Newsletter Archive: Open Air Outreach makes University of Oklahoma Year Book – 4/18/2006

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 4/18/2006


Open Air Outreach Makes Yearbook for University of Oklahoma
Jesse Morrell
Apr 18, 2006

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From left to right: Rev. Kerrigan, Miles Lewis, Rev Rod Napp, Jeff Olver, and Jesse Morrell

While in North Carolina we had the pleasure and honor of preaching with two brothers, Rev Kerrigan and Rev Rod Napp. We had great ministry together and wonderful fellowship. There ministry is


For complete albums of the campuses see

This is a fight for souls. There is no hardship to painful and there is no sacrifice too great because this is too serious of a fight. Christ said that your name would be cast out as evil and I have come to know that. We as a ministry have been opposed by the unsaved world at every turn and we have also been betrayed by our own friends. It’s bearable when your name is slandered by the world but is almost unbearable when it’s slandered by those who were close to you. But all things for the glory of God.
I have learned that a good repuation could be a preachers worst enemy, generally speaking. Once a man is liked and loved by all, he will compromise to keep it up. He will be less inclined to preach strongly against sin and more likely to be whatever people want him to be. Truly, woe to you when all men speak well of you. For so did they of the false prophets. But blessed are you when men revile you and say all manner of evil against you falsely. Be glad when that happens and dance for joy.
A. W. Tozer said, “You will never please everybody. Some men will say you have gone too far. Other men will say you haven’t gone far enough. I just compromise and say I won’t please anybody.” Amen. I find his words to be terribly true. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do or why you do it, there will always be someone, somewhere, who doesn’t like it for some reason.
As a preacher, never give the people what they want. They more often then not always want the wrong things. Rather, always give the people what they need- the solid truth of God.
No matter who comes against us, no matter what we have to face, no matter how painful it gets, Open Air Outreach will always take the gospel where it belongs.
The truth is marching on!
For the Audience of One
– Jesse Morrell


Since the last newsletter O.A.O. Has:

Been in 3 States (South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland)

Preached on 3 Universities (University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina)

Preached on 1 College (College of Charleston, SC)

Preached in 1 Downtown Night Life Area (Maryland)

Made 1 University Yearbook (Oklahoma University, Norman)

Did 1 Radio Interview (Charleston, SC)

And most recently one of Jesse’s articles was published in an AQUIRE THE FIRE Teen Devotional Magazine put out by Cook Communications.



“It’s cool to know that there are people who care enough to do something.” Miriam

“God is going to bless you for this.” A Christian Student

“We’ve been listening for a while and we think your doing a great job. You’re getting a lot of people to listen and all we’ve heard has been truth.” Two Christian Girls

“What you are saying is great. I love it. It’s really awesome.” A Christian Student

“You guys are really courageous. This is good.” Britney, a Christian Student



“I just want to say I do admire you and your passion.” Elijah

“I have a homosexual friend and they love God. I expect to see them in heaven.” A professing Christian

“Just keep going, even though you wont make many friends.” A Christian Girl

“I just wanted to ay thank you for going through all of this because I just got to share the gospel with someone.” Another Christian Girl


New Section On MB
The message board continues to grow, now with 166 members. There have been a handful of unsaved students from the campuses that have joined the boards as well. For that reason we have started a new section for the boards, which I’m very excited about, called the “World-View Debating” section.
So far we have had great debates over empiricism, autonomy, and relativism. These new debates on the boards have brought in more lost people then we’ve had before. If you are looking for a place online to witness, in a controled and not overwhelming envioment, or if you are looking to read and see how to answer questions the unsaved have and how to defend the Christian world-view, then this new section is deffinately for you.
Recently Oklahoma University, Norman contacted Open Air Outreach requesting an interview for there upcoming yearbook. Apparently we had made such an impact on their campus that we were a memoriable experience.
Here is that interview:
Name: Jesse Morrell
Occupation: Open Air Preacher
Age: 21

1. What is your purpose in traveling to different campuses? is a network of preachers that travel full-time to campuses to spread the gospel. We are young men who will not tolerate the sins of our society to go unchallenged. We seek to warn every man, and teach every man, so that every man might be presented perfect in Christ Jesus.

2. How are you generally greeted?

We are opposed on every side. The heathens and pagans on the campus oppose us for preaching against their sin and the professing Christians on campus (whom we often find to be hypocrites) oppose us for preaching against their sin.

While open air preaching I’ve been kicked, hit in the head, pushed, spit at, soaked in beer, have had eggs – bolloons – cigarettes – and a glass bottle thrown at me, all to the glory of God.

3. How do you percieve OU’s campus (is it mainly religious, nonreligious, atheist, Protestant….)?

There are atheists, protestants, catholics, and all the rest of them. But my impressions of the campus haven’t been of their religious beliefs as much as their wicked practices. The OU campus is full of adulterers, blasphemers, masterbators, liars, theives, homosexuals, sodomites, pot-heads, and especially drunkards and fornicators etc. They are monsters of iniquity, a generation of vipers, sons of the devil. And these are to be the future leaders of our country and the world? God help America.

4. What kind of greeting did the campus give you?

I’ve preached numerous times on the OU campus, but the largest crowds might have been up in the 300 range. They seemed interested and curious. Most of the students would inquire about the bible and Christianity. We were not forced off the campus by an angry mob chanting “LEAVE OUR CAMPUS” as in other places, so I thoroughly anticipate returning to OU.

5. Why do you think people argue with you?

There is this “tolerance” and “diversity” teaching going around these days. Of coarse we preach that God does not tolerate sin and that He commands all men, not some men, to repent. So these “tolerance” people don’t seem to tolerate us very much. The “diversity” people don’t want to be diverse enough to accept us. People say, “you are entitled to your opinion” but if your opinion is that many and most other opinions are false or wrong, then people have a problem.

But a more simple answer is mainly because they are sinners who love their sin.

6. What has been your most interesting experience in your career?

My entire career is interesting but the most exciting to tell you the truth have been the times I’ve been arrested for preaching God’s Word. Never have I felt more of the presence and favor of God, or more in God’s will as though in the book of Acts, then the times I’ve had to spend nights in a cell singing and praising God.

7. What do you think is one of the greatest misconceptions people have of you?

People will accuse us of being crazy; John 7:5, Acts 26:24. But in reality they only hope that we are crazy because if we are not, then they are in big trouble with God on Judgment Day and are in need of the Savior Jesus Christ.

8. What made you want to start this group?

I started a couple of years ago because America is heading towards judgment as fast as a bullet at the end of a barrel. My generation is on a greese slide down to hell. But God commands that Christians take a bold stand in these days to declare God’s Word of “repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ.” Only Jesus can make men new. Only Jesus can cover and cleanse the sins of my generation.

9. If you could give one word to the OU students what would it be?


As you can imagine, it is pretty awesome to make the year book of a massive university. Pray that God will use this to touch these students as they begin their careers as journalists, politicians, teachers, etc.




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