Newsletter Archive: Is God A Socialist or Capitalist? 2/23/2009

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 2/23/2009


Is God a Socialist or a Capitalist?
Jesse Morrell
Feb 23, 2009

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Dear Friends,
I want to thank all of you that have been praying for us and supporting us over the years. Over the last few years we have been on nearly a hundred campuses, reaching thousands of sinners with the Gospel. I am continually encouraged when I receive emails from either sinners who have given their lives to the Lord or from Christians who have become involved in evangelism through this ministry. The labor that we have been doing, with your help, has not been in vain. People’s lives are radically being changed because of the ministry the Lord has enabled us to do.
I am writing this personal letter because our family needs more help from the body of Christ. Every month we are paying our bills by faith. Some months we receive more than we need, some months we receive less than we need. We need consistent support. Krista and I have our first baby due in only three months. Our expenses have increased as we are getting ready for a new addition to our family. Our plan is to travel the nation as a family, once the child is born, hauling a 5th wheel with a truck. In order to continue to travel and preach, we are in need of more monthly support from those who believe in this ministry.
Will you consider supporting us monthly, whatever your budget allows you to give? We could not do this ministry without the help of the body of Christ. All the support that we receive, however small or great, makes this ministry possible. Please pray about whether the Lord would have you become a vital part of this ministry by becoming a monthly supporter. For more information about how you financially help please see the bottom of this newsletter.
God Bless,
Jesse & Krista Morrell
Taking the Gospel Where it Belongs


Fayetteville State University


We have been preaching very regularly on FSU. Many of the same students will gather and listen to us each time we are there. I have felt the anointing of the Spirit of God as we have preached on this campus. We have been continually hammering the Word of God and I know it will not return void.

One day while I was preaching, some students made snow balls from some left over snow on the ground. I must have had around 10 snow balls launched at me that day, but only 2 snow balls actually made contact. It was a good thing that I was wearing my sandwich board!


Gangster rap music clearly is a strong hold on this campus. We have been rebuking the type of lifestyle that that type of music promotes, calling the students to live for God. When I was a sinful teenager, I was greatly influenced by gangster rap music. I began listening to rap music when I was 13. By the time I was 15, I was selling and addicted to drugs, had been to jail multiple times, and even had a big scare on my neck from a knife fight. I warn the students that our free will is definitely influenced by what we put into our minds. Therefore they should fill their mind with the Word of God. The Bible tells us to think about whatsoever is pure and good.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


When we arrived on campus, “the pit” area was already reserved by student groups. Therefore we found a nice break wall to preach from right outside of the pit area. After preaching through an entire class change, we didn’t draw a crowd. The students have heard a lot of preachers and might be becoming bored with it. During the second class change, I began to address the topic of evolution. Almost instantly a crowd formed.

I argued that effects cannot be greater than their causes. Life cannot come from non-life. The whole idea of evolution is that we are getting “bigger and better”. In other words, the effects are constantly becoming greater than their causes. This is scientifically impossible. Evolution, as they are taught it in their class rooms, is scientifically inconceivable. The truth is what the Bible states. God created Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had children, who had children, who had children, and on and on reproduction went to populate the planet.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte


When we arrived on campus we noticed that the newspaper had a picture on the front cover of a campus preacher. I read the article and found out that the campus administration has been discussing their “hate speech policy”. The article said that their school policy only applies to faculty, staff, and students. Their “hate speech policy” does not apply to campus preachers! We actually have more liberty and freedom than the faculty, staff, and students do! Using that freedom of speech, we began our outreach.

Drawing a crowd requires patience and perseverance. I must have preached for about an hour before I was able to draw in a crowd. The key to getting the attention of other students with a dialog I was having with a liberal Muslim with a foreign ascent. He was actually humorous which also helps in drawing a crowd.


One of the students suggested that the “big bang” was the cause of the universe. I explained how the “big bang” does not quality as the first cause of the universe. A “big bang” is an event. Events have beginnings. Anything that has a beginning needs to have a cause. It is impossible to have an event without a cause. Therefore, the “big bang” cannot be the first cause of the universe. If a “big bang” occurred at all (I don’t believe it did) it would need to have a cause and therefore the “big bang” could not have been the first cause of the universe.

I explained that the first cause of the universe must be self-existent, eternal, or infinite. If it was not self-existent, it would have had a beginning. If it had a beginning, it would need a cause. Therefore the first cause of the universe must be self-existent, eternal, or infinite.

I brought to their attention the principle that effects cannot be greater than their cause. We are alive, conscious, intelligent, moral, and free. Therefore our cause must be alive, conscious, intelligent, moral, and free. Otherwise, effects are greater than their cause and that is impossible. A cause can only be an adequate cause of the effects if the cause is equal to, or greater than, the effects produced. If non-life created life, the effect is greater than the cause. If unintelligence created intelligence, the effect is greater than the cause. If the unconscious greated the conscious, the effect is greater than the cause. The living, conscious, intelligent, moral God is capable of creating the non-living, unconscious, unintelligent, and amoral, since the cause is greater than the effects. But the non-living, unconscious, unintelligent, amoral cannot create living, conscious, intelligent, moral beings, or else the effect is greater than the cause. Life can only come from life. Consciousness can only come from consciousness. Intelligence can only come from intelligence. Free moral beings can only come from a free moral being. God has created everything external to Himself.

God’s eternal existence is a necessary precondition of life and all finite existence, without which neither life nor anything finite could exist at all. The proof of the existence of the infinite is the existence of the finite. The proof that there is a living infinite being is the existence of living finite beings, since the existence of living finite beings is dependent upon a living infinite being who created or caused them. The creation is proof of a Creator (Romans 1:19-20), that is, effects are proof of a Cause. Effects presuppose a Cause; the finite presupposes the Infinite; creation presupposes a Creator.


Once it was established that the universe must have had an eternal first cause and that the eternal first cause of the universe must be alive, conscious, intelligent, moral, and free, the question was asked by the students, “Which God is the true God? How do we know the Bible is true?”

I argued that the Bible is essentially a book of testimonies (Acts 4:20, 22:15; 1 John 1:1, 1:3). Multiple biblical authors, or witnesses, have written down their testimony of what they have seen and heard. The question of “How do we know the Bible is true?” is really a question of “how do we know the testimony of these witnesses is credible?” A witness is either lying or telling the truth. I said that any testimony a witness gives in his own favor has an effect of discreding his testimony in the minds of the listeners. This is because he might have a selfish motive for telling a lie which is in his own favor. A testimony that a witness gives, which is not in his favor, but is actually to his hurt, gives credibility to his testimony. That is because he would have no selfish motive to tell a lie against his favor. His motive for telling such a testimony must be because it is true. Upon that principle I went on to establish the credibility of the testimonies recorded in the Bible.

The prophets and apostles were put at odds with both the religious world and the political world because of the testimony which they publicly offered. The prophets and the apostles not only suffered but also gave their blood in maryrdom for their witness. These men died, not merely for what they believed in, but for what they claimed to have seen and heard. You could not ask for a more credible witness. A more credible testimony is not possible than what we find in the Bible. The fact that the Bible was written by many authors, from different time periods, all testifying to the same truth, all willing to suffer and die for their testimony, only gives more credibility to the testimony of the Bible.

The only logical conclusion is that Jesus Christ really did walk on water, heal the sick, and cast out devils. Jesus Christ really did die for our sins and rise from the dead. Jesus Christ really is God in the flesh, incarnated to save the world of lost sinners!

East Carolina University, Greenville


I thought that this bench might be a good place to preach. It is close to a sidewalk where a lot of students walk during the class change, it provides a grassy area for the students to gather and sit, and it has a building for your voice to bounce off of. Standing on this bench, I was able to preach and draw in a small crowd. It took about an hour of preaching to draw in this crowd. The topics of homosexuality, Obama, and hell got the attention of one man who entered into a dialog with me. Once that occurred, others gathered to listen and ask their own questions.


I warned the students about the consequences of sin in this life and in the next. If they want to be right with God, they must turn from all their sins and trust in Christ. We preached a message of total submission and radical commitment to Jesus Christ. The preaching was hot and fiery, rebuking sin and exalting Jesus.  

University of North Carolina, Pembroke


This is the “before” picture. I began to preaching against issues like homosexuality, dirty dancing, marijuanna, etc. It did not take too long for a crowd to begin to gather.


This is the “after” picture. Slowly but surely a crowd began to form and build. The crowd was pretty calm most of the time. I expounded the Scriptures, called the students to repentance, and answered their questions one by one. Eventually the tempature of the crowd began to rise. One student began to profusely cuss at me. I told him that he was on a university, not in a Ghetto, and therefore he should articulate himself with more intelligent language. He became outraged by this, got in my face, and threatened to violently attack me. Though he might have been genuinely upset, he was just showing off in front of the crowd. Though he continued to threaten me throughout the day, he never actually did anything.


This is the “after after” picture. Kerrigan preached, confronting the false doctrine of “we are born sinners” and “you cannot be perfect”. These were the excuses sinners were giving for their sin. Kerrigan effectually destroyed their excuses by explainning that they were born innocent but became sinners by their own free will choice to sin. Violating God’s law is an avoidable choice, therefore sin is inexcusable. The crowd was absolutely disturbed by what Kerrigan was preaching. I heard students saying, “I’ve been in Church my whole life and have never heard anyone say the things this guy is saying.” Another sinner called his pastor on his cell phone and said, “can you give me some scriptures that say you cannot lose your salvation?” Kerrigan warned the professing Christians that they must persevere unto the end to be saved. He warned the rest of the crowd to stop sinning and trust in Christ.

The Police came to the scene and told us that we needed to preach at a different location. This has happened to us before on this campus. I told the Officer that I’ve checked the school’s written policy before and it designated the area we were in as a free speech area. He left but eventually came back with the school policy. The policy has changed sine I saw it two semesters ago. Now the free speech area is on the other side of the union, where there are no students. Another free speech area they have is near a fountain on campus that I had never seen before. The Police showed us that area and it actually looks like a good place to preach. There is a ampitheatre for the students to gather and sit. The school requires a permit to be filled out in advance, so we were not able to continue preaching this day. We didn’t mind too much because we already preached for hours that day.  I look forward to returning to this campus soon to try out the ampitheatre.

University of North Carolina, Greensboro


As we have experienced in the past, the crowd was very hostile and angry. This campus is full of homosexuals and Obama supporters. I have always wanted to have reasonable meetings on this campus but have never fully been able to. The crowd is usually extremely emotional.


We actually have to preach from the public sidewalk because they do not allow us on campus. During the class change, we have to attract a crowd to come over to where we are. This is sometimes hard to do on some campuses but it always seems to be pretty easy on this one. The students are very “sensitive” and get angry over the slightest rebuke.


This man went out and bought a funny looking outfit, made a sign out of cardboard, just so he could mock us. His message was that we should worship Cheese. What the devil meant for evil, God used for good. This man actually helped us to draw the crowd.


Some parts of the day were hot and wild. Other parts of the day were, surprisingly, calm and mild. Students would sit on the grass and listen attentively as we expounded the Word of God.


The Police would monitor the scene on and off. At the end of the day, one Officer said that he had received a complaint that a student was offended. The Officer tried to say that we were “harassing” them because they were offended. Of course, people are offended when sin is confronted and Jesus is preached. But this does not constitute harrassment. We asked to talk to his supervisor because what he was telling us was clearly wrong. When the supervisor arrived, he admitted that we were well within our rights and that we probably knew more about it than he did. After a friendly conversation, we called it a day.

Fayetteville Technical

Community College

We took pictures of this outreach but had a problem with the camera. Therefore we have no pictures available….

In the past, we have had problems with the Police on this campus. There is a public street and sidewalk that runs through the campus. We have used this sidewalk to preach but Police still try to give us problems. I knew that we were probably going to have problems with the Police during this outreach as well.

As soon as I arrived, there was a class change. For that reason, I began to preach right away. As soon as the issue of gangster rap and President Obama was brought up, a crowd gathered instantly. Shortly after the crow gathered, Police were on the scene. Eventually there were many a total of five Officers who arrive. One of the Officers approached me and said I needed a permit from the administration to preach on the campus. I told him that I did not want to preach on the campus bt was happy to preach from the public sidewalk. He said that the sidewalk was considered campus property. I said that the Police have told me in the past that it belonged to the city. After asking me to leave I told him that I would not. I asked for his Superior. He looked at the Officer next to him and said, “This is my Superior”. His Superior said, “They have to go.” I refused to go because I knew that they had no legal right to make me leave.

After they realized that they could not threaten me to stop preaching or leave, they turned to the crowd and told them that they needed to move on because they were blocking the flow of traffic on the sidewalk. I told the crowd that they could stand on the grassy lawn if they wanted to listen, but the Police forced them along. As crowds came over on the lawn to listen to us, the administration or Police would approach them and talk to them. If someone heckled us or aske a question, an administrator or Officer would approach them and talk to them. I found out later that the students were being threatened with expulsion if they listened to us preaching!

Even though the Police and administration would not allow a crowd to gather to listen to us up close, a crowd still did gather from afar. We continued to preach for hours, calling the campus to repentance and faith. After a few hours of preaching to the distant listeners, we decided to call it a day.



Everyone is welcome to attend this free crusade July 17th – 19th in Pennsylvania.  


The Moral Problems of Nationalized Health Care


By Jesse Morrell


As I travel and preach on University campuses I find a great deal of college students who do not understand Socialism or Capitalism. In fact, most students I encounter defend Socialism as charity and demonize Capitalism as greed. Knowing that college students are the future leaders of the world, I am greatly concerned that they seem to not be taught the rightness of Capitalism and the serious problems with Socialism. Past generations of Americans have had to fight against communism and socialism. It is now time for our new generation to stand up in defense of Capitalism, which has made this country as great as it is.




Someone recently asked me on my Facebook, “Is Socialism really that bad? I would like socialized health care.”  I object to Socialism or nationalized health care (also known as universal health care or free health care) because it is contrary to sound economic principles and it violates the moral principles of private property and rightful belongings.


What is Socialism? Socialism is when the government steals the hard earned money of the productive and gives it to the unproductive. Socialism is taking money from those who deserve it (who worked for it) and giving it to people who do not deserve it (who didn’t work for it). In Socialism, some people get more than they deserve and other people get less than they deserve. This is unjust and is therefore wrong. Socialism essential punishes the productive for being productive, by taking from them the fruit of their labor. Socialism rewards the unproductive for being unproductive, by giving them the fruit of somebody else’s labor. Socialism is when people are generous with other people’s money.  Socialism is when the governments legally pick pockets your wallet and plunders your bank account through illegitimate over taxation. Socialism is morally wrong in principle and in practice.




Capitalism is when the laborer reaps the fruit of his labor, when the worker gets his wages. Capitalism rewards the productive for being productive and gives the unproductive incentive to labor. In Capitalism, an individual is at liberty to share his wealth with whomever he chooses. A Capitalistic system recognizes individual freedom, individual responsibility, and individual possessions. Capitalism is morally right in principle and in practice.




President Obama and other liberals want to nationalize health care. That is, they want public tax dollars to pay for a system of universal health care, making it even free for many. They want to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Are they Robin Hood? This is America, not Nottingham! Besides, nationalized health care would require over-taxation, which would make Obama more like the Sheriff of Nottingham who tyrannically over taxed the people.


President Obama borrows from the ideology and philosophy of Karl Marx when he talks about redistributing the wealth. Obama said, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” Whose wealth is Obama planning on taking and who is he planning on giving it to? Karl Marx answers, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” In other words, what Obama and Marx are saying is that each individual should not reap the fruit of their own labor, but the government should distribute the wealth laborers create as they want. Obama said, “The time has come for universal, affordable health care in America…” Who is going to pay for this? Obama’s website says, “Democrat Barack Obama is offering a sweeping plan that would provide every citizen a means to have health coverage and calls on government, businesses and consumers to share the costs of the program.” In other words, the government will take money from those who have worked for it and give it to those who have not worked for it in order to pay for their health care.


Universal health care can only exist through three ways. First, universal health care is possible if everyone works hard and earns enough money to pay for it. Second, universal health care is possible if doctors begin to work for free. Third, universal health care is possible if the government steals the money of those who deserve it in order to pay for the health care of those who cannot afford it. It is through the third scenario that socialists in America are planning on legislating universal health care. Socialism uses illegitimate means to accomplish their end.




It is essential for us to properly distinguish between necessary government and unnecessary government. There are legitimate reasons for the existence of government. The government should not exceed those legitimate reasons. Some forms of governing are reasonable and necessary; other forms of governing are unreasonable and unnecessary.


The Government does not exist to be a parental figure which we are to be dependent upon for all of our necessities, acting as a “Granny State” from the womb to the tomb. The Government is not supposed to be a medical insurance company supplying all of our medical necessities for cheap or for free. Medical insurance companies work fine as private companies. Neither is the government supposed to be a free grocery store. Grocery stores work fine as private companies. Private companies create competition which results in quality service. Since medical insurance companies and the whole medical system operate fine as a private industry, there is no necessity for that industry to be owned, operated, or financed by the government.


The Government is to protect us, not provide for us. The government exists to protect the rights of the people. Government is a necessity of society. The responsibility of the government, the reason for its existence, is to protect the rights of its individual citizens. Each individual has the right to private property, which includes not only our material goods but also our monetary goods. We have the God given right to reap the fruit of our own labors. God has given us natural abilities and natural resources which we are to use to generate wealth and meet our own necessities. Private property is a right. Health care is a responsibility. It is wrong to take away the right of one individual in order to fulfill the responsibility of another individual.


The Government is supposed to protect our wealth, not redistribute our wealth. The people are best qualified to determine how and on who their hard earned money is to be spent. “Redistributing wealth” is another name for theft. A thief “redistributes” the money of others. Socialism is legalized theft, a plundering of the private property of others. When a government turns to Socialism it is operating contrary to its responsibility, it is violating the very reason for its own existence.




When a government over steps the limitations and boundaries of its own existence, by turning to communism or socialism, its existence is no longer necessary but is actually tyrannical. The responsibility of the government should be limited and restricted to only what is absolutely necessary. Unnecessary governing is tyranny. Where is the line of what the government should do for us and what we should do for ourselves? The answer is that the Government should not do for the people what the people are capable of doing for themselves.


The people can manage their own wealth and health. We could nationalize auto car, but there is no necessity for this. The auto industry functions and operates fine without government ownership or management. To take control of operations, when there is no necessity for such control, is nothing more than tyranny! It is not necessary, or safe, for the government to teach or educate our children. Private schools and home schools fully meet the necessity of educating our children. It is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children, not the responsibility of the government. It is not necessary for the government to provide for all of our needs or necessities, the people are capable and qualified of doing that for themselves. It is not necessary for the government to “redistribute wealth” because the people are capable and qualified of spending their own money on whomever they see fit. The “intellectual elitists” think that they know best how your hard earned money should be spent, because you are too ignorant to know how to spend your own money. The laborer is the most qualified to determine where, and on whom, their earnings are to be spent. The government should stay out of the pockets of every American as much as possible.


There is some taxation which is necessary and legitimate. We should pay the government for their services, like paying the military and law enforcement for example. Government employees need to be paid and governmental necessities and materials need to be paid for. Government should and must exist and the people should and must pay for it to exist. Capitalism teaches that a worker is worthy of his wages, therefore Capitalism allows for government taxation. But legitimate taxation is always limited taxation. Over taxation is theft and tyranny.  It is absolutely vital that we properly distinguish between legitimate taxation and illegitimate taxation. There is a legitimate governmental use of the people’s money and there is an illegitimate governmental use of the people’s money. For the working people to pay the government for their services, and finance their necessary projects and programs, is legitimate taxation. For the working people to pay for the health care or food of the non-working people is illegitimate taxation.


If the government is not supposed to take care of each individuals needs, who is? Society is supposed to operate by having independent individuals taking care of their own responsibilities and necessities as well as individuals voluntarily providing for those who cannot provide for themselves. Economically, we are to have a free market. Business exists under the principle of “find a need and fill it”. Businesses are designed to meet the necessities or needs of the people. That is the legitimate function and reason for business. The people are capable of forming private businesses which are adequate for fulfilling specific needs in society. Laborers can then employ the services of these private businesses using their own private funding. Free market creates competition which naturally creates quality service and business improvements. This is how society best functions, creating the best results possible.


Our generation greatly needs to grasp the concept of independence and personal responsibility. These are essential to a properly functioning society. We need individual freedom and responsibility and limited government. We need to know how to take care of ourselves and our own necessities. We should not make our Government into a parental figure upon whom we are dependent because we haven’t taken our own personal responsibility, because we haven’t grown up to adult independence. A government that creates dependence, removing individual responsibility, would actually be bad for individuals and destructive to the society as a whole.




One man said, “I would like socialized health care.”  Sure. The receiver of nationalized health care would benefit and therefore would enjoy it, but the one who has to pay for it would suffer and therefore not enjoy it. The one who doesn’t have to pay for their healthcare would like it, but the one who has to pay for another person’s health care (or face penalties) would not like it. In socialism, you face penalties if you do not allow the government to steal your money. Just because a person would “like” socialized health care does not mean that it is a good thing. A bank robber likes the money that comes from robbing banks. Even though a robber enjoys receiving the fruit of another person’s labor, it is still wrong to rob banks. Likewise, even though people would like health care that they don’t pay for, it is still wrong to steal someone else’s money to pay for it. Socialism is selfishness in disguise.


Health care is an individual responsibility, not an individual right. It is something that people are supposed to work for, not receive for free. Health care is a purchase, not a present. Our necessities give us the incentive to get out into the world and work. If the government paid for our health care, or grocery bill, or mortgage, or all of our necessities, what incentive would we have to work and produce wealth? Where do we draw the line as to what the government does for us and what we do for ourselves? If the government is going to force its citizens to share their money with others, why shouldn’t the government force its citizens to share their house with the homeless? The same injustice that would exist for the government to divide your own private land to be used by others also exists if the government divides your private wealth to be used by others. It is unfortunate when someone cannot afford health care, but it is unjust when someone is forced to pay for the bills of another person by the government.  In Capitalism there is the possibility of the unfortunate, but in Socialism there is the certainty of the unjust.




In Capitalism, you can practice all the charity you want. You can give all your money to pay for someone else’s medical bills if you want. You can sell everything and give all to the poor, in Capitalism. That is your free will choice. Virtue can never be prescribed to what is necessitated, but only what is done out of liberty. If any government officials want to pay someone else’s bills, they can do so out of their own pockets.


Charity can only occur when one individual has private property and another individual has personal needs, and the one who has private property voluntarily shares it, or gives it, to the one who is in need. Only in Capitalism can charity even exist. In Socialism, you are forced to pay someone else’s medical bills through taxation or face penalties. Capitalism is liberty and freedom. Socialism is theft and bondage. Do not confuse benevolent charity with the theft of governmental socialism.


You shall know a tree by its fruit (Matthew 12:33). Capitalism produces hard work. Socialism produces laziness. Capitalism produces hard work because each person provides for their own necessities. Socialism produces laziness because those who do not work will reap from the labor of those who do work. The fruit of Capitalism is independence, responsibility, hard work, and private property. The fruit of socialism is dependence, irresponsibility, laziness, and legalized plunder.





God is a Capitalist. Jesus was not a Socialist. Capitalism not Socialism is taught in the Holy Scriptures. We see individual freedom and responsibility taught in the word of God.


It is the responsibility or moral obligation of the individual to be benevolent towards their neighbor (Matthew 22:39). It is the responsibility or moral obligation of the Church to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves (Matthew 25:35-36; James 1:26). It is the responsibility or moral obligation of a man to provide for his own family (1 Timothy 5:8). It is not the responsibility or right of the Government to take the hard earned money of one individual and give it to another individual.


The Bible teaches against governmental redistribution of wealth when it says, “thou shalt not steal” (Exodus 20:15; Mark 10:19). This commandment also presupposes private property.


The Bible teaches private property when God divided the promise land for the tribes Israel (Numbers 33:54). For more on private property taught in the Scriptures see Matthew 20:15 and Acts 5:4.


The Bible teaches a capitalistic economic system when it says “a laborer is worthy of his hire” (Luke 10:7).


The Bible teaches individual responsibility when it says “if any would not work, neither should he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).


The Bible teaches against a socialistic economic system, considering it unjust for one man to built and another man inhabit, for one man to plant and another man eat, instead of each individual enjoying the work of their own hands (Isaiah 65:22). The Bible says that each person should “eat their own bread” (2 Thessalonians 3:12). The Bible says men are not to steal the labor of others but are to work with their own hands (Ephesians 4:28).


These are the principles upon which America has prospered. Take away these principles from our society or economy and you remove the very foundation of the prosperity of America.




“There is free health care in Canada and it works fine.”


In Canada you pay more taxes for your “free” health care. The Government doesn’t make money out of thin air to pay the hospitals. The Government taxes the people. Who do you think pays for the health care for most of the people? Obviously the prosperous are forced to do so. Through taxation, the Government steals money from those who deserve it and gives it to those who do not deserve it.


Doctors do not work for free. Hospitals do not run on gratitude. Health care is never “free”. Somebody always pays for it. If you want to have “free” health care, you need to find a doctor who works for free, who doesn’t require any type of payment for his services.


“Over taxation is legitimate because “give to Caesar what is Caesars”.


Give to Caesar what is Caesars (Matthew 22:21), and give to the people what belongs to the people! Not everything belongs to Caesar. A worker is worthy of his wages. The Government does not own everything. There is private property. The person who works should reap the reward of his work, not somebody else! In Socialism, the productive do not get what they deserve and the unproductive get what they do not deserve. This is unjust and is therefore wrong.


If all taxation is legitimate taxation, the government can take all of your money if they wanted to! If “give to Caesar” means that Caesar can tax as much as he wants, then he can take your entire pay check if he wanted to. Government is worthy of some money, but individuals are also worthy of their wages.


We need limited government, individual freedom and individual responsibility, and private property. That is the American way.


“You are saying that those who need health care are undeserving of health care”


I never said that a person who needs health care is undeserving. We all need health care! What I said is that the person who works is deserving of the wages, the person who doesn’t work is not deserving of the wages. We all need health care therefore we should all work for it. Health care is a responsibility, not a right. It is our own responsibility to pay our own bills, not the responsibility of the government.


We must draw the line between individual responsibility and government control. We can manage our own economy or business, the government doesn’t have to. We can manage our own wealth and health, the government doesn’t have to. We can educate our own children, the government doesn’t have to. We can determine our own religious beliefs; the government doesn’t have to do that for us. Government control, where there is no necessity, is nothing short of tyranny.


Individuals have the liberty to give their money to the poor, or pay for the medical bills of someone else, if they want to. We are capable of determining how our own hard earned money should be spent. We are not dependent upon the “intellectual elitists” in government to determine how our hard earned money should be spent. We are more qualified to determine how our own money should be spent. The elitists look upon the rest of the world as too ignorant to know how to spend their own money. If we see our brother in need, it is our individual responsibility to take care of them by our own voluntary choice. Take care of the poor. We can do that without the government stealing our money, picking our pockets, or plundering our bank accounts.


“Socialism is a good option for America because the American medical system has become so expensive.”


Somebody needs to pay Doctors. They do not work for free. Money always comes from somebody’s hard work. Whose hard earned money should pay for your medical expenses? It is only just that the person who works should determine on whom their money is spent. It is only just that the one who receives the services should be required to pay for the services. Anything else is unjust.


Medical care is very expensive. Purchasing a house, a new car, or starting a business is also expensive. Banks give out business loans, house loans, and private loans. Banks give loans for big expenses. It would be a good thing for our society if banks started giving out medical loans for people who need them. Each person can pay back their medical loan in accordance with what they can afford, on the time scale that works for them. Hospitals themselves also do payment plans, working with what people can afford. This is a good alternative to socialism because it doesn’t require any sort of theft or injustice.


“I cannot agree with denying the poor health care just because they cannot pay for it.”


In America, nobody will be denied necessary health treatment because they are poor. Hospitals will treat people whether they are poor or rich, whether they have insurance or not. Though they cannot pay their bill all at once, they can pay their bill over time. There are “payment plans” for health care just as there is for any other expensive purchase. People can other borrow money from friends or family. Maybe it would be a good idea for banks to start giving out medical loans that people can pay back over time.


Again, it is the responsibility of the individual to be benevolent towards their neighbor (Matthew 22:39). It is the responsibility of the Church to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves (Matthew 25:35-36; James 1:26). It is the responsibility of a man to provide for his own family (1 Timothy 5:8). It is not the responsibility or right of the Government to take the hard earned money of one individual and give it to another individual. Do not confuse individual charity with governmental socialism.


Should we deny the poor our help? I see some homeless people who I do not want to give my money too, because they are clearly homeless by choice. They could work, but refuse to do so. They are physically and mentally capable of working, but they are unwilling to work. Others are homeless by necessity, because they cannot work. They are physically or mentally (or both) incapable of working because they are lame, blind, or diseased. Those poor by choice should not receive charity (2 Thessalonians 3:10). They should reap the consequences of their actions, not reap the fruit of another person’s labor. Let the poor by choice go hungry for a few days and they will see the value of working. Those poor by necessity should receive charity (Luke 14:13). We should provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.


Only in Capitalism can the people determine who they help with their money and who they do not help with their money. Capitalism guards against the abuse of the lazy in a way which Socialism cannot. The people should be in control of their own money, to use their wealth at their own discretion. 

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