Newsletter Archive: Jesus Christ Savior From Sinning – 3/07/08

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 3/07/2008


Jesus Christ: Savior from Sinning!
Jesse Morrell
Mar 7, 2008

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Please remember to pray for the students who heard the Gospel as you read this newsletter.


DSCF2629 transpixel transpixel

We have been using banners like this one regularly in our outreaches. Banners are a HUGE help in spreading the message and drawing attention. And you never know, a student might be praying “Lord give me a sign” just as we arrive on campus. The Word of the Lord will not return void! We must publish it in books, in tracts, on signs, on banners, proclaiming it on the streets and the campuses. The Word of the Lord must be sent forth!

DSCF2622 transpixel

There is a brick square area on campus known as “The Pit” which is where we normally preach. But it is sometimes very busy with students groups that there is not enough space for all of us. On this particular day “The Pit” had so many groups and was so noisy that we moved over to this quiet grassy area. Even though it was not our normal location, we were still able to draw in a crowd to listen to the Gospel for hours. A quiet atmosphere was nice for a change.


DSCF2667 transpixel DSCF2665

Brother Shawn Holes stayed with us for a week and we had a great time together. I first met Shawn years ago in New York and we have been friends ever since. He was inspired by the ministry to have a sandwich board made which says, “STOP SINNING and TRUST JESUS” which you see in the picture. Praise God! The principle of multiplying is very important for ministries, especially evangelism ministries. May the Lord continue to multiply laborers!

DSCF2669  DSCF2677 transpixel

We preached on the campus for only about an hour until the campus Police shut us down. They claimed that we were offending the students to the point that they were worried there might be a “riot” or some violence. I’ve been doing this ministry long enough to know by now that those girls sitting on the wall are not going to cause any violence! Nevertheless, the Officers told us to leave campus for the day because an Administrator instructed them to remove us.


CIMG2613 transpixel CIMG2597 transpixel

I have set my heart and mind to study more apologetics for the campuses. We want to do the work of an Evangelist and challenge the lifestyle of the students, while also doing the work of an Apologist and challenge the thinking of the students. On this particular day I challenged the “Atheism” on the campus, explaining how an Atheist has no basis to have confidence in the accuracy of his five senses. That is because in their world view, these senses are just the product of time and chance and not the endowments of our Intelligent Creator. Therefore an Atheist has no basis to believe or assume that his five senses are even accurate, that he even perceives reality as it really is through them.

CIMG2617 transpixel CIMG2623 transpixel

So many Atheists came to this meeting that I thought there must have been an “Atheists Club” or something on campus. They all sat down as I continued my challenge against the world view of an Atheist. My next attack focused upon morality and logic in the Atheist world view. If morality and logic are not derived from the Infinite Mind of God, there is nothing left but for them to be the mere inventions of men. And if they are they mere inventions of men, they are subjective instead of absolute. In which case, whenever an Atheist claims that “The Christian Faith is illogical” or “Christians live immoral”, he is in fact betraying his own position since to him logic and morality are subjection opinions. The Atheist has no transcendent standard of morality or logical to appeal to at all.

If morality doesn’t come from God but comes from individuals or society as the Atheist claims, we are in big trouble. This would mean that neither Nazism nor Cannibalism is morally wrong since that is what society determined to do! If morality came from individuals or society, no individual or society has ever been morally wrong! Yet we all know how quick the Atheist is to condemn the Crusades, the inquisitions, or the witch hunts. Yet only the Christian has a foundation of morality to stand upon in order to condemn such things.

The Atheistic world view does not offer the necessary preconditions for our five senses and thereby destroys science. It does not offer the necessary preconditions for logic and thereby destroys the possibility of reasonable discussion and debate. And it does not offer the necessary preconditions for morality and thereby destroys the very thing which God implanted in us to keep ourselves and others safe from harm.

DVC01272 transpixelDVC01269 transpixel

Discussing and debating these issues with the Atheists attracted the interest of the campus. This provided us with an opportunity to preach the gospel loud and clear. This outreach was very productive because we were able to challenge their intellectual beliefs through apologetics while also challenge their moral practices through evangelism, calling sinners to turn from all their sin and to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for them.


DSCF2656 transpixel DSCF2657 transpixel

The issue of “tolerance” or “co-existing” has come up many times on this campus. Last time that we were on this campus the same girl had the same message on a sign, only smaller. If they want to practice “tolerance” then they are just going to have to tolerate us Christians condemning sin and preaching Jesus Christ as the only way! If they want to “co-exist” then they will just have to co-exist next to guys like me who are going to point out the errors in all the other religions except Christianity! I want to “exist” next to sinners so that I can tell them about Jesus Christ!

IMG 0522 transpixel IMG 0497 transpixel

We almost did not make it out this campus this particular day because the whether report said that there was a very high chance of rain. It was a bit of a drive to the campus but we decided to risk it anyways knowing that God is in complete and Sovereign control over the weather, knowing that rain is a part of the Natural Government of God which He can withhold if He so pleases, as He did for Elijah. And sure enough, it did not even rain until long after our outreach when we were driving home. We were able to preach for over 3 hours as the students gathered and listen and inquire.


DSCF2681 transpixel

Our problems with Police Officers in Fayetteville is continuing. Last time we preaching to this campus, Police Officers threatened us with “boycotting” without a permit. However he said that we were not boycotting, we were simply exercising our religion and utilizing free speech. This time around, an Officer came and told us that we needed to leave but refused to tell us why. She said that if we didn’t leave we’d be arrested but refused to tell us what we would be arrested for. We left and called the Police Station which informed us that we were going to be charged with “breach of peace” and saying that we were in violation of an ordinance regarding obstructing sidewalks. We have Christian attorneys who are looking into this situation for us.


DVC01285 transpixel DVC01282 transpixel

Though it wasn’t easy, we managed to acquire a permit to preach on this campus. Kerrigan Skelly had to write a personal letter to the President requesting the right to use free speech on this public campus, and had to allow the President thirty days to respond. After almost exactly thirty days we were contacted back. However, the conditions of preaching on campus was that the Administration could ask us to leave at any time whenever they wanted. So we knew right from the beginning that we were going to have problems if we preached on campus.

Wake Tech 0004 transpixelWake Tech 0007 transpixel

John McGlone preached first and drew in a crowd that had some Muslim students. They threated to cut off his head and other ridiculous things. As you can see from the picture on the left they were not very friendly towards us. Sure enough, the security arrived. Then the Administrated who we worked with to get our permit came outside as well. Very emotionally upset, the Administrator told the security to remove us from campus. We had only been there maybe twenty minutes or less!

Wake Tech 0009 transpixelWake Tech 00012 transpixel

The security asked us to leave but gave us very crazy reasons as to why. They said it was because we were offending the students. But that is fine, that’s not illegal, this is America. American’s shouldn’t be so sensitive if they are going to live in a country with free speech. Then the security said it was because our signs, like “God is Angry with the Wicked”, are “threatening”. So we said that we would only leave if we talked to some Police Officers first. The Police were called and we wanted for them to arrive.

Wake Tech 00014 transpixel Wake Tech 00015

Once the Police arrived we told them that we had a permit and simply wanted to remain on campus for the remainder of our allotted time. And if we were going to leave we needed a legitimate reason. After they talked amongst themselves, made some phone calls, waited for their Sargent to arrive, they came back over to talk with us. The man in the picture on the right is the Chancellor of the school. He said that we would remain on campus and preach for our allotted time, so we returned to the free speech area.

Wake Tech 00017 transpixelWake Tech 00018 transpixel

After preaching only five minutes, without any problems from the students, we were shut down by the administration and Police force. They said that we were offending and bothering the students and therefore the administration didn’t want us there. And since the administration didn’t want us there, and was asking us to leave, the Police said that they could arrest us for trespassing if we didn’t leave. These are the same campuses which will tolerate all sorts of sin and wickedness to plague their student body, like drunkenness, fornication, homosexuality, amongst other things; the same campuses which claim “diversity” and “tolerance”, yet they will not be diverse enough to let us share our beliefs, they are not tolerant enough to let us practice our constitutional rights! We have our Christian lawyers looking into this case as well.


DSCF2645 transpixelDSCF2635 transpixel

This day was very interesting. I got ready for campus as I normally do. I put a shirt and tie on, grabbed my coat, and started driving to the campus. But after driving half way there I realized that I was still wearing my slippers! But it was too late to turn back, I didn’t want to miss the class change. So with my shirt, tie, coat, and slippers I ventured unto campus for Jesus Christ. Hiding my slippers behind my brief case I hoped that nobody would notice, and nobody did. With all the funny clothing people wear nowadays, these slippers aren’t very noticeable. It was a good day of outreach, the name of Jesus was uplifted and sin was confronted!


 transpixel Local News transpixelIMG 0547

Brother John McGlone started our preaching out this day. After preaching only 20 minutes a man with a video camera came over and started to shoot what was going on. Later that week we were told by some friends that they saw John preaching on the local news! Praise God! The true Gospel getting media coverage is a wonderful thing!

IMG 0584 transpixel IMG 0605 transpixel

I focused on a few different issues this day while preaching. The atonement of Christ was an issue of particular attention. The message that Jesus Christ shed his blood for our sins should bring us to humble and broken repentance. When sinners get a revelation of the love of God, as shown at the cross of Jesus Christ, they should fall in love with God, surrender all their sin, and give their lives entirely to Him. Amen!


DSCF2796   transpixelDSCF2800 transpixel

Next to the Student Union was this brick rising which made for a perfect preachers platform. During the class change, as students were walking to the Union for lunch, the gospel was preached loud and clear. Eventually a Police Officer arrived and asked us to move our location over near a big stone. She said that that was the location her superiors said was the “free speech area”. We inquired with the administration and obtained a copy of their written policy. This stone area is not even mentioned as a “free speech area” but the lawn in front of the union (where we originally were) was listed. So with the approval of the administration we went right back to the front lawn to preach.

DSCF2812 transpixel

The day was too cold to really draw in any crowd. But we were able to preach to a few individuals, as well as talk one on one with some students. In this picture you see us discussing doctrine with a student. He is a professing Calvinist. To be honest, I am very worried over the spread of Calvinism in our day. It is spreading like a plague. In our conversion this man said, “Calvinism doesn’t teach that you can live a lifestyle of sin and be a Christian.” I said, “Oh, so you can’t sin every day and be a Christian?” He said, “We all sin every day.” So I said, “What’s your definition of a lifestyle of sin then? If sinning every day isn’t a lifestyle of sin, what is?” The problem is that many are getting their theologies from guy’s like John Piper rather then from the Bible! Piper says that he sins every day and you can’t stop sinning. But the Apostle John told us that we know if we know God by whether or not we keep His commandments. If a person is truly sinning every day, they do not know God, because how can a person have a relationship with God while they are in rebellion against God? And it is sin that separates us from God! This message of despair and darkness, that you can’t stop sinning, is ruining the lives and eternities of countless souls.


CIMG2759 transpixel  CIMG2742 transpixel

The day that we arrived on campus there were Muslims having an outreach in the free speech area. They had a table set up and posters displayed promoting and explaining Islam. The Muslims are trying to take over the world, either by force or by message, and so we Christians must become more active in evangelizing the world and reaching out to Muslims! We must take the Great Commission seriously and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!

DSCF2739 transpixelDSCF2768 transpixel

As we preached we were able to draw in a crowd, though it took a little bit of time. This campus hears preachers somewhat regularly so they can become sort of used to it. But each preacher is unique and different so it’s always interested for them I’m sure. The same issues were brought up on this campus. We talked about sin and we talked about the Savior. The students were atheists, agnostics, fornicators, drunkards, homosexuals, etc. But the Holy Spirit was working on their hearts.

DSCF2771 transpixelDSCF2787 transpixel

There were numerous Christian students on campus who were encouraged by what we were doing. This one particular girl even wore one of our sandwich boards for a little while as we were preaching! Praise God!

DSCF2789 transpixel DSCF2795

The Police came to the meeting to see what was going on. They told us to tone down the volume. Other than that, we were good to go! So we continued to preach for two days with good crowds and good weather.




I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker at Liberty University for an “Evangelism Seminar”. The University is in Lynchburg, Virginia. Here is the information if anyone is interested in attending.

Evangelism Seminar 2008
Hosted by LU Evangelism

March 7th & 8th on the Campus of Liberty University

* Holistic Evangelism
* Servant Evangelism
* Evangelistic Block Party
* Classical and Post Modern Apologetics
* Open Air Preaching
* Personal Witnessing


Friday March 7 & Saturday March 8

Friday Evening

6:00 to 6:30 – Introduction – Joshua Daniel Solovskoy
6:30 to 7:15 – Servant Evangelism – Dr. David Wheeler
7:15 to 7:30 – Break / Flex time
7:30 to 8:15 – Evangelistic Block Party – Brian Smith
8:15 to 9:00 – Share Jesus Without Fear – Joshua Daniel Solovskoy

Saturday Morning

9:00 to 9:30 – LU Evangelism – Joshua Daniel Solovskoy
9:30 to 10:15 – Apologetics I – Dr. Fred Smith
10:15 to 10:45 – Break / Flex time
10:45 to 11:30 – Apologetics II – Dr. Fred Smith
11:30 to 12:30 – Break / Lunch
12:30 to 1:30 – Open Air Preaching – Jesse Morrell
1:30 to 2:30 – Hell’s Best Kept Secret – (video) Ray Comfort

Saturday Afternoon
3:00 to 6:00 – Evangelistic Block Party 8th Street Baptist Church

Sponsored by
LUKE 10:2 Equipping Ministry, Lovett Center for Ministry Training,
8th Street Baptist Church, and One Community Church

Presentations by
Joshua Daniel Solovskoy – LUKE 10:2 Equipping Ministry
Dr. David Wheeler – Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Dr. Fred Smith – Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Jesse Morrell – Open Air Outreach
Brian Smith – Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Pastor Keith Anderson – 8th Street Baptist Church

Please visit for more information:


“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine” Titus 2:1

FreeWillCover              transpixel TheFallCover-2 transpixel

The Lord has laid it heavily upon my heart to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3). For that reason I have put my pen at work to write a theological booklet series. The first two booklets in the series are now published. As of late there has been an increasing popularity over doctrine. The problem is that I fear many are getting into false doctrines which are destructive and dangerous. So it is our hope and prayer that these booklets will bring a truthful perspective of God and His Moral Government.

– Who is to blame for sin? Who is responsible and accountable for it?
– Who is the author of sin? From where does it originate?
– Is sin ever God’s plan? Does He want us to sin or not?
– Do infant babies deserve hell for Adam’s sin? Is guilt and character hereditary?
– Has a totally depraved nature replaced man’s free will?
– Does anyone ever have to sin? Has God made us capable of not sinning?
– Why did Jesus die on the cross? What was the necessity of blood shed?

These are the types of questions that these booklets thoroughly answer with scripture. These would be great for personal devotions or for group bible studies. These issues are so important because they influence our walk with God and our understanding of His Moral Government.


Both booklets are being sold together as a set for only $10. That will cover the printing and shipping costs.

To place your order all you have to do is send your payment through paypal or mail it in an envelope to our address listed at the bottom of the newsletter. And send us an email with your shipping address information. Then we’ll have them mailed to you right away!




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