Newsletter Archive: Why Calvinism Is Wrong – 6/25/2008

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 6/25/2008


Why Calvinism Is Wrong
Jesse Morrell
Jun 25, 2008

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Art Festival – Raleigh NC

DSCF3389 transpixelDSCF3394 transpixel

This was a great outreach. We had signs, banners, and lots of gospel tracts. We walked around the festival and were able to give out gospel tracts and talk to people. We were even able to do some open air preaching when the music was finished. Two Police Officers came to speak to us while we were walking around. They were about to ask us to leave until we took our video camera out. They then made some phone calls and backed down. They knew it was a public park and that the public were welcomed there.

One man, with a beer in his hand, read my banner and said, “But I thought that the whole point of Christianity was that you could sin and get away with it?” I explained how God will punish those who sin unless they repent and trust in Christ. I explained how salvation was conditional. This man claimed to be a Christian but was himself intoxicated. He then proceeded to tell us how this was not the right way to reach people. It amazes me how “Christians” who are getting drunk will think that we are making Christ look bad, because we use signs and banners. All the mean while they sin every day while claiming the name of Christ! You cannot be an enemy of God and a friend of God at the same time! You cannot be reconciled and be in rebellion at the same time! You cannot have sin and have the Savior too! You cannot serve two masters. God has forgiveness for everyone who forsakes their sin!

This man, who thought the whole point of Christianity was that you could sin and get away with it, simply shows the condition of the modern Church. We need more preaches to rise up with the message of repentance! The Church needs those who will preach the Gospel like George Fox, John Wesley, Charles Finney, and William Booth did in the past! We need men like John the Baptist who said “prepare the way of the Lord” and “every tree that does not bring forth fruit is cut down and cast into the fire.” We need men like Jesus Christ who said “unless you repent, you will perish” and “unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” We need men like the Apostle Paul who said, “awake unto righteousness and STOP SINNING“! Dear Lord, raise up biblical preachers!! May we proclaim loud and clear as our Lord did, “go and sin no more”!

Did you know that the Westminster confession says that you cannot stop sinning even by the grace of God? It says that you have to break God’s commandments every day in word, thought, and deed! God forbid that men should believe human tradition over the word of God! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! God always provides a way of escape. Temptation is never more than we are able to bear! Who the Son set’s free is free indeed! We have been set free from sin to become the servants of righteousness! If you claim to know God, but break His commandments, your a liar without the truth!

Downtown – Fayetteville NC

DSCF3504 transpixelDSCF3516

Every month Fayetteville has a downtown event that attracts hundreds of people. So we take out the signs and banners and lift up our voices to proclaim the remission of sins through Jesus Christ!

transpixelJohn 2transpixelDSCF3531

We met one “Gothic” teenager who was wearing an “alien sex fiend” t-shirt. (If sinners are not ashamed of wearing such shameful t-shirts, Christians should not be ashamed to wear scriptural sandwich boards!) This teenager said that he was actually in a terrible accident – he was hit by a train! And so he has a cane to walk and had his personal medical assistant with him. He had scars all over his head but he looked like he was recovering very well. He said that this experience has made him think more about death, God, and eternity a lot more than he used to.

Later in the evening we had a great open air preaching meeting. It was made up of teenagers who sat on a wall and gathered around us (for a long time) as we preached the Gospel. And sure enough, the same teenager with the “Alien Sex Fiend” t-shirt was there the entire time listening to the Gospel! I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to influence him to Jesus Christ and that he will yield to God’s drawing.

Jesse 2

All in all it was a very good outreach. We were able to reach the entire event with our signs and tracts. A local Pastor even came out to join us. It was his first outreach like this but he seemed to really enjoy it. I praise God that he is raising up more and more labors who will confront the world in their sin and point them towards Jesus Christ – the Savior from sinning!

Rock Concert – Fayetteville NC

DSCF3545 transpixeltranspixeltranspixel

We ventured out to a local rock concert to see what was going on. You had to pay to get into the concert so we looked for areas to preach, witness, and pass out tracts around the concert area. But there were not many people that had come out to this event. Actually, the event appeared to have closed early because of the lack of audience. So we were not able to do much witnessing or preaching that evening.

Food Festival – Charlotte NC

DSCF3547 transpixelDSCF3551

When we arrived at this festival, there were plenty of people all over the place. They had blocked off the major main street in Charlotte because of the thousands of people that had come out. We were told by the Police that we could witness and preach on the street because it was public. But then later we were told that we had to stand on the sidewalk if we wanted to preach. And then even later we were told that we could not be in the festival at all. They said that if we did not leave the festival, we would be arrested for trespassing.

DSCF3553 transpixel

So we left the festival and preached on the street corner right next to the entrance. Shortly after we began to preach, a music band came out of the festival and set up right next to where we were preaching! And when we confronted them about it, they had told us that the Police sent them out to play next to us! Lord have mercy on these Officers! Despite all of the obstacles, we were able to preach and reach thousands of people at this festival with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We exhorted many to be saved from sin and from hell through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Rock Concert – Raleigh NC

DSCF3571 transpixeltranspixelDSCF3574

When we arrived at this festival, we realized that they were probably not going to let us into the park with our signs and banners. So instead of trying to get into the public park, we preached at the entrance on the sidewalk. This was a great location anyways because multitudes of people walk through the entrance to get into the concert. Plus everyone in their cars on the street has an opportunity to read the Gospel message on the signs and banners. I was able to preach the Gospel of repentance and faith through the mega phone for maybe an hour before I was asked by the Police not to use it. They said that a permit would be required for amplification. But they said that they will let me use my banners without a permit, which they might normally give us a hard time over. And so with just our signs, banners, and old fashion voices, we were able to preach the Gospel to hundreds of souls as they entered into a concert for a night of drunkenness and vile music. The Word of the Lord is powerful and will not return void!


Rock & Roll Concert, Fayetteville NC

DSCF3606  DSCF3615

When we original tried to get into this concert, we were stopped by a security guard. After discussing the matter over with him, we asked to talk to his superior. One of the organizers of the event came out and said that we would be allowed into the concert, but we could not do any free speech preaching. After discussing the matter further with her, she sent some Police Officers to discuss it with us. They told us that since the public area was reserved through a permit, it was no longer public property but was private property. As absurd as that sounds, that is what they told us. They said that if we did not leave the public area, we would be arrested for trespassing…. in the public park! Not to mention that this event was open to the public. We are part of the public too! Nevertheless, we went to find somewhere else to preach.

DSCF3609 transpixeltranspixel DSCF3612 transpixel

Overlooking the entire public park was a hill area with a fence right off of the main road. It was technically not a part of the park or event, since it was on the other side of the fence and was right off the public side walk of the street. So with our banners lifted high for all to see, we were able to warn the unrighteous about the judgment to come, the necessity of repentance, and the provision of the atonement. The entire park could see and read our banners. Some individuals even came over to take pictures and to say a few words. The Police Officers who did not allow us into the park could see our banners from the opposite end of the park. But to the glory of God they did not bother us anymore!

Home Fellowship – Fayetteville NC

DSCF3415 transpixelDSCF3418

On Saturdays I am a part of a home fellowship group of a few different families. There are many different brothers who teach lessons. We rotate every once and a while. I have been able to teach on many different topics such as “conditional security vs. once saved always saved”, “original sin vs. free will”, “open theism vs. classic theism”, and most recently on “vicarious sufferings vs. penal substitution”.

I explained how the atonement of Christ was not the penalty of the law, but eternal hell fire is the punishment for sin. So the atonement of Christ was actually a substitute for the penalty of the law, which maintains the honor, authority, and influence of the law throughout the universe just as equally as the eternal punishment of sinners would have. God can safely remit the execution of the penalty that guilty mankind deserves, when they repent and believe, without damaging the rest of His kingdom or government over other moral beings. Through the vicarious sufferings of Christ, on behalf of our sins, the universe has the public testimony that God values His law and will most surely enforce and uphold it. So even though God remits the execution of the penalty that guilty sinners deserve, He can do this safely because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The penalty of the law says, “the soul that sinneth, it shall die”, but now that the atonement has been made, the soul that sinned can live and not die, upon condition of repentance and faith.

The purpose of punishment is to discourage disobedience amongst the other subjects of the government. The blood atonement of Christ is a perfect substitute for the eternal punishment of sinners. The blood atonement of Christ accomplishes precisely what the eternal punishment of sinners would have – it vindicates the law and maintains it’s honor, authority, and influence throughout the moral universe. If God simply forgave without an atonement, the moral universe of heavenly beings and earthly men would question whether God really values His law and really means to enforce and uphold it. There can be absolutely no remission of punishment without the shedding of blood according to Hebrews 9:22. But now that Christ has suffered and died as our substitute, dying in our stead, God can pardon mankind without the rest of the universe questioning if God values His law and if He will punish them if they disobey. The governmental obstacles of pardon are completely and totally overcome by the atonement of Christ!

Now salvation is possible and available to everyone! The atonement did not “satisfy the wrath of God” (that would mean that we are born saved and are saved from God’s wrath before we have faith in the atonement), but rather the atonement makes it possible for God to safely and wisely turn from His wrath (true forgiveness, mercy, remission) when sinners repent and believe. So the atonement makes forgiveness available, but forgiveness is not actual until a sinner repents and believes. We were not saved from God’s wrath when Jesus died on the cross. Rather, we are saved from God’s wrath when we turn from our sin and put our faith in the cross of Christ. The atonement was a necessary provision if God was going to grant the remission of sins. As soon as a sinner forsakes their sin and puts their faith in the blood atonement of Christ, they are saved from the wrath of God. Through the atonement, God can turn from His wrath the moment that a sinner repents of his sins and believes in the Gospel.


My wife and I are planning our itinerary for the fall. We plan on traveling the entire time between the beginning of the semester and the Christmas break. If you are near any of the locations that we are going, we would love to have you come out to campus or to have some time of fellowship. Also, we are still looking for host homes for some of these locations. If you live near any of these areas and would like to be our host home, or if you know anyone in these areas who might be willing, please send me an email about it. We have host homes for some of these locations, but not all of them. Or if you would like to help pay for a motel, that is just as good as a host home.
Evansville, IL

Columbia, MO

Fayetteville, AR

Dallas, TX

Lindale, TX

Austin, TX

San Marcos, TX

Lake Charles, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

Pensacola, FL

Madison, AL

Atlanta, GA

Tallahassee or Tampa, FL

Orlando, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Fayetteville, NC

Greensboro, NC

Richmond, VA

Hyattsville, MD

Pittsburgh, PA

Please pray for us as we are planning this trip. We are trying to raise funds for this trip. Gas prices are higher than ever. We also may have to stay at some motels as well as purchase food. To improve on the audio quality of our videos we are praying that God will bless us with the ability to have a better camera.


“I love watching you preach open air on these videos. They are very powerful. You help me want to know God more.” Katie

Understanding Open Air Preaching, Liberty University – Jesse Morrell

This was a sermon I preached to an Evangelism School that was going on at Liberty University. I explained the heart of open air preaching, the concept of open air preaching, the objects of open air preaching, and the practical application of these truths. We are also planning on putting this message to a professional DVD.

“My wife and I were blessed by the sermon you gave at Liberty. I have watched it twice so far and taken notes….  Again, great stuff. I can tell you spent a lot of time preparing in prayer and the Word for that message and it was powerful.” Eric

The Reality of Hell, Y.W.A.M. Chapel Service, Philippines
– Jesse Morrell

This was a message about the reality of hell and how it should affect us as Christians. The conscious thought of eternity should make us seek and to save the lost, as well as make sure that we ourselves are prepared to stand before God and be judged by Him.

The False Doctrine of Original Sin
– Jesse Morrell

“I think that Jesse has thoroughly dismantled the whole foundation of Calvinism in this sermon series” Kerrigan

This is no doubt a very controversial issue, and my position represents a minority within the body of Christ. But the topic of sin is extremely important for us to understand. The Bible explicitly states that men do not inherit the sin or guilt of their parents, but that each individual originates their own sin out of their own heart. That is why sinners are responsible and accountable for being sinners – because it is their own fault, it is their own choice. That is why the whole world deserves the wrath of God, why they truly deserve condemnation, and why they desperately need the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. Our free will was not lost through Adam. God did not take away our free will. But the entire world has chosen to sin like Adam did, we have chosen to abuse our free will just as our parents did. If we were disabled cripples through inheritance we would have absolutely no need of any grace or mercy whatsoever. But since we were deliberate criminals through our own choice, we desperately need the grace and mercy of God made possible by the blood atonement of Jesus Christ.


Why Calvinism Is Wrong…

First and foremost I want it to be understood that I love all of my Calvinist brethren. Anyone who has forsake all their sin and believes that Christ has died as their substitute is a person that I consider to be a brother or sister in the Lord. And I have a great deal of respect for all of the Calvinists over the years that have loved God with all of their hearts and have sought to save souls from sin and hell.

Nevertheless, I have some major problems with the doctrines of Calvinism. I do not believe that the Scriptures, in context and using good hermeneutics, actually teaches any of the 5 points of Calvinism as Calvinist Theologians themselves teach them. I would have never even heard of any of these 5 points if someone else had not told me about them. By simply reading the Bible, I never would have concluded these doctrines. That is why most people who start believing Calvinism do so under the influence of another, either a favorite preacher or a personal friend.

As many of you know, Calvinism teaches TULIP. This stands for “Total Depravity” “Unconditional Election” “Limited Atonement” “Irresistible Grace” and “Perseverance of the Saints”. I personally believe that sinners are totally depraved, but it is because of the way that they are misusing their own free wills. I do not believe in total inability, I believe in free will. But I do believe sinners never obey God, they are totally depraved (morally, not metaphysically), until they are converted by the Holy Spirit. I also believe that election is conditional upon personal repentance and faith. I believe the atonement was made for all men and that it makes their salvation possible and available but not unconditional or automatic. The atonement was not our penalty, hell was. But the atonement was a substitute for our penalty, which allows God to wisely and safely set aside the execution of our penalty (remission, mercy, forgiveness, pardon). I believe that God’s grace is the most resisted thing in the entire universe. Men always resist the Holy Spirit and reject the Gospel. God stretches forth His hand to a disobedient people and they reject Him. Nothing is more rejected and resisted in the Universe than the offer of grace God has given to mankind. And I believe that the perseverance of the Saints is not automatic, but that all Saints can fall away and that some Saints have fallen away into perdition.

Calvinism today seems to have become a trend. Many popular preachers are promoting it. It is being taught as if it is the Gospel itself. And many people I know have been converted to this system of theology. This greatly concerns me. I am in extreme anguish over the Church, especially for its doctrinal errors. What you believe affects the way that you live. And theology deals with our understanding of God and His ways.

For these reasons I have written the following booklets:

Atonement Booklet

TheFallCover-2      FreeWillCover

The Fall of Mankind: This booklet corrects the error known as “Original Sin”. It explains how men are going to be judged on the Day of Judgment only for their own sins and not for their sins of their ancestors. It explains how physical death is in fact the consequence of Adam’s sin, but that spiritual death and eternal death are caused by each man’s personal sins. It further explains how men are not born sinners but that men become sinners by their own free will choice at the age of accountability. Therefore, sinners are fully at fault and to blame for their moral condition. Sinners are fully responsible and accountable for being sinners, because God has given them free will and they are misusing it.

Free Will & Conscience: This booklet corrects the error known as “Total Depravity”. It explains how our nature still contains a free will and a conscience. These elements of our nature make us responsible and accountable for our actions, being free moral agents in God’s moral government. If man did not have free will and a conscience, man could not be a moral agent with moral character who faces moral accountability anymore than a stick or a rock or an animal can have moral character and face moral accountability. But because we have a free will and a conscience, we all originate our own moral characters and are therefore accountable for whatever our moral character is. Sinners are therefore deliberate criminals through choice and not disabled cripples through inheritance. Sinners are rebels who deserve punishment and condemnation from God, and not victims who deserve pity and compassion from God. That is why they deserve punishment, and that is why they need the pardon that Jesus Christ has made available.

The Vicarious Atonement: This booklet is designed to correct the error known as “Limited Atonement” and also “Penal Substitution”. It explains how God was not vindictive or bloodthirsty, but was actually merciful and forgiving and simply need a substitute that would allow Him to safely pardon mankind without damaging the rest of His Kingdom. It explains how Christ’s death was in fact vicarious, but it was not the exact and literal penalty of the law. It was a substitute for the penalty of the law which allows God to set aside our punishment (real forgiveness, remission, pardon, mercy). It explains how the atonement was made for all of mankind but that this does not lead to Universalism. The atonement makes the salvation of all men possible, but it does not make the salvation of any man automatic or unconditional. The atonement allows God to pardon by His grace, but it does not obligate God to release on the grounds that justice has been satisfied. The atonement was not a satisfaction to retributive justice, since that type of justice strictly required the death of the soul that sinned. But the atonement was a satisfaction of public justice; it enforces and upholds the law just as equally as our punishment would have. The atonement maintains the authority, honor, and influence of the law throughout the universe, over man and angels, so that it is safe for God to pardon men when they repent and believe. Now God can set aside the punishment that sinners deserve, when they repent and believe, without dishonoring His law or encouraging rebellion, without the law falling into contempt throughout the universe.

Here is some of the feedback I have recently received on the new atonement booklet:

“These booklets are great! Amazing job!” Mitch

“I am enjoying your article very much. Each section could be explored to some depth on its own. It clears up a great deal of misunderstanding. You can Kerrigan are like fresh air to a very lost church. Have been looking for many years for good material to augment Finney’s stuff. Again, thank you.” William

“Have read part of the atonement book, very insightful!” Matthew

“Brother, I have to say this is one of the most well thought out explanations of the atonement I have read since Romans, and I have only brushed it. Believe me, I will be pouring over this one very carefully and gladly as these are subjects old believers and I have mused long over. You’ve done us all a service writing it all out.” Patrick

“Love the paper on Atonement… So perfectly clear and cogent.” Bill

Special Booklet Offer: Everyone who makes a booklet purchase will receive the booklet “Sinners by Choice or by Constitution?” completely free of cost, while supplies last.

Sinners by Choice or by Constitution? This booklet explains how men are sinners, not because of the constitution that God has given them, but because how they have chosen to use their constitution. It corrects the error that our constitution is itself sinful, or that sin is a metaphysical substance, and explains how all sin is a choice to disobey God. Sin is not a inherited substance of the body or the soul, but sin is originated by man’s own free will. Our bodies have God given desires, which we can choose to gratify lawfully or unlawfully. Our constitution is simply an instrument that we can use for righteousness or for unrighteousness. But moral character is predicated upon the choices of a man’s own inner heart.

Set Cost:

We are offering the entire three booklet set for only $15.

The fourth booklet (the special offer) comes entirely free!

Individual Cost:

The Vicarious Atonement – $7

The Fall of Mankind – $5

Free Will & Conscience – $7

Sinners by Choice or by Constitution – free with any purchase while supplies last.

These prices cover the printing and shipping costs.

To order, simply send your offering through PayPal and send me an email letting me know your address and exactly which booklets your order was for.


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