Newsletter Archive: Preaching to Senator Al Franken at a Gay Pride Parade – 9/24/2009

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The contents from this post was an email newsletter sent out on 9/24/2009


We Preached To Senator Al Franken!
Jesse Morrell
Sep 24, 2009

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Standing outside of the Metro area with a sandwich board on I preached the Gospel loud and clear. One man came out of the metro, read the sandwich board, and immediately came up to me for prayer. The sandwich board had a list of different types of sinners such as “drunkards” “fornicators” and “masturbators” and then said “Hell Awaits You”. He said that he was on the list and that he was going to hell and wanted me to pray for him to be saved.




After talking with this man for a little while I realized that he was putting all the responsibility upon God. He wanted God to do for him what God has told him to do! Instead of choosing to overcome sin, he simply wanted God to make him overcome sin. Since sin is our choice, our choice must be involved in overcoming it! He also wanted God to take away his temptations, to force him walk in holiness, etc. I explained to him that it was ultimately his choice. God has put the responsibility upon him. God will help him make the right choices, but God will not make the right choices for him. I think it is important for people to understand that a holy life is not the absence of temptation, but it is choosing to overcome temptation. Jesus Christ was tempted yet Jesus Christ was holy because Jesus Christ chose to overcome temptation. We can choose to overcome sin under the influence of the Holy Spirit. God will convict us and correct us but we must choose to make the changes. When the temptation to commit that sin again comes before us, it is up to us to make the right choice. If we live unholy it is not God’s fault, it is our own fault because it is our own choice.


When I prayed for him I said something like this, “God, I pray that this man will choose to surrender himself completely to you. I pray that you will convict him by his conscience and lead him by the Holy Spirit, so that He will choose to obey you and walk in your ways. I pray that he will make the choice to repent of all of his sins and to trust in your Son Jesus Christ. Once he has done that, I pray that you will forgive him.” He thanked me very much.




I know that some street preachers are against the idea of using sandwich boards in evangelism. I however believe that they are a great tool which we can use to grab the attention of the public and get the Gospel message to them. If we absolutely say, “Sandwich boards are not good to use” we are not only mistaken, but we are really limiting ourselves from something that God can use to save souls. This story of the man who came out of the Metro, read the sandwich board, and immediately wanted prayer for deliverance and salvation is a perfect example of how God is able and willing to use sandwich boards for the cause of His Kingdom.




As I was out preaching I saw the star on the sidewalk that said, “Sean Diddy Colmes”. He is a rap music producer. I decided to make it a point to preach against gangster rap music while standing on his star. That type of music glorifies sex, drugs, and violence. It has certainly had a negative impact upon our society, contributing to the wickedness of our culture. What is particularly disturbing is how popular this music is with younger and younger generations. I know that under the influence of rap music I started to sell drugs when I was 14 years old. The influence of that type of music over my own choices nearly destroyed my life. These rappers, producers, and distributors are making a fortune by corrupting the youth and leading people to hell. It was a great joy for me to preach against rap music standing on this scum bags Hollywood star. It is a shame that Hollywood will mock at Jesus Christ, who has forever changed the world for the better, and will glorify a man like Sean Colmes, who is contributing to and leading the delinquency of our youth.




Over the years I have preached at a lot of different types of places. Out of all the places I have preached, the places I have found where you can draw the best crowds would be campuses and beaches. I had heard that at Venice Beach we were sure to get some hecklers. And that means we were sure to draw a crowd.





Many of the people that go to Venice Beach seem to be of the “tough” sort. Many of the men walked around with tattoos all over their bodies, people were publicly promoting marijuana, etc. Yet out of the thousands of people that we preached to, only two of them actually threatened me with physical violence. I thought that was pretty good. One man seemed to seriously be contemplating attacking me and so my friend decided to offer to take him out for a bit to eat. He was a young homeless man who was probably hungry and so he took him up on the offer. After that, he still threatened me with violence but never actually did anything. I was very grateful for my friend.





Even while we were preaching, Police pulled up to the area and arrested somebody. I do not know who they arrested or why they arrested them. It was completely unrelated to our preaching. But this gives you an understanding as to what type of area Venice Beach really is. It is a very dark and wicked place with all types of sinful people everywhere. It is precisely the type of place that we should be going to preach the Gospel!




When I look for a location to preach open air there are always a few things I look for. At this beach I was looking for a quiet place, in the shade, with lots of people walking by, away from the vendors, preferable with elevation to stand on. It needed to be quiet because I was open air preaching without amplification. It needed to be in the shade because people will rarely stand around and listen to you very long if they are in the hot sun. The heat can take a lot of energy out of the preacher as well. It needed to be in a populated area because our object is to gain listeners for the Gospel. It needed to be away from the vendors because they are usually the first to call the Police and complain when they think you are annoying or will hurt their business. And elevation always helps in drawing a crowd because they can clearly see that you are there. It also helps in addressing the crowd because you are able to talk to everyone.


I found one location that met all of the qualifications I was looking for. It was a bleacher type wall right next to some basket ball courts. I began straight forward preaching saying things like “Out here there is a lot of SIN, SIN, SIN. God see’s it and He’s ANGRY! God is calling you to REPENT of your sins. God is going to JUDGE your life!  But Jesus Christ DIED for YOUR SINS! You can have the mercy of God through Jesus Christ if you give up your sins and come to Christ.” After preaching for a while we were able to draw a good size crowd. I warned them about the eternal consequences of their sin and how they could be saved from them through Jesus Christ if they will repent and believe.


After a little while I thought it might be good to find another location to preach. Even though it was a fairly good area I thought that there might be a better location. After scoping out the battlefield we found a shady and busy area that had plenty of room to draw a crowd, not many vendors, a wall for my voice to echo off of, a hill for me to stand on, and some benches and a wall for a crowd to sit on. We preached two days in this location. Wearing a sandwich board it was not very hard to draw a crowd. Many would stop to read the list of different types of sinners and then I would ask them, “Are you on this list?” Once a dialog was started a crowd would gather. At one point many of those in the crowd were just sitting on the grass listening very peacefully.






Two local Bible students had heard that we were going to be out preaching at the Beach and came out to see us the second day. They sat on the wall and listened as I confronted sin and preached the Gospel. Afterwards we fellowshipped and they said that they were encouraged by the ministry. I was very pleased that our ministry was having an impact on the local Christians, especially those from a local Bible College!




When I first became interested in open air preaching many years ago I watched a video of a man preaching at UCLA. I always thought that it looked like a great place to preach. I was very excited that I had an opportunity to preach there now myself for the first time.




We had preached all weekend at the Beach and now we were on the campus. One group of men walked by and said, “Hey, that’s the same guy!” Then they shouted to me, “Are you going to be at the Beach again this weekend?” They had seen and heard us preaching at the beach and now they were seeing and hearing us preaching on their campus. We were having a continued influence in their lives.




I had preached for a good amount of time without getting much of a reaction from the students. It wasn’t until I brought up the topic of atheism that some students stopped and engaged me. I said, “This is supposed to be a University, a place of education, and yet we even have atheists on this campus!” This provoked one atheist to stop and say, “But you don’t have any proof that there is a god!” I said, “Yes I do! The proof of the infinite is the existence of the finite! Anything that has a beginning needs a cause. Anything that is not self-existent is an effect. The finite, that which has had a beginning or is not self-existent, needs to have a cause. The first cause must be infinite, it must be self-existent. If the first cause was not self-existent, it would need a cause itself. That first cause, which is eternal or self-existent, is God! And since effects cannot be greater than their cause, God cannot be some impersonal, unconscious, unintelligent thing or else we are greater than God!” In atheism, nothing created everything. I said, “The only thing that nothing can create is nothing.” Even after this the atheist said, “There is no proof that there is a god! Christianity is foolish!” and he walked away. That just goes to show that either 1. He didn’t understand what I said. 2. He didn’t listen to what I said. 3. He heard it and understood it but he just didn’t like it. I have found that the problem with atheists is typically not an intellectual problem, but a moral problem. They are usually sinners who just want to live however they want to live, without any moral restraint put upon them by a transcendent God.




One student asked me, “If everything needs a cause, who caused God?” I said, “Not everything needs a cause. Only what is not self-existent needs a cause. Only what has beginning needs a cause. Only an effect needs a cause. God is not an effect, God did not have a beginning, God is self-existent, and therefore God does not need a cause. God and God alone is the only adequate first cause of everything.” The first cause cannot have a cause, because if it had a cause, it would not be the first cause. The first cause must be without cause, and therefore the first cause must be without beginning since everything with a beginning needs a cause. The First Cause is eternal, infinite, or self-existent.


It is very common for atheists to either misunderstand or misrepresent the cause and effect argument. To say, “If everything needs a cause” is to misrepresent the cause and effect argument since not everything does need a cause. Only what is finite, what is not self-existent, or what had beginning needs a cause.  And to ask “who caused God” clearly shows that a person does not understand the cause and effect argument. The First Cause needs no cause and cannot have a cause.





I also spoke about the moral objections I have to Barak Obama. I talked for a while about the issues of abortion, homosexuality, and socialism. Most of the crowd believed in women’s “right” to kill her babies, in homosexuality as an equal alternative to heterosexuality, and even believed that capitalism was somehow bad and socialism was somehow good. These are the future leaders of our country and our world. We are in pretty bad shape.




Since I was talking about moral issues which are also political issues, some of the students asked about “separation of Church & State”. I explained how in England, when there was no separation of Church and State, the State would legislate what religious beliefs you could or couldn’t have. I explained how Separation of Church & State means that the State cannot tell us what we can and cannot believe. It doesn’t mean that Christians cannot be in the government anymore than it means that government Officials cannot be in the Church. And it doesn’t mean that we cannot make laws in alignment with the moral law of God. It simply means that the State cannot tell the Church what they can and cannot believe and consequently what they can and cannot say. Separation of Church and State means that the Church should be free from State restrictions. I added, “Therefore I can say it is not OK to be gay, and the State cannot tell me otherwise. Separation of Church and State!”



My host who flew me out to LA told me that his life has been profoundly impacted by our ministry. He has been going to a famous Calvinist Church but he told me, “Ever since I have taken full responsibility for my pursuit of righteousness and for sin, with no strings attached, it has radically changed my life!” He later posted on my facebook, “Whatever you may think of Jesse’s methodology to preaching or his theology, I can say after living with him for a week and spending 14 hours a day he is one of the most godly people I’ve ever known. I’ve been a Christian for 20 years. This is my testimony about him.”





Our arrive to Minnesota was in perfect timing for a Festival dedicated to the celebration of sexual perversion known as homosexuality. Our society is in a really degraded state when sin is flaunted instead of ashamed of. We went to this festival to hopefully turn their pride into humility.




As soon as we arrived we lifted up our banners with Gospel messages. Almost instantly crowds started coming up to us. They would ask us questions, etc. People would leave the Festival area just to come and talk to us because they saw the banners. We didn’t have to put forth any special effort to draw crowds to preach to. This shows the effectiveness of using banners.


After a little while a Police Officer approached us. She said that they had a complaint that we were harassing people. I told her that we were just standing there and people were coming up to us. We were not following anyone around and we were not physically stopping anyone or forcing them to listen to us. I explained to her that we were simply talking to people who come up and talk to us. The Officer seemed satisfied with this and left us alone for the rest of the time.





As I preached about the sinfulness of homosexuality and how Jesus Christ can change their lives, some of them became very angry and upset. I asked them, “Why are you so intolerant? Why can’t you accept me as I am?” I was using their own words against them. They said, “You are intolerant!” I explained how I am intolerant of their sin because I have care and concern for their souls. If I didn’t love and care about them, I said, I would just let them continue in their sins and go to hell.


It should be understood that tolerance is not always right and intolerance is not always wrong. The object which is being tolerated or not being tolerated determine whether it is right or wrong. If the object that is not being tolerated is wrong, the intolerance is right. If the object which is being tolerated is wrong, the tolerance is wrong. It is right to be intolerant of sin because sin is wrong. It is wrong to be tolerant of sin because sin is wrong. First we must be intolerant of sin in our own lives and get it out of our lives and then we must be intolerant of sin in our society and try to rid our society of it.


One of the people listening to us preaching said, “You are judging us!” I said, “I am warning you about the judgment of God! If you think I am judgmental, wait until you met God! He is more judgmental than I am! He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah! You need to get ready to be judged by a sin hating God! Repent!”




There was a large stage set up for the music of the festival. The location of where we were preaching was to the side of the stage. During the outreach one man came up to us and said, “I was just on the stage performing and I saw your banner. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you guys being out here.” He was apparently a musician that was probably hired by the festival to play. He even went on to quote some Bible verses to the crowd about hell-fire and how we should fear God. I was surprised!





Many in the crowds that we were preaching to were saying, “Nobody wants you here.” One person stepped up and said to the crowd of homosexuals something like, “It doesn’t matter that your gay” or something like that and continued on with a short speach. The crowd cheered with approval and clapped for her. I said, “I know how to get you guys to like me. All I have to say it that God accepts you as you are. God forgives you no matter what. It is OK to be gay. You’re not going to go to hell. God is all merciful. Don’t worry. But if I said these things, I wouldn’t be saying the truth. I’m hear to tell you want you need, not to tell you want you want! I’m not out here to win a popularity contest. I’m here to preach the Gospel! You need to repent and be born again.”



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Homosexuals literally parade their sins through the streets. As long as they are taking a public stand for their wickedness, we must be there to take a public stand for the Gospel. With a banner and a bullhorn, we marched the busy streets calling sinners repentance. We walked up and down both sides of the street with a banner for all to read and with the Gospel message being proclaimed through the amplification. It was wonderful!





When the actual parade started I picked a street corner to preach from. As I was preaching I suddenly recognized one of the people marching in the parade. It was Minnesota Senator Al Franken! As I was preaching he briefly heckled me by saying, “I disagree!” and then he marched on. One of the members of our team had actually ministered to him for about five minutes before the parade even started! That is a good amount of time to share the Gospel with a Senator!




When I saw the last group in the parade walking by I decided that I would join the parade. Since the parade was technically over, there was no problem with me walking through the parade route with my banner and bullhorn. Though the crowd roared with their disapproval, and one person threw a water bottle at me, they all saw the banner nonetheless! We made Jesus Christ the talk of the homosexual parade!





Cloquet was one of those small towns that typically would be hard to preach in because there are so few big events. The Labor Day parade gave us a rare opportunity to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this small town. We walked from one end of the parade all the way to the other, then back again, with our banner. We gave out tracts and open air preached along the way.




We once again ran into the liberal Senator Al Franken. He was not only in the homosexual parade but now he was in the Labor Day parade as well. He saw us with our banner but tried to look the other way. He clearly remembered us from the day before. I said to him, “You need to listen to Sean Hannity” and then added “Repent of your sins!”


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          When I first arrived on campus and started preaching it was hard to draw a crowd. Most of the students who saw and heard us just kept on walking by. Occasionally a person might heckler us while they would continue to walk by, but nobody was stopping to dialog with us. Then one girl asked me about homosexuality. I told her what the Bible said about it and I believe she was the one who called the Police on us!


When the Police arrived they told me that someone complained that we were preaching about homosexuality. I told him that it is true that I preached about homosexuality, because I answered a girls question, but that I was also preaching about other sins. Homosexuality was mentioned but it was not my main focus. Besides, there is nothing illegal about preaching about homosexuality.


After talking with the Officer for a little while, students began to gather around to see what was going on. After I finished my discussion with the Officer there was a nice size crowd of students there for me to address. I proceeded to preach about sins, such as homosexuality, and the crowd started to ask questions.




I remember one girl in particular who stayed out there for a very long time while we were preaching. She was a mocker and yet she stayed and asked questions. A few times she would publicly fondle her friend and pretend to be a lesbian, but at other times she would ask real questions. With all of the preaching that she heard that day, it is possible that some of it really got through to her. God knows.




          I preached the law of God like Jesus Christ did. “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.” I explained how God is worthy to have our supreme affection and devotion, and our neighbor is as valuable as we are and therefore ought to be loved equally. I said, “Mankind was created to worship. We naturally worship. It is part of our human nature. Everyone has an object of worship, but only God is worthy of our worship. Only God is worthy of our supreme affection and devotion. Some of you worship money, some of you worship pleasure, some of you worship sports, etc. Essentially if you are living for sin, you are worshipping yourself. That is what the devil does. Since all of us worship something, and only God is worthy of our worship, anyone who is not worshipping God is an idolater.”




          One student asked me, “What is the meaning of life?” I suppose he thought that this question could not be answered. I said, “Let me tell you. The meaning of life, or the reason for life, is to know and enjoy God and for God to know and enjoy us. We were created to have a relationship with God. That is the reason God gave us life. Just as I created a daughter so that I could know and enjoy her and so that she could know and enjoy me, likewise God created mankind so that He could know and enjoy us and so that we could know and enjoy Him. If you do not have a relationship with God you are not fulfilling the reason for your life.”




As I was preaching about sin and how God is angry with sinners, I felt it necessary to explain why the object of God’s angry against sin is specifically the sinner. I taught that sin is not self-existent. Sinners cause sin to exist. Sin is an effect for which a sinner is a cause. The reason that God is angry with sinners for their sin is because sinners are the cause of their sin. If sinners did not exist, sin would not exist. It is not that sin causes men to be sinners, but that sinners cause sin to exist. God will cast sinners into hell on Judgment Day. God judge’s sinners not only sin. And Jesus Christ died not only for our sins but for sinners! The problem with God’s universe is sin. But the problem behind the problem of sin is the problem of sinners. God solves the sin problem by solving the sinner problem. He makes men new.





A campus like this one very rarely get’s preachers. For that reason our outreaches caused no small stir. While we were preaching at one point there were about four Police cars on the scene. Even the country Sheriff arrived on campus to see what was going on! One of the Officers, the next day, told me that there was a “buzz” on campus because of what we were doing. That is probably why it was very easy to draw a crowd the next day. People had heard about the preaching and were interested in seeing it themselves.


          I was very happy when one of the Officers said, “I checked out some of your YouTube videos last night”. It is very common for a person, after listening to us for hours on campus to go home and listen to us for a few more hours on their computer! Students have told me, “I have seen all of your YouTube videos”. We are certainly having an impact in their hearts and minds.




          As I said, the second day was very easy to draw a crowd. By simply wearing a sandwich board and doing a little preaching, crowds of students gathered around. I was particularly pleased when many of the students sat in the grass to listen. This meant that they were planning on staying for a while.


As I preached I told the crowd that “effective communication necessitates definitions”. For that reason I gave the crowd Biblical definitions for a sinner, sin, atonement, hell, fornicator, adulterer, homosexual, drunkard, atonement, etc. “A sinner is someone who is at odds with the law of God”, “Sin is when you choose to do what you know is wrong”, “The atonement of Christ is a substitute for the penalty of the law under the government of God so that our penalty can be remitted”, “Hell is eternal conscious pain, never ending punishment”, “Fornication is having pre-martial sex”, “Adultery, according to Jesus, includes looking at a women with lust in your heart”, “A homosexual is someone who chooses to have sex with the same sex. They either engage in actual sex or at least want to”, “Drunkenness is altering your state of consciousness to the point of intoxication so that your judgment is impaired”. Without proper definitions effective communication or communication at all cannot take place.




          I asked the crowd, “How do you know if Jesus Christ has died for you? I’ll tell you. If you are a sinner, Jesus Christ died for you. If you are a hell deserving sinner, Jesus Christ spilt His blood for you. Now forgiveness is made available to everyone because Jesus Christ has died for all.” I am a very firm opponent to the Calvinist notion of a limited atonement because I find it to be completely contrary to Scripture. Therefore I preached to the entire crowd, “JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR YOU! JESUS CHRIST SHED HIS BLOOD FOR YOU!” I can tell every sinner I met, with full confidence, that Jesus Christ has made salvation available to them.


          When I think of how Jesus Christ, the Son of God, offered His own life as the substitute for the damnation of our race, I am overwhelmed by the love of God. Jesus saw how only through atonement could there be a way for God to mercifully remit our penalty and He willingly gave His own blood as the atonement. Our punishment of eternal hell fire can now be withheld if we repent and believe, only because Jesus Christ has offered His own blood as an atonement which takes the place of our eternal punishment.


          God in His love for His universe gave us a law to promote our well-being. Then God, in His love for His universe, determined to maintain the authority and influence of His law by punishing disobedience with eternal hell fire. But God, in His love for mankind, offered His only Son to suffer and die for our sins. This provided a substitute for our eternal hell, so that the authority and influence of His law is maintained throughout His universe even though He pardons repentant sinners by setting aside the execution of their penalty. God is a God of great love!





    There is a grassy lawn right next to the main entrance of the Student Union building. During lunch time multiple buses come and drop off the students. This area becomes very busy when that happens. It provided us with the perfect opportunity to draw a crowd and preach the Gospel.




    After drawing a crowd and preaching for a little while, one of the students came out with a drum and began to play very loudly to disrupt the preaching. I would move to a new location, the crowd would move with me, and then the drummer would follow along. After moving around multiple times I finally told the crowd, “I cannot answer your questions because this guy is drumming.” That caused the crowd to ask the drummer to stop so that they could ask their question. Eventually the Police arrived and I told them that this man was harassing me by putting his drum up to my ear and also disturbing the peace as he was clearly trying to disrupt the meeting. The Police told the drummer that he could play but he had to keep his distance of ten feet or so. This did not help me at all. But eventually this student had to go to class.




    During my preaching one of the students asked me why God created sin. I explained to him that sin was not part of God’s creation. Sin is a choice that men and angels have made. God is not the author of sin. Sin is originated by other moral beings. Sin is the wrong use of free will. Sin is not some substance that God created. Sin is a free choice that moral beings have made.


    This explanation usually leads the student to ask, “Why did God give us free will? Couldn’t He have created a universe where there was no possibility of sin?” I explained that God did not want His universe to be full of puppets or robots. That is why God even gave the angels free will and allowed them to choose between loyalty and rebellion.


    Without free will, there can be no loving relationship. If a man gives a women a “date rape drug” and forces himself upon her, that is not love. A loving relationship requires mutual consent. God created us to have a relationship with Him. The reason for our existence necessitates the existence of free will. Sure God could have created us without a free will, thereby avoiding all possibility of sin, but this would have also excluded any possibility of us doing what we were created to do! We could not have a real loving relationship with God! I explained to the crowd that God is not a spiritual rapist. God does not force anyone into a relationship with Him. God does not make anyone love Him. That is something that God will not and cannot do. God leaves that to our own free will. Love must be a free choice or else it is not real love at all.




    I warned the students that there was coming a day when God would judge their life. All have sinned and therefore all need forgiveness through Jesus Christ. As I was preaching about God’s judgment one student said, “I like Buddha because he lets me do whatever I want.” Another student said, “my God loves everyone and doesn’t send anyone to hell.” This is the convenience of idolatry. Men make up their own god which makes them feel better about themselves and accepts them as they are. The true God is the enemy of sin. The true Jesus Christ calls all sinners to repentance. I explained how God must punish the wicked in order to maintain His law. The object of penalty is to secure the authority and influence of the law. The purpose of punishment is to prevent the further spread of crime. Therefore if God is truly good, if God truly cares about His universe, He would punish the wicked in order to protect the rights and well-being of His universe.




    “You’re not being very loving” is something that I often here. But Jesus said that as many as he loved he rebuked and chastened. I told the crowd that this was tough love. If I see thousands of people on campus going to hell and I don’t say anything to warn them that they might get saved, then I do not really love them. True love will warn the wicked. I told the crowd, “I love you enough to tell you that your in danger. I love you enough to tell you that your wicked and hell bound. I love you enough to tell you that you need Jesus Christ. If Christians on this campus see you going to hell, and they don’t say anything to you, they don’t really love you.” I explained to the crowd that love is not a feeling or an emotion. Love is a choice. Love is a committal of your will to promote the highest well-being of all. I said, “I love you guys. I am trying to promote your eternal well-being.” I tell the students that if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t put up with all their mockering and endure through all their scoffing in order to preach the Gospel to them.




    One Christian girl asked me afterwards why I was so bold in my preaching. She pointed to where Paul asked the Corinthians if he should come in gentleness or in boldness. I explained to her that Paul was saying that if the Corinthians repented, he would not have to come to them in boldness. But when there is sin, it should be boldly confronted. This campus, as a whole, has not repented of their sins. Therefore Christians ought to come and boldly confront the sinners, calling them to repentance. In the Book of Acts when the Holy Spirit would come upon people, they would begin to publicly preach the Word boldly. A person who preaches under the influence of the Holy Spirit will be a bold preacher. I explained to her that we ought to be gentle in spirit but bold in our speech. We should unashamedly and very honestly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




    After I had preached one girl came up to me and asked me why I preached about God’s wrath instead of focusing exclusively on God’s love. I asked the crowd, “How many of you believe that God loves you?” Almost the entire crowd raised their hand. Then I asked, “How many of you believe that you deserve hell?” Almost everyone put their hands down. I turned to the girl and said, “that is why I preach about God’s judgment instead of exclusively preaching God’s love.” I explained to her that most of the people in the crowd already believe that God loves them, but very few people in the crowd believe that they are hell deserving sinners. Until a person realizes that they are damned, they will not see their need to be saved. Until a person realizes that they deserve punishment they cannot see their need for mercy or grace. It is very important for an open air preacher to start his preaching with sin and judgment because this paves the way for a person to understand the atonement of Christ, through which our penalty can be remitted.




    I warned the crowd that there is a false Gospel and a fake Jesus that is being preached today. “Many of you have heard that God forgives you no matter what. That isn’t true. God only forgives those that forsake their sins. And many of you have heard that God accepts you as you are. That isn’t true either. Jesus said you must be born again. Any Gospel or any Jesus that doesn’t require repentance from sin is a false Gospel and a fake Jesus. The Gospel requires that men repent! Jesus called sinners to repentance! You must have a change of mind about disobeying God or else God will not forgive your disobedience.”





    While I was preaching a student came up and threw two eggs at me. One egg missed completely and the other one hit me. But the one that hit me didn’t even break! Praise God.


    Though some students obviously didn’t appreciate our ministry on campus, others did. One student said to me, “Thanks for being bold and doing this.” Another student said, “I’m very impressed with you standing out here and how you carry yourself.” When I pray before going out to preach, I ask the Lord that He would use us to both save sinners and encourage the Christians on the campus. While many so called Christians do not like our ministry, because it confronts sin and many of them have sin in their lives that they don’t want to repent of, I’m always deeply encouraged when Christians are inspired and appreciative of our ministry.





    There is a great location on the campus known as the “mall” where lots of students will sit in the grass and study. This area is also very busy during class changes and is right near the cafeteria. It provided a perfect place for us to preach the Gospel. I stood near the middle of the mall in front of a stair case which I thought would be a good place for students to sit. Each day crowds of hundreds gathered around. On average we would have a crowd of two to three hundred students. One day I estimate that the crowd even reached five hundred! They stayed and listened to us preach for hours and hours as we warned them about hell, exhorting them to forsake their sins and come to Jesus.




    I went to the Minneapolis campus to see Jesse preach today. I have never met nor heard Jesse before. I must say that I was very impressed!

Most people freeze up at the thought of public speaking. But picture yourself surrounded by a couple of hundred
prideful college students, all trying to out do each other to make a fool out of you. Jesse said that the crowd today was rather calm. I would hate to see it much more disruptive. Gays, lesbians, atheists, satanists, half hearted Christians and sinners mocking, shouting, cursing, and even physically attacking Jesse as he presented the Gospel.    I was jaw dropped as Jesse kept his voice calm, kept his message constant, kept his head together while near pandemonium was going on all around him. He exposed their sin, but was not mindlessly condemning like other street preachers that I have heard. No – he warned them of the wrath to come in a loving, clear understandable way. As you surveyed the crowd many or most sat listening intently, not mocking. I am sure the Holy Spirit was stirring in hearts and minds, producing fruit.    As I stood watching, some around me mocked him loudly. I confronted them, and found that many of them claimed to be Christians!!!! They justified themselves by saying that they did not agree with the method he was using to proclaim the truth. Amazing! You don’t like the wrapper that the truth came in, so you join the crowd in crying “crucify him, crucify him”! How can I explain it except that sin blinds folk and makes them stupid.    I would say to any of you that are supporting Jesse, that you are getting your money’s worth, and I would recommend others to join with your support. He is going and doing what few dare to do, and doing it in high quality fashion.Bless you Jesse,Vern






    Vern came out again the second day and actually did some open air preaching for the first time. He told me, “You helped me to do what I’ve wanted to do for 30 years!” Praise God! He said that he would like to start going out witnessing once a week. I pray to God that He will send forth more laborers!



    One of the first questions that I was asked on campus was “how can finite sins merit infinite punishment?” I explained to the student that the severity of the penalty is determined by the value of the precept that was violated. God’s law promotes His glory and the well-being of everyone else. The law of God is of such great value that the only adequate punishment for violating His law is eternal hell. For God to execute upon sinners any less punishment would be unjust to Himself, unjust to His universe, and unjust to His law.






    Some of the students questioned whether a place like hell is even necessary or not. They asked how could a loving God send people to hell? I explained that a loving Judge would send criminals to prison in order to protect the community. The law is good for everyone and therefore it needs to be maintained. When people break the law, the law is maintained or upheld by punishments. Hell is the prison of the universe where God, out of His love for His universe, sends law breakers. Because God loves, God sends sinners to hell. If God cares about people He would give us a law to promote the rights and well being of people. If God cares about His law He would uphold and maintain it through punishment or penalties. Therefore if God cares about people, He would be willing to execute penalties upon the disobedient.





    Someone asked me, “Couldn’t God have simply forgiven our sins?” I explained why God couldn’t simply forgive without atonement. Under God’s government, as under any government, penalty serves a purpose. The purpose of executing penalties upon law breakers is to discourage crime. The purpose of punishment is not to gratify wrathful feelings or a vindictive spirit. The purpose of punishment is to maintain law in order to promote the well-being of a community. If God simply forgave us, by setting aside our penalty, than He would not be discouraging crime. The problem with mere forgiveness is that it would weaken the law of God and thus endanger all of His subjects. Therefore if God is going to forgive us by setting aside our penalty, He must substitute our penalty with atonement in order to accomplish what our penalty would have accomplished. If God can express His regard for His law through the atonement, as equally as He would have expressed it by executing the penalty of the law upon law breakers, then the problem of forgiven is overcome, crime is discouraged, and therefore mercy or pardon is made possible. I taught that now that atonement has been made, which substitutes our penalty, which satisfied the purpose of our penalty, God can remit our penalty if we repent and believe. I cannot see how a loving and intelligent God could forgive any criminal unless there is atonement made.




    In order to illustrate the atonement I told the students about an Italian King named Zalukas. The King saw how adultery had the potential to destroy a society. If there is adultery in a Kingdom, there could be children born out of wed lock. This breaks down the family unit. There could also be jealousy and murder when a husband finds out that another man has been sleeping with his wife. Therefore for the good of His Kingdom, the King outlawed adultery.


    But laws are not respected or regarded unless they have consequences. Penalties give the law authority and influence. Therefore the King assigned a very severe penalty for those who violated his law. Those who were found committing adultery would have both of their eyes removed by a hot poker!


    A few people were found committing adultery and quickly the penalty was executed. This showed the Kingdom that the King meant business. He surely regarded his law and meant to maintain it. It wasn’t long until adultery literally ceased from his Kingdom.


    One day a man was brought before the King who had been committing adultery. It was the Kings own son, the prince of the Kingdom. The King was in a dilemma. On the one hand the King wanted to maintain His law. The authority and influence of his law depended upon the execution of the penalty. If He didn’t execute the penalty, his Kingdom would question whether or not the King really regarded his law or not. If the King did not execute the penalty, the Kingdom would think that he gave a bad law or that he gave too severe a penalty. But on the other hand, the King cared about his son and was prone to forgive him. The King naturally preferred to show his son mercy. How could he do both? How could the King show mercy to his son but still uphold the authority and influence of his law throughout His Kingdom at the same time?


    The solution which the King found to his dilemma was a painful one. The King had one of the eyes of his son removed, and in lieu of the other eye of his son, he sacrificed his own. He substituted one of his own eyes for the eye of his son. In this way the King found a way to show mercy to his Son by not executing the full penalty of the law upon him, while also expressing to his Kingdom his regard for his law and thereby maintain the authority and influence of the precept.


    I then explained that God gave his universe a very good law for our own good. The law of God promotes the highest well-being of all. In order to give authority to the precept, God has given a severe penalty. The penalty for violating God’s law is to burn in hell for all of eternity. That is eternal death.


    At first there were angels who rebelled against God. They were quickly thrust out of Heaven and are now waiting Judgment Day. But then mankind sinned. Mankind was made in the image of God. Men were the crown of God’s creation. God was prone to forgive mankind, but He must also maintain His law. On the one hand, the authority and influence of His law throughout His universe or Kingdom depends upon Him making a proper expression of His regard for His law so that crime is discouraged. But on the other hand, God would prefer to forgive mankind by withholding or setting aside our penalty. How could God do both? How could God pardon disobedient men without encouraging the rest of His universe to sin? How could God remit our penalty of eternal hell but still uphold His law and maintain its authority and influence? The answer is the atonement.


    God offered His own Son to make atonement for our sins. The atonement was given in lieu of our eternal punishment. The atonement of Jesus Christ substitutes the eternal punishment of sinners. The problem of mere pardon is that it leaves the purpose of penalty unfulfilled. The purpose of penalty is to prevent crime, to stop the spread of rebellion. The problem of mere forgiveness is that it encourages sin. But when an atonement substitutes our penalty, the problems of forgiveness are overcome. The atonement accomplishes what our penalty would have accomplished and therefore our penalty can be remitted. God expresses His regard for His law through the atonement in an even greater way than He would have through the punishment of sinners. Therefore His law is upheld throughout His universe, maintaining its authority and influence, through the atonement as it would have been through our penalty. God can safely pardon criminals, without endangering the well-being of His universe, because an atonement has been made. God promises that He will remit our penalty if we will simply decide to turn from sin and trust in Christ. God will turn from His wrath, withhold our punishment, or remit our penalty, if we are converted to Christ.




    Another student asked me, “Are all sins equal?” I explained that greater value equals greater obligation. And violating greater obligation equals greater sin. God is of supreme value and therefore our obligation to Him is supreme. Since our obligation to God is greater than our obligation to man, it is a greater sin to sin against God than it is to sin against man. I then accused the crowd, “Many of you are robbing God of what He is worthy of. You are living for yourselves instead of giving your life to God! That is the greatest crime in the entire universe! Give your life to Jesus Christ today!”



    “Some of you claim that there is no God. Others of you live as if there was no God. Some of you are atheists in your confession, but many of you are atheists in your practice! To live as if there is no God and to say that there is no God are great sins indeed!”




    One of the students spoke as if science and Christianity were not compatible, as if facts and faith were opposites. I explained to him that science was the child of Christianity. In polytheism there are many gods. There is the god of the sun, the god of the moon, the god of the river, etc. And the gods do not always get along. In ancient religion, many of the gods were at war with each other. This belief caused men to view nature as anything but harmonious. To them nature was chaotic. But with monotheism, as taught in Judaism and Christianity, there is One Sovereign God over all of nature. Nature is not at war with itself. There is uniformity in nature. That uniformity is the basis for scientific law. I explained how Christianity was sort of like the wise elder, but modern science is like the disobedient teenager. Christianity gave birth to science, yet modern science is now trying to rebel against its parent!




    Students will often accuse Christians of having blind faith. They say, “You believe something just because you read it in a book.” It might be true that some people have blind faith. Not everyone logically and reasonably considers what they believe. But I argued that God does not want us to have blind faith. If God wanted us to have blind faith, He wouldn’t have given us intelligence. Faith does not believe the unbelievable. Faith believes the believable. God wants us to believe all of the evidence. Conversion is the renewing of our mind, not the removal of our mind. God says come and let us reason together. I went on to say that it is reasonable to believe in God, it is unreasonable not to. It is intelligent to obey Jesus Christ, it is unintelligent not to.




    There are some atheists on campus so I brought up the question of absolute morality. I explained that if there is no infinite mind, there can be no absolute moral law. Moral law is essentially an idea of the mind as to how a person should and shouldn’t be treated and regarded. If there is no infinite mind that is transcendent of our own finite minds, there can be no absolute moral law because there can be no absolute certainty in our moral judgments. But if there is a Supreme Intelligence, an Omniscient Mind, who infallibly knows how each person should and shouldn’t be treated and regarded, then there is a source for absolute moral law.




    One of the greatest arguments used against Christianity and the Bible on University campuses is the modern theory of evolution. When this was brought up on campus, I told the students that I had four objections to evolution. I have a logical objection, an empirical objection, a scientific objection, and a moral objection.


    My logical objection to evolution is this. In a science text book, whenever macroevolution is discussed, microevolution examples are used as proof for macroevolution. Macroevolution is big or massive changes or alterations. It is essentially when one species becomes another species. Microevolution is small or minor changes or alterations. It is variations or adaptations within a species. When a person tries to prove macroevolution with microevolution examples, this is a logical fallacy. Small and minor variations do not mean that massive or large alterations also occur. That would be equivalent to me saying, “I know how to rebuild the engine of a car. I’ll prove it to you. I’ll show you how I can fill up my gas tank.” There is no logical connection. To try to prove the one by the other is to make a logical fallacy.


    My empirical objection to evolution was this: if we are going to limit our knowledge to our five senses, as many College students claim they do, then according to this view of epistemology we cannot believe in evolution because it has never been observed. If it is “blind faith” to believe in something that cannot be verified empirically, then it is blind faith to believe in evolution! When it comes to the origin of life all together, we cannot even address this issue or have any believes on it at all if we are going to limit our epistemology to empiricism.


    My scientific objection to evolution was this: effects cannot be greater than their cause. A cause is always equal to, or greater than, their effects. If it were not so, the cause would not be an adequate cause of the effects. It is scientific law that effects cannot be greater than their cause. But in the evolutionary process, effects are constantly greater than their cause. We are getting bigger and better as we progress through the evolutionary process. Therefore the theory of evolution is at odds with established scientific law.


    My moral objection to evolution is this: the holocaust. The very idea of the “Arian Race” or superior humans presupposes the evolutionary process. In the Bible, all men are created equal. But in evolution, you can have a higher evolved group of human beings. Evolution gave birth to the idea of the Arian Race, which lead to the extermination of millions of people thought to be inferior to those who have been more evolved. Evolutionary philosophy has killed millions.




    As I was preaching, one sinner stole my Gospel banner and ran off with it! By the grace of God we got it back later. Also a group of sinners came out with cans of silly string and sprayed me down. But I continued to preach the Word! One student said, “You’re doing a great thing. I just wish that the students were more receptive.”


    Our target audience is those who are hostile towards God. Jesus said he didn’t come to call the righteousness to repentance, but sinners. A sinner is at war with God. A sinner is in love with sin. That is why you will have opposition when you preach the truth. We must warn the wicked about God’s judgment. The object of warning is so that the one being warned can make the proper preparations. We must warn those who are hostile towards God, who are at odds with His law. We must warn them that His judgment is coming. That way, they can prepare themselves by turning from their sins and trusting in Christ.




    A student said, “You’re a F___ing Idiot!” I said, “Learn to use some more intelligent language. Expand your vocabulary and learn to articulate yourself more intelligently.” He said, “To shay”.


    After arguing for God’s existence, by cause and effect, a student still said “That is dogma, not facts”. I immediately responded with “That is an accusation, not an argument”. He had no response. Some students said, “That was a good come back”.




    Two Muslim girls asked me, “What do you think about Islam?” I said that Mohammed was a terrorist. He raided peaceful villages and killed innocent people. One of the muslim girls stormed up to me very upset and said that she will call the Police. I said, “Welcome to America.” I continued to preach against Islam. “Mohammed was a false prophet. He heard from Demons. And the Koran is an unholy book. Mohammed cannot save your soul, he didn’t die for your sins. Mohammed was a sinner. Jesus Christ will send Mohammed to hell.” The crowd started to verbally disapprove of my offensive speech. I said, “You guys have been mocking Christianity and Jesus Christ for days. But I can’t say anything bad about Islam? Christianity has created more Hospitals and has done more for humanitarian aid than any other religion. Islam has created terrorists. And you can mock Christianity but I can’t preach against Islam?” The crowd saw my point.



    Whenever I call sinners to repentance, to forsake their sins, they always ask, “Well don’t you sin?” I tell them that I have sinned in the past, I could sin in the future, but I am not sinning right now. I say that I don’t usually sin. It is not my habit. Sin is not the overall characteristic of my life. Sin is the exception, not the rule. I do not make sinning my practice. Because of the Holy Spirit in my life, obedient is how I usually live. That is my habit. That is the overall characteristic of my life. That is the rule, not the exception.


    Sinning every day is a lifestyle of sin. Sinning every day is a habit of sin. Sinning every day is having a practice of sin. Jesus saves us from our sins. If we have a lifestyle, habit or practice of sin, we have not yet been saved by Jesus Christ. If we are just as sinful after coming to Christ, as we were before coming to Christ, we haven’t really come to Christ! We are not really new creatures or a new man if we are still sinning (deliberately disobeying God) every day! When we have a new heart, it is a pure heart. If we have a disobedient heart, we are not born again.

    I don’t sin every day, nor do I sin every week or every month. That is the power of Jesus Christ in my life! Thank God for His grace! The testimony of a holy life glorifies the saving power of Jesus Christ. Before Jesus was in my life, I sinned every day. He can change us and make us new people. He can take a sinful sinner and turn him into a holy saint. What a wonderful and powerful Savior!



    As I was preaching against sin and calling the sinners to repentance, I was eventually asked “Are you perfect?” I answered, “No, I am not perfect. I stub my toe sometimes. My body get’s tired. I sometimes forget people’s names. I am not perfect.” The students asked, “No, are you morally perfect?” I said, “Jesus Christ has changed my life. He has set me free from sin. I have a new heart, a pure heart. In this way, yes, I am morally perfect by the grace of God. I am not in any type of disobedience to God. I am completely submitted to Him. I am certainly not sinning right now!” We cannot have physical or mental perfection in this life, not until we get a glorified body. But we can have moral perfection in this life, we can have a new heart or good intentions. We can have loving motives and love is the fulfillment of the law.


    If you are going to go out and preach the Gospel in the open air, calling sinners to repentance, then you better not have any sins in your life because the students will call you out on it. And if they find sin in your life, they will call you a hypocrite and discredit everything you say. You better be right with God if you are going to call other people to get right with God. That is what Jesus meant when He said first remove the plank that is in your own eye before you try to get the sin out of somebody else’s life.




    I made sure that I preached about God’s grace. I said, “God offers you what you don’t deserve. You don’t deserve forgiveness or eternal life. You don’t deserve Heaven. Yet God offers you these things. Mercy is when God does not give you what you deserve. I have sinned. I deserve hell. But I am not going to get what I deserve because I have God’s mercy. You deserve hell. You all deserve hell because you have all sinned. Yet God offers you what you do not deserve. You can have the forgiveness of God if you simply turn from your sins and trust in Christ.”




    I told the crowd that God has predetermined that everyone will be in either Heaven or hell, but God has not predetermined which individuals will be in Heaven or hell. That is up to your own free will choice. So while God has determined that everyone will be in Heaven or Hell, you determine whether you will be in Heaven or in Hell. If you choose to continue in your sins, you will go to Hell. But if you choose to forsake your sins and come to Christ, you will go to Heaven.


    The only thing God promises those who continue in their sins is wrath and judgment. God only promises mercy and grace for those who give up their sins. God’s forgiveness is conditional. You must have a change of mind about breaking God’s law if you want God to forgive you for breaking His law. That is true repentance.




    I explained to the students that our knowledge of God comes both a priori and a posteriori. That is, we know God both intuitively before reasoning, and also through our reason. Through our conscience we know God to be the Moral Governor of the Universe. We know ourselves to be moral agents, under a moral law, under a moral government, under a Moral Ruler. This is all natural knowledge which comes a priori through our conscience. And through our reason we know ourselves to be created. Everything created needs to have a Creator. Effects must have a cause. Therefore we know God as a Creator a posteriori through our reason.

I went further and said, “The knowledge of God’s existence and the knowledge of God’s moral requirements is an inescapable truth. They are an unavoidable revelation! Through the intuitions of our conscience and the affirmations of our reason we know that there is a God and we know what He requires of us morally. We all know that God’s moral law is love and that His moral law is good. Therefore you are all without excuse! You all know that there is a God and you all know what He requires of you! But you are sinners because while you know these things you are still choosing to continue to sin!” Because of the knowledge God has given mankind, mankind is truly wicked and guilty. We cannot claim innocence through ignorance. Because of the knowledge God has given us, we truly deserve punishment for choosing to sin! And therefore we greatly need God’s mercy through Jesus Christ!




    After preaching for hours each day on this campus, reaching thousands of students, we certainly made Jesus Christ the talk of the campus! Praise God!


    Over the years I have heard many common cliché’s that are unquestionably accepted by many, such as “Jesus satisfied the wrath of God” and “Jesus took our penalty” etc. It was not until I started to thoroughly study the theological topic of the atonement that I began to seriously question these cliché’s. In this video, I explain how Jesus did not satisfy the wrath of God, since God still has wrath after the atonement towards everyone that is not converted, but that the atonement makes it possible for God to turn from His wrath when we are converted. Calvary made pardon available, but conversion is when pardon becomes actual. Likewise, Jesus did not take our penalty, but Jesus provided a substitute for our penalty. The atonement is an alternative for our eternal punishment of hell, so that our punishment of hell can be remitted or withheld. This view of the atonement reconciles the atonement with forgiveness or mercy. It makes total sense and is completely biblical.  Check out these videos:


Jesus Didn’t Satisfy God’s Wrath – Part One…


Jesus Didn’t Satisfy God’s Wrath – Part Two…

(The red is what we have done. The blue is what we have ahead of us)


Dear Friends,


    The map that you see is our open air preaching tour for the next year. We are traveling to around 17 States to preach the Gospel. My wife, new born baby, and myself are all traveling together with our truck and 5th wheel trailer. Thousands have already heard the Gospel and thousands more are going to! But we need help from the body of Christ. We could not do this ministry without the financial support of believers. Will you consider helping us make this next year of open air preaching possible?




    The financial support we receive from the body of Christ makes it possible for us to continue to live and to travel and preach. All support from $5 – $500, either monthly or one-time, makes a huge difference. Will you consider being a monthly supporter, giving as little or as much as you can? 

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