Conservative Christians Preaching Against Homosexuality & “Gay Marriage” In Texas | Jesse Morrell

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I went to Stephen F. Austin university to preach with some of my friends – Brother Chris, Brother Roger, Brother Jed, Sister Cindy, and Sister Pat. We lifted our voices and banners up high for Jesus. Though we tried not to be too loud because in the past when I preached on this campus the administration said that the noise was disturbing classes and so they ended up moving me to the woods where there is very little foot traffic. We didn’t want that to happen again so we kept it down just enough to try to stay out of trouble.

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As is my custom, when I preached I shared my testimony about how Jesus Christ has changed my life. And I preached that if Jesus changed my life, He can change them too. Of course, many of them do not want to change. They want to remain in their sins. For that reason we found it necessary to preach about how deadly and hell deserving sin truly is, that they might see it for what it is and consequently want to turn from it.

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Throughout the two day outreach we had many hecklers and faced opposition from compromised Christians who didn’t think we should preach boldly against sin. But of course, hecklers only help our cause because they draw a crowd. And hecklers help provide us with issues to address and publicly debate.

This one student told Sister Cindy that he “loves” his girlfriend though he sodomizes her and also said that he is OK with sleeping around with other girls. He said that he is “emotionally involved but sexually available.” He also said that he has gotten five of his girlfriends pregnant and all five have had abortions. The depravity of college students today continues to grow worse and worse. This only validates why we preach on these campuses!

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The Police did show up throughout our outreaches and watched and monitored. The second day they didn’t bother us at all but the first day they said that we needed to keep it down or they might revoke our permit and also that we could not use words like “whore” or “queer” or else we could be charged with disorderly conduct. Unfortunately I did not get to talk to the Officer but found out about this afterwards. Otherwise, I would have strongly challenged this because it is “content based discrimination.” And this was supposedly the word that was passed down from the Chief of Police!

However, the second day I intentionally used the “forbidden words” in the hopes that the Police might say something to me about it so that I could get it on film but they never said anything about it again. Such discrimination based upon religious content would be a quick and easy lawsuit.

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Throughout the two days of preaching we rotated preachers. This makes it easier to preach from 12:00 – 5:00 pm. Typically when one man is preaching, the rest are witnessing on the sidelines. And whenever there is open air preaching going on, one-on-one witnessing is never easier. Suddenly everyone wants to talk about Jesus!

And Brother Chris brought his banner that said, “The Wages of Sin is Death but the Gift of God is Eternal Life” on one side and “Jesus Christ came into the world to save Sinners” on the other. This banner was especially helpful as the “free speech area” we were located in was a distance away from the main foot traffic so we had to attract the crowds to come over to where we were. The banner and signs helped to let people know we were there and what we were all about.

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Throughout the open air preaching many topics were discussed and debated. There were a few atheists in the crowd so I talked about intelligent design. I argued that the systems of the universe like the solar system, eco-system, digestive system, reproductive system, etc, show order. And order is indicative of mind. And therefore, the constitution of the universe is indicative of the intelligent mind of God a.k.a. intelligent design.

Many of those in the crowd claimed to be Christians but also confessed to sinning every single day of their lives. They also did not think that we could tell anybody that they were going to hell. We argued that the Bible is explicit on who is going to heaven and who is going to hell and as preachers of the Bible we are supposed to preach what the Bible says, even what the Bible says about who is going to hell. After all, it is only in light of our damnation that we see our need of salvation. It is only in comparison to how hell-deserving we truly are that we see how gracious and merciful God truly is.

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There was at least one man who prayed with us for deliverance and freedom from sin and I believe that some others did as well. Throughout all of the battle that we go through in the open air, God is working and dealing with the hearts of the people. With open air preaching there are seeds that are planted and seeds that are watered and some come to fruition in due time. PRAISE GOD!


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I met up with Brother Jed and Sister Cindy again at Texas A&M for a week of preaching. I preach with these brethren at least once a year and I always enjoy my time with them. I have learned so much from them about open air ministry and theological truths. And their devotion and faithfulness to Christ always inspires me. Open Air Outreach would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for Brother Jed and his ministry.

I was especially excited to preach on this campus because I had only preached on this campus once before back in 2005. I never realized that it was only a few hours away from where I live in East Texas. Otherwise, I would have come and preached here more often. It is one of the few campuses in Texas right now that still recognizes free speech for the public.

Last year Brother Jed and Sister Cindy had a lot of opposition from the “Calvinists” on this campus so they invited me and some others to join them this year as backup or reinforcements. There is apparently a large “Christian” presence on this campus with even a “Bible study” of sorts with some 10,000 students. However, we found that many of these “Christians” are living in unrepentant sin.

For example, one student publicly confessed unashamedly that he makes “porno” videos. I rebuked him for his immorality and called him to repent. Afterwards, a “Christian” came up to me and told me that the guy I rebuked “was actually a Christian who goes to my Bible study.” I said, “But he said that he makes porno films.” He said, “That doesn’t matter. He believes in Jesus.” Well, we believe in Jesus too yet many of these professing believers tell the sinners that we are not “real Christians.”

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Brother Jed and Sister Cindy preached while I filmed them for a project I am working on called, “Brother Jed: The Movie.” While they preached I also spoke to sinners and professing believers on the sidelines.

I was talking to one “Christian” who was excusing sin and saying that it is unavoidable. I read 1 Cor. 10:13 which says otherwise. I asked the student, “Are you a sinner?” He said, “Yes I am.” I said, “See, you just told the truth. You were honest and honesty is a virtue. You could have lied but you chose not to. Now, do that again but with all sin.”

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Since there were a lot of lukewarm and compromised Christians on this campus, we focused a lot on Christian holiness and perfection. We exhorted these professing believers to depart from iniquity, sin no more, and be perfect. We explained that perfection is love as love is the fulfilling of the law. The perfection that God requires of us is a perfection of the heart or a perfection of motives.

The professing Christians said that we were judgmental and not being loving. I pointed out that by saying we were not being loving they were being judgmental. I then asked them, “How many of you sin every day?” Virtually the whole crowd raised their hands. I said, “That is not being loving! You need to repent and become a loving person and then you won’t be sinning. If you sin against your neighbor you are not loving them. If you sin against God you are not loving Him.”

A typical objection we dealt with on this campus was, “If you can be perfect, you don’t need Jesus. Why did Jesus die if you can be perfect? Jesus died so that we can be forgiven even though we continue to sin every day.” I preached, “Jesus died to make you holy. Jesus died to save you from sin, not to save you in sin. When you put your faith in Christ and think about all that He has done for you, you should love Him and not want to sin anymore. Jesus did not die to give you a license to sin.” Furthermore I explained that we need Jesus for the forgiveness of our past sins and to avoid committing future sins. The Bible says that He is able to keep us from falling. We need Jesus in our lives to make us perfect and to keep us perfect. Someone accused me of “self-righteousness” but I said that it is not “self-righteousness” because I did not become righteous by myself. I become a sinner by myself. I had self-sinfulness. But when Jesus came into my life, He changed my heart and character. The influence or power of the gospel is such that it takes sinners and turns them into saints! What a wonderful Savior! He delivers us from sinning!

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We had a message of salvation in Jesus Christ but this student with a “Trojan” costume on with condoms all over his back and a rainbow umbrellas had a message of sex. Who do you think had more support from the crowd of students? Of course, the Trojan kid. But who was really helping the crowd? That’s the more important question.

His “rainbow” flag was also in support of homosexuality. The issue of homosexuality comes up often on campus. Students ask, “What’s wrong with homosexual?” “What’s wrong with a man loving another man?” And “God made them that way.” Others say, “There is no God so it doesn’t matter. Your God is an imaginary friend, don’t force your religion and your morality on other people.”

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a man loving another man. I love my father, my brother, my son, etc. There is a problem, however, with a man having sex with another man.

These are some crude yet good questions I like to ask them:

If homosexuals were intended by God to sodomize each other, why do they ejaculate sperm? Sperm is designed to conceive life with a female’s egg. Evidently, homosexuals were designed by God to have sex with women.

Furthermore, and pardon my vulgarity, why do lesbians use “dildos” or fake male genitalia to pleasure themselves? This is an obvious contradict. Obviously, their vagina’s were designed by God to receive sexual pleasure from a male’s penis.

Also, if homosexual men are really attracted to men, why do they act like women? Evidently, they are attracted to feminine figures.

And if lesbians are really attracted to women, why do they intentionally look like boys? Evidently, they really are attracted to masculine figures.

The real problem is that many were abused as children and so their sexual desires have become perverted. Many homosexual men will admit to being abused by older men which accounts for how they developed perverted desires. And many lesbians will admit to being hurt by men which explains why they have developed a repulsion and distrust for men or what I call “male-phobia.” I encourage them, “You can trust the man Jesus Christ.” And, “Jesus can put you on the straight and narrow, emphasis on the straight.”

I also ask them, if God did not design our reproductive system and thus it is not perverted for us to use them contrary to His intended purpose, but our sexual members magically evolved over millions of years without any intelligent design, is it possible that if sodomites continue to sodomize each other that one day their rectums will evolve into vaginas? After all, did not women evolve vaginas? And is it possible that lesbians will evolve penises, so they too can reproduce? After all, heterosexuals evolved the ability to reproduce.

Of course, homosexuals already have a reproductive system and they can reproduce naturally – through heterosexual intercourse. They just misuse and abuse the reproductive system God has given them.

Consider human anatomy. It is evident that the anus was designed for defecation, not penetration. When a man is aroused and he gets an erection and a woman is aroused and her body naturally lubricates, this is indicative of God’s design for human sexuality. Women were designed to be penetrated by males. However, the rectum does not naturally lubricate when there is sexual arousal because God did not design the anus to be penetrated by foreign objects. And no doubt, as fecal matter is naturally repulsive, considering what comes out of the anus God intended to deter people from putting anything in it.

Not to mention the many health issues caused by sodomy like fecal incontinence, anal fissures, and prolapsed rectum. The body is damaged when it is misused or used contrary to its design. Homosexuals do not love each other, they lust each other. And they abuse each other in pursuit of their own self-gratification. Homosexual acts are not loving acts. They are truly hateful acts as they are selfish.

I also preached that STD’s is “God’s curse upon your genitals for your sexual immorality.” This, of course, makes the students laugh but at the same time gives them a serious and strong point to consider and remember.

I also argue that if “consenting adults” is the only requirement for sex to be morally or legally acceptable, as homosexual advocates claim, than that would mean that prostitution is morally or legally acceptable. Orgies and an “open marriage” would qualify too since it only involves consenting adults. And polygamy too since they are consenting adults. And consensual adult incest, say between a grown son and his mother or adult daughter and father would not be wrong and should not be illegal either. And why not go further and say that if a women consents to having sex with a horny dog, that is morally or legally acceptable as well. This is the inevitable conclusions of the argument that homosexuality is acceptable because it is between consenting adults. When men deviate from God’s intended purpose in designing our bodies, sinners get into all sorts of mad perversions.

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We had many different protestors come to our open air meetings from atheists to professing Christians. One professing Christian had a sign with a quote from Martin Luther that said, “Sin boldly” on it. He didn’t like the way that we were rebuking people for their sins and calling them to repentance. So I went up to him and asked him, “Do you think that we are sinning for judging these people?” He emphatically said, “YES!” I said, “Well, we are doing it boldly!” He didn’t know how to respond to that.

And while we did have opposition from many compromised professing Christians on campus, we also had local support. There were many believers who came up to me and said that they appreciated what I was doing, keep it up, etc. And even a local pastor came out a couple times to show his support. Praise God! Now I know what church to direct new converts to!

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One major excuse on this campus for sinning was their “sinful nature” doctrine. I decided to attack this excuse head on. The Apostle Paul said that the Gentiles which have not the law do by nature the things contained in the law, showing the work of the law written on their hearts, their conscience the meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another. I preached that conscience is the supreme faculty of our nature which claims authority and passes judgment upon all other functions of our nature. It is certainly against our conscience to sin and in this way it is against our human nature to sin. We were not meant to be governed by the mere impulses and feelings of our nature but by this supreme faculty of our nature known as conscience.

Furthermore, I preached that sin is contrary to our nature because it is contrary to the design and proper function of our body. The Apostle Paul, for example, said that homosexuals do that which is against nature. God did not design our bodies for men to have sex with men or women to have sex with women. This is what the Bible calls abusing their bodies with themselves.

Other sins are contrary to our body also like drunkenness and smoking. The drunkard destroys his kidneys and his liver over time, showing that God did not design the body for the consumption of alcohol. Drunkards also experience vomiting and hangovers which further show that the body was not designed to consume poison. Inhaling smoke causes coughing, headaches, as well as cancer. The body is being abused and misused when a person uses their flesh to sin.

The notion that “I can’t help but to sin. It is not my fault. It is my nature” is an utterly blasphemous excuse and accusation against God. It takes the blame off of the sinner and his free will and puts it upon God who designed our bodies and gave us our natures. Now the Bible does say that sinners are “by nature” children of wrath, but this is talking about the second natures that they have developed by their sinful choices and habits. And therefore, they are justly accountable and under the wrath of God for the sinful natures that they have given to themselves.

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The Police did arrive at one point when the crowd became rather large and said that there was a complaint about the noise. At this point Brother Jed took over as he is better with crowd control and taming the crowd. He also preaches with a softer voice than I typically do. Sister Kathy, who had come down from Minnesota to preach with us, can be seen in the above picture talking to the Police. Fortunately we were able to continue preaching throughout the week without anymore problems with the Police.

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We were falsely accused of preaching salvation by works. Our message was that of salvation by grace through faith. God is certainly acting gracious and merciful when He forgives us and grants us everlasting life. But while salvation is unmerited, it is not unconditional. We preached that repentance, or a change of mind about sinning, is a precondition of forgiveness. And the same faith that justifies is the same faith that sanctifies. It was by faith that Abraham was justified and it was by faith that Abraham obeyed God. But there is a false view of “justification by faith” today that says that you can be justified by faith even while you continue in wickedness and sin. That is what James called demonic faith or dead faith which certainly does not justify.

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This girl was watching me preach for a little while when she decided to strip off her shirt, jump up on the platform and try to give me a hug wearing her bra. I had to extend my Bible out to keep her at bay. I said jestingly, “I know I am an attractive man but please, ladies, control yourselves.”

The fact that the crowd loved how this girl stripped just goes to show that I was in the right place preaching the gospel. They were a crowd of sin-loving rebels against God. After Adam and Eve sinned, God gave them clothing to cover. It is rebellion against God to strip in public and this crowd loved it.

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The worst part about this week long outreach was the weather. The temperatures were freezing. Nevertheless, we stood and preached five hours each day. And every day my feet especially froze despite wearing two or three layers of socks. But despite the terribly cold weather, the crowds continued to come and gather for hours at a time as we preached the gospel. How foolish it is, therefore, when people say things to us like, “Nobody cares. Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.” Or when they say, “This isn’t effective.” In one day we can reach more sinners than most churches do all year.

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Overall we had a great week on campus. If I were to rate a campus on a scale of one to ten and one being the worst, I would give this campus a ten. The free speech policy on the campus is great. The free speech area is perfect. The students were relatively well behaved – there was no violence nor any threats of violence. The students gathered around for hours, listening, asking questions, etc. I wish every campus was like this.


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When we arrived on campus to met up with Brother Jed we saw that he already had attracted a heckler with a “Ignore Him” sign. As people walked by he yelled at them to keep walking and ignore the preaching. The fact is, no matter how hard he tried to prevent us from getting a crowd the only thing he accomplished was creating more attention and interest. Sure enough a crowd formed. A sign that says, “Ignore Him” is counter-productive. And as he continued to shout and yell as the crowd tried to interact with me, he quickly won the sympathy of the crowd for me. The crowd turned on him and began yelling at him to leave us alone and let us preach.

He was also passing out papers of an article that he said “was published by our own newspaper” about ignoring us. However, it was an opinion piece and I suspected that he himself wrote it. He kept saying that it was published by the campus paper as if that gave it some kind of authority but when I said, “That’s an opinion article and you probably wrote it yourself,” he admitted that this was true.

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Even in the rain and freezing cold we were successful in drawing a crowd. Typically on this campus we have very large meetings. On a warm day I’ve had crowds of up to 500. But given the rain and the temperature, we had smaller meetings than usual. Nevertheless we stood and preached for five hours each day with an attentive crowd the whole time.

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The issue of abortion came up on this campus and I argued, “If the baby is not alive, why do they have to mutilate and kill it before they remove it from the womb? Why can’t they just have a C-section and remove the baby? Because if they did, a living baby would come out of the womb.”

The fact is, if someone murder a pregnant woman they will be charged with “double homicide.” In our corrupt legal system, the only difference between illegal “murder” and legal “abortion” is whether the mother wants the child or not.

Some students argued that since the “fetus” cannot survive on its own, it is not wrong to kill it. I argued that many of college students on this campus are still dependent upon their parents! And the elderly are also dependent, does that mean it is OK to murder them?

One girl said, “What if the doctors tell you that it has down syndrome?” I said, “Are you suggesting that it is OK to murder someone because they have down syndrome?” At that point she freaked out and jumped up on the platform next to me and told the crowd that she does not believe that is OK. However, that is what her question was implying…

I’ve been preaching full time on campuses in America now for over eight years and from my experience I have found that most students do not think rationally or coherently. It is a good thing that we reach out to them because what they are learning from the university professors themselves generally is dangerous and wrong. And these are the future leaders of the world!

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In the past the administration has started to hassle us for preaching. One year we were kicked off campus because they said the noise was disturbing classes. That is because we gathered a crowd of hundreds of students. Another year they moved us to a different location. And recently they kicked a friend of mine off campus. It seems to be an ongoing trend that they complain about the “noise.” And sure enough the same administrator came out this time and said she had some “noise complaints.” But I highly doubt the legitimacy of these complaints because whenever I go into one of the nearby buildings, I can never hear any of the preaching whatsoever. She asked us to keep it down, which we did, and surprisingly we were never bothered again. However, this year I had my camera filming the majority of the time and I also filmed her and I could tell that made her uncomfortable. That might be the reason she left us alone because the video shows how the preaching and the crowd were not unreasonably noisy.

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I particularly emphasized in my preaching how unreasonable and selfish sin was. One student asked, “Why should we love God supremely?” I argued that God is supremely valuable and it is unreasonable to regard yourself above the interests of God. It is reasonable to regard God as He is. And your neighbor is equal in value to yourself so it is rational to love your neighbor as yourself. It is unreasonable for you to put your own interests above that of your neighbor or to regard yourself as more valuable than they are.

I showed how sin tends to misery and God has good reasons to outlaw and forbid us from sinning. His law is love and benevolence tends to happiness or the highest well-being of all. There are plenty of good reasons to obey God and avoid sinning and there are absolutely no good reasons not to.

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There was one lesbian in the crowd who heckled me at the beginning of the week and I rebuked her for her sin. She admitted that she was abused by a man as a child and so I pinpointed that as the reason she has now developed “male-phobia.” Later that week on a day when it was raining, I saw her standing in the crowd in the rain listening to Brother Jed preach. I had my big umbrella so I went up to her and asked her if she wanted to share my umbrellas with me. She looked excited, smiled and said “sure!” Since she was listening attentively to Brother Jed’s preaching, I didn’t want the rain to run her off. I also thought that a simple act of kindness from me might help her be more receptive to our preaching and get over her “male phobia.” She did come out the next day with a large rainbow flag to support homosexuality but you just never know what God can do with the seeds that we planted into her heart and mind.

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-17at120248PM_zps2a9ddc8b.png

Brother Chris did a great job preaching on this campus. He was especially excited about preaching here because the first open air preaching videos of mine that he saw were of this campus. And before I started campus preaching, I remember seeing pictures of preachers on this campus which also inspired me too. Chris did a great job engaging and building up the crowd.

A friend of the Smocks known as “Sister Pat” also joined us on campus. She is 83 years old I believe but still gets out there to witness and preach the gospel. She did a fine job preaching to the students. It seems like she gets fewer and kinder hecklers than we do because she obviously comes across as a sweat Grandma.

She was hitting on the holiness issue as the students were defending their sin. She said, “When you all say, ‘I sin every day. I can’t help but to sin. I’m going to sin until the day I die’ what you really mean is, ‘I masturbate every day. I can’t help but to masturbate. I am going to masturbate until the day I die.” The students laughed and admitted that’s true. She then exhorted them to repent of their sins and develop holy habits and then holiness will become easy for them.

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I was also especially blessed by the presence of some “Chi Alpha” students and leaders from San Antonio who joined us to support the preaching and witness themselves. Many of them came out to watch and learn because they have a heart and desire for open air ministry. I was able to speak to a group of them in San Antonio one of the nights and they invited me to come back soon to do a seminar on evangelism.


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A friend of mine told me about a gay rights demonstration taking place in Nacogdoches TX. It was about two hours from where I live and it looked like a great opportunity to preach the gospel so I decided to plan an outreach with a few friends.

I was shown the Facebook page that the gay activists started called “Equal Rights Demonstration.” Days before the outreach I started posting on their Facebook page.

I argued that under Texas law, there is equality. As nobody is allowed to have a homosexual marriage, that law is equal to all. And as heterosexual marriage is available to all and not denied to any, again there is equality under the law.

They tried to defend homosexuality by saying that there is homosexual behavior within the animal kingdom. One man even started bringing up “frogs.” I said, “Well, frogs are dumb.  So we can excuse them,” implying that humans are without excuse. Even if animals do not know the proper use of the anus, human beings have developed minds land a superior intelligence. I argued that some animals will eat their own offspring and the preying mantis will bite the head off her mate but it would not be natural for a human being to do such a thing!

Another man argued that a male’s “g-spot” is in his rectum and therefore God must have designed us for anal sex. I said, “That is not a g-spot. That is your prostate. And it is not in your rectum. People try to touch their prostate through the wall of their rectum. But you can severely and permanently damage yourself by touching your prostate. The prostate was designed to be massaged by the passing of stools. The anus was designed for defecation, not penetration. Considering what comes out of your anus, you shouldn’t want to put any foreign objects in it. God put your prostate where it is to keep you from touching it.” I find it sad that we even need to teach people this!

Eventually members in the group admitted that they are in favor of prostitution, incest, bestiality, etc. That just goes to show where the gay rights movement is really  heading.

 photo 100_0227_zps75f9bfc8.jpg

 photo HomoisaNoNo_zpsb622a999.jpg

Their “Equal Rights Demonstration” was started because there is a local man who stands on the street corner every Saturday and throughout the week with varies signs. Some of the signs have to do with homosexuality while others are just about Jesus Christ. One sign that the group did not like is one that says, “Homo Is A No No.” I had no idea who this man was and knew nothing about him other than that this group wanted to go out there with their own “pro-gay” signs to protest him. So we decided to get out there with our own Jesus Banners to preach the gospel to them. When we arrived the man looked at us and I said, “We are your back-up today.” He said, “Ya’ll are an answer to prayer!” He had no idea that the gay activists were planning this demonstration. He said to them, “One little gospel preacher has sure stirred all you people up!”

 photo 100_0228_zps106736d5.jpg

 photo 100_0226_zps005244e1.jpg

Brother Chris, Steven and Sebastian joined me on this outreach. We arrived around the same time as the gay rights activists. We had a banner that said “Repent or Perish” on one side and “Fear God and Keep His Commandments” on the other. My banner said, “Forsake All Your Sin and Follow the Lord Jesus Christ” on one side and “Jesus Christ Will Cast All Sinners into the Lake of Fire on the Day of Judgment” on the other side. We also had a sandwich board that said, “Repent Sinners: Go and Sin No More” and “Stop Sinning: Jesus Said Be Perfect.” More gay rights activists began to arrive until there were maybe 20-30 of them. But our banners were bigger and more legible than their signs.

 photo 100_0229_zps2aca294c.jpg

 photo 100_0230_zpsdb45e6a6.jpg

The organizer of the event is named Stephen Wright and he decided to even bring his children out and give them signs to hold. One of the signs said, “Jesus Had 2 Dads. He turned out Alright.” It has long been part of the homosexual agenda to indoctrinate children because humans know naturally that homosexual behavior is wrong. They have to be taught otherwise. That is why the homosexual movement seeks to reeducate children at a very early age, even starting in elementary school. The brainwashing needs to start young to be more effective.

What was interesting was that Stephen Wright didn’t like it when we started preaching against homosexuality because his children could hear it. One man even got in our face over it. So I said, “If you don’t want them to hear it, just take them home.” Sebastian later started talking to one of the kids and Stephen got very upset.  He said, “I’ll teach my children, you teach yours.” But I find this is disingenuous from the homosexual movement. They want public schools to teach all children that homosexuality is OK. And if someone is against homosexuality, they want employers to mandate “sensitivity training” or “re-education.” By being out there with their signs, they themselves are trying to teach all the children who read such signs. The hypocrisy of the homosexual movement never cease to amaze me.

 photo 100_0233_zps0ae7c1b8.jpg

 photo JesseMorrellGLBT_zpsfe2c9918.jpg

 photo 100_0231_zps63b70532.jpg

At first the group tried to ask us to stay on our side of the sidewalk. They said, “You guys stay over there and we will stand over here.” But I said, “No, no. We want EQUALITY of sidewalk.” They literally tried to institute “segregation” because of our religious beliefs. So I marched into the middle of their group and started open air preaching. At that point the woman above with the “I’m Straight and Support Gay Rights” sign started coming at me, smooching her lips like she wanted to kiss me. During her sexual harassment and attempted sexual assault, I had to literally keep her back with my arm. The GLBT crowd laughed when I said, “I am not interested in your STD’s. You can keep your STD’s to yourself!”

I also said jestingly, “I know I am an attractive man but please, women, control yourselves.” And, “Maybe my good looks will turn some of these lesbians straight.” Eventually the woman stopped sexually harassing me and I continued to preach. We preached to this crowd as we do other crowds – warning them about sin, judgment, and hell and urged them to repentance and faith in Christ.

Eventually the crowd decided to move to the other side of the sidewalk, which was what they originally tried to say was our side of the sidewalk. When they started to leave I said, “Hey, don’t discriminate against me.” I also said, “Why can’t you accept me as I am? I was born again this way! You guys are so judgmental and intolerant.”

 photo 100_0237_zps77ba3e5f.jpg

 photo 100_0232_zpsba48ed2d.jpg

The homosexual movement portrays itself as if it is all about “love.” But it is not. Love is the fulfillment of the law. If you love God and love your neighbor, you are not going to sin against them. Sodomy is not love, it is lust. It is selfishness. They are using and abusing each other. In reality, it is hatred.

One man had a t-shirt on that said, “Love is Not A Sin.” That is true. I would simply add, “Sodomy is Not Love.”

 photo 100_0243_zps530b1191.jpg

 photo 100_0242_zps2abc85b9.jpg

There was one woman (I believe it was a woman) that held a sign that said, “Have an Open Mind.” I warned, “An open mind is the devil’s outhouse…. He has filled your mind with filth!” I found that these on-liners really caught their attention, made them laugh, and gave them something to think about. One gay rights activist said, “I need to write these down!”

Another time I preached, “God created Adam and Eve. A man marrying a man is The Adam’s Family. They are creepy and their spooky.” One of the gay rights activists started laughing and said, “I gotta admit it. That’s a good one.”

As I preached I said, “You know, Lady Gaga is a bisexual. That mean’s that she’s in a ‘Bad Romance.” Again the GLBT crowd started laughing because “Bad Romance” is one of Lady Gaga’s popular songs.

Using this technique of humorous one liners I was able to get their attention and rebuke their sin. When I would preach, they would listen to hear what I was going to say.

 photo 100_0234_zps36097292.jpg

 photo 100_0240_zpscb561f8b.jpg

 photo 100_0235_zpsb20f7441.jpg

We took turns preaching the gospel to this group of lost souls. We talked about the issue of homosexuality but did not focus on that the entire time. I told them, “We are not here to discriminate. We condemn all sins equally.” We warned them that God is angry with the wicked every day, that the wicked will be cast into hell, and said that God is calling all men everywhere to repent.


 photo ScreenShot2014-02-24at15345PM_zpsc0c6ff8e.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-24at15357PM_zpse86155c4.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-24at15413PM_zpsaae30c89.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-24at15429PM_zps61665249.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-02-24at15439PM_zps533fbd88.png

Steven and Sebastian, who joined me on the Gay Rights Outreach, were two young guys who came to my Sharing Your Faith Conference not too long ago. They started open air preaching after listening to a “Street Meetings of God” compilation that I once had someone make for me. Now they are hitting the streets all the time with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

They are, temporarily, living in my guest quarters as they are in a transition in their life. They are planning on working to save up for the mission field. In the meantime I turned them on to some good local campuses to preach the gospel to. They recently preached at Tyler Junior College, Kilgore College, and the Tyler High School. Though I was not able to join them on these outreaches because of ministry projects (newsletter, videos, etc) I feel that these outreaches were part of our ministry or an extension of our ministry because my wife and I are hosting them at our place and I turned them on to these campuses. We praise God that they are getting out there! They’ve even made some local news for their preaching.



Please  be in prayer for an evangelism seminar that I am teaching in San Antonio. I’ve been invited by the campus Chi Alpha group to lecture Saturday morning, March 1st, on the basics of evangelism. On Saturday afternoon I’ll then be leading a group out to the streets to share the faith. This is a seminar for beginners. Pray that the Lord uses it to raise up many laborers!


 photo Police_zpsf8ff2708.jpg

Legal issues is a common occurrence for open air preachings and legal battles simply comes with the territory. Please be in prayer for an ongoing lawsuit that I have against a city that  has violated my Constitutional rights many times. We are now doing depositions for the case. Of course as Christians we should preach the gospel and witness for the Lord even if it becomes illegal, as it was on the days of the Early Church. But we should not neglect to defend our rights here in America as they are a great blessing to our ministry. God has ordained government for the good of the people and lawsuits are part of our system of government. Of course, our lawsuits only win us a single dollar in nominal damages but the protection of our Constitutional rights is good for everyone!


Please also be in prayer for an upcoming trip that I have to California. I am flying out in March to preach with my friend Ruben and to film for a documentary I am making called, “Ruben Israel: The Movie.” I am continuing with this movie series on open air preachers. I already published on YouTube “Brother Micah: The Movie” and “Brother Jim: The Movie.” I am currently working on “Brother Jed: The Movie” and next month will start “Ruben Israel: The Movie.” These are preachers that I really enjoy and have been blessed by and so I really enjoy documenting in video the work that they do for the Lord and edifying and encouraging the body of Christ with these videos.


Someone commented on my YouTube:

“Man, you watch a few of this guy’s videos and you will become an addict. Excellent doctrine on most stuff. God has truly equipped him especially for the false doctrines taught in most college campuses. God is using him to “undoctrinate” a lot of the “indoctrination” Satan has set up there. God bless.”

Shreveport Police Threaten Street Preacher Jesse Morrell
with Arrest & Jail for Debating in Public:
Here is the trailer to the new movie I am working on:


 photo 1557260_10151874945181765_1209687227_o_zps5f1399b7.jpg

 photo 1077577_10151875261481765_377257499_o_zpsbd94484e.jpg

PRAISE THE LORD! Krista and I are having our third child! And the baby is a girl! We are very excited and so is our daughter Elizabeth and our son Justice. They can’t wait for the new baby to be born!

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;
so are children of the youth.
Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:
they shall not be ashamed,
but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”

PSALMS 127:3-5


 photo MorrellFamily_zps2840c8b9.jpg

The Morrell Family is a missionary family. The financial support we receive from the body of Christ makes it possible for us to continue to live, travel, and preach the gospel full time.

Will you consider being a monthly supporter, giving as little or as much as you can? All personal gifts from $5 – $500, either monthly or one-time, makes a huge difference.

Paypal: Click Here

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Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!

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1 Response to Conservative Christians Preaching Against Homosexuality & “Gay Marriage” In Texas | Jesse Morrell

  1. Just found out yesterday that a Federal Judge ruled against the Gay Marriage Ban in Texas. That ban was voted on by the people of Texas.

    So when the people vote against homosexuality, their vote is overturned by a Federal Judge. But when the people of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, that remains despite its contradiction to Federal Law. That is what you call inequality under the law.

    I also found out that Attorney General Eric Holder told state attorney generals that they do not need to defend state laws which they believe are “discriminatory” but they have liberty to “follow your hearts.” However, when it comes to say Christian Bakers or Christian Photographers who feel that laws obligated them to participate and help facilitate “gay wedding ceremonies” violate their religious liberties, they are told by the Federal Government that they cannot “follow your hearts” but must obey such discriminatory laws. That again is what you call inequality under the law.

    What America today needs is equality or Equal Rights for conservatives and Christians!

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