The New Morrell Baby Was Born! & Open Air Ministry Update Report

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I was honored with the opportunity of speaking to a group of about 60 leaders with the “Chi Alpha” campus Christian organization in San Antonio. Chi Alpha is a very big Christian presence on campus with some 400 members. I taught their small group leaders on the topic of evangelism and outreach. They would like me to come back and teach an Evangelism Conference for all of their members! Praise God!

The videos of these teachings are now on YouTube and I posted them below in this newsletter.


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After the Evangelism Seminar I lead the group out to the streets for an outreach to put in practice the evangelism we had been talking about. The Alamo is in San Antonio and is a big tourist attraction. It is a great place for open air ministry! There are lots of people there every weekend from all over the world and a large public square to preach in. There was also a nice wall in the shade that we preached from. We took turns open air preaching and were able to draw good crowds all throughout the day. It was great to see some of these brethren stand up and preach for their first time!


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I went to Los Angeles to team up with my friend Ruben Israel for some outreaches. I wanted to take this trip to film for “Ruben Israel: The Movie” – a documentary that I wanted to make to inspire and encourage other brethren.

The first outreach that we went to was a Catholic Convention with tens of thousands of Catholics. The Convention Center is public and so all the sidewalks surrounding it were public. We would preach in the morning when everyone was arriving and waiting in line to get in and also again at the lunch hour when everyone was hanging out eating lunch on the grass, etc. We literally preached to virtually everyone using an amplifier, t-shirts and banners. And we had lots of great discussions with everyone one-on-one also.

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Ruben is a street preacher that uses a lot of visual aids, like the prophets did in the Old Testament. One demonstration that we did was an idol smashing, like Gideon did. Using a clay statue of Mary that Ruben had and a hammer, Ruben slowly started chipping away at the statue preaching against idolatry as the Catholics watched and gathered around. This got their attention and was a great way to start a conversation with them about idolatry and what the Bible says about it.

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My favorite part of having outreaches with other brethren is the fellowship afterwards. In between the morning outreach and the afternoon outreach, we would all go and have breakfast/lunch somewhere and have great fellowship. Its great to preach with others because you get to debrief and reflect upon the outreach together.


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UCLA is a campus that commonly sees open air preachers. But many of the open air preachers who go there regularly are not very bold and confrontational and so they don’t really draw any crowds. That, however, is not a problem for us! Lifting our banners high we were crowded with students the entire time that we were there!

This campus is sort of special to me because the first time I ever saw campus preaching was from video footage from this campus. That video greatly inspired me back in 2003 and really helped launch my own campus ministry.

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The main topic of discussion on this outreach was Jesus Christ being the way, the truth, and the life and Mohammed being a false prophet. It seems that on liberal campuses, the only religion that it is acceptable to “bash” is Christianity. But when a Christian starts preaching against Islam or Hinduism, all the liberals freak out. Of course, if an Atheist were to preach against Islam or Hinduism, it might be different…

Ruben had a banner that said Mohammed was a liar, false prophet, murderer, child molesting pervert. Ruben explained how Mohammed had a 7 year old wife and that he had sex with her when she was 9. One Muslim in particular got very emotional and upset and in Ruben’s face… But since Islam is a “religion of peace” us Christians should have nothing to fear…. right?

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Eventually the Police were called, which is typically when you are on fire for God and cause no small stir. I suspect that they were looking for some way to get rid of the banner and so they looked up the codes and regulations for “picketers” (which we are not actually) and said that our banners were too big and could not be on medal poles… Ruben was going to have his attorney’s look into the lawfulness of their imposition of this California ordinance upon us.


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The Projects of LA was a place I had heard about during my sinner life listening to rap music. Supposedly, it is supposed to be a very rough neighborhood with some dangerous people. So it was a perfect spot for us to go with our Bibles, banners, and bullhorns to preach the gospel! There was a group of men hanging out on one corner, likely selling drugs, so that is where we decided to set up shop and preach! And the great thing about preaching in the LA Projects was that we didn’t have to worry about anyone calling the Cops on us!


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 There are many blocks in Los Angeles which have been taken over or given over to the homeless. For blocks and blocks there is an entire community of homeless people like a small homeless city in and of itself. The streets are lined with boxes and tents and other garbage turned into shelter. The majority of these people are not blind or crippled but are well abled bodies who choose this lifestyle because of drugs and alcohol. People give them free clothing, free food, and free money for drugs. So we decided to go down there and offer them the gospel, which is also free.

With holy boldness we preached the Word – showing their sin for what it really is, warning about God’s judgment, calling them to repentance and pointing them to Jesus Christ. As you can see in the pictures above, they smoke their marijuana and drugs openly. While many of them heckled and threatened us, the fact is that many of them did listen to what we had to say even if they didn’t like it.


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Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (in Los Angeles county) is where  lot of the super wealthy do their shopping. So we went from the worst parts of Los Angeles to the best parts of Los Angeles – preaching the same gospel to everyone!

We preached as Jesus did – don’t store up treasure on earth where it can decay but store up treasure in heaven. We called them to repentance and to put their faith in Christ – to prepare for eternity and for God’s Judgment Day.

The Police were called on us by the security of one of the stores but the Police informed them that since we were on the city street there was nothing they could do about it.

We continued to preach until the sun set and afterwards. My trip to Los Angeles to preach with Ruben was great because we literally preached from sun rise until after sun set!


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I was very blessed by a brother in Miami who flew me out to do some open air preaching with him. He is new to the open air preaching world and wanted to have someone to go with him to some outreaches. The main plan was to preach on a campus but I thought it would be good if I come in early for the weekend so that we could also preach at the beach. Beaches are great places to preach, like campuses, because there are many young party-goers. It is those types of people who are most likely to stop and listen to an open air preacher.

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South Beach in Miami is a wicked beach but not as bad as other beaches I have preached like Venice Beach in California. However, I have never had so many women flash me while preaching than when I was at South Beach. The main topic of my preaching was against whores and whoremongers as that seemed to be the prevalent sins there at the beach. I always tailor my message to the audience to bring personal conviction.

Eventually the Police came over to talk to me. They didn’t care about the women who were ripping their tops off. Instead, they said they didn’t like the content of my speech. They especially did not like my use of the biblical word “whore.” They were persistent and so I told them that while it is protected by my free speech, I would accommodate their wishes and would not directly call anyone a whore.

At that point I started preaching again and the Police stayed to watch. A woman walked by and started flashing me. I said, “I am NOT going to call you a whore because telling you the truth might offend you.”

I then preached about how it is a sad day in America when women can flash their body parts in public, right in front of the Police, and the Cops do nothing about it. And yet the Police want to silence preachers who preach against whorish behavior…. I said, “Welcome to Obama’s America.”

Towards the end of the day an angry group of lesbians came up and tried to smash a cake in my face… So much for tolerance and acceptance! I told them, “I was born again this way. Why can’t you accept me as I am?”


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 When we went to preach at South Beach, we saw signs that said there was a Gay Pride Parade the next day. I thought, “Wow! That’s a great opportunity to preach the gospel!” We didn’t plan on preaching at the Gay Pride Parade when we picked the dates for me to come to Miami so I assume that it might have been God’s Providence. He wanted someone to go there to stand in the gap and fact is, if we had not gone there was nobody else there (at least not that we saw).

The great thing about preaching at parades is that if you show up early before the parade starts you can march the parade route with your banner and amplifier and preach to everyone on the sidelines who is waiting for the parade to start! This is exactly what we did!

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Once the parade started and caught up to us on the parade route, we got off the road and preached on the sidelines. We found the spot where all of the floats had to wait a few minutes before entering the parade. We thought that was the perfect spot to preach now that we could not march the parade route anymore!

One of the pictures above is of a church that had a float in the parade to support homosexuality. One of the signs read “No Shame, No Guilt, Just God.” What a shame that the only churches that went out to the parade with their signs were Pro-Homo Churches! Where were the real Christian Churches? Why didn’t they have a float in the parade? Why didn’t they make Bible signs like this Gay-Church made their sin signs? Most churches today are asleep as the world around them is going to hell!

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 Once the last float in the parade started going down the street, we decided to get back into the street and march behind them since technically the parade was over! That way we could preach to all the tens of thousands of people on the sidelines. But at the intersections the rest of the crowds started flooding the streets around us. They were yelling and cheering and obviously upset about our Jesus Signs. The Police intervened and pulled us out of the crowd. They said that they feared a riot! Hmm.. Why would the Police fear that? Is not the Gay Community tolerant, accepting, and peaceful? Are they not non-violent loving people? Why would the Police fear a riot when Christians march the parade route preaching Jesus Christ?

One of the many good things about us taking the gospel to this parade was that our presence showed the community who these people really are and what they really are like. At parades like this they want to portray themselves as loving and peaceful people who have been discriminated against unjustly, who should be accepted by society. But when we showed up, they showed just how hateful and evil they really were. They were threatening us with violence, on the verge of rioting, etc. So much for love, acceptance, and tolerance from the “Gay” Community.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-22at22659PM_zpsb772893e.png

Ah, we were “feelin the love” at this event. Truth be told, these homosexuals hated God, hated the truth, hated the light, and hated us for being Christians. They were harassing us, threatening us with hate crimes, discriminating against us for our religion, etc, and the Police did nothing. Instead, the Police did all that they could to silence us.

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At one point a Police Officer mentioned arresting us for “inciting a riot.” Instead of protecting our free speech and arresting those who were unruly, this Cop threatened to take away our Constitutional rights. The homosexual community wants the “free speech” to have their Gay Pride Parades but they do not want Christians to have the free speech to preach the gospel in public at these events.

The fact is, the law states that if a crowd gets violent in response to a speakers message the Police are obligated to control the control and not to arrest the speaker. Hecklers do not have veto power. At the end of it all, the Police did not arrest us but they did confiscate our banner poles so that we could not lift up our banners anymore. I was happy to not get arrested because it would be a hassle to travel back and forth from Texas to Miami for a court case. We were able to march in the parade route twice and preach to all of the floats in the parade, without getting arrested, and so this was a very good outreach!

I uploaded the videos from these Miami outreaches to my YouTube account and posted the video below in this newsletter.


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Florida International University is a campus that I had only preached on once before years ago. The one time that I did preach there I had a good time except for one angry woman who attacked me. After he attack I had scratches all over like on my eye lids, had a broken watch, had a broken sandwich board, had a ripped shirt, etc. She was obviously very convicted. I wasn’t sure if there would be any violence during this outreach and I certainly hoped that there wouldn’t be.

During the Sodomite Pride Parade we saw that FIU had a float in the parade with lots of FIU Students wearing FIU Pride shirts. So I started my open air preaching by mentioning this and rebuking the campus for its wickedness.

 photo 10268688_10151985626466765_6368515544646995098_n_zps55d3682e.jpg

This was my first heckler who turned out to be a homosexual. He admitting to having sex with many many men. He stayed and listened to the preaching for a long time. I don’t think he had ever heard preaching like this before.

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 We spent two days preaching on this campus and had good crowds each day. We had some obstacles to overcome in the practical realm. First they turned the water fountain on which made a lot of noise in that area. It really strained my voice to preach over it. Second, it was a very hot day and though I picked a spot in the shade where students could sit on the stairs, it was still very very hot. Nevertheless, people gathered around and listened to us preach the gospel for hours and hours. I am working on uploading the video footage from this campus soon.

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These theological lectures by Gordon C. Olson are second to none. The content spoken in this series is absolute gold. I challenge everyone to listen to one lecture every night for the next 30 days. If you do, you will receive awesome teaching that is better than most hear in the average Seminary or Bible College. In 30 days you can hear better teaching than many hear in 4 years of a Christian University…

Click here to watch: Sharing Your Faith Series | Gordon C. Olson | Moral Government Theology

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The Lord is raising up many laborers to take the gospel to the streets! Join the movement today!


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We are excited to announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl!

Her name is:

Brielle: Devoted to God, Confident (Hebrew)
Verity: Truth (Latin)
Jane: Gift from God
Morrell: Redeemed 

Born: May. 29th 2014 at 12:40 pm
Weight: 7lb 9oz

Lord we pray your blessing over Brielle, that she would grow up confident in your Word. As Gabriel was a messenger of your great Word, so also we pray that Brielle will be a messenger of your truth to this world!

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