Newsletter Archive: Open Air Preaching in Virginia, Maryland, and New York – 5/05/2006

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 5/05/2006


May Newsletter: Preaching the Word
Jesse Morrell
May 5, 2006

This newsletter has no copy-right. Feel free to share it by printing it off or by forwarding it on.

George Mason University 016

George Mason University 045

Jesse and Jeff with the professor after speaking in a class against homosexual marriage.

(The professor who had invited us to speak to his class about homosexual marriage)



University of Maryland 008

University of Maryland 051



Rochester University actually is a PRIVATE campus

(Brother Miles was able to speak ten minutes before the police arrived to inform us this was a private campus…opps)



100 0933

(We couldn’t preach on campus so we took it to the streets)



At a highschool protesting abortion a teacher actually brought his class out to speak with us

(We were able to team up with brothers from Repent America and Life & Liberty to reach out to a highschool. One teacher brought his whole class out to talk with us.)



A crowd gathers on a cold, windy day in NY



Oswego State University of New York DAY ONE

Oswego State University of New York DAY TWO 065

(A local Pastor, Brother Miles Pastor, came out to support us and preached open air for the first time)

Photo Gallery
Highlight for Album: State University of New York, Oswego Highlight for Album: University of Rochester, NY Highlight for Album: George Mason University Oswego State University of New York DAY TWO 076

Full albums for the campus preaching can be found in the “College/University” section of the photo gallery:

Ministry Breakdown

Since the last report O.A.O. has:

– Preached on 5 University campuses (George Mason University, University of Maryland, University of Rochester, University of Syracuse, State University of New York)

– Preached in 3 States (Virginia, Maryland, New York)

– Made 3 Newspapers (The Broadside, The Oswegonian, The Palladium Times)

– Preached at 2 Highschools (In New York)

– Spoke to 1 College class (Law Administration Class in Virginia)

– Spoke to 1 Highschool class (One class came out in New York)

– Made 1 Channel 5 News (Syracuse Local News)

Campus Papers
 Though we have made the newspapers a few times, the coverage is not always favorable. Sometimes there is unbiased reporting and sometimes there isn’t. As of late I’ve been seeing the world pull the “hate speech” card very easily whenever we preach against the sin of homosexuality. I’ve come to realize that because they hate our speech they will call our speech hate. If we as Christians are going to preach repentance from all sin being labeled as “hateful bigots” will simply need to be something we face. Men will say all manner of evil against us falsely but we must always speak the truth about God and the truth about men.
George Mason University paper “The Broadside“:
State University of New York paper “The Oswegonian“:
The town of Oswego paper “The Palladium-Times“:

Encouraging Emails:

As of late I’ve really been getting my share of hate e-mail. Although I’ve also recieved encouraging emails:



Jesse (and Jeff)-

Thanks for coming to share a message that our campus so desperately needed to
hear.  I know a lot of disrespect was shown, but that a lot of people were
inspired to share the gospel.  I am praying for an increase in boldness for
myself, so that I can stand up and share the Gospel.

Thanks again,


GeorgeMasonUniversity. USA



Hi Jesse!

You know, your ministry for Jesus is LITERALLY the catalyst for what ICM (our ministry here in Moncton, NB, Canada) has become.

We hold meetings each Monday and on Wednesdays we go out into the streets now; we have a small but powerful grassroots Evangelism Team.

I fought that call, as I had such a fear, and as God is my witness that I’m not exaggerating one iota, it’s your fearless preaching that motivated me out my own laziness and lethargy. I admire you, Jesse, and who you are for Jesus.


Moncton, NB, Canada



Dear brother,


I wanted to let you know how much you’ve influenced me in street preaching. I’ve always been a really bold person, standing up for truth when I was young and witnessing, even getting into trouble by it, but I hadn’t ever thought of street preaching, or knew people did it today until I ventured onto Sermon index looking for more Ravenhill sermons. It was long until I heard about what you were doing when I felt the Lord leading to do the same. That’s almost a year ago.


So thank you brother! I feel as though I’ve slid into a glove. To Him be the glory, honor and power, to Him be our lives, time, strength… and by God’s grace we will give Him so.


So I just wanted to formally introduce myself and say God bless you, Jesse, and thanks for the example. May the Lord keep you always in His love and in the cleft of the Rock, Jesus Christ.


Your brother in Christ,


 New Brunswick, Canada




Hi Jesse,


My name is George. I am 22 years old from England. I came across your website today, no doubt in the providence of God. I was writing up a seminar i have to give this week on holiness and as i was typing it up I thought I’d listen to a sermon on holiness on ) as i so often like to do). I came to the short compilation of your sermon uncompromising holiness and then

listened to ‘happiness or holiness’.
I just wanted to say I am greatly encouraged by your ministry and what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing through you. I know that the grace of God is mightily at work in you.

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much you have encouraged me and how much God is using you.

I live in England and it is really so rare to find young men who have a heart for God, a desire for holiness and a passion to preach the gospel, the true gospel and a heart to reach this dying world for Jesus.

I praise God that He is raising them up, and you are one. I want to be one too, by God’s grace.

Thanks brother. In Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.



Open Air Video Footage
Occasionally a student will come out to our meeting and film the open air and then post it online for everyone to watch. When we were at the George Mason University a student did just that.
The footage of Brother Miles preaching can be viewed at:



Oswego State University of New York DAY TWO 080

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