified. You can’t ask me to stop speaking just because someone doesn’t like my speech.” He said, “You’re loitering.” I said, “No, loitering is when you don’t have a purpose to be somewhere. I have a purpose. My purpose is to practice free speech.” Finally I said, “Baxter, it looks like your making this up as you go along. Are you commanding me to leave, or requesting me to leave? Are you just making a suggestion?” He said, “Well, I’m just suggesting it…” I said, “Thank you for your suggestion, but I’m going to keep preaching.”

I began to preach and started going back and forth with a heckler, but then one of the Christians I was with started to talk with the heckler and stole him from me! I’ve had this happen to me so many times, you finally get a heckler and one of the guys your with thinks he has the perfect answer for him, starts to talk with him, and then you the preacher are completely forgotten! And on the streets it’s hard to get a heckler sometimes. So I gave up open air and let them continue their one2one, but started up again later.

There was a group of teenage thugs walking by. One had a shirt on that said “F___YOU”. So I pointed him out and said, “What is that on your shirt!” The group cheerfully said, “F___YOU!” I said, “Who taught you to talk like that! That’s not very polite!” They yelled back some stuff and I rebuked them for using such foul language.

They came up and started threatening me. Getting in my face and saying they were going to beat me up. I said, “You guys could beat me up or punch me or do whatever you want to do. But I want you to know that I care about you. The bible says you need a new heart. Your heart is sinful, and God wants to give you a new one. A lot of people don’t care about you. Like cigarette companies who only want your money, they don’t care if you get cancer. But I do care about you, and so I’ll tell you the truth, that if you don’t become born again, you won’t see the Kingdom. So punch me or kick me or do whatever you want. But I still love you guys.”

Within a minute they changed from wanting to punch me, to asking if they could shake my hand. The whole group of them walked up to me and the group of Christians I was with, and said, “I appreciate what you’re doing. Can I shake your hand?”

Once they left, a man named Bill came over and asked if I could pray with him for Salvation. I didn’t make any sort of altar call or anything but was just preaching, and he asked for prayer! I talked with him and made sure he knew he was giving up his sins, and when he still wanted prayer, we all huddled together to pray for him. He rolled up his sleeve to show a tattoo that said, “LUCIFER”. He said, “I did it when I was very angry. I’m sorry” with deep remorse in his voice. So we prayed that God would touch him and make him knew, and then he prayed the same. His eyes went from being wet with tears to glowing with joy!

The team told me that as I walked to the car to get him a bible, he stood up on the platform and said, “I don’t even know what to say. But, but, God’s made me new!” He was already testifying to others what God did in him!

The rest of the team needed to leave at this point, but I decided to stay longer and keep preaching. I started by talking about how some don’t want anyone to say, “Merry Christmas” anymore because it’s offensive. I explained how Muslims would be offended if we tried to tell them they couldn’t say Ramadan anymore and how Jews would be offended if we told them they couldn’t say “Happy Chanukah” anymore. Nobody wants to change the name Ramadan or Chanukah, so why are people trying to change the name Christmas to “Happy Holidays!” Which holy day is it? It’s Christmas! The celebration of Jesus Christ! I explained that there were many grintches today who are trying to steal Christmas! And it’s because many people are offended at the name of Christ, which is the only name by which man can be saved.

Some stopped to listen. I engaged one old man who was there the longest. His name was Russell. He just got released from prison after serving 8 years. He asked many questions, some spiritual, some political. But it was enough to get the interest of others to stop and listen. He said he had already been born again, and so I encouraged him to continue reading the bible and living for God.

I then wrapped it up and went home. I am still thrilled about those two men, one at the beginning of the day and the other at the end of the day who came up during the preaching to ask for prayer for salvation! Praise God!




A friend of mine, Jeffrey Olver, will also be traveling with Miles and I. Jeff and I have known each other for quite some time. We both went through a mentorship with Ron Luce together, and have preached on the streets together many times. I always knew we would travel and preach together, but never wanted to say anything to influence his decision making, believing that if it were of the Lord God would tell him…and He did.

Jeff has a e-newsletter which he sends out with updates. You can sign up to start receiving his e-newsletter by emailing him at:

The team now consists of Miles Lewis, Jeffrey Olver, and myself. All three of us will be together and will hit the road the beginning of February. Lord willing, the team will continue to grow. Then we’ll be able to all hit different locations because at this point in history, America is in a desperate need of knowing Jesus. And America needs preachers who will leave everything to take the gospel where it belongs.


Fear of Man – What is the fear of man rooted in and how is it overcome?

Opposed by the World – Why is open-air preaching opposed by the world?

Opposed by the Church – Why is open-air preaching opposed by the religious?

These audio sermons can be found in the “Equip Yourself” section of the website. Many more coming soon.


I will be spending the month of January traveling and preaching in Canada as well as parts of the USA. The Lord has laid it on the heart of Greg Gordon, proprietor of, to invite me to his country to minister to several Churches in Canada. Once our time in Canada is done we are taking a road trip through the USA stopping to preach in Churches in Maryland and Missouri, eventually ending up back in Texas.

Please pray for the safety of this trip, as well as God’s anointing as I endeavor to deliver God’s Word to our Canadian brothers as well as in other US states. I am deeply humbled that Greg would invite me up, and believe that God is going to do a mighty work.



The financial support we receive from the body of Christ makes it possible for us to continue to travel and preach the Gospel full time.

All personal gifts from $5 -$500, either monthly or one-time, makes a huge difference.

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