Newsletter Archive: Homosexuals Are Not Born That Way – 5/07/2008

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 5/07/2008


Homosexuals Are Not Born That Way!
Jesse Morrell
May 7, 2008

Please feel free to share this newsletter by forwarding it on or by printing it off.



DSCF3294 transpixelDSCF3297

Thousands of people gathered for three days to participate in the “Dogwood Festival”. It was a golden opportunity to warn about the judgment to come and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a banner in hand we ventured out into the streets to boldly proclaim the truth of the Bible.This Festival had already told nearly 100 Churches that they were not allowed to have information tables. This caused a great deal of controversy and had even received some media attention. The Churches were told that they were allowed to be vendors, and to sell whatever they wanted, but they were not allowed to have information tables like other groups were allowed to. This situation made me all the more want to get out there with my Bible to preach the Gospel. After all, this is America and not communist China, right?

It was not long before I found a great location to lift my voice like a trumpet. Finding a wide open area, with lots of walking traffic, I began open air preaching. A large crowd started to gather around, but I also received the attention of the patrolling police officers. I was told that my banner was too large and was in violation of city regulation. I negotiated and was able to get permission to use my smaller sandwich board.

DSCF3332 transpixelDSCF3335

After putting my banner away and returning with my sandwich board, I began preaching in the same location I started from. A large crowd again began to gather and the flow of traffic became congested. The Police once again approached me with a complaint. This time, they were concerned about the large crowd which was blocking the flow of traffic. I decided that the best thing to do was to get right outside of the Festival area and preach on the busy streets. Once we did that, we had no more problems with the Police, and we were able to draw in large crowds to hear the Gospel message.There was even an “Evangelism Boot Camp” going on at this Festival. Many of those participating in the boot camp stopped to listen to the open air preaching and thoroughly enjoyed it. While I am used to nothing but mocking, scoffing, ridicule, and heckling, it was very nice to have Christians gathering around and clapping all throughout the message! I was very encouraged.


DSCF3259 transpixelDSCF3257 transpixel

I had never preached on “Coastal Carolina University” before so I wasn’t sure how it would go. Would there be  lots of students? Would we be kicked off campus? Etc. After arriving on campus we began walking around to scope out the area and find the best place to preach. In the center of campus there was a large grassy area where student groups seemed to have their own tables set up. We figured that this must be a busy traffic area during the class change or else the student groups would not have set up there. After setting up in a shady area, so that we would not be burned and the crowd would not mind gathering, we began open air preaching.During the class change, hundreds of students filled the sidewalks. Many students starred with awe, which indicated that they had never seen a preacher on campus before. And once we started talking about some controversial issues, a massive crowd started to gather. Though the crowd grew up to about two hundred students, they were very calm and there was basically no heckling at all. Despite how calm the crowd was, the administration came out with the campus Police.

DSCF3262 transpixel John Street Witnessing


After talking with the administration and the Police Officers, they asked us to leave the campus. They told us that the campus was not exactly public, and that if we wanted to pay to reserve a room on campus we could fill out the paper work for that. After getting the whole situation on video, since they were clearly breaking the law and were misinformed about the facts, we obediently left the campus. We decided to go to a outdoor mall that was in the area to witness and pass out tracts.Since being removed from the campus, the administration has changed their mind about the whole thing. They must have finally talked to their attorneys and realized that they were wrong in stating that there was no free speech on campus. They will allow us back on campus to preach, they simply request that we call and arrange it with them first. So we hope to return to this campus in the future to have some good meetings.


DSCF3170 transpixelDSCF3173

The Lord has a remnant of laborers throughout America. And when we have the opportunity of getting together, it is always a blessing. On the E.C.U. campus, many of us met together for outreach. With signs, banners, Bibles, and voices, the name of Jesus was preached loud and clear.Many students gathered on the stairs near the Library where we usually preach. I saw many familiar faces from previous outreaches. For hours we answered their questions and responded to some of the heckling. Because there were many different preachers on the campus, there was a variety of preaching styles the students were exposed to. That means that we “covered all the bases”. One brother even ministered through music, using his guitar and voice to warn about the dangers of sin and the necessity of Christ.


DSCF3228 transpixeltranspixeltranspixelDSCF3236

The weather has been getting warmer and warmer, and some days are just plain hot. Finding a nice big tree to preach under, which provided enough shade for both the crowd and us, we began open air preaching.What got the attention of the students, which drew the crowd, was a dialog I had with a young Muslim women. She was clearly an American teenager, but she was wearing a head covering. I asked her, “Are you a Muslim?” She said, “yes”. I asked, “So you are a follower of Mohammed?” She said, “Yes”. I asked, “So are you a Jihadists?” She said, “No”. “I said, then you are not a follower of Mohammed, since he was a Jihadist!” I explained how a true Muslim is a follower of Mohammed, and Mohammed was a Jihadist, therefore a true Muslim is a Jihadist. What we are used to today is “American Islam” which would be considered lukewarm and backsliden compared to the true Islam taught in the Koran. With the rise of popularity and acceptance of Islam today in America, I find it necessary to publicly preach against the dangers of the real Islam as taught by Mohammed and the Koran.

Certainly this hot issue drew in a large crowd which stayed for hours. As you can see in the picture, even some Mormons stopped by and listened to the preaching of the true Gospel. I was also able to speak to some Christians on campus and explain to them the need for public preaching in our day.

 transpixel transpixelDSC00118

Since I moved to North Carolina, almost a year ago, it has been my intention to be a regular voice in “the pit” of Chapel Hill. And when I am not traveling or preaching on other campuses, I have been able to have many outreaches on this campus. There is a very large homosexual community on this campus and many homosexuals, bysexuals, and lesbians have attended my meetings this past year.We have discussed so many different issues with these students. The reason for God’s laws, the necessity of Christ’s death, the nature of repentance, the free will of man, the inspiration of the Bible, have all been discussed and explained in detail and in great length.


DSCF3213 transpixelDSCF3215

We arrived on campus to discover that it was “The Nation Day of Silence” for Sodom and Gomorrah.  A large group of students set up a table promoting the homosexual lifestyle. What they don’t understand is that they are actually hurting themselves. They are damaging their bodies, perverting their hearts, and storing up the wrath of God. God is calling them to repentance. God has given them the ability to repent. Yet they persist in their rebellion.Sadly, many Christians and theologians have given homosexuals their greatest excuse, “I was born this way”. If it were true, that they were born sinners, instead of choosing to be sinners, then this is a good excuse. It would mean that it is not their fault and therefore they cannot be punished for it, and it would mean that it is not their choice so they cannot be responsible for changing. However, the truth of the matter is, that while you might not choose what temptations you face, you do choose what temptations you obey. Homosexuals, just like all sinners, deserve hell. They deserve punishment not because they were born sinners, but because they choose to be sinners. Since sin is a moral choice and not a physical substance or an involuntary emotion, sin is entirely the fault of the sinner, and the sinner is rightly obligated to stop it. Homosexuality is not a birth defect, it is a foolish and selfish choice.

Homosexuals are not born that way, they are born normal. They are created by God, made in His image. God is their maker and they are the work of His hands. For them to claim that they were born sinful, or born homosexuals, is to charge God with creating sin or making sinners. God did not make them sinners, they made themselves sinners! The Bible says that it is God who forms us in the womb and so we are “wonderfully” made instead of sinfully made. You cannot be wonderfully sinful or sinfully wonderful, you are either formed wonderfully or sinfully. We are wonderfully made by God, therefore we have a free will, emotions, and an intelligence that we can choose to use for good or for evil. Even our bodies are instruments that we can yield for righteousness or unrighteousness. And sadly, everyone has used their God given endowments to be selfish and sinful instead of loving and holy. At the age of accountability, when men know right from wrong, all men have deliberately chosen to be sinners, all men have voluntarily chosen to obey the temptations of the devil. Homosexuals are not forced to be perverts because of their “nature” that they are born with. The Apostle Paul tells us in Roman’s that homosexuals sin “against nature” by choosing to commit their sexual perversions. Paul tells us that “by nature” we know right from wrong because one element of our nature is a conscience, or the law written on our hearts, which commands obedience and condemns disobedience. While it is true that we inherit a fallen body that is subjected to death and disease, which also has the lusts of the flesh, it is not true that we have to obey these lusts of the flesh or gratify them in an unlawful manner. Men are not sinners because of the body they inherit, men are sinners because of the choices that they make. Men are not sinners because of the temptations of their flesh, men are sinners because they obey the temptations of their flesh. Our fallen bodies influence or tempt our free will but do not force or necessitate our choices. All men can choose to obey the temptation of their flesh or choose to obey the dictations of their conscience. Men can choose to live lives of purity or lives of perversion.

While we preached on campus that they are choosing to be homosexuals, that they are choosing to obey the temptations of the devil, choosing to serve the lusts of their flesh, we also preached that there is hope and freedom in Jesus Christ. God is calling all men everywhere to repent, to pick up their cross, to crucify their flesh, and to follow the Lord. Nobody has to be a slave to sin, nobody ever has to sin. God provides a way of escape, so we can always choose to obey instead of disobey. Sinners are in the bondage of deception (the lie that they were born that way) but the truth will set them free (the truth that they are choosing to live that way and that they don’t have to choose that lifestyle anymore).

DSCF3225 transpixel

As the day progressed, the homosexual table eventually left. The student groups never seem to last very long. After a couple hours they pick up and leave but we stay and remain for hours to come. A nice crowd sat down, listened, and asked questions. We focused primarily on apologetics this particular day, explaining why the Christian world-view makes sense but every other world-view does not. It got the students thinking and challenged a great deal of them. They didn’t know how to answer the arguments, while at the same time, they hardened their hearts and resisted the light that was being shown.


DSCF3139 transpixel

We had been planning this trip to Virginia for a little while. A Calvinist group had heard we were coming and went out on campus, before we arrived, to give our literature against us. There seems to be an attitude today amongst certain groups that Calvinism is Christianity itself and if a person does not believe in their little five points they are not Christians. The main problem of the group that protested us was that we teach that man has a free will and therefore nobody ever has to sin. Another problem they had is that we teach that men are not born sinners but choose to be sinners, so it is their own fault that they sin, they are obligated to stop sinning, and they rightly deserve punishment for sinning. Sinners deserve hell because they choose to sin. It is their own fault that they are sinners. Men are are sinners because they choose to sin. God calls men to repentance because He has given them the ability not to sin. And men need Jesus Christ because they are deliberate criminals not because they are disabled cripples. This understanding of free will is what the Early Church taught, as opposed to the Gnostic’s who said men sin out of necessity of their corrupted flesh instead of out of the liberty of their own free will. It was not until Augustine converted from Manicheanism that semi-Gnosticism found it’s way into the Church and the semi-Gnostic doctrine of “original sin / total inability” began to replace the Apostolic doctrine of free will.While I understand Christians discussing and debating doctrine, I don’t understand the reason for bringing it before the whole world. The last thing that sinners need to see is the division and controversy amongst Christians. The world needs to hear that they deserve hell because of the way they are choosing to live, that Jesus has shed His blood to atone for the sins of all men, and how God offers them grace and mercy through the atonement if they choose to repent of their sins and choose to believe the Gospel. What the world needs to hear is how God can set aside their punishment of eternal hell, how God can turn from His wrath, because Jesus Christ has vindicated the law by shedding His blood for their transgressions. That is the good news that we must bring to the world! The suffering of Christ must be so presented to their minds that it breaks their hearts and subdues their rebellious wills, bringing them to total submission. It is essential for the world to hear that the atonement of Christ substitutes the eternal punishment of sinners, so that the penalty of the law can be dispensed with and they can receive merciful pardon for their crimes. But showing the world the disunity and division of Christians is counter productive to the Great Commission.

If anything, the extra promotion simply helped us to draw in a bigger crowd. I am told that both George Fox and John Wesley had Calvinists come out against them in their open air preaching. But the Lord knows how to make destructive plans back fire. So we had a great meeting all day, even despite the rain.

I would like to comment and say that it seems

that the Church today fears sinlessness more than sinfulness. Preachers protests more against morality than against immorality. It seems that living unrighteousness (sinning every day) is considered the Christian life, instead of living righteous (dying daily). We desperately need to recover the biblical truth that God has given all men the ability to obey Him. Because God hates sin and doesn’t want anyone to sin, God has given all men the ability not to sin. Sin is not the will of God. Sin is a wrong choice made by man. And a true Christian is someone who has chosen to forsaken all deliberate rebellion. Christians are saints not sinners. A sinning Christian is a hypocrite who needs to repent and be restored. You cannot be a sinful saint anymore than you can be a saintly sinner. God has grace and mercy, but not for people who are deliberately sinning. God has grace and mercy for people who reject and forsake their sin. Jesus Christ saves us from our sin as opposed to saving us in our sin.


DSCF3346  transpixelDSCF3355

On the left you see the “before” picture and on the right you see the “after” picture. Once we started preaching against fornication, drunkenness, and homosexuality, the campus was in an uproar. Out of all the campuses I have been on in North Carolina, this campus is by far the worst. They are malicious, vicious, disrespectful, and just down right mean. But through loving patience we endured them for hours as we delivered the message of Jesus Christ, who died for their sin.



Some open air preachers will ask me, “how do you draw such large crowds?” The answer is simple, “Confront and condemn their sin.” As Charles Finney taught, we must be personal and pointy when dealing with sinners. They must know that we are not talking about sinners in general, but that we are talking about them specifically. And when you start pointing out their sins, and telling them what the Bible says about it, you will be sure to get their attention.And once they see how awful and depraved they have chosen to be, how they rightly deserve the judgment of God because of the way they have chosen to live, then they can understand why Jesus Christ needed to die, to substitute their punishment, to vindicate the law, so that God could be merciful to them by setting aside their punishment and offering them a pardon. Once they realize what sinners they have made themselves then they will see why they desperately need the remission of sins which Jesus shed His blood for.


DSCF3381 transpixeltranspixeltranspixel

After leaving UNCG, we had an appointment to meet with a local Church who was encouraged by the type of ministry that we do. But in between our outreach on campus and our meeting with the Church members, we had about an hour of spare time. Driving around the local area, we found a small private campus. Since it was too late to try to preach on campus, and we didn’t have a whole lot of time, we did some “drive by preaching”. Driving through the campus about three times, we preached the Gospel loud and clear for everyone to hear. “Trust Jesus Christ! Stop sinning! Repent of your sins! God is going to judge your life! Turn to Jesus Christ! Christ died for you!” It reminded me of Gideon Ousley, who was an old Irish Methodist circuit rider. Gideon traveled from city to city preaching the Gospel in the open air. As he rode on horse back, crossing small villages, he would preach the Gospel loud and clear. If the Church of America ever recovers Christian boldness, we might turn this country around. But it seems to me, in all honesty, that the devil is the one being bold, and he is devouring the majority of my generation.


“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine” Titus 2:1

FreeWillCover              transpixel TheFallCover-2 transpixel

One individual recently said, “I was so blessed by your book “free will and conscience”! Awesome! I am so thankful for your labours. I could not put it down. My heart was ablaze whilst reading.”

These booklets discuss:

– Who is to blame for sin? Who is responsible and accountable for it?
– Who is the author of sin? From where does it originate?
– Are we born sinners? Is sin our fault?
– Is sin ever God’s plan? Does He want us to sin or not?
– Do infant babies deserve hell for Adam’s sin? Is guilt and character hereditary?
– Has a totally depraved nature replaced man’s free will?
– Does anyone ever have to sin? Has God made us capable of not sinning?

These are the types of questions that these booklets thoroughly answer with scripture. These would be great for personal devotions or for group bible studies. These issues are so important because they influence our walk with God and our understanding of His Moral Government.



Both booklets are being sold together as a set for only $10. That will cover the printing and shipping costs. To place your order all you have to do is send your payment through paypal or mail it in an envelope to our address listed at the bottom of the newsletter. And send us an email with your shipping address information. Then we’ll have them mailed to you right away!


(The new booklet, “The Vicarious Atonement of Christ” will be available soon)


We have launched a new website that we are very excited about. It is . There has been such a large spread of theological errors lately, particularly Calvinism, that we decided to do something about it. It’s been on my heart for a long time now to help spread the sound doctrines of God’s Moral Government. Those who hold to different views are busy preaching about it and spreading it, so now it’s our turn. This website has sections for articles, audios, and videos. It has PDF articles, books, and multiple videos. The topics include original sin, free will, total depravity, regeneration, conditional security, Calvinism, Arminianism, Moral Government, open theism, atonement, moral law, Christian perfection, salvation, true conversion, the nature of sin, etc. And we will be adding to this website regularly. Our hope is to make it the largest resource of sound doctrine available on the internet!

One individual just told me, “I have not stopped reading articles on the theology library since I found it 2 weeks ago. I have been crying out to God for years on these truths. I have been so blessed and stirred. They are so vital and the lack of understanding and conviction on many of these truths I believe is one of the primary reasons why the church is powerless and passive and the world is rushing headlong into damnation.”

Be sure to check out


Krista and I announced in a previous newsletter that she was pregnant with our first child. Unfortunately, after eleven weeks, we had a miscarriage. It’s been a very sad situation for the both of us. We were told that this is not uncommon for first time pregnancies. We were also told that we should not have any problems conceive another child.When the miscarriage was going on we went to the Hospital. Of course we were worried and didn’t know what was going on. We saw a Doctor, had some blood tests, and did a ultra-sound. Once it was confirmed that we had lost the child, we returned home.

Since we are open air missionaries, we don’t have any sort of medical insurance except the support God provides through Christians. (Since my wife is a Canadian citizen, and we are still in the process of her becoming a permanent resident

, we didn’t quality for Medicade). I am not sure how much this medical bill is going to cost, but any support from the body of Christ would be very much appreciated. And please pray for us, that we will be able to conceive another child in due time, so that we can raise him/her in the fear of the Lord.


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