Newsletter Archive: A Rebuke to the Christian Church – 10/11/2007

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 10/11/2007


A Rebuke to the Church!
Jesse Morrell
Oct 11, 2007

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DVC00371 transpixelDVC00409 transpixel

These were some of the protesters we encountered on the KSU campus. If Christians were as bold preaching the gospel as sinners are in flaunting their sin, we might reach our country for God. With all of the school shootings and beatings, we desperately need to reach out to the people who are being lead astray to their own destruction by the devil.

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For two days straight, huge crowds gathered to listen to the preaching, discussion the bible, or argue with the preacher. There was a very large homosexual and sodomite population on this campus. For the most part, the whole crowd in this picture (except for the preachers and maybe some others) were either homosexuals and sodomites or were supports of such perversion. It is today more then ever that we must take a strong, bold, public stance for Jesus.

DVC00528 transpixelDVC00533

This day started off a little slow but as you see it grew rather large. We caused no small stir on this campus at all. “The problem with America today is that we don’t have enough hatred and intolerance. People love and tolerate sin today. We need to hate sin and be intolerant of wickedness. If we love people, we will hate sin and not tolerate what is harmful.” One student told us that their entire class talked about our preaching during their whole class period with the professor. Open air preaching is the most effective way I have found to get college students talking about Jesus.

DVC00534 transpixeltranspixelDVC00536

For hours we reasoned, persuaded, and disputed with students to turn from all their sin and to submit unto the Lord Jesus Christ. God longs to forgive sinners, but they must give up their rebellion. Some people ask us, “does anyone ever get saved this way?” The answer is: very few. Very few people are actually willing to give up their sin and to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus even said about the narrow road, “few there be that find it.” Sadly, it’s always very few. And that is all the reason we need to preach as much as we can. transpixel
Dear Saints,
If you are reading this on Thursday, October 11th, I am currently on my way to the Philippines. God has graciously opened up a door for me to speak at a YWAM Discipleship & Evangelism Training School for a week.

This will be my most extensive speaking engagement yet, as I am suppose to teach 5 Discipleship Classes (2 hours each), 3 Evangelism Classes (2 hours each), and preach 1 Worship Service (1 hour). We are also going to be having multiple open air outreaches in the streets of the city Manila.

This is exactly the type of speaking engagement I’ve been praying for. But please keep me in your prayers while I am on this trip. Pray that the Lord will give me all the right words to say to the students. Prayer that I will have the strength for this whole trip. Pray that the students will all have an open heart to learn, as well as the attention span to learn all of it! Pray that God will be glorified during this trip, that the Saints will be equipped and encouraged, and that open air laborers will be raised up!

Thank  you brethren!

Gratefully Yours,

Jesse Morrell



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