Newsletter Archive: Hell Fire Preaching 11/28/2006

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 11/28/2006


Jesse Morrell
Nov 28, 2006

This newsletter and videos have no copy-right. Feel free to share them by printing it off or by forwarding them on. 


Last semester the ministry reached 32 campuses with the gospel.
This semester the ministry has reached 27 campuses with the gospel.
A little over one year ago, Open Air Outreach went full-time on America’s Universities, Colleges, and streets. Since that time, many souls have been won. But there are many more to go!
Within this next year, Open Air Outreach has some VERY BIG PLANS. It is our intention to shake our entire generation with the gospel by starting an open air movement. 
More information will be revealed soon.
This is just the beginning!


University of Texas, Austin:

Jesse UT



Texas State University, San Marcos TX:




Kilgore Jr. College:

KJC Jesse




Arizona State University:

Eli was able to reel in a massive crowd


ASU (37)

Glendale Community College:

IMG 0050

IMG 0048

Pima Community College:

Evan got a crowd


Heart of Christ Community Church

Miles, Evan and Eli at Heart of Christ Community Church


Open Air Outreach certainly has it’s critics. And sometimes they are just outright mean. But the Lord laid it on my heart to start making open-air preaching videos, so that others could learn this almost forgotten trade. At first, I thought that these videos might end up fueling the fire of our critics, because of the confrontational approach and because of the opposition we often face on campuses.
But rather then that, not only have these videos helped us overcome misconceptions people have of the ministry, but lately I have been almost flooded with encouraging emails from people who have watched them!
Here are some of those emails:
I saw one of the videos online of Eli Brayley preaching at an open air preaching site.  I was blessed to hear him declare the truth regarding  the power of the gospel to deliver from all sin and enable us to live a sinless life..  I am excited to hear someone else openly declare such truth in a day when the vast multitudes are following the blind leading them straight to hell with a false gospel of a sinning religion.
Thank you
Good day
My name’s Dan, I’m a Canadian currently living in Florida at
college, and I just heard your sermons and testimony. I’ve been preaching
on the streets for only 3 years, but those are the people often overlooked
by most evangelical churches, because of their lack of the Spirit of God.
I just wanted to let you know that your ministry in preaching, encouraging
Christians for the cause of evangelism, is very encouraging to hear. Keep
up the good work, my brother, and may the Lord richly bless you.


I came accross you guys on “you tube”  wow God has given you boldness, you have been a great encouragement to me and have been a challange for me to be bolder in my outreach, please pray for me that God would give me boldness when i open my mouth for Him. To God be the glory. Be encouraged you are challenging other to be bold for God!
Glen from Ireland
Dear Jesse,
I listened to you open air preaching today (11/15) for many hours at Texas State University, and I would like to say a few things.
First, I just wanted to thank you again for what you are trying to do. Although I do disagree with you very strongly about some issues involving those who are condemned to hell (homosexuals, Catholics, etc), and that some of the tactics your ministry uses to try to save people can sometimes be very ineffectual, and unfortunately can have the opposite effect hoped for, I believe that your motivations and intentions are good as you try to share the love and forgiveness of Christ and the message of the Bible. If nothing else, because of much strong opposition, I hope you provoked much thought today. You certainly did for me. And for that and everything else mentioned, I thank you.
I am also very moved with how deeply you believe in the Christian faith, and especially how calmly, humbly, bravely and politely you deal with the crowds. In fact, I would like to apologize for not being able to keep my temper as well as you did, and also if I said anything insulting to you or about you, I apologize as well. This is not what Christ would want, hence my apology. I pray God will give me the grace to handle opposition as well as you. Your honest attempts at living a sin-free life are very commendable.
Please take care, may God continue to bless you, and best of luck in your ministry and preaching.
The best to you, your wife and family.
(And I hope you had good birthday the other day 🙂 )
Hey Jesse,
I really like what you are doing at the colleges for the Lord. From your words, I see your pure heart in those videos and know you have a genuine burden for the lost. Keep up the good work and congrats on your recent wedding!
Your Admiring Brother,
Devon, Nashville TN
hello brother,
My name is Brad and i saw you on Texas State campus today 11-16-05 at around 2:15ish.
I was the guy that was close to you and handed you my bible to read 2 Timothy 4:3-4 on people having fale docrine based on their lusts…. i really apprieate your compassion and love for others to preach the truth.. i was touched.  Thanks so much for doing the most important job in this world which is being used by Christ to help save others.. It was an honor to stand beside you and stand up and defend you, for we brothers need to stand together united.  Today i got a little taste of what it’s like to preach truth on college campus’s and have a much better understanding; i’ wante to be used by the lord to do the same kind of thing aswell, bringing people to Christ.. Just don’t take peoples insults to much to heart and don’t allow it to hurt you.. Like christ said we are the salt of the earth…. Also think of it this way, you know your doing well if a crowds there.. Even if they don;t agree theres something about defending Christianity and faith in Christ that’ll draw any1 near… On a lot of other “free speech topic” people just walk by, but when it comes to Christ people always stop to see whats going on.. the reason being is that subconsiously they know theres truth in the words, especially God’s that draw people.. WEll anyhow sorry for my rambling but i wanted to send this as encurragement and say your doing well and thanks.. I’ll try to support y’all.. Good luck! and God Bless brother.. Keep strong…  Luke 12:4-5


Good Luck, i’ll be praying and studing the word more thouroughly to be a warrior for Christ to do his will of being used to bring people to himself.. thanks again and take care..        

Dear Jesse,
Thank You for coming texas tech. I want to know how i can get involved. Your words changed my life and i wish to
spread the word of christ. If there is one place that needs his wisdom it is here at texas tech. please let me know
when you plan on returning to our campus and what I can do to get the student body involved. I would like to thank
you and Miles for putting me on a better path. Your words inspired me aat a time when I needed change.
Brother in faith,
Hi Jesse,
Mi name name is Kevin and I am 25 years of age i have been amazed by your ministry and how you preach to the lost souls ever since i found out about You tube, I have already started preaching in the streets but i dont record myself  (wish i had a camera lol) and i go by myself to preach the word to the lost. but i do not get the same effect like you bringing a good crowd to your disposition. Now i would like to know if you can support me by teaching me your techniques and what should i pray for before i go and preach, i would greatly appreciate your teachings.
Thank you and God bless your ministry!
Hey Jesse
Thankz so much for your reply and advice on openair preaching.I did preach on saturday in front of about 50 people in one of the homeless parks here in dc actually a few blocks from the white house.
God gave me the courage and the desire to do it. I dont think there is any greater high you can get then preaching.
You are probally used to it by now as you have preached so many times, as I am new to this it was awesome.
Jesse again I admire your boldness I look up to and respect people like yourself who are unafraid and as bold as you are.
I LOVED the video on my tube when you were preaching to the young people standing in line going into that night club that takes guts, keep up the great work man.
Jesse do you know of any one through your contacts in my area washington dc who has the same calling as we do to open air preach??????
I have been praying for someone to team up with   and to encourage each other  I dont know any in my church who has the desire to go into the streets.
Could you try to find out or do you know of anyone in DC maryland  virginia area who might be interested who has the boldness and desire!!! plese let me know.
Jesse thanz for keeping in touch I love this quote by whitefield.
( If they will not let me preach Christ crucified and offer salvation to poor sinners in a church, I will preach him in the lanes streets highways and hedges, and nothing pleases me better than to think I am now in one of the devils strongest holds)
your bro in Christ  Ken!
hello jesse,
i watched some of the videos of you open air preaching. i want to say
that when i see and hear you do what you do, it feels in my heart like
i should be doing the same thing.
i have been watching a lot of your open air
sessions on campuses and am interested in
participating.  can you tell me how to get
involved w/ a group or something rather than just
going out on my own to preach.

thanks so much and God bless you.



I’ve got to say Jesse, your open air ministry has really awakened
something in me that I’ve always wanted to have. I thought I was a good
Christian… I now want to be a Righteous Christian and help as many
people as I can by teaching them.

I pray every morning now in hopes that I may continue the
great work of Jesus Christ… I have also begun reading my bible more
religiously than ever before… This week I am going through Genesis
ingreat detail… I plan to do a chapter a week until I have absorbed a
great deal of scripture.. then go back after all of that and fill anything
I am unsure about!

I love what you guys are doing and thank you for awakening in me… a
burning light that I will carry for the rest of my days and beyond!

Praying for your great work in Lubbock,

I thank our God for fearless people like you who suffer persecution and humiliation for the cross, for the sake of the Gospel, for the sake of men’s souls. Thank you.
Who can possibly argue with you on your solid primary doctrine? After all, it is the knowledge of the cross alone that saves, and this your team boldly proclaims. Stumbling across your site has been an eye-opener. It kicked me hard in the pants about a Christian’s duty to proclaim the Gospel. I was given an opportunity to share the Gospel to a co-worker, and the law-and-grace approach you all use make them stop and think! Made *me* think. God bless
In Him,




I love your vids and preaching… continue brother! Your message is strong (sometimes really hard for me to swallow actually!) and your heart is sold out to the faith!

God bless!



Thank you for visiting our campus. Your messages did not go completely unheard.

(A Texas Tech Student)


Hi brother Jesse,
My name is Daniel and I’m currently living in Las Vegas with my wife Joy. I’ve been witnessing to people all around this City for the last year. This is definitely a place that requires extensive preaching and it has put me to the test. I found your videos on YouTube and would like to say that you are indeed preaching the word of YHWH (God)….I have been filled with more fire in my soul to do what the Messiah Yeshua or Jesus Christ called us to do. I have seen many of the videos on YouTube of you and other brothers preaching and am prompted to applaud you and the other brothers on what I’ve seen thus far.
– Daniel
Very well done brother Jesse that is the truth and this is my appreciation.
– Daniel
Here is a testimony from the UT outreach:
“Once the crowd grew, Jesse and Jeffery would preach for hours and hours I was surprised how long people would stay around to listen, heckle, observe. We finished up at about 5:00 and several more people hung around for more one on one conversations. One of the most intense times of battle I’ve been in for awhile. Our little team here in Austin will never be the same.
I am so thankful to be able to be a part of godley men and women that obey our Lord Jesus Christ.
One man said all of us christians should be doing some sort of preaching. He looked around and didn’ t see not a one church pastor willing to get up there and preach the gospel. Just these two guys, we should all be doing what they are doing” He was so convicted.”
– The Hicks
To me, seeing sinners saved and the saints encouraged it what makes it all worth it!!


These are some videos of intolerant, politically incorrect, hell-fire preaching. Praise God.
Just click on the video you wish to view.








By Jesse Morrell

I would contend that there is no room for the authority and claims of the scriptures in the professed authority system of empirical science. But there is room for limited empirical science in the system of the ultimate authority of the scriptures.

If you start with empirical science as your foundation, you end up begging the question of the existence of the invisable God. (Because empiricism teaches you can only know what you can touch, taste, see, and smell). Upon the foundational assumptions of empirical science, there is no room for the claims or the authority of the scriptures, especially the claim of the invisable God which is the foundation of all the scriptures.

But if you start with the God of the bible, empirical science now has a foundation that is not faulty, which you can build upon. Now science has a proper means of interpreting all of the data which it comes across. The foundation of interpreting the data being the scriptures. (All facts and data will be interpretted by someone, and who better then God?). This is what we call “Christian science”. When all “facts” found through the means of empirical science are interpretted by the scriptures.

True Science (knowledge) must be founded and guided by God and His Word to be accurate and authoratative. If it is founded and guided by man (in his self professed autonomous reasoning, and understanding, independant of God) the result will be a sinfully-biased, inacurate interpretation of data. (Since sinners are sinful, not neutral, looking for any justification to run from God).

Our disagreements with the world, regarding the nature and origin of all things, is not a mere differing of interpretation regarding one single fact, or one single discovery, but is ultimately a fundamental disagreement between two recognized authorities which are colliding. Those two recognized authorities being God and His Word verses Man and his self professed autonomous mind. Since all facts are interpretted by the fundamental recognition of an established authority, either the one established by God (the scriptures) or the one established by man (empirical science).

In the Christian world-view, true knowledge must come from the One who created knowledge. God is the source of knowledge. In the non-Christian world-view, man and his reasoning, understanding, and experience, is the source of knowledge. (But even his reasoning, understanding, and experience is dependant upon God and is not autonomous).

It is God and His Word, as the ultimate source of knowledge through natural and supernatural revelation verses man and his understanding, through empiricism, as the ultimate source of knowledge. Undeniably empiricism is a source of knowledge, given to us by God, but it is a limited source, not the ultimate source, and is only accurate and true when it is guided and controlled by God and the scriptures.

The limited must be subjected to the supreme ultimate for there to be any sort of accuracy.

So the apologetic battle is not and cannot be over each specific interpretation of a single fact, because we are ultimately and overall dealing with two entirely different systems of thought. So each system must be internally examined, to see if it stands upon it’s own terms, because externally all seperate systems of thought are contrary.

So the question, “can you prove the bible without using the bible” is just as absurd as saying, “can you prove science without using science.” Because one recognizes the scriptures (Word of God) as the ultimate source of proof, while the other recognizes science (the understanding of man) as the ultimate source of proof. So the Christian proof would never be proof to the non-believer.

You are not to see if the scriptures (an entire system of thought) fits into science (an entirely different system of thought) because these two systems are fundementally and foundationally contrary.

Rather you are to see if each system or world-view is consistent with itself, or if at some point it cancels itself out. You either proof or disprove the Christian world-view, by the Christian world-view. And you either proof or disprove the non-Christian world-view, by the non-Christian world-view. You must see if the bible meets it’s own criteria. And you must see if science meets it’s own criteria.

For example, if all knowledge comes through empirical science, (empiricism being the essence of naturalistic science), where did the concept of empiricism come from? If all knowledge comes from empiricism, then the empiricism concept must have come through empiricism. But you cannot empirically prove the concept of empiricism. Why? Because it’s a concept instead of material.

Empiricism was their starting point. Empiricism was their presupposition. In other words, they assumed it. They didn’t first prove it, because it cannot be proven, even on their own terms.

So their foundation excludes their own foundation (not only the Christian foundation – Genesis 1:1). Their starting point cancels out their own starting point.

So you must internally prove or disprove all world-views. To say “prove the bible without using the bible” or “prove science without using science” is non-sense. (By “bible” and by “science” I do not mean one selected, individual teaching or discovery, but rather their entire system of thought as a whole).

If you claim the bible as the ultimate source of knowledge, and then appeal to science to prove the ultimacy of the bible, you are actually showing that you recognize science as the ultimate source of knowledge, because that is what you appealed to. If the bible is the ultimate source of knowledge, there is not a adequate source of knowledge that you can appeal to at all. So each belief must be internally examined to see if it cancels itself out, or if it is entirely consistent.

For futher reading, see “World-Views in Conflict” by Jesse Morrell found on the message board.

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