Thugs Viciously Attack Street Preachers Outside Strip Club | Jesse Morrell Beaten for Jesus

Jesse Morrell of is viciously attacked, along with some other street preachers, while preaching outside of a strip club in Mississippi with a local church. The full report can be read in the initial ministry newsletter that was published here:

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One Response to Thugs Viciously Attack Street Preachers Outside Strip Club | Jesse Morrell Beaten for Jesus

  1. Mike Campbell says:

    Hi Jesse,I’m Mike from Penn state not from the college.Anyway.I also know how it is to suffer
    for Christ.I’m 56 yrs old and my entire family including relatives have no contact with me.
    Though I’ve left the invitation open for contact,things haven’t changed for 14 years.I am
    sorrowful for them.I do hope that those people you are preaching to understand how to be saved.
    Why not extend an invitation to them explaining this?What you are doing is good so would you include the message of salvation instead of things they don’t understand about the gospel?
    Maybe I’m misinformed but do you ever get to pray with them personally?I believe that the
    way to reach out is say more of today is the day of salvation.Other than that you have a blessed
    day and your family.Also I have left a cult church recently where I felt very uncomfortable and
    I ask you pray for God’s will for me in Christ.God Bless and keep your hope strong.

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