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Some of you may remember how I reported in my newsletter about the Police shutting down free speech outside of the Eldorado Casino in Shreveport. Well, after a 3 1/2 year legal battle I am happy to report that free speech has been restored! With the help of my Christian Attorney, we filed suit and finally had a settlement. The City agreed that the sidewalks were in fact public and that a street performer ordinance does not apply to my activity and was even going to have the city ordinance regarding sound amplification changed so that we could be heard from further away! Of course, the city had to pay my attorney fees and I hope that will deter them from violating the people’s constitutional rights in the future. I myself only made $10 from the case. I actually lost money because it cost me to drive out to Louisiana for depositions, settlement meetings, etc. But it was well worth the investment as it helped to secure the legal rights of future street preachers including myself.


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Dallas has a big New Year’s Eve party that we preached at last year and returned to again this year to preach. Last year we had preached inside of the event and the Police hassled us and said we could not have our banners, video camera, etc. But as we left the event last year, we saw that the gates had huge lines of people waiting to go inside. And it was not very noisy there like it was inside of the event. So we were excited about returning this year to preach outside of the gate with our banners, lifting up our voices for all to hear!

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A lot of brethren showed up to participate in this outreach. We had local brethren from the Dallas area, a local church, brothers from San Antonio, brethren from East Texas, etc. I forget exactly how many of us were there but it may have been around 15 people on the team. We divided up into smaller groups and spread out to cover more ground. We had people passing out tracts, talking one on one, and almost always had at least two open air preachers going at different locations. We were really plowing that field!

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All night long people kept coming to join the event inside. The security at the gate had to check everyone before they could enter so that helped us by backing up the line. People had to wait in line for a long time before they could get in and the line kept growing and growing. That gave us the perfect opportunity to stand up and preach the gospel!

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 Throughout the night we had good interaction with the people. There were the typical hecklers but the majority would watch and listen. We warned everyone that they would have to give an account to God for how they spent 2014 and that 2015 is a good year to serve the Lord!


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Every year veteran campus preacher Jed Smock makes his way throughout the United States and through Texas where I now live. For 10 years now I’ve been joining him on campuses to preach with him, especially when he is in Texas. He’s been traveling and preaching for 43 years. He is now 73 years old and is still out there on the campuses 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, from the start of the school year until the very end.

Last year when we preached at Texas A&M together it was bitter cold. The temperatures were freezing.  The crowds still gathered but it was really hard on us. This year it was raining but not too cold. The rain doesn’t make too much of a difference so long as the students and the preachers have umbrellas. Sure enough, the students gathered around for hours to listen, ask questions, heckle, etc.

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 I am told that this campus has a prayer meeting with 10 thousand Christians. But that is only what I have heard. I have never seen it. And nothing that I have seen on this campus gives me any evidence of that being true. Most of the Christians who stop and listen only heckle us, defend sin and twist scripture, etc. You would think that if this campus really did have 10 thousand Christians, the gospel would be being preached everywhere. But I have never seen anyone on this campus give out any gospel tracts or really witness to anyone, except for us when we are on campus. And Texas A&M sure could use some more witnesses testifying of Christ. It is full of unbelievers, atheists, homosexuals, etc.

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Our message was, as usual, a pointing call to repentance. We named sin, warned the students of the wrath and judgment of God, and called them to repent of their sins and put their faith in Christ who died for them. I was happy to see that some of the same students who heard us last year came back out again this year.

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 We discussed the typical questions like, “Why is homosexuality a sin?” Or “How do you know God exists?” Etc. And while we always indulge the various questions the students have, we always try to bring it back to the main point which is “You must be born again.”

In my opinion, Texas A&M is one of the better campuses to preach on. I say this for numerous reasons. First, the campus policy is great. You can just walk right on and to this free speech area and start preaching. Second, it is a very big school with lots of students. Third, the crowds never seem to get crazy or out of hand. This may be because Brother Jed has been coming to this school annually for some time and they anticipate his return every year. I wish that every crowd on every campus acted like this crowd did.

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 One of the team members for this outreach is “Sister Pat.” She is 85 years old! But she still gets out to the campuses almost daily I believe to minister to the students about Jesus. She especially talks to the young girls about sexuality, their boyfriends, marriage, etc. In this picture you can see her with her dialog provoking sign that says “Be A Ho No Mo.” Whenever she has this sign on campus, she constantly has students coming up to talk to her about it. Its a good strategy.


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Texas State is one of my annual favorites. There is a horse statue that gives us a great platform/stage to preach from. On this campus elevation is really necessary because very large crowds will swarm around us. During the class change their is a sea of people. This is by far the easiest campus to draw a crowd on.

Almost 10 years ago, when I was first starting out with campus preaching, I wanted to stretch myself and see how long I could preach for. Since it was so easy to gather and keep a crowd on this campus, I tried it here. I preached from 11:00 am – 6:30 pm. That was 7 1/2 hours of preaching! My body was physically hurting and exhausted after preaching that long solo. But I wanted to challenge myself and it encouraged me to build up more preaching material and increase my skills as a campus preacher. At the end of the day, there was still a crowd of at least 50 people who wanted me to stay and keep preaching but I told them I had to stop because I had been preaching for so long I needed rest.

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One of the negative things about drawing such large crowds is the potential to have more complaints from the campus. In past years the administration has approached us and told us that professors were complaining that the noise was disturbing their office or class. In past years the administration has even kicked us off campus or moved us to another area as a result. For that reason, I try not to stir up the crowd too much. During this outreach I noticed that the administration was out there monitoring the situation and were telling students not to block the sidewalk and staircase. So when I was preaching and the crowd swelled in size during the class change, I moved to the crowd to the other side of the statue where they would not be blocking anyone.

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Throughout the day we had a steady crowd of listeners. At times the crowd would get a little smaller and at times it would grow bigger. But it was a steady crowd of listeners the entire time. Considering how students gather around and listen for hours, asking questions and dialoging with preachers, it is a wonder to me that more Christians do not do this type of ministry.


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The University of Texas in Austin was the second campus I ever preached to. The first was Tyler Junior College back in 2005. But UT Austin was only a couple weeks after that. The first time I ever tried to preach at Tyler Junior College they kicked me off campus and threatened me with arrest. So I was only able to preach for about 5 minutes before they shut me down. But at UT we preach from the city sidewalk in front of a staircase so we are able to preach for hours and hours without any real problems from the Police. Unfortunately, the UT campus does not allow free speech on its campus. They have an invitation only policy. But it was right here 10 years ago that I really first started preaching the gospel to college students.

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 As you can see from the pictures above, we experience lots of opposition and hostility on this campus. In fact, it is in Austin that I receive my strangest hecklers. After all, the motto of Austin is “Keep Austin Weird.” One man in particular would come out wearing a wrestling mask or horse mask, would be topless, would flog himself on the back, and heckle me all day as he got sun burned. But all of these hecklers actually help our cause. They help to create a scene that captures people’s attention. It is typical to preach on this campus a good 30 minutes or more without any real listeners until you get one heckler. Then within seconds  you can have a very large audience that will stay for hours.

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 The only thing that the Police ever hassle us over is the property line. There is a marker on the sidewalk that indicates where the campus property ends. It appears most Officers are not aware that such a marker even exists. They sometimes confront me thinking I am over the line until I show them where the actual marker is. They never do think that I am more than a foot or so over the line so I think it is really petty and unnecessary. Of course, the whole campus is paid for by tax payers so the whole situation is absurd.

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 I preached as I normally do against the common sins of the university like drunkenness, sorcery, homosexuality, baby murdering, whoredom, etc. You have to call out their particular sins if you want to see anyone come under genuine conviction. When the crowd becomes angry and hostile, that to me tells me that they have started to come under conviction. It is an apathetic crowd that I worry about.

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Brother Jed and I took turns preaching. I also came back a second day while Brother Jed returned to Texas State. A local pastor hosted me while I was in the area and joined me on campus. He said he’s been preaching open air for 20 years but has never really drawn any listeners before so he wanted to come out to watch and learn. Praise God! I wish more pastors would hit the streets with the gospel!


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I spoke at a Wednesday night service at the pastor’s church. The church is in walking distance to the campus and is really an outreach itself to the students. They are still in the process of building up this campus church. I spoke on the need for us as Christians to rise up and share the gospel. I challenged them to start witnessing and sharing their faith. That is really the only way to build a church!


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I went with a team of 12 people to preach at a Biker Festival outside of Fort Myers in the city of Cape Coral. A brother bought me a plane ticket and flew me into Florida for some outreaches. At the biker festival we were able to march right into the middle of the festival with our banners and bullhorns and preach the gospel. I was surprised by how much freedom the city was giving us but knew that the team has covered this event before.

Then one of the City Officials came up to me. He was the Event Coordinator for the City. He said, “I’ve watched a lot of your YouTube videos! Your famous! What are you doing in my city?” I got talking to him and asked, “So you have really seen my YouTube videos?” He said, “Yes, when I first started seeing Adam and some of the other street preachers and we were having issues, Adam told me that I didn’t really know what I was talking about. So I began to research more about street preachers and their legal rights and I even watched your video about Legal Rights of Street Preachers.” 

Wow! I had never been to this city before and I have already had an influence upon the City Officials and their law enforcement! You just never know who is watching your YouTube videos!

We talked a bit more and our conversation was interrupted at times because this man was talking back and forth with the Chief of Police about some other issue with some other people.

The City Event Coordinator even said that he had a few undercover cops around us to make sure we were safe.

We were able to walk up and down the event and preach the gospel everywhere we went!


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I was also very blessed to go with the local street preaching team to one of the local beaches for a pagan drum circle event that lasts late into the night. It generally seems to attract the teenage hippie drug culture at night time. During the day, average beach goers circle around. It was a perfect opportunity to preach the gospel to thousands! The local team consistently does outreaches on the beaches.

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 While a large crowd had gathered for the drum circle, we preached outside of their circle and was successful in drawing our own little crowds. We were all taking turns open air preaching, witnessing on the sidelines, etc. I spoke to one woman in particular who had a british accent. She seemed genuine and open hearted and I was definitely able to plant some seeds into her heart.

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 The team is used to preaching outside of the drum circle but I challenged one of the brothers to take his banner and go and stand in the middle of the circle. The middle was full of hippies dancing around but it was on a public beach and was open to everyone. The brother said that he would try to muster up the courage to stand in the middle. I told him, “Its now or never.” I knew that the more he put it off, the less likely it would be. He said, “Ok” and started walking towards the crowd but then stopped just outside of them. After a few minutes I went up to him and said, “I’ll take the banner in there if you don’t.” He said, “I’ll do it.” And he marched right into the middle of their circle with a gospel banner! It said on one side “Stop Sinning! Judgment Coming! Follow Jesus!” And on the other side it said, “Jesus Said Go and Sin No More. John 8:11.” And just by standing there the sign was being read by thousands of people.

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 During the day the beach was really active. It wasn’t just the drum circle that was active but there were beach goers all over the place. So while the sun was shining we preached on the beach. But when the sun was setting I noticed that almost the entire beach started leaving. And there was only one main walkway, that I knew of, that it seemed everyone was using. So I told the rest of the team that we should go and preach at that main walkway since everyone was leaving through it. There was a perfect sandy hill for us to stand on as a type of stage. I preached and engaged the crowds as they were walking by. Thousands and thousands of people walked by us while we were preaching there. It was excellent. And I encouraged the team to preach there again at sunset the next time they do an outreach here.

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 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at41156PM_zpscec34539.png

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at41319PM_zpsc53ea1a3.png

At night time it was mainly the teenage hippie druggy crowd that remained on the beach. They continued with their drum circle and a DJ also came out with a disco ball. It was very dark and you could hardly see anything. Our team was prepared with a few flash lights. The disco ball from the DJ was also helpful with lighting. Teenagers crowded around us as we preached the gospel. At one point the crowd moved under a pavilion and the team joined them, preaching the gospel on a bullhorn. But at this point it was obvious that many of them were stoned and drunk and increasingly hostile. The Police came out of no where at one point and had to calm the situation down. They did not infringe our free speech which was good. At the night was getting later, I thought it was probably time for us to call it a day. The team apparently had the same thoughts because we ended up leaving shortly thereafter.


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The University of Central Florida is always a great place to preach. They have two nice free speech areas on campus. When we arrived, the first area was already taken by a Pro-Life group. It was good seeing them out there. But they had barricaded the entire free speech area off so there was no way we could preach there. The second area had lots of student groups with tables and a stage blasting loud music. When I began to preach, I soon realized that I needed amplification because of the noise. So I used a bullhorn that one of the brothers brought out and I was able to preach for the first hour or so with an amplifier which was necessary because of how loud the music was. But once their music was done, I put the bullhorn away because I prefer to preach without one on a campus. It discourages dialog.


 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at41443PM_zpsd78c9f9a.png

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at41459PM_zpsad2545ab.png

Throughout the day we had many listeners. The weather was very warm which I think naturally tames the crowd. People gathered to listen in the shaded areas. Adam, one of the local members of the street preaching team, accompanied me to campus. This was his first time preaching on this campus. So after I preached for the first few hours I handed the crowd over to him.


 photo 10959941_10152621926186765_7656541684515764990_o_zps3d8360c8.jpg

 photo 10995293_10152621925976765_177706502864842117_o_zpsfe73ab61.jpg

 Florida Gulf Coast University was a new campus for me. It was a nice little campus and I was happy to spend a couple days preaching the gospel on it. I noticed that the crowd was gathering in the shade under the overhangs so I moved the soap box closer and closer to that area. The corner of the building was a strategic location also because there was foot traffic on both sides of it.

 photo 10321189_10152621926316765_4021240727102036839_o_zps3db173dc.jpg

 photo 10860986_10152621926431765_8211334261254975623_o_zps9e858873.jpg

After I got the attention of the campus and had a nice little attentive crowd, I turned it over to some of the other preachers on the team. They loved the interaction that they were having with the students. They told me it was a special treat for them. They said that this was the most interaction they had ever seen on this campus so it was a real “break through” for them.

I returned a second day to this campus solo. One lesbian in particular, who had heard me the day before, sat in front of me the entire time I preached. That was about 4 hours. She literally took a chair and sat as close to my soap box as she could. The previous day I had complimented her and said, “You are the nicest lesbian I have ever met.” That compliment really went a long way and must have made an impression because she was telling all her friends I said that, she said she found me and friended me on Facebook, was watching my YouTube videos the night before and even watched the documentary about me, etc. And now here I was the second day and she stayed and listened as closely as she could the entire time. She even walked with us back to our car in the parking garage where she also parked. So I pray that the seeds that were planted into her heart will be watered and will come to fruition.


 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at41653PM_zps530b7425.png

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at42002PM_zpsf8467256.png

 photo ScreenShot2015-02-23at42249PM_zps0068fdc2.png

There was one of those big fake Wrestling Shows going on at a Stadium in Miami that we decided to go out and preach to. I think it was called “Smack Down” or something. The Stadium is city property so we were able to preach right in front of the main doors where everyone had to go in and out. I warned that one day, on Judgment Day, God will be laying the “Smack Down” on all their wickedness and sin. I said, “You like gore? You like blood? You like violence? Look at the cross of Calvary. Look at the cross of Jesus Christ. That was a fight for your soul.”

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A secular film company made a 29 minute documentary called “Brother Jesse.” First it was a 15 minute short film, then it was 45 minutes for a “master thesis” for film school, but now it is 29 minutes for film festivals. The producer has been submitting it to film festivals all across the country.

He just told me, “I just received notice today that Brother Jesse was accepted into Indie Grits, which is a fairly large film festival in Columbia, SC. It will be screened on April 17 and 18. The film screens this week at the College Town Film Festival on Thursday.”

Usually street preachers get kicked out of festivals that we try to preach at so it is great that through film I am able to preach inside them!



Here are some encouraging testimonies that I received:

1. “Jesse here in South Africa your videos have so much impact upon us young Christians, in fact I and my friends have started open air preaching in our university campus”

2. “I became a Christian when I began to watch street preaching videos.”

3. Regarding one of our YouTube videos someone wrote me and said, “Yes– that video inspired me to street preach. Thank you Jesse”.

4. “I have always known, even from my youth, what the straight and narrow path is and looks like. I have never walked it, nor seen anybody walking it, nor had anybody agree with me as to what it even is. About a year ago I set out to discover the truth of God and what I need to do. I ended up in a catholic church thinking this must be the truth, I mean after all they are the 2000 year old faith. As I was attending RCIA classes and trying desperately to break catholic apologetics (of which you could use a sharpening) I came across one of your videos on youtube. I thought to myself, now that is what I would imagine a real Christian looks like. Then I heard your testimony and could not believe how similar we are. Anyway, from there things have snowballed into my first sandwich board arriving in the mail yesterday! I guess I just want to encourage you brother, to stay on the hard line. While it receives the most flak, it is no doubt the most effective. People need to see and hear absolutes… God bless you and your family Brother Jesse.”

5. “Hello Brother Jesse, I wanted to share my testimony with you. My name is Yohannes, i’m from Ethiopia but now I live in Las Vegas. I repented of my sins and trusted in Jesus about 3 years ago. Maybe six months into my conversion, I felt the Lord calling me to preach but I didnt know where to start. So, I prayed and asked the Lord to direct me, and the first thing that He lead me to was to an Open-Air preacher! I don’t remember how I got to it, but I remember clicking this video on youtube of an openair preacher, preaching boldly the word of God. Do you know who this is guy happens to be? Brother Jesse Morrell! I was scared at first that the Lord would call me to preach in the open-air, but by and by He gave courage to witness. For the first, 6 months I was doing one on one evangelism and passing out tracts with other believers. But by God’s help, I started open-air preaching about two years ago! Your ministry, preaching, apologetic, books, sermons, have helped me greatly in the past 3 years. Now by God’s grace, im a full-time open-air preacher in Las Vegas. We preach at universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, bus stops, special events, etc… I just want to say thank you for your devotion to the Lord! I hope one day we can preach together brother! God bless you and your family! I love you in the Lord.”

Praise God that we are having an international impact!


This was a private message I received through YouTube:

“I also want to thank you for the love you have for God and i can honestly say that you have been a factor in my reconciliation with God. Even though i’m not there yet, thank you Saint Jesse for glorifying Jesus by your works for him. Halleluja ! From a re-awoken atheist in Sweden on his way to being born again.”


I had no idea that there was an “other” tab in private messages on Facebook for messages from people who are not your Facebook friend. My “other” folder is packed! I already had my “Inbox” overflowing so much that I can’t keep up with it. Now I have an “other” folder as well!

I started clicking through it and found some encouraging messages I never knew about!

A lesbian from a recent campus wrote me and said, “Jesse, I met you today at FGCU . Out of all the preachers who have come onto our campus I have to say I respect you the most.” Then she followed up and said, “Just finished watching your biography and now I honestly respect you a lot more!”

Another student messaged me months ago and said:

“Hey Jesse, I am a student at ETSU, and I’ve been going and listening to you, and I just wanted to say that you have really inspired me and changed my whole view on god, and I know people yell and make fun of you but you just push right through them by being the bigger person, it really amazed me, and opened my eyes up, so I just wanted to say thankyou for taking your time and doing so!”

Another wrote, “Jesse. I saw you today at my university. I support what you are doing.”

And, “Hello brother, is this the Jesse Morrell of Youtube? I really just want to say I have been viewing your youtube video’s, I strongly support and love what you are doing. This world needs more representatives of Jesus. I have showed many friends of mine of the good works you are doing. I know you have met many sarcastic men/women in your outreach, but I assure you I am a believer in God. I was blessed to come across your videos brother. Remember, do not feel overwhelmed when the sinners surround you, you are with the legions of god’s angels my brother.”


I liked this one: “Hello brother Jesse, I have seen couple of your open air preach. and I praised God and thank Him for sending you to this missions. we are a Christian in fact a baby Christian. My husband and I just turn to Jesus 11 months ago. From watching you preach we learned a lot from you. and thank you for the messages. God bless you and He will wrap His arms around you.”

Of course, I get my share of hate mail too. One student wrote me and said:

“You are the most shameful excuse for a human being I’ve ever encountered and I cannot wait until God’s wrath punishes you for the hatred you try so hard to spread. May God have mercy on your useless soul.”

Another said, “I don’t believe you to be a true Christian. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be preaching God’s word as you do. You are like several that Preach by calling people names and you have no idea what you are doing. I am one that would have probably gotten back in your Face, not with a gun but with the true word of God. And yes in the Bible there are several phrases and words that can be taken out of text and that is what you do. To condemn the Jews as you verbally did you are the one that is going to burn in HELL….I would not friend you or connect to your site because that would mean I agree with you and I don’t I believe in my God that is loving and forgiving and doesn’t judge others…you should be arrested for saying what you did, and in sighting an incident…..”

 photo 1654540_10152378493191765_5666705586844976252_o_zps2f000cee.jpg photo BackSide_zps6f2158b6.jpg


Would you consider giving $25, $50, or $100 a month?

The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year. We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts.

As a growing Christian family and growing ministry we are in need of more monthly supporters. If everyone who received our email newsletter supported us even just a little each month we would be able to do so much more for the Lord. If everyone gave $25 a month that would be a great blessing. Or if 20 people gave $50 a month or if 10 people gave $100 a month that would be a huge blessing and we would be able to go more places, produce more materials, raise up more laborers and reach more souls!

There are many expenses involved in traveling and being in full time evangelism as a Christian missionary family to the United States. Would you consider being one of our monthly supporter? Or if you already support us, will you pray for the Lord to bring us more open doors and more supporters? And if everyone would pray for the seeds that we are planting to come to fruition, that is what it is all about!


Paypal: Click Here

Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!

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Visit Our Website: Click Here
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