Newsletter Archive: Souls Being Saved Through Open Air Preaching – 8/09/2006

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 8/09/2006


Souls Being Saved
Jesse Morrell
Aug 9, 2006

This newsletter has no copy-right. Feel free to share it by printing it off or by forwarding it on.
“Now when they had come and gathered the church together, they reported all that God had done with them, and that He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles.” Acts 14:27
“When he had greeted them, he told in detail those things which God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry.” Acts 21:19
Toys for the orphans    Shows for the orphanage    The whole bunch of supplies
Toys, Shoes, and Clothes we brought to an orphanage in Zacatecas Mexico
The Hospital where we visited and prayed for the sick and dying
The Hospital in Zacatecas where we visited and prayed for the sick and the dying

Trying our new banner and t-shirts in the West End of Dallas

Bringing the gospel to the West End of Dallas

 Bro Jeff trying our new banner in Deep Ellum

Bringing the gospel to the night life area of Dallas

John Bunyan
(John Bunyan open air preaching)
John Bunyan, the author of the Christian Classic “Pilgrims Progress”, said this, “No fear, no grace. Though there is not always grace where there is fear of hell, yet, to be sure, there is no grace where there is no fear of God. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and they that lack the beginning have neither middle nor end.”I thought when reading this about how quick so many preachers are to tell sinners about the grace of God when they have no fear of God!

John Fletcher said, “should I comfort those who do not mourn?” Some preachers are too quick and too willing to hand out pardons to sinners who do not mourn over their crimes!Ray Comfort, possibly the greatest evangelism teacher of our day, says, “Preach Law to the proud and grace to the humble. For God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

A. W. Tozer said, “The man who is seriously convinced that he deserves hell is not likely to go there, while the man who believes that he is worthy of heaven will certainly never enter that blessed place.”

You can comment on these quotes at:


Bro Jeff witnessing in Deep Ellum  Bro Jeff open air preaching outside of a club

“And they went out, and preached that men should repent.” Mark 16:12

It was the first night we were able to put our new t-shirts and our new banners to good use. One t-shirt reads “FREEDOM in CHRIST” on the front and “TURN and LIVE” on the back. The other t-shirt reads “FEAR GOD” on the front and “OBEY CHRIST” on the back. And our new banner reads “TURN to JESUS and LIVE” on the front and “REPENT and BELIEVE on JESUS” on the back.

We started in the West End of Dallas with some open air preaching. There is a train station where lots of people gather and thousands must pass through a day. I preached first about death, sin, hell, and the cross.

After a little while a women named Rosa came to talk with me with tears in her eyes. She opened up her heart and shared some serious issues going on in her life. I listened a lot to her, gave her a few words, and then prayed for her.

She said, “I know that you preach the truth because I can see it in your eyes!”

After I spoke to her LauRen went to speak with her. After they talked much Rosa said, “I want to start reading my bible. I want to give up my sin.” And LauRen prayed with her. Rosa was already a Church goer, but was not a bible reader and was living in sin. It was very obvious by the many tears in her eyes that the Lord was deeply ministering to her this night.

Also while in the West End four Christian women saw our banner and saw us preaching and listened to us for awhile. Then they walked over and said they were VERY encouraged by the ministry. They wanted to know all about it, who we were, how we got started, etc etc. Then they prayed for us and also prayed for themselves saying that they were deeply convicted to start witnessing and to be bolder in their faith.

We then went to Deep Ellum for ministry. Deep Ellum is a very dark and demonic club and bar area. Women wear the most lustful of dress, there is the most fowl of music, you hear the most profane of language from men drinking the most intoxicating drink, with clubs full of sexual dancing and the streets full of every sort of evil known to man.

We were able to witness and preach to many people and in many places. Also out on the streets were two other groups from Churches witnessing and giving out tracts. Both them came up to us and encouraged us and said they were encouraged by what we were doing. They also said that our new banner gave them a lot of open doors to witness one2one because whenever they heard someone mention us they were able to jump into the conversation.

Honestly and humbly I would dare to say that most of the people in Deep Ellum probably knew we were there, knew why we were there, and knew who it was we were representing. That is an achievement that I don’t believe could have been accomplished, because of the large amounts of people that go there, if God did not turn me unto new t-shirts, banners, and open air preaching. All praise, honor, and glory belongs to God and God alone.

Praise God! I feel so blessed to have been turned on to all of these forms of evangelism at a young age. May many, MANY more be reached with the LIFE GIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST before I die!

In New York there is a University in Oswego where we preached for many days. Out of all the campuses we were on during that semester tour, it was this campus that grieved my heart the most. Lovingly and gently we reasoned and persuaded people to come to Christ, but they viciously opposed it.
Brother Miles has been able to continue witnessing to one student through the means of aol “private message”. This was a jewish student who heckled us severely. Recently, he came to Christ and found his Messiah! Not only that, but he also wants to testify of God’s saving grace at the next open air meeting on campus!
Here is the conversation Brother Miles had with him:
The Student: yo lewis my brotha whats poppin…
Brother Miles: Not much.. just rockin the YouTube. How have you been?
The Student: Accepted Jesus
Brother Miles: Tell me more
The Student : Just asked the lord to come into my life… Trying to be a better man.
Brother Miles:Well praise God! How has the lady friend you told me about been?
The Student : Ups and downs strikes and gutters…
Brother Miles: I’ll be praying about it for sure
The Student ]: Thanks brother.
Brother Miles: So whats your story, this is pretty radical thing
The Student : We live in pretty radical times.
The Student] : I think the end of the world is near to be honest.
Brother Miles: Could be
Brother Miles:You got a Bible?
The Student : Yeah.. A KJV for official and an NIV for everyday reading.
Brother Miles: Glory to God!
Brother Miles:You stick to the Book, obey what you read and God will never let you down.
The Student : That is the plan my man.
Brother Miles: Will you be attending OZ in the fall? I thought you graduated right?
The Student: Graduated.. But I will be in the area.
Brother Miles: First week in Sept. I will preaching there again
Brother Miles: with my new team
The Student : It will be strange to have the big burly guy with all the tattoos on your side as opposed to yelling at you.
Brother Miles: I’d love to sit down with you, over a smoothie perhaps, maybe we’ll get you up to share your story in the open air
The Student : i would be happy to
GLORY BE TO GOD! All of Heaven rejoices!! I am so grateful that God has put me in a ministry like this one, where sinners are saved and Heaven is pleased! I wouldn’t want to do anything else! Praise Jesus!


I recently wrote an article about:

1. Shock and Awe Preaching defined, explained, and biblically supported.
2. Banners, their usefulness and common objections answered.

This article can be freely read and commented on at our free message board:

It’s my hope and prayer that this article serves to the benefit of open air preachers as they seek to awaken those who are asleep in their beds of sin.

For other wisdom regarding open air preaching see: 

Points for Preaching” and also “Apologetics: Worldviews in Conflict” on the same page.



If you read the sermons of Jesus, most of them included “sin, hell, and judgment”. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, the bible not only speaks about grace, mercy, and forgiveness. But the bible also strongly warns about sin, hell, and judgment.

Yet today, multitudes of preachers do not! Multitudes of preachers do not even hint towards these things. But the question at hand is simply why? Why don’t preachers preach these parts of the bible?

I have compiled a list of reasons as to why I believe why. But I would like to hear your thoughts.

To view the list I have compiled and to leave your thoughts, visit our free message board at:


A very great need today is for good, solid, biblical examples of open air preaching. There are some but not nearly enough. I feel it laid heavily on my heart to create the internets largest free online library of unique and biblical open air preaching videos.

When we are on these campuses our meetings often consists of very large crowds. For hours it’s question/answer between the unsaved and the preacher. And every open air is totally different. I know that filming these events would be beneficial to many, especially those desiring to learn and grow in open air preaching. Learn how to draw a crowd and keep a crowd doing nothing more then preaching the way Jesus did.

More information coming soon….



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