Newsletter Archive: Reaching a Godless Generation for Jesus – 2/06/2008

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 2/06/2008


Reaching a GODLESS Generation
Jesse Morrell
Feb 6, 2008

The material in this newsletter has no copy-right. Feel free to share it by printing it off or by forwarding it on. 




DVC01127 transpixel DVC01129 transpixel

This was actually our second day on the campus. The first day was a bit cold and windy. This second day was much warmer. As soon as we arrived the class change was occurring. So I quickly rushed to the front of the union, jump on a bench, and started preaching the Word of the Lord! A nice size crowd immediately gathered as sin was being rebuked and Jesus was being exalted.

The man in the red coat immediately started harassing me. He claimed to be a Youth Pastor and kept trying to have a private conversation with me to stop my preaching. This is not unusual. Often, professing Christians will see what I am doing and will try to distract me or get me to stop preaching. They always claim, “Your going about this the wrong way. Your doing more harm then good. Your turning people off.” They try to get me into a private conversion so that I forget about the crowd and the crowd will leave. You can see in the picture on the right that I am trying to ignore him and preach around him.

He was persistent in his annoyance. So I asked him, “Do you have sin in your life”. He said, “Yes, everybody does.” I said, “That’s the reason you don’t like me up here preaching against sin!” At that he ended up leaving me alone. There was another women who claimed to be a Christian but was yelling and screaming at me. I said to her, “With all the sin on this campus and the only person you confront is a preacher? Your telling me that I’m wrong for preaching the gospel, when was the last time you ever confronted a sinner on this campus to tell him he’s wrong for sinning?” It seems that many of these professing Christians will not confront sin, they will only confront those who confront sin! They often, as Charles Finney used to say, side with sinners against God instead of siding with God against sinners.

DVC01141 DVC01140 transpixel

As usual, the Police eventually arrived. They saw us preaching the day before but didn’t say a word. But today we had a bigger crowd and so they came to talk with us. My friend Kerrigan, a couple months ago, already spoke to the Police about preaching on this campus. Back then they admitted that it was a public campus and that he was free to preach in front of the Union. But this time around they told me that there was a “free speech area”. Interestingly enough, they didn’t mention it the day before when they saw us preaching! I asked, “Is this free speech area in written policy?” He responded with, “No. We don’t need it in written policy.” Apparently they made up this policy out of convenience, possibly when they saw us the day before.

Nevertheless, I told them that it would be no problem for me to move to the free speech area. But, as suspected, the crowd did not follow us and the area was not nearby any major walk way. Realizing that we were not going to draw any crowds there, I made up my mind to leave campus (sort of). As I was walking away from the free speech area the Officers said, “Are you leaving campus for the day?” And I responded with, “Yes, we are getting off campus….” We moved only a few yards away from where we originally started, right there on the public sidewalk! We were now officially off campus.

DVC01150 transpixel DVC01148

I began to preach from the public sidewalk to try and gather a crowd back together. The Officers realized that I was officially and legally off campus so they could not restrict me to the “free speech area”. The head of the campus security came and spoke with me and admitted that I had freedom of speech and the right to exercise my religion on the public sidewalk. So I continued to preach the Gospel!

DVC01145 transpixeltranspixelDVC01172

The Police presence stayed throughout the day. We were able to continue to keep preaching, drawing in a pretty nice crowd that listened to the Gospel. Kerrigan was able to use his new sandwich board which certainly helps in getting attention.

Eventually the City Police arrived again. They said that we were “boycotting” and “picketing” and therefore needed a permit from the City. Our response was that we are not boycotting or picketing, we are simply exercising free speech and exercising our religion. And we already had a permit to do this. The Officer asked to see the permit. I responded by explaining how he swore loyalty to it when he became an Officer of the Law, my permit is the American Constitution which secures my free speech and exercise of religion. He continued by saying that we are boycotting and picketing and therefore need a permit. We again affirmed that we are not and therefore do not need a permit. He then said, “I’m warning you.” I asked, “Warning me of what?” He said, “I’m warning you” again as he was walking away. I asked, “Warning me of what? What am I doing illegal? What are you going to do? Give me a fine? Arrest me?” He said, “I don’t have to tell you. I’m warning you” as he got in His Police car and drove away. We kept preaching the rest of the day.

DVC01178 transpixelDVC01184

Please pray for these Officers as they are putting their lives on the line every day to protect the community. As Christians we of all people should respect the government and the Officers of the Law. The Apostle Paul taught in Romans that the government is in fact a God established ministry designed for the well-being of it’s subjects. So we should pray for our government. And please pray for the students that hear the Word of God, and that they will continue to be able to hear the Word of God, without any Officers abusing their authority to try to silence the gospel.


DVC01209 transpixel DVC01199

Our home fellowship seems to have all gotten sick, we don’t know from what. Though I had been pretty badly sick for two days I still ventured out unto campus this particular day. With the Lord as our strength and healer we fought the days battle. This was only my second time on this campus. Brother Ross Jackson preaches regularly there so it was hard to draw a crowd at first. Students can become used to the preaching and your presences loses it’s shock value if a campus is preached on too regularly. Nevertheless, a crowd of students did gather and sat upon the steps. They were very calm and often quite. I find this to be true of most campuses that have many preachers come through. It’s on the campuses that either never or rarely get any preaching where you will find the students the most in an uproar. But this calm and quite environment allows for good discussions and discourse.

DVC01220 transpixeltranspixel DVC01228

DVC01236 transpixeltranspixel DVC01237

You can see Brother John McGlone holding the Jesus banner in these pictures. He was reasoning with the students on an apologetic level. During our four hours of outreach on this campus we were able to cover all the bases. We talked about sin, hell, Jesus, the cross, grace, mercy, the bible, etc. We were able to both declare the bible and defend the bible. It is important that we, like the Apostle Paul, do both the work of an Evangelist and an Apologist. The two go hand in hand.

DVC01232 transpixeltranspixel DVC01233

It is very common for students to make their own signs in protest of what we are doing. The guy on the left was not sorry for his sins, he was sorry that we were there preaching against his sins. And the fellow on the right was obviously promoting tolerance and acceptance. We can coexist, that’s fine. But if others are going to exist next to me, you can be sure that they are going to hear the truth of the Gospel!! As long as I exist, those who coexist with me will hear the Word of the Lord!


Please pray for this campus as well. Pray that their free speech limitations and requirements will become more convenient for us. There is no logistical reason why we would have to submit a permit request a week long in advance for this campus. In fact, there is no logistical reason why this campus should require a permit at all. Permits and waiting permits are only logistically necessary if a campus has an over abundance of groups trying to use their free speech areas. I’m pretty sure that we are the only group for this campus. A permit with a waiting period is just a hassle, it’s not necessary.

And please pray for both the Christians and the students on this campus. Pray that that Christians will be encouraged and will rise up to preach Jesus Christ. Already on this campus I know of some Christians who have been encouraged by these outreaches. And pray that the lost will not harden themselves against the Gospel but will humbly obey it by yielding their entire lives unto the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


JESS4 transpixelUNC4

The weather has been getting much warmer here in North Carolina. That is good because we do have some plans on traveling up North. On the Chapel Hill campus we never seem to have a problem drawing a crowd. What amazes me is that it is usually a crowd of the same people every time! The girl with the blue hair and the guy with the gray sweat shirt are in the crowd every single time that we are there. There has not been an outreach on their campus that we have had where I have not seen them listening to the preaching. Granted, they will mock the gospel and hate the truth. But even so, they will listen to it for hours! The Holy Spirit is working in their lives. Seeds are being planted, watered and God is working for the Harvest!

transpixelUNC3 transpixel

There seems to be a large acceptance of homosexuality and lesbian on this campus. They have quite a few students who are homosexual and lesbians. And the students who are not that way will at least approve of it as an “alternative lifestyle”. Please pray that the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives will be very strong, that God will heavily influence them to surrender all to Him. The average homosexual male only lives to the age of 42 because he ends up dying of disease. We know that God’s plan for men was not that they sin, die, and go to hell. God’s intention in creating all men is that they would have a happy-holy-loving relationship with Him and each other. Our God is willing and working to save everyone!


“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine” Titus 2:1

FreeWillCover              transpixel TheFallCover-2 transpixel

The Lord has laid it heavily upon my heart to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3). For that reason I have put my pen at work to write a theological booklet series. The first two booklets in the series are now published. As of late there has been an increasing popularity over doctrine. The problem is that I fear many are getting into false doctrines which are destructive and dangerous. So it is our hope and prayer that these booklets will bring a truthful perspective of God and His Moral Government.

– Who is to blame for sin? Who is responsible and accountable for it?
– Who is the author of sin? From where does it originate?
– Is sin ever God’s plan? Does He want us to sin or not?
– Do infant babies deserve hell for Adam’s sin? Is guilt and character hereditary?
– Has a totally depraved nature replaced man’s free will?
– Does anyone ever have to sin? Has God made us capable of not sinning?
– Why did Jesus die on the cross? What was the necessity of blood shed?

These are the types of questions that these booklets thoroughly answer with scripture. These would be great for personal devotions or for group bible studies. These issues are so important because they influence our walk with God and our understanding of His Moral Government.


Both booklets are being sold together as a set for only $10. That will cover the printing and shipping costs.

To place your order all you have to do is send your payment through paypal or mail it in an envelope to our address listed at the bottom of the newsletter. And send us an email with your shipping address information. Then we’ll have them mailed to you right away!



My wife and I are putting together an itinerary to travel up and down the East Coast. If you would like to have us preach on a public campus that is near you, now is your chance. If you would like to host us to preach on a campus near you, just send me an email with your address and the name of the campus and we can start scheduling the outreach.



A brother in the Lord recently told me that he formerly was against open air preaching. He had watched a video called “The Bullhorn Guy” which influenced him against this type of ministry. But he found our videos online and started watching them. What changed his mind completely was when he read something I wrote. I said, “The same sinners who will not even consider going to a Church service, who cannot even tolerate listening to a single Christian song on the radio, will actually stand outside and listen to an open air preacher for hours and even days!” It was for this very reason that this brother in the Lord completely changed his mind about open air ministry! Praise God!

It is our hope and prayer that these videos will continue to encourage the body of Christ!

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