Newsletter Archive: Witnessing for Jesus in a Mall – 9/10/2005

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 9/10/2005

This newsletter has no copy-right.
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September 2, 2005

It was quite the pleasant Friday night in Fort Worth. We set up station and attacked from a new corner. There is a corner where a musician usually is, along with a painter, but this evening neither of them was there.

I was able to draw a crowd together and preached to them for a good amount of time. “We’re all on a sinking ship called time, and it’s sailing on the ocean of eternity. Where will you go when you die?” And also “On the day that you stand in the court room of God, He will be there seated on his throne, your conscience will take the witness stand, the Law will be the prosecution asking for blood, and you will stand there as a guilty criminal. But the Lord Jesus Christ desires to be your advocate! He will defend you and set you free, if you’ll have Him.”

A man named Todd open air first time every. He is a seminary student who has been coming out to Fort Worth and other places to witness. He’s been giving out tons of tracts and talking one to one with people, but this time he stepped up and preached open-air!

The rest of the night was pleasant as well. We had preaching and witnessing and no harassments from the police!


September 3, 2005

This past Saturday night in Fort Worth was another wonderful occasion preaching the living Word of God. Stephen started the team out with some open-air preaching, and then handed it over to me. Our street pulpit was handed over from brother to brother, maintaining a steady consistency of the Word being preached.

Jeffrey Olver and Krista Friesen (my girlfriend) came down from Teen Mania Ministries to witness. Jeffrey preached for a long time to a great crowd. He had three young girls asking tons of questions, and this caused crowds of others to stop and listen. Jeff did a very impressive job preaching the Law, righteousness, judgment, hell, grace, and answering all their questions.

A crowd of handicapped people stopped to listen, and because Jeffrey’s parents are deaf, he knew sign language. So while he was preaching to the crowd, he also translated his own message into sign language so the handicapped people in the crowd would understand. The deaf were able to hear the gospel! It was amazing.

Here is what Jeffrey wrote: “Last night I had the privilege of hooking up with a team from Great News Network to hit the streets of Fort Worth Texas for ministry.

Several of us took turns preaching and going through the “Good Test” with people. I was able to do the “Good Test” with a group of 4 junior high school girls. Three of them were arguing with me about their beliefs, ranging from evolution to reincarnation. One of the girls, who only piped up every so often, I could see was under heavy conviction. She would only look me in the eye briefly and smile when we started turned into a concerned look on her face.

In the middle of going through the 10 commandments for what seemed like the 100th time with these girls, using Jesse Morrell’s charts and easel, Krista Friesen, a young lady out doing ministry with us came up and held the easel in place for me and whispered in my ear “Let me hold that so you have your hands free, there’s a bunch of deaf people watching!”

This was an exciting opportunity! Both of my parents are completely deaf, so my first language was Sign Language and I know it fluently to this day.

So I was now able to speak to these girls (and the rest of the crowd that gathered) AND clue to deaf spectators in on what was going on!

Hell, Judgment, Salvation and Heaven were preached and the preaching was able to go forth for everyone present. After a while, my throat started to dry up, so I introduced Jesse who was able to continue preaching.

I quickly caught up with the four girls that began to walk away and challenged them with the Gospel face to face. I could discern that something was going on in their hearts, especially the one girl under conviction. Before leaving, I dared them to pray that night.

After that I was able to address the Deaf crowd and interpret for Jesse as he preached the Gospel to the crowds. After a while, I was able to talk to them one on one. There was a young man named Lee who was a Messianic Jew and had a real passion for ministry to Israel and One deaf girl wanted to do the good test, but their group leader needed them all to get going to the Hotel they were at (they were in town for a student ministry conference). The girl who wanted to do the good test had told me she was a “little bit” of a Christian and was thirsty for more! The leader of the group, a Christian, promised me that she would talk to the young lady that night about the Gospel.

To add to it all, another interpreter for the Deaf who was with that group, and also a Christian, felt lead by the Lord to talk to the lady friend of a man that was being witnessed to by Brad. For quite a while, I saw the interpreter taking the young lady through the Bible and witnessing to her. After the young lady left, the interpreter looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “That’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that!” And I could see that God ignited passion in her heart for the lost! I encouraged her to keep doing it and not stop! She walked away blessed by the Lord.

Many seeds were planted that night! It was an exciting time with many good crowds! I can’t wait to go out again.”

– J. A. Olver


September 4th, 2005

I would like to request prayer for my father, Wayne Michael Morrell. I spoke with him on the phone for the first time in 18 years. A friend of mine back home was arrested and brought to the hospital (that’s another story) and was put in a room with a man that looked like me, and walked like me. He asked him if he had a son named Jesse to which the man said yes and even knew my Mothers name.

My friend saw him again a few days later and they started talking about me, and my friend called me up on the phone and I was able to speak with my father for the first time in 18 years.

I have never been angry with my father or held any bitterness towards him at all for anything, I’ve had nothing but love and an overwhelming desire my whole life to know him. I hope to speak with him again sometime soon, and eventually met him.

I also found out about my brother, Justin, is now 27 working as a cook. I had not seen Justin since I was a small child. And also found out that I have a 12 year old brother, Ryan, and a very young sister as well. I hope to be able to met them all soon.

Please pray for their salvations. My father is a heavy alcoholic. And unfortunately has no where to live right now except a tent in the woods. But I also know the depths of sin and also the power of God unto salvation. Pray that he be delivered from the bondage of sin and brought into the liberty and freedom that is in Christ. And please pray for my 2 bothers and sister as well, that I will get to met them and be able to witness to them; that they might be saved.


September 5th, 2005

Monday: Labor Day

Stephen Wrote: Jeff, Jesse, Krista, and I all went to the mall to wait for Jeff and Krista’s ride back to Teen Mania.  While we were there we made the most of the opportunity waiting.  We passed out a lot of tracts. Jeff, Jesse and Krista became hungry so we walked to the food court so they could eat.  As we were seating there the Lord told me to go and speak to these two guys while they were eating. So, I pulled up a chair and sat with these two guys their names were Sean and Chris. I told them that I was doing a project and talking to people about the Ten Commandments.  We talked for awhile and they both were young guys around age 17 or 18 from New Orleans. Chris and his family fled New Orleans do to the flood.  We had a great talk. They had never heard the gospel and thought they would go the heaven because they go to church.

After we left the food court we walked through the mall and placed gospel tracts in a lot of places around the mall.  Then we walk outside to the Rave movie theater.  We understand we can be asked to stop passing out tracts at the mall. So, we were trying to be creative.  So, I saw 3 guys 14 yrs. Old.  And, one of the guys dropped his drink on the ground and littered.  The 3 guys walked into the building. And, after they walked out I said “Guys did you just litter?” They said uhhhhhhhhhhh  yes.  So, I told them that if I could talk to them I would not tell security. They then looked afraid. So, I asked them to come around and talk and I proceeded with asking them “What happens after death”? And , if could name the Ten Commandments.  These 3 guys were very open to the gospel. I saw total conviction in their eyes. One guy said “Hey if we didn’t drop litter would have still stopped us and told us about turning to Jesus Christ?” I said “the Lord told me and gave me the idea to use the dropped drink to stop you and share the gospel with you”.  After sharing the gospel I asked do you see your need for God’s forgiveness? They said yes. I then asked them then what will you do?  All 3 said we are going to Turn to Jesus!!!!  They all thanked me for caring enough to stop them. I gave them all my e-mail and my number and asked please call me if you have any questions and when you repent. They said we will. The rest is in the Lord’s hands.

Please pray for them to be born again……  Their names are Rex, Garret, Julian and the other guys in the food court their names are Chris and Sean from New Orleans.

After Jeff and Krista’s ride arrived to go back to Teen Mania, Jesse and I went back home.  On the way home I stopped off at Rosa’s Cafe (Mexican food) drive thru window.  The guy opened the window and I asked him ” Hey do you live around here?” He said yes.. Where are you trying to go?   I said “I want to know how I can get to heaven from Rosa’s Cafe?” He looked at me funny. And, so asked again. And, then he pointed his finger up. I said yes I know heaven is up there.  But, how can I get there?  This guy said ” you have to be a good person”.  So, I grabbed a gospel tract that said ” Are you a good person?” The ultimate test.   I handed the Good Person tract to him and said “Man this will jack you up”. And, the guy smiled and laughed and said thanks.

Jeffery Wrote: I was very privileged this Labor Day weekend to spend it with Jesse and Stephen doing ministry in Fort Worth! Last night was the end of time with them and we got to share to gospel with plenty of youth milling around the Rave Cinema at the Northeast Mall.
Stephen very cleverly used how a group of 3 jr. high kids dumped their soda all over the ground to witness to them. The conversation lasted a long time, and their minds are now hooked on eternity. One of those young guys talked to me later and said he was definitely going home to read his Bible.

I was able to talk with a group of 4 jr. high and high school guys. They had all “accepted the Lord into their hearts” when they were young and had been to youth group. But when I took them through the 10 commandments…a sort of impromptu “Good Test”…it came out they had just got caught up in hype at some time and weren’t doing very well. I was able to get them thinking about eternity and just what “accepting the Lord into their hearts” meant. Those kids walked away with the knowledge that it’s not enough to just be “sorry” for sin, but it requires true repentance…and with the knowledge that they can be NEW person in Christ with a new heart and new desires. Some of those kids shrugged it off…one young man in particular was very respectful…and you could see the wheels turning in his mind.

Finally, before leaving, I just started a conversation with a group of more young teens. I just simply asked if they had ever been to youth group. All of them had…many had gone last week. So I just asked them if ever there was anything they just had questions about. The Bible? God? Christianity? Was there ever any moment when they just wanted to raise their hand in church and say “Hold on a second! Answer me this…?”

Sure enough they had questions that the Holy Spirit was able to guide back to putting their minds on eternity and truly following Christ. Some of them took it seriously, others tried to joke around. The scripture encouraged me: For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Cor. 1:18

In each instance of talking with people, you could see the conviction start in their hearts. Some shrugged it off, some, I know, will be thinking of it for a long time. Each of them, I told, would be held accountable for the knowledge they now have. They could listen, follow the Lord….or they could ignore it, shrug it off…and one day realize they should have listened.

Praise God for seeds being sewn!

– J. A. Olver


September 10th, 2005

Stephen Wrote: Hey guys, I just got home it is 1:09am.  We have a great night out witnessing tonight.  Thanks to Jeff, Brad, Jesse,  Jason, Ted, Ben, Alfredo, Jeff,  Chris, Joe, LauRen, Mary Ann,  Jamey and his wife,  Krista, for coming out to witness and preach.  We had a lot of hecklers opposing the gospel. A lot tracts were handed out lots of seeds planted.  We ran into a lot of so called Christian that did not believe in hell, and they mocked the gospel of Jesus Christ. Two different police officers came over and said, that they were cool with what we were doing. I gave one officer a Ten Commandment coin and said, that we were out enforcing the Law of God just as he was enforcing the Law of the land. The police said that sound systems are not allowed out Downtown we could use ours because we were keeping it low. He was really cool to us. He thanked me and asked me for another coin for the other officers. They were officer Weber and officer Owen. Please pray for continue favor of God with the authorities.  I praise God we had a great night of preaching , witnessing, and passing out gospel tracts. After, I preached Jeff jumped up and preached his heart out, after that Ted preached it up it was awesome. Then Jesse preached it and finished the night up before going home.  Aflredo and Ben went to another corner to preach it was good.  See everyone tomorrow night.  Good night everyone. Sweet dream. Find someone to witness to , and invite someone to church.

Stephen Starnes



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