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My friend Chris went and preached open air outside of the local Mosque that we have in Tyler Tx. Muslims are a group that is often neglected by the Christian community as far as evangelism outreaches are concerned. Since there are not too many Christian missionaries venturing out into the Middle East because of the dangerous involved, we can take advantage of how many Muslims are immigrating into the United States.

In the Bible the prophets were told to stand and preach at the “gate” of the temple and the “gate” of the city. The scriptures say that wisdom crieth out at the gate and they hateth him that rebuketh at the gate. The gate is a strategic location because that is where everyone must go in and out. So when my friend preached at the Mosque, he stood next to the exit where everyone leaving had to pass by. That way everyone could hear him preaching and could read his gospel sign.

However, the first time that he went out there he ventured out alone and without a video camera. With all of the problems we often face in the open air, especially from Police, it is advised to always have a camera with you. Sure enough he gathered a small angry crowd of Muslims. One of them even flashed a gun at him. The Muslims called the Police and the Sheriffs department came and told my friend that he needed to stop preaching and leave or else he would be arrested.

He was standing on public property and was not doing anything illegal and so I told him that I would return with him with my video camera and we would preach together again another day.

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After I went out with Chris and we preached in front of the Mosque, sure enough the Police were called and the Sheriff Department showed up. The Chaplain with the Sheriff’s Department said he was the one who called them. He didn’t think that we were going about evangelism the right way.

As soon as the Officer arrived I had my camera rolling. He immediately told me to shut it off. When I said, “No sir” he looked at me shocked and said, “Do you want to go to jail?” I said, “For what?” And I contended that I have the right to film him because he is a public officer.

As the video camera continued to record, the Officer ended up backing down on his threats of arrest and we continued preaching.

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Praise God that we continued to preach the gospel loud and clear without any further hassles from the Officers. Now, they actually helped us by standing guard. The fact that someone flashed a gun at Chris last time was concerning. The Sheriff Department told us that they will be out there every time that we show up and preach. That’s actually a good thing!

Our message, of course, was Jesus Christ. I preached that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord – including Mohammed. And that Mohammed is dead and in the grave but Jesus is alive! I also got controversial by saying that Mohammed was a pedophile with an eight year old wife but Jesus Christ never sinned. Therefore, Jesus is worthy of our devotion but Mohammed is not. We should follow Jesus, not Mohammed.

I typically do not preach in front of Mosques. This was my first experience. Usually I preach the gospel on universities and street corners to everyone, not a specific group. But this outreach would probably be comparable to Elijah confronting the false prophets of Baal.


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I’ve been preaching on the streets of Dallas for over ten years now and every outreach is different. You never know how the Police are going to treat you. In the past I’ve been fined and threatened with arrest many times for various bogus charges. Other times, however, the Police haven’t bothered me at all. It really all depends on whether or not someone calls them to complain.

A friend of mine told me about the big Dallas New Years Eve party called, “Big D NYE.” It had over 35,000 people show up for the party. So we decided to take our Bibles and our gospel banners and preach Jesus Christ at this event.

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The event was on the city streets however they did put up barricades around the event and had entry gates where security would check everyone coming in. At first I wondered if they would let us in at all with our signs and banners but we got through without any hassles. I knew it wasn’t long until we had to deal with the security again once we start preaching.

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As is my typical routine, the first thing I do when I arrive at the event is walk around and scope out the battle field without any signs or banners so that I could get a feel for the location and than strategically choose the best place to launch our gospel attack against sin.

There were two stages where there would be performances and very large and loud speakers. Of course the areas with the stages would have the most people but it would also be difficult to preach with the speakers blasting.

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As soon as we lifted up the banners we immediately got attention from people who would stare and read what the signs said. Street preachers who do not use signs and banners really disable themselves through their neglect. At an event like this with so many people and lots of loud music, without any signs and banners we would barely get noticed by anyone. But with signs and banners, we get noticed by everyone and they get the message at the same time!

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We decided to stay away from the loud music and walked down the busy road that had all the food. There were lots of people hanging out on that street waiting for food and entering the party. With our banners lifted high I preached “You will be judged for how you lived 2013. Live 2014 with Judgment Day in mind.”

At the end of the road was an entry gate for the event so Chris decided to start open air preaching there. I knew it wouldn’t be long once we started open air preaching that we would attract the attention of the security and consequently the Police. I was right.

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After preaching for a little while we decided to march back with our banners to where the large crowds were. However, we were stopped by the security who asked us to wait while they hear back from their superiors about us. We told them that since the event was on city streets and since there was no admission fee but it was open to the public that we were allowed to be there and to preach. After dialoging with them I discovered that their main concern were the metal poles of the banners. I’ve heard of this concern before at festivals and events from the Police, as they fear they could be used as a weapon and they are trying to keep weapons out of the events. I told them that if the poles were the only real issue that we could put those away but would continue to remain in the event and preach.

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The Police arrived and at first tried to say that we had to leave the event entirely. But I stood my ground and again reiterated that the event was on city streets and there is no admission fee but it is open to the public so we have a right to be there and have the right to speak. They tried to say that if anyone complains about our preaching that it is then “disturbing the peace” and “disorderly conduct.” I corrected this and said that free speech itself does not qualify as disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct and that the constitution protects offensive speech that people don’t like. By the end of the discussion/debate/negotiations they were content with letting us put the banner poles away though we would return to the event and preach.

We did just that but returned also with a sandwich board sign since that does not require any poles. We did not have any problems getting back into the event through the gates.

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After we re-entered the event and began preaching another security officer approached me and told me that I could not film. At this point I was allowed through the gate twice now with my video camera but he said it was against the rules as listed on their website. This is because they were filming the event themselves. He said, however, that smaller cameras like the ones on iphones were allowed. So I had to go back to my vehicle again and put away my camera but I did have a smaller pocket size camera that looked like an iphone that I continued to use throughout the night. Praise God that I brought that other camera for a back up!

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We stood right in the mix of all the action and preached the gospel. The music was loud but those immediately around us could still hear us. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to preach during the quiet in between songs and performances. I would take the opportunity to proclaim as loud as I could something like “Repent and turn to God!” At one time the speaker on stage said, “Are – You – Ready…. To Rock!” Or something like that. So at the next opportunity of quiet I proclaimed, “Are – You – Read – For Judgment Day!” Everyone turned and looked at me and many were smiling because they noticed the play on words.

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The other members of the outreach team that night were also busy with open air preaching, one on one conversations, passing out tracts, etc. The brother who wore the sandwich board especially had lots of people to talk to because people would crowd around him and come up to him to ask him questions. Overall it was a really great outreach!

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After the outreach we all went out to eat a late night meal. My favorite part with preaching with other brethren is the fellowship that we get to have afterwards.


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A major focus of our ministry for 2014 will be video production. I get emails from all over the world of people who have told me that they got saved, started open air preaching or where persuaded theologically through our YouTube videos. Videos are a great way to edify and equip believers for the work of the Great Commission. I want to continue to raise up biblically sound believers for the work of evangelism using film.

It is really exciting to live in the days in which we live with all of the advancing technology that allows for easy international and mass communication. What a blessing this is to the gospel and to ministry! Just recently a brother asked me to make a short teaching video on grace that he is translating into German for the German people. And today a brother interviewed me on Skype in Brazil and is going to translate it into Portuguese! Not to mention how the YouTube videos are watched by believers and sinners from all over the world! Its really amazing. And one of my blogs (Open Air Outreach) had been viewed by people in 140 different countries just this past year, with 30,000 people viewing it from the United States alone. We have mass communication and international communication literally at our finger tips. Let’s use it to advance the gospel and promote the glory of God!





We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting our third child! Praise the Lord! We are excited about our growing family and training our children in the Lord!

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The Morrell Family is a missionary family. The financial support we receive from the body of Christ makes it possible for us to continue to live, travel, and preach the gospel full time.

We plan to continue “The Movie” series on various open air preachers and are in need of support to help cover the traveling costs required to produce those type of documentary films. The films we have already produced have been a great blessing and encouragement to others and have helped to raise up new laborers for the open air field.

We also are praying for the Lord to provide all of the finances that we need to cover the cost of an AC/Heater unit for our house. Unfortunately the one that we had was twenty years old and completely died on us this week. It was a blessing to our family both in the winters and the summers and we are trusting God for a financial miracle.

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