Newsletter Archive: Wicked “Punk” Destroys Bible Sign – 9/17/2008


For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 9/17/2008


Wicked “Punk” Destroys BIBLE SIGN!
Jesse Morrell
Sep 17, 2008

This newsletter has no copy-right. Feel free to share it by printing it off or by forwarding it on. 






Mizzou University was the first campus on our tour. For the past three years I have begun each new school year on this campus. Their free speech area will amplify your voice and also provide seats for the students.

I challenged the atheists on the campus, “Where does morality come from?” Their response was the collective society. I responded with, “If society determines morality, no society has ever been morally wrong. If the individual determines morality, no individualy has been morally wrong. In which case, you cannot condemn the crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, nazism, canibalism, etc, because that is what soceity determined to do. But if societies have been wrong, if individuals have been wrong, there must be a transcendent law that is above us. If there is a transcendent law above us, there must be a Ruler who is above us. That Ruler is God and we are all accountable to Him.”

One individual asked how the death of the innocent (Christ), instead of the guilty (sinners), could satisfy justice. Doesn’t justice require the death of the guilty? I was able to explain to him the difference between retributive justice and public justice. Retributive justice is rewarding or punishing according to moral character. Since Christ was innocent and did not deserve to die, and those who deserve to die are forgiven, retributive justice is by no means satisfied in the atonement of Christ. Public justice however is satified in the atonement of Christ. Public justice is the promotion of the well-being of a kingdom through law and punishment. God’s laws are designed to promote the well-being of all. The punishment of the guilty is designed to uphold and enforce those laws, lest the rest of the kingdom be encouraged disobey and the law falls into dishonor and disrepect. As a Ruler, God could not pardon mankind or set aside our punishment unless He provided a substitute or a replacement for our punishment. Something needed to take the place of eternal hell which would just as equally reveals to His kingdom His regard for His law, just as the eternal punishment of sinners would have revealed. God could only pardon the guilty if a blood atonement is made which vindicates and honors His law, which declares to all the hosts of Heaven that God will not overlook sin, that God does take His law seriously. Public justice was certainly satisfied in the atonement of Christ. The atonement of Christ, as a substitute for the eternal punishment of the guilty, reveals to the moral universe that God values His law and will uphold it, just as equally as the eternal punishment of sinners would have. The blood atonement of Christ is a perfect substitute for the eternal punishment of hell fire for sinners. Now God is able to pardon mankind without encouraging the rest of His kingdom, all the hosts of Heaven, to disobey and disrepect His law. God cannot safely forgive if it means dishonoring His law and encouraging rebellion throughout His Kingdom of moral beings. But now that a substitute has been offered, a replacement for the eternal torment of sinners, God can safely pardon mankind when they repent and believe. God can turn from His wrath because a sacrifice has been offered. God’s wrath can pass over instead of being poured out because of the passover Lamb.

Some of the students thought that they might hinder the preaching if they circle around the preacher. That however never works. All it does it draw more attention to the scene and usually helps to draw us a bigger crowd. As they circled around, I continued to preach. And as they finally left, I continued to preach.




The crowd was abnormally calm and quite when I was preaching. They listened and considered what I had to say. “If sin was good for you, God would tell you to go and sin. But God tells you not to sin, therefore sin must not be good for you.” I also explained how God cannot let sinners into Heaven unless they forsake their rebellion. Heaven will be Heaven because there will be no sin there, there will only be love and obedience there. If God let sinners into Heaven, they would ruin the place. God can never let sinners out of hell because they can never be trusted. Hell will never reform them, they will only harden their hearts even more, growing more wicked as eternity rolls on. But a good God has to have a hell if He loves and cares about His universe. Every good judge will send criminals to prison, even for life, in order to protect the community. God is so good, and cares so much about His universe, that He has created a prison called hell for all sinners who refuse to change their ways. They crowd actually seemed to understand the reasonableness of God’s ways.




Downtown Fayetteville on Friday and Saturday night is a hot spot for all of the college students in the area. We were passing through Arkansas to get to Texas and decided that we might as well stop and do some preaching. Since we couldn’t make it out to a campus, the next best thing was the late night bars and clubs. The preaching was hard and heavy and therefore got their attention. At many times that night they circled around to listen, mock, and ask questions. It is hard to compete with the bars and the clubs, but sometimes we can do it. We warned them about the judgment to come, telling them to get their lives ready by coming to the Lord Jesus Christ.


I first started preaching in a dark part of Texas called “Deep Ellum” in Dallas about six years ago. Since I am no longer living in Texas, I do not regularly get a chance to preach in there. But since we arrived in Texas on a Saturday, we were able to go out that night for some open air preaching.


With our sandwich boards on, we went out to preach the message of repentance and faith. The first group that we ran into calls themselves “punks”. They were gathered outside a club called “The Prophet” to listen to a punk band that was in town. As soon as we started preaching, there was hostility. They started pushing us around, spitting in our faces, throwing bottles at us, and even destroyed two of our sandwich boards. Dispite all of this hostility and rage, we continued to faithfully preach the Lord Jesus Christ. Though the world might hate us, we must continue to love them. And Jesus said, “as many as I love, I rebuke and chasten”. This will be a night that we will never forget and I doubt if the punks will ever forget it either.


DSC00427 DSC00440

DSC00426 DSC00496

When we first started to preach, I was a little worried about whether we were going to draw in a crowd. Many students just continued to walk by as we were preaching. Eventually one or two people stopped. As I had a dialog back and forth them with, a crowd started to form. Before long, we had a crowd of at least a hundred. The meeting was going great when all of the sudden it started to rain heavily. The crowd dispersed and we went into the Student Union until the rained stopped. It was not long until the skies cleared up again and we were able to preach again. Since it was already getting later into the afternoon, and we already lost a crowd, I thought we might have problems pulling another crowd together. But sure enough, after faithfully preaching the Word, a crowd did form again. They gathered around us as we named sin and preached Jesus Christ, the Savior from sin. Though it may seem that many times people are not interested in spiritual matters, my experience proves otherwise. These students will discuss spiritual (and carnal) issues for hours and hours.




About four years ago, I was removed from the TJC campus for trying to preach the Gospel. Ever since then I have looked for good places that are technically off campus where I could preach. There is a public street that runs right in front of the student union and technology center. This spot is ideal for preaching because there is a good amount of foot traffic during the class change and plenty of room for students to gather. After preaching for a little while, a crowd gathered and the meeting came to life.


One student said, “It is not your place to judge.” I responded with, “Why did God give you a conscience? It was so that you could judge between right and wrong. Of course you are supposed to judge.” I inquired, “Are school shootings wrong?” The studented said, “yes”. I sarcastically said, “Well, who are you to judge? You just said that school shooters are wrong.” I think the student saw my point.

Another person asked, “What good are you doing?” I responded with, “Well, we are providing an open forum for students to come and talk about the Bible. They are free to ask any questions that they might have, or to pose any challenges or objections to Christianity. And these are the types of questions and objections which they would be too afraid to ask in a Church. This is an open discussion, an open debate, and it is a very good thing.”



The “University of Texas” campuses all require student sponsorship in order to exercise free speech on the public campus. Amazingly, the UT schools have even been able to win that issue in court. Therefore we find locations off campus where we could gather a crowd of students. As long as we preach on the public side walk, and not the public campus, we do not have to worry about being arrested for trespassing for exercising our religion and utilizing free speech.

A few years ago I found one spot on the surrounding sidewalk, underneath a nice tree that provides shade, where we could preach. I have preached there before without any problems. But this time Police Officers arrived. They said that it was still technically part of the campus, even though the sidewalk is running parallel with the public street. Rather then trying to argue this point, I decided to move to the main entrance. I knew for sure that I could preach there without Police problems. Using a large gospel banner, we were able to draw a crowd there very quick.



One girl inquired, “Is this really effective?” I answered, “Well, we get people to stop and listen to us for extended periods of time. Many of them are the type of people who would never go to Church, who wouldn’t even listen to a single song on a Christian radio station, yet they will listen to our hell fire & Jesus preaching for hours and even days. We are getting them to think about and discuss the Bible when they normally would not. I think that is effective.”

The issue of abortion came up on campus. Some of the students argued, “It is only a fetus, not a human being.” I responded with, “I am a fetus that grew up. I am a large fetus.” “As a former fetus, I’m against abortion.” I continued to preach by saying, “I’m glad your mother chose life.” One student argued, “The fetus cannot survive on its own. Therefore we can kill it.” I responded with, “Many college students cannot survive on their own. Many of you have your parents paying for your college. Not even a one year old can survive on its own. Until you are old enough to get a full time job, you cannot support yourself and survive on your own. Besides, many old people cannot feed themselves either. Just because a person cannot survive on their own does not mean that you have the right to kill them.”







This is just a sneak preview of the outreaches we have been having on TSU.
Be sure to check out next months email newsletter.


Click on the link to the video you want to view:

You can also subscribe to my YouTube videos, that way YouTube will notify you everytime a new video is uploaded. Many more videos are coming soon.

Hello Jesse,
I wanted to say that you are an encouragement and your faithfulness to preaching is challenging….
Blessings to you brother

At a city park today in Asheville a young Spanish man named Jesse walked up, and he was telling me how real Christians repent and stop sinning and walk in holiness,I was impressed ,told his sister was at bele chere ,saw a preacher in the crowd with a sign, she came home and told Jesse her brother,Jesse said he wished he was there so he could have stood by that preacher,I said that preacher emailed me and his first name is Jesse too, we went to Utube and watched your video at bele chere.

Let me start by saying that I fully support your ministry and pray for you regularly. Thank you for what you do….  Again and again I would walk away from a video thinking, it is the crowd who is creating their own hostility, the message is solid as a rock. The message is right, the message is powerful, the message is of God…. I really feel  God doing a work in my own life concerning a lot of issues. You guys have helped me understand intellectually what my heart was already confirming in many ways concerning many spiritual things. So thank you… I am sure I have taken up your time, but just know that you are making a
difference, in ways you may never fully comprehend this side of heaven….

Hi Jesse,
I never email anyone like this, but I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. The holy spirit shines through you and I love watching your videos. My dad recommended your open air preaching videos to me and I love them. He said he has emailed you a couple of questions and highly respects your in-depth knowledge, love and patience. It seems as though most people reject and mock your message, but I just want you to know that people like me listen to them and say “amen” after everything you say. Your boldness, faith and courage are so commendable. After hearing all the heckling and mocking you endure, I just had to email you to tell you what an excellent job you’re doing, and praise God for you. God bless,



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