Newsletter Archive: Street Preacher Has Problem With Police For Preaching – 12/05/2007

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 12/05/2007


Problems with Police for Preaching!
Jesse Morrell
Dec 5, 2007

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DVC00752 transpixelDVC00750 transpixel

When we first started to preach an Officer approached us and said, “You can’t do this here. This is a private institution”. But as soon as he saw my video camera he changed his mind! He then simply asked us to keep it down. Eventually we were asked to get a permit from the school. Free speech on public property requires special permission apparently. (I’m being sarcastic. The constitution should be all the permit we need).

This girl ended up deciding to recommit her life to God transpixelDVC00762 transpixel

We preached against sin and exalted the cross of Jesus Christ. There were even Rastafarian hecklers who made such a scene that they helped us draw a crowd. One women, who is in the left picture, actually rededicated her life to Christ. She was previously serving the Lord but apparently backslide in College. But after hearing the Word of God, she recommitted herself to Jesus! 


DVC00775 transpixelDVC00778 transpixel

This was my first time preaching on this campus and was glad to find that it was wide open for free speech – no permits or anything! That’s the way it should be on public property!

We were able to draw in good crowds which stayed for hours as we preached the gospel. Actually, the day before all the Christian groups on campus were meeting together to discuss how they could reach the campus. When they saw us preaching they knew it was an answer to prayer! Many of the Christians on campus said that they were inspired and encouraged by the ministry.

DVC00785 transpixelDVC00780 transpixel

The young brother in the red sweat shirt stood with us all day as we preached. He was actually already familiar with the ministry through YouTube!! He even took out his bible and preached open air to his fellow students!

DVC00784 transpixel DVC00787

Barton College gate2 transpixel

Barton College is one of the small, local campuses that I live near. I heard that it was public but when we arrived there we soon found out that it was a private Christian college! And so we left the campus and went to the other local community college…


Wilson technical logo

Whentranspixel we arrived on this campus we saw that it was a very small campus. After walking around the tiny campus we saw that there was virtually no student traffic because the campus was so small. Some students did read our signs as they walked from one building to another, but we were not able to really have any outreach on this campus.

Heckler trying to attack Jesse transpixelPolice Intervene transpixel

This was also the first time that I had been able to preach on this campus. It too is a wide open campus without requiring any permit or anything. In front of the student union building many students gather to smoke and chat. Standing upon a wall we were able to “Cry aloud. Spare not. And tell my people their sins”.

A Police Officer student by listening and watching the situation. There were no problems until a student tried to, or pretended to try to, attack me. He was a very effeminate man, who seemed to be trying to talk like a female. But when I asked him if he was a homosexual he tried to charge me.

The Police Officer and his friends held him back and she told me that I needed to leave. After talking with her for a little while I asked for her superior. When he arrived we talked about the situation and he said that I could keep preaching. This whole scene is on video on YouTube.


DVC00809 DVC00811 transpixel

My beautiful wife has been taking the video footage and photos for the ministry. Here you can see her sitting down, filming, while also showing a “Trust Jesus” sign. We were just getting started on this campus, a crowd started to gather, when some Police Officers arrived.

DVC00822 DVC00823 transpixeltranspixel

At first the Officers simply requested that we keep down the volume. But eventually they told us that we could not preach on the public campus but needed to preach on the nearby public sidewalk. The public University has a policy that if anyone from the public, who is not a student, wants to use free speech on campus, they need to first find a student group that likes them to sponsor them. So if your lucky enough to find a group that already likes you, you can preach on the campus.

DVC00827 transpixelDVC00839

So we complied with the request of the Police and moved to the sidewalk, because they said we’d be arrested if we didn’t. Nevertheless, on the sidewalk we were still able to draw in a crowd and preach the gospel to the students. transpixel

DVC00851 DVC00852 transpixeltranspixel

UNC Chapel Hill gets a lot of preachers so I thought it might help to use a banner to get some extra attention. It is also a very loud campus so if you don’t have a sign, it possible many students in the area won’t even know you are there. So with a banner and a bible the name of Jesus Christ was lifted up!

DVC00866 DVC00870 transpixeltranspixel

The advantage of preaching on the same campus regularly is that you will start having “regulars”. I have seen some of the same students, some of the same hecklers, every time that I’ve gone out on this campus. We are starting to know each other on a first name basis. And this is great because we are able to plow the soil, plant the seed, water the seed, and pray for the harvest!



Dear Jesse,

I just wanted you to know that I support you and the work your ministry is doing.  Our society is so politically correct that the Word of God is labeled as offensive and inappropriate.  Prayer is being banned in our schools and we have senators representing the United States that won’t honor the Pledge of Allegiance because they do not believe we are one nation under God.  Through the looking glass of society, homosexuality is accepted.  Drunkenness and fornication are the norm and the idea of living as a vessel solely for the glory of God is considered an extreme.  Our society is a mess worshiping a watered-down mediocre god that has been down-graded to no more than a “buddy.”  Even fellow Christians that share the same beliefs will hush you if you say that homosexuality is a sin in a crowded room, because tangled up in the acceptance of sin is the lack of confrontation of it.  We rationalize sin away.  Alcoholism is a disease.  Homosexuals are just genetically different.  But there’s no need for confrontation because “God loves everyone.”  But the bible is clear.  God hates divorce.  He hates homosexuality.  He hates drunkenness and fornication.  And not only have we fallen short in committing the sins, we have fallen short in not fulfilling his commands.  We do not witness.  We do not make disciples.  We do not preach the word of God.  We do not confront sin. 

But while these people yell at you from across the street.  While people mock you and diminish your testimony, God is honored. You were like a breath of fresh air to me today and I believe that there are great blessings awaiting you in heaven.  I would love to be informed of opportunities to serve you and your ministry.  God bless you.

Sincerely, Amanda


Hello Brother Jesse,

I had seen your YouTube video the other day and I was “BLESSED” by it!!!

I thought to myself now here is a brother who is out there on the front lines, pushing back the powers of darkness, and exposing the enemy and sin at a college where so many of our youth are fallen under the sway of the wicked one.

I felt lead of the Spirit to say keep going, don’t give up, fight the good fight, and continue taking back territory from the enemy and exposing the devil!!!




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