Newsletter Archive: Open Air Street Preaching in Canada & Holiness Conference – 8/27/2009

For many years, the newsletters for Open Air Outreach were only published through email. Those newsletters were not posted online. We are now in the process of archiving these old newsletters online so that they are available to the body of Christ at large to read and be encouraged and edified by them.

The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 8/27/2009


New Gospel Tract & Open Air DVD
Jesse Morrell
Aug 27, 2009

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We had a great deal of outreaches to this sports bar when I was in Texas. We have gone so regularly to this bar that one of the bouncers came up to me to congradulate me on my new baby! He heard somehow that I recently became a father.
On the last outreach that I was a part of we had a new member join the team. An intern from Teen Mania had heard about the ministry and was interested in coming out. He greatly enjoyed the outreach. He talked to people and even held a banner! It is always a blessing to see more Christians becoming active in evangelism.
There were other professing Christians who saw our banners from a custard shop and came over to talk to us. Some of them said that what we were doing was not loving. I have never understood this point of view. How is it not loving to warn people that they are on their way to hell and that their only hope is Jesus Christ? What would love do? Would love be silent and let men continue on their sins as they march towards destruction? No! Love would warn the wicked to turn from their sins and be reconciled unto God through Jesus Christ.
Another Christian saw what was going on and came over to see the action. He said that he didn’t have any problem with what we were doing. Then after I started preaching, he said that my voice sounded familiar. Then he realized that he had seen some of my YouTube videos! I had never met this man before in my life and yet, through the internet, he had heard my preaching months before we randomly met on the street.
During the outreach we had a video camera. This helps to protect us from the sinners and from the Police. Somebody complained about the camera and so we were approached by the Police. They said that they didn’t want us to film anyone. I was able to negotiate with them, saying that we would only film the members of our team. They were satisfied with that. That way, those who complained about being video taped were satisfied and our purpose for having a camera is still being fulfilled.
One women at this bar said that she was a Christian and her father was a pastor. Actually what she said was, “MY FATHER IS A PASTOR AND HE IS OK WITH ME F____ING HIM” as she pointed to her boyfriend. While I would doubt if her father ever verbally said, “it is OK”, he may have given her the “OK” with his silence. When a person knows that sin is going on and they do not say anything against it, they are in effect approving of it. But then again, maybe this pastor did tell his daughter that it was ok to fornicate. We even have homosexual pastors in our day of apostacy.
Many of the people going into the bar to get drunk said they were Christians, said they went to Church and would quote to us Bible passages. They also new the names of Christian musician artists. This is the sad result of Churches preaching forgiveness without repentance. People preach that you are saved from the wrath of God if you simply believe in Jesus, saying that you do not need to forsake your sin. The result is that the Church is now full of hypocrites! If we say that we are Christians, we ought to follow Christ! And Christ lived a life of holiness or obedience, not a life of sinfulness or disobedience. Only those who choose to “go and sin no more” are truly followers of Christ, only they are truly Christians.
While we were open air preaching, a crowd on the patio gathered and lined the fence to listen and heckle. Hecklers will often try to say things to make you look stupid or to make the crowd laugh at you. Sometimes it is good to give them a witty response back because it silences them. Once they are silenced, you are free to preach without interruption. One heckler said, “I had sex with your wife last night”. This was not very clever but the crowd did laugh. I responded, “I know you didn’t have sex with my wife last night.” He said, “how do you know?” I said, “Because she doesn’t have any STD’s.” The crowd laughed, he laughed, and then he was silent. I was able to keep preaching.
I had the blessing of being sent to a week long apologetic conference in IL this summer. A friend of mine paid my way. I thought that this would be a good opportunity for me to learn some more content to bring with me on campus for the next year. As I was traveling to the conference, I was waiting at a train station. With over an hour to spare I decided to go out into the streets and do some open air preaching.
I began to preach in the streets in front of the train station as many people were walking in and out the building. I wondered how many different States and even Countries everyone was from.  Thousands of people were walking by from all over the world! And the acoustics were very good as my voice could bounce off the building.
There was a crowd of Navy men standing on the street as I was preaching. They listened to what I was saying and then said, “AMEN”. But after I started to preach against strip clubs and drunkenness, they no longer liked my preaching!
After preaching about 30 minutes I had a crowd of about 100 people! The sidewalk became PACKED! I admit that it was hard for people to pass by because of the size of the crowd. The security from the Train Station came out and told me that I had to leave. They insisted that I was on private property. When I took out my video camera and asked them if I was on private or public property, they ran away! I continued to preach until I had to catch my train.
Photobucket Photobucket
When I first came to Dallas years ago this was the location I had originally started open air preached at in the city. Lots of people wait for different buses in this park type area. In the past I have had a lot of problems with the Police. They insist that this is private property. It probably is privately owned, but it is open to the public. This time the Police saw our banner and heard our preaching but did not bother us! We were able to preach to the crowds waiting for the bus without any problems at all!
Before I started traveling full time, Sundance Square was a regular location I used to preach at. I had not been back to this location for a number of years. I was excited about being back there! The crowds on a Friday and Saturday night are always diverse. You will see teenagers, young adults, middle aged adults, and even elderly people. The area has bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, concerts, book stores, etc. That is why the crowds are so diverse. It is very different from preaching at a location that is all bars and clubs.
We preached late into the night. One Christian saw what we were doing and was absolutely thrilled by it! He stayed with us all night long as we preached. Others, who professed to be Christians, didn’t like that we were preaching “stop sinning”. But what is the alternative? Keep sinning? Certainly Jesus Christ preached “stop sinning” when he said “go and sin no more”. Unless a sinner determines to stop his rebellion against God, God will not forgive him. God does not give anyone a license to sin, which is why God only forgives those who forsake their sins.
A friend of mine for many years is the Pastor of a youth group in Garden Valley. The youth group is a fairly good size. He knew I was in the area and asked me to come and speak. I spoke to the group about “God’s Heart For A Holy People”. It was a powerful and anointed message.
The video of this sermon can be viewed online:

God’s Heart For A Holy People

On our way to Kentucky to visit our friends, we had a flat tire on the 5th wheel again! We have no idea how old these tires are since they came with the 5th wheel when we bought it. I am assuming that they are old since they keep bursting. This time I was prepared. I changed the tire myself and had us back on the road in a little over an hour. Our friends in Kentucky also helped us replace two of the tires with new ones. I had a friend in Texas who helped me replace the two other tires with new ones. Now our 5th wheel has all new tires, thanks to the body of Christ, and we are ready for our tour!
During our time in Kentucky we were able to take a banner and a bullhorn to a busy round about and preach the Gospel to a small town. A small town like that has probably never seen anything like it. We were able to preach the Gospel loud and clear without any problems at all. The Sheriff even walked by us and waved! Praise God!
Photobucket Photobucket
I was honored with the opportunity to speak at “THE FIRE OF HIS HOLINESS: A Call To Repentance” Crusade. I was told that there were around 42 Churches represented. The night services had around 700-800 people in attendance! That is very good considering that this is a repentance / holiness crusade!
I preached a message about repentance that the Lord burdened on my heart. I explained how God will only turn from His anger if sinners turn from their sins. God will only repent of our punishment if we repent of our transgressions. There is no forgiveness without repentance!
The video of this message is available online:
I also was able to preach a message on the atonement of Christ and how it relates to repentance. The atonement of Christ is a substitute for our penalty of eternal hell so that our penalty could be remitted by God’s grace and mercy. It is by hearing the truth of the atonement, by encountering the truth of what Jesus Christ has done for us, that we are brought to repentance. It is by hearing about the cross of Christ that men are brought to submission and surrender. And it is only because of the cross of Christ that God can pardon those who repent and believe. Any atonement view that makes repentance void or unnecessary is a false atonement view.
The video of this message is available online:
I also had the blessing of speaking to a local Church while I was in the area. I spoke on “Holiness of Heart”. I rebuked the modern day Gnosticism which says that you cannot live a holy life, life free from sin, or life morally perfect, until you get a glorified body. I explained how we could sanctify our bodies and use them for the service of God instead of for the service of sin. Holiness is not having a new body, it is having a new heart! Holiness is a matter of the heart. I taught that Jesus Christ said, “be perfect” and He meant it! God really does want us to “go and sin no more”.
The video of this sermon is available online:

During my time in Canada I was asked to speak to a International Bible Study. Most of the students are from Africa but some are from other countries like China. I was specifically asked to lead a discussion on the book of Jude. I taught from Jude 1-4.
Verse 1 says that Jude was a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I taught that we are supposed to be servants of God, God is not our servant! A true Christian is one who serves Jesus Christ, instead of serving self or serving sin. I also taught that God is worthy to be served, not merely because He is the most powerful being in the Universe, but because He is loving and benevolent! God’s moral character qualifies Him or makes Him worthy of our service.
Verse 1 also says that we are sanctified. I explained how sanctification is not something we should put off until glorification! It is something we can have here and now. I also explained how the Christian life is not a life of hypocrisy but a life of holiness!
Verse 3 teaches that we must defend the faith. That is because the faith is under attack and because the faith is valuable! The truth is more valuable than unity! Unity is only valuable when we are united under the truth! But the truth is worth contending for when we need to!
Verse 4 says that the faith is under attack by mean teaching that God’s grace is essentially a license to sin. Men who teach that the grace of God gives us an occasion to indulge our flesh. Instead of teaching that God’s grace is something which changes our moral character (Romans 6:14;Titus 2:11), these false teachers say that because of God’s grace sinners are accepted as they are in their selfishness and sin. In doing this, they deny the Lordship of God and the Lordship of Christ. This verse is saying that false teachers will come into the Church, who will say that Jesus Christ can be your Savior without being your Lord! These men are still in the Church today!
When we arrived downtown we noticed that there was a music concert being held in a park area for all the workers while they were on their lunch break. We walked around the area with our banner and passed out tracts. At first I thought it might be a homosexual event because I saw a man walking around in drag and another women with a sign that had homosexual symbols on it. But I think that was just normal downtown Winnipeg for ya!
This is a friend of mine, Rotimi, who is from Nigeria. I met him at the International Bible Study. He had heard about the type of ministry that we do and wanted to come out with me. He jumped right into the ministry and walked around with the “TURN TO JESUS AND LIVE” banner! As soon as we lifted up the banner many people began to read it. Those walking by, those in their cars, those inside the buildings, were all reading the banner! Winnipeg is not used to seeing ministry like this!
jesse morrell bullhorn guy Photobucket
We both took turns preaching the Gospel to those walking by and waiting for the bus. We stood at a very busy spot in front of  the mall where a lot of buses come through every ten minutes.
Rotimi did a great job preaching. “Turn to Jesus today. Choose Jesus Christ today. Life is all about choices.” I thought that his emphasis on Jesus Christ and on human responsibility was very good.
I wondered if anyone would try to shut us down because we were in front of the mall and because we had a bullhorn. But the security walked passed us and later watched us and did nothing. Actually one of the security guards said that he liked our banner! Two Police officers even walked by us and left us alone! We had free reign to preach the Gospel!
I am leaving today to go to Los Angeles California. I will be in LA from August 27th – Sept. 3rd. Please pray for me as I plan on preaching on the streets and the beaches while I am there. Pray that God will give me strength to preach the full Gospel. If anyone is in the LA area and would like to connect while I am there, you can either call me or email me.
Cell phone: 203-444-1912
These dates and locations are subject to change
July 17th-19th Canonsburg, PA 
July 20th or 25th driving time to CANADA
July 26th-Aug 27th Winnipeg, MB Canada
Aug. 27th-Sep.3th  Los Angeles California
Sep.5th-12th Duluth, Minnesota
Sep.13th-19th Eau Claire Wisconsin , Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sep. 20th-26th Grand Island, Nebraska
Sep. 27th-Oct.3rd Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Oct.4th-10th Kentucky
Oct. 11th-17th Atlanta, GA
Oct. 18th-24th Madison, AL
Oct. 25th-31th Madison, AL
Nov. 1th-7th Tallahassee, FL
Nov. 8th-14th Tallahassee, FL
Nov. 15th-21th Tampa, FL 
Nov. 22nd-28th Tampa, FL 
Nov. 29th-Dec. 5th Tampa, FL 
Dec. 6th-12th Tampa, FL – No Classes
Dec. 13th-19th Grandpa
Dec. 20th-26th Grandpa
Dec. 27th- Jan 2nd Miami, FL- NO CLASSES
Jan 3rd-9th  Miami, FL
Jan. 10th-16th West Palm Beach
Jan. 17th-23rd Orlando, FL
Jan. 24th-30th Daytona Beach, FL
Jan. 31th-Feb.7  Daytona Beach, FL
Feb. 7th-13th Jacksonville, FL
Feb. 14th-20th Jacksonville, FL
Feb. 21st-27th Gainesville Florida
Feb. 28th-Mar.6th Charleston or Columbia, SC
Mar. 7th-13th Charlotte, NC
Mar. 14th-20th “SB” Chapel Hill, NC/ Virgina Beach/ Meartle Beach?
Mar. 21st-27th Richmond, VA
Mar. 28th-Apr.3rd Bridgewater, VA
Apr. 4th -10th Washington, MD
If you have a place where we could park and hook up our 5th wheel, or if you would like to connect and fellowship, please email us at:
Taking the Gospel where it belongs
This three hour double disk DVD contains open air preaching footage from multiple University campuses all across America. Through this DVD you will be encouraged and equipped for the important task of soul winning. Watch as some of the most common questions are asked and as the Gospel is presented in a clear and simple way.
PRICE: $10
For a while now I have wanted to write a Gospel tract that had good doctrine and a good Gospel presentation. Many of the Gospel tracts I have seen have had a bad atonement view, do not emphasis repentance, etc. For that reason we are going to be making this tract available in October.
Gospel Tract front side
Gospel Tract backside
While trying to preach in New Haven Connecticut back in 2004, I was threatened with arrested and bullied by Police Officers. I filed a lawsuit through the Alliance Defense Fund which has finally come to a settlement. We recieved an injunction which protects me from being arrested in the future. I also received $1.00 in damages. And my attornies made $25,000 in attorney fees. I hope that this will cause the Officers to think twice in the future before trying to remove someone’s constitutional rights. 


Click on the link of the video you wish to watch 


God’s Heart For A Holy People

Holiness Crusade – Call to Repentance…

Holiness Crusade – Atonement of Christ…

Christian Perfection – Holiness of Heart…


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God Gave Us Free Will & Conscience


Jesse Morrell

I remember taking shots of rum when I was eleven years old, in the 5th grade.

I remember when I wanted to grow up to be a bartender, according to my 5th grade year book.

I remember my first cigarette when I was twelve, in the 6th grade, and stealing packs from the local corner store.

I remember regularly getting drunk and high in the 7th grade.

I remember being suspended the second day of school my 8th grade year.

I remember that I started selling drugs in 8th grade when I was only fourteen years old.

I remember when the popular kids from High School started picking me up from Middle School to hang out.

I remember going to my first “Seniors Keg Party” when I was in the 8th grade.

I remember not being allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony of my middle school because I had been suspended 39 times that year.

I remember hating the goody goodies.

I remember being involved with many girls (around 20 or so), but never having any real relationship.

I remember the first time I tripped acid, the first time I smoked meth, the first time I popped ecstasy, the first time I got wet on PCP, the first time I smoked crack, and the first time I mixed crack with PCP.

I remember huffing on glade bottles to get high.

I remember making myself pass out and go into seizures for a buzz.

I remember getting into 22 different fist fights before I was even 16 years old. I remember fighting 5 guys in their 20’s when I was only 15 and winning. I also remember badly losing a few. I remember getting my head bashed into a brick wall, knocking me down and giving me a concussion.

I remember how my knuckles were always broken and swollen because of the frequent fights.

I remember when I seriously considered murdering a group of people I had been fighting with.

I remember breaking into my friends grandmothers house for drug money.

I remember stealing thousands of dollars from my friends younger brother.

I remember being involved in robbing houses, check frauds, etc.

I remember when the FBI was investigating some of the check frauds I had been a part of.

I remember stealing drugs from the Latin Kings. I remember when I was locked up with my dealer and he found out I used to steal his drugs…

I remember when my life’s ambitions consisted of starting and running a drug and crime empire.

I remember jumping kids we didn’t even know and beating them badly, for absolutely no reason other than boredom.

I remember being charged with my first felony when I was a freshman in high school, for using a glass bottle in a fight.

I remember stealing the badge of the Police Sergeant after getting drunk with his daughter.
I remember being on probation and going to my drug tests on drugs.

I remember getting my family evicted out of our apartment because of my frequent parties.

I remember thinking that I was cool when I was marched through the high school hall way in handcuffs to be brought to jail.

I remember the first time I woke up in a jail cell. It wasn’t cool.

I remember being locked up three times my freshmen year, being released from jail only to be brought back a few days later.

I remember being on house arrest 3 times. I remember telling my mother I was going out for a cigarette, when I was on house arrest, and coming home a few days later.

I remember teaching a 14 year old how to sell drugs and how to smoke crack.

I remember getting my neck slit in a knife fight, leaving a permanent scar.

I remember being investigated by the Police, telling them lies, and then reading those lies in the newspaper the next day.

I remember stealing money from a multimillionaire.

I remember when I was facing a possible 5-10 years in prison because of another pending felony charge.

I remember all the pain, anger, and hurt that I had in my heart.

I remember being evil and wicked.

I remember when I forsook all of my sins, when Jesus Christ saved my soul and transformed my heart, so that I was a new man by the time I was 16.

I remember being banned from the Christian Bible Study at High School because of giving out gospel tracts.

I remember dropping out of school and getting a full time job in a factory at 16, then passing a test and being rewarded a diploma by 17.

I remember when I began street preaching when I was 18.

I remember starting full time ministry when I was 20.

I remember being banned from a lot of different ministries for teaching repentance and holiness.

I remember getting married when I was 21.

I remember having a daughter when I was 24.

I remember preaching the Gospel all across America.


Jesse Morrell

When discussing issues like crime and punishment, we must ask the questions, “What is the purpose of laws, or, why is crime bad?” and “What is the purpose of penalties?” These are foundational questions relating to government, both human civil government and God’s moral government, that we should think about.

Laws are for the good of the community. Laws protect and promote the rights and welfare of the citizens. The purpose of law is to promote well-being. Crime is bad because it is at odds with the public well-being.  Punishments uphold the law. If the law is violated, disobedience would be encouraged in the community unless the disobedient are punished. Even Jesus Christ suffered capital punishment on the cross in order to maintain and support the law of God which we violated! The law of God was so important that the blood of Christ had to be shed when it was violated! Likewise, human life is so valuable, “thou shalt not murder” is so valuable, that the blood of the criminal needs to be shed when it is violated. Punishment must give an expression of the value of the law, or else the law is not being properly vindicated and the object that the law seeks to protect is not being properly valued.

Someone said to me online that we should love our enemies and therefore we should not want capital punishment. I answered, “I wouldn’t want my enemies to live in a community where someone could murder them without facing capital punishment. Their life is not being fully protected or valued if someone could take their life without losing their own. Therefore because I love my enemies, I want capital punishment in our society.” We would live in a much better society if capital punishment was threatened and executed when it ought to be.

He also objected to capital punishment because it does not reform the criminal and, he argued, the purpose of punishment is to reform the criminal. He went on to say that if we do not punish criminals in order to reform them, than our motive for punishing them must simply be revenge. I answered, “The purpose of punishment is not to reform the criminal. The purpose of punishment is to discourage others from doing likewise. The punishment must also declare the value of the law that was violated. Life is very valuable and therefore laws protecting life are valuable. Therefore when someone murderers another person, the only adequate expression of the value of the law they violated is to take their own life. Anything less is being unjust to the law, the community, and the victim. Punishments almost never reform the criminal. That is not their purpose. The purpose of penalties is to express the value of the law, to prevent crime by discouraging others, to protect the innocent. The purpose of penalties is not to reform the criminal. The penalty of the law is not supposed to be executed for the sake of personal revenge, nor to gratify the feelings of the victims or the relatives of the victim. The penalty of the law is supposed to be executed to protect the community by upholding the law. Crimes are not prosecuted as personal revenge, they are prosecuted for the sake of a community. We can forgive criminals, but the law cannot.”

It is very important for us to have a proper understanding of the purpose of laws and the purpose of penalties. Studying the moral government of God has helped me to understand this. God sends sinners to hell for all of eternity. Therefore the purpose of punishment must not be to reform the criminal. It must be to uphold the law, to discourage sin, to declare the value of the precept, to protect the community, etc. Penalties are to be executed upon violators in order to maintain the authority and influence of the law, so that the law does not fall into contempt, so that crime is not encouraged, so that the public welfare is not endangered.

He also objected to capital punishment, calling it murder which is forbidden by the law of God. I answered, “Murder is the shedding of innocent blood. Some people deserve to die and for the government to take their life, it is not murder. Right after God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses He commanded Joshua to take the life, or to kill, entire communities. The reason God said was because they were wicked people. It was not murder for Joshua to take their life because they deserved to die. Murder is the shedding of innocent blood, like abortion.”

Human life is not being valued when it can be taken by a person without facing capital punishment. The law which forbids murder is not being properly upheld if a person can commit murder without facing capital punishment. Murder is not being properly discouraged if it can be committed without capital punishment as the consequence. A community is not being properly protected or valued if murder can be committed without the execution of capital punishment upon the offender. As long as murders are committed, it is right and just for the government to execute capital punishment. The government is obligated to do so. To do any less would be wrong and unjust.




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