The Church of the Comfortable & Tolerant | An Allegory or Parable by Jesse Morrell

The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant is a parable or allegory told by Jesse Morrell about a congregation in the land called Feel Good. The Church recently hired a new Pastor, Pastor Peace Keeper, who just graduated from the Seminary of Smooth Talking. But trouble arose when pastor Peace Keeper mistakenly allowed an Elder to speak from the pulpit – Mr. Conscience….

This was originally a story I wrote years ago (2005) and thought it would be good to put to film. Some churches have contacted me about having the article printed in their church bulletin.

I remember meeting one street preacher who said it all started for him when he read “The Church of the Comfortable and Tolerant” and it hit him right between the eyes. He was, at that time, just a lukewarm pew sitter.

I pray that God will use this video to be a blessing as He did the original article…

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