Newsletter Archive: Preaching at Liberty University, Daytona Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day Parade – 4/04/2008

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 4/04/2008


Liberty Univ, Daytona Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Parade
Jesse Morrell
Apr 4, 2008

This newsletter and these videos have no copy-right. Feel free to share them by printing it off or by forwarding them on. 


Please pray for the lost as you read through this newsletter and look at their faces in the pictures.


DSCF2823 transpixel DSCF2828 transpixel

I was blessed with an opportunity to speak at an Evangelism Seminar at Liberty University. My topic was open air preaching. The message was divided into three parts: the heart of open air preaching, the concept of open air preaching, the practicalities of open air preaching.

The most powerful part of this session was the heart of open air preaching because it was about the broken heart of God. The Bible says in Genesis 6:5-6 that when God saw how the world was so sinful, He wished He didn’t make man. The sin of the world broke God’s heart to such an extreme that He repented of making man and sent the flood. Whenever I consider the broken heart of God, my own heart begins to break. And it was because of that same broken heart, that heart of love, that Jesus Christ was given. Christ came to salvage the fallen world, to bring the world back into the plan of God, back into alignment with God’s intention in creation. What glorious truth!

The crowd seemed to be impacted as God was moving. I pray that God will get missionaries from that Seminar, men and women who will radically lay down their entire lives to join God in His efforts to save everybody.


CIMG2803 transpixel

Using signs and banners is becoming very popular amongst street evangelists. And I praise God for that! We went out to the bars and the clubs to preach the Gospel, and because of our signs, MANY were reached with the truth. We need to make the truth unavoidable! If the world can use their bill boards to promote their adult shops, certainly we can use signs and banners to preach the Gospel loud and clear!

There were many sinners roaming the streets, trying to get into the bars and the clubs. We were able to preach on many street corners, and in front of many lines, all at once, because we had so many preachers out there with us. It was great to look around and see the Gospel being preached everywhere!


DSCF2888 DSCF2890

This is a local campus that we preach on regularly. Every time that we go there the Police try to give us a hard time about something. This time around they said that we needed a permit for our banner, therefore they told us to leave campus. That was a big of a jump, so we asked them if we could simply fill out the paper work for the banners, or that we would simply put the banners away and keep preaching. The Officers went into the administration building to get the paper work for us, but as it turned out, they couldn’t find it. So they let us keep preaching with our banners without a permit!

A large crowd actually gathered this day. It was one of the largest crowds that we have yet to gather on this campus. The entire area in front of the union was filled with students listening to the preaching. It was a very effective day.

DSCF2840 transpixel

And I wanted to throw in a picture of my wife passing out tracts, because now I can tell you that she is PREGNANT with our first child!! Praise God! We are looking forward to raising godly children together. It’s amazing to think that right now God is forming an innocent child in her womb! Children are so wonderfully made the Psalmist said.


CIMG3026 transpixel transpixelDSCF2926
transpixelDSCF2909 transpixel transpixel

This was a very cool outreach. We showed up at the St. Patrick’s Day parade early so that we could march the entire parade route with our signs, t-shirts, and banners! It was a rush. THOUSANDS were reached with the truth as we simply went for a walk!

CIMG3040 transpixelDSCF2912 transpixel

Once the parade started we moved to the side of the street, but we kept marching the parade route! What was very disappointing though was the amount of alcohol and beer we saw people drinking. It’s such a shame that a day like St. Patrick’s day is used by sinners as an occasion for drunkenness. St. Patrick himself, the missionary to Ireland, would probably march in his own parade with a banner like ours!

DSCF2938 transpixel DSCF2950

After the parade was over, everyone went to a local park to have a block party. We preached outside of the “Irish Pub” where the most sinners were gathered. Before they all became wasted, we were able to get some very good preaching in.


CIMG2903 transpixelCIMG2944 transpixel

When we arrived in Virginia it as already raining. We were hoping that it would not rain, but we were prepared to preach even if it did. My umbrella kept the rain from soaking me. And many of the students either had their own umbrellas, or they didn’t mind getting wet so long as they could hear the preaching! It’s amazing how those who deeply hate God will stand for hours, even in the rain, while we preach the gospel in the open air! This was another effective day.


DSCF2995 transpixelDSCF2993

Though the students have a “Spring Break”, our ministry just keeps on going. We followed the students to Daytona Beach, where students from all over the U.S. gather for drunkenness and fornication.

With our signs, banners, sandwich boards, and t-shirts, we preached the Gospel in the open air and crowds started gathering around. On this particular day, the crowd we gathered was so large on the board walk that the Police asked us to move to this stage. Only a fraction of the crowd followed us, but we still finished off the day nicely.

DSCF3034 transpixeltranspixelDSCF3008

But we decided that we were going to work double shifts. So once we finished preaching at the beach, we headed out to the bars and the clubs. The sin doesn’t stop, so why should the preaching?

We even ran into the “Girls Gone Wild” bus as it stopped as a certain bar. They are on a tour, with their camera crews, to find “The World’s Wildest Bar”. It was perfect timing, the Lord opened up an opportunity for us to preach to some of their girls about how they need to change their ways and come to the Lord.

CIMG3523 transpixel CIMG3528 transpixel

Once on the boardwalk again, we would start preaching the Gospel hot and strong and crowds would gather around. Many of them were mockers and scoffers, but the Holy Spirit was working upon them nonetheless.

Something that I think is always good is when they want to have their picture taken with you. Usually whenever I wear my sandwich board I will be asked by sinners to have my picture taken with them or I will see people in the crowd or walking by taking pictures of the sign. This is very good because it means that they will see it later and read it, possibly even show it to their friends or post it on their blog on the net. So it helps to further the truth!

DSCF3103 transpixeltranspixelDSCF2986

We would rotate preachers all throughout the day. And the best part was that the crowds would stay and listen the entire time. The Police showed up again, but they didn’t make us move to the stage. They actually had to arrest an individual in the crowd because he assaulted one of our preachers. The Daytona Officers were very good in allowing us to preach all over. I suppose that they have dealt with a lot of street preachers in the past, so they know what our legal rights are.


DSCF3097 transpixeltranspixel CIMG3334

Spring break doesn’t last forever, the students eventually have to go back to the school. And when they do, there we are again waiting for them!



I had not preached on this campus since 2005 and so I was excited about returning. The weather was nice, the crowds were calm, and the Holy Spirit was moving! The campus Police came to our meeting and stayed for a while. They too recognized our right of free speech, but they said that we needed to stay in the free speech area’s. I guess the rest of the campus is considered a constitution free area, the constitution is no good outside of those free speech areas….

DSCF3083 transpixeltranspixel transpixelIMAGE 049

Standing upon one of the benches, we preached all day. One of the brothers played songs on the Guitar, on topics like abstinence, evolution, abortion, homosexuality, etc. It was wonderful. And the crowd loved it. They were singing along and asking for more. transpixel
Seeing the Fruit


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for quite some time now.  I imagine it has been more than a year and a half since I saw your first video.  They have been a tremendous blessing to me.  I am so encouraged by your demonstration of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I know you are doing the will of our Father and I want to honestly extend my help in any way that I am able to offer it.  I’m not sure what the needs of you or your ministry are, but I live in Columbia, SC and would be very happy to assist you.  I will pray that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ.



“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine” Titus 2:1

FreeWillCover              transpixel TheFallCover-2 transpixel

One individual recently said, “I was so blessed by your book “free will and conscience”! Awesome! I am so thankful for your labours. I could not put it down. My heart was ablaze whilst reading.”

These booklets discuss:

– Who is to blame for sin? Who is responsible and accountable for it?
– Who is the author of sin? From where does it originate?
– Are we born sinners? Is sin our fault?
– Is sin ever God’s plan? Does He want us to sin or not?
– Do infant babies deserve hell for Adam’s sin? Is guilt and character hereditary?
– Has a totally depraved nature replaced man’s free will?
– Does anyone ever have to sin? Has God made us capable of not sinning?

These are the types of questions that these booklets thoroughly answer with scripture. These would be great for personal devotions or for group bible studies. These issues are so important because they influence our walk with God and our understanding of His Moral Government.


Both booklets are being sold together as a set for only $10. That will cover the printing and shipping costs.

To place your order all you have to do is send your payment through paypal or mail it in an envelope to our address listed at the bottom of the newsletter. And send us an email with your shipping address information. Then we’ll have them mailed to you right away!

PayPal: Click Here





The atonement of Christ is a central doctrine to the Christian faith. Our view of the atonement affects the way that we view salvation and especially the way we view God the Father. It is vitally important for us to fully grasp all that the scriptures teach on the blood atonement. An understanding of the atonement gives us a wonderful insight into the moral government of our Lord.

Church history shows issues of the atonement being debated and discussed amongst Christians and Theologians.


Was God personally blood thirsty and vindictive or was blood shed necessary for the Government of God?

– Is the sacrifice of Christ different from the human sacrifices heathen used to make to appease their pagan gods?

– Was the Father merciful and loving before the atonement was made or did the atonement bring about some change in the Father?

– Were the Father and the Son both equally merciful and loving in the atonement, or was the Father severe and the Son merciful?

– Did the atonement consist in the obedience Christ gave to the Law, or His suffering on the cross, or both?

– Did Christ die for all mankind or for a selected few?

– Did Christ make salvation automatic or available?

– Was blood shed the payment of our debt, the penalty of the Law, or was the suffering of Christ a substitute for the penalty of the Law, was the price of Christ’s blood a substitute for the payment of our     debt?

– Does God ever forgive sin or does God punish every sin?

– Did God have to punish God in order to forgive man?

– Did Christ take our punishment? Was our punishment eternal or temporal, hell fire or a cross?

– Are we justified by having the obedience Christ rendered to the Law transferred to our account or are we justified by God’s grace, justified by Christ’s blood?

– What killed Jesus? If Jesus was murdered by man, does that mean that the sin of man atones for the sin of man?

– At conversion, are we forgiven of all past, present, and future sins or do we need to ask God for forgiveness if we sin?

These and other important questions must occupy our minds until we find a solid Scriptural answer from God through His Word.

The new atonement booklet will prayerfully be available within a month.


We have launched a new website that we are very excited about. It is . There has been such a large spread of theological errors lately, particularly Calvinism, that we decided to do something about it. It’s been on my heart for a long time now to help spread the sound doctrines of God’s Moral Government, including the blessed truth known as Open Theism (Free Will Theism). Those who hold to different views are busy preaching about it and spreading it, so now it’s our turn.

This website has sections for articles, audios, and videos. It has pdf articles and books and multiple videos. The topics include original sin, free will, total depravity, regeneration, conditional security, Calvinism, Arminianism, Moral Government, open theism, atonement, moral law, Christian perfection, salvation, true conversion, the nature of sin, etc. And we will be adding to this website regularly. Our hope is to make it the largest resource of sound doctrine available on the internet!

Be sure to check out


Dear Friends,

The Lord has blessed the ministry these past three years. It’s been wonderful. We’ve been able to travel across the Nation preaching the gospel to THOUSANDS of lost souls. America is in deep darkness, and this type of ministry is exactly what she needs.

It started with myself and two others just living out of a van. Now, I’m married and my wife is pregnant with our first child. We are still traveling and preaching full time. And we are trusting the Lord to pay all of our bills. We live simply and cheap so that we can continue to do this ministry, seeking to be good stewards of all that God gives us.

But we need your help. We need Christians who will help support us so that we can continue to labor full time across America. Will you consider becoming a monthly supporter? Every contribution helps. Some months we don’t have enough to pay all of our bills, but then somebody gives a little bit of support at the end of the month that helps take care of it. The Lord is wonderful. We must all ask the Lord, “How do you want to use me?” You might not be able to travel and preach, but you can help support those who do. So we are humbly yet boldly asking for your support. We cannot do this without the body of Christ.

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Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

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