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I long deeply to see sinner’s converted to Christ and souls saved from their sins. I realize that fruitfulness only comes through faithfulness. We must be faithful to plow with the law, plant with the gospel, and water with prayer. That is the only way to see a fruitful harvest.

In order to reap we must first sow. You cannot have a harvest if you do not first plow the field. And harvest time is not usually on plowing day. Most of a street preachers job is plowing the field and planting the seeds and in time God will give the increase. I witness to many souls who have never heard the biblical gospel before in all of their life, though they live in the United States. A godless generation is being raised up. I do see souls saved on a regular basis but I know that when I do see the harvest it is only because I enter into another man’s labor who first did the plowing and the planting. As Paul said one man plants and another man waters but God gives the increase. We must keep our hand to the plow!


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Every weekend thousands of tourists from all over the world come to visit the Alamo. And there is a public square right in front of the Alamo which is perfect for open air preaching! You can literally have an international ministry preaching right there in front of the Alamo. And since most people are sight seeing, it is fairly easy to draw a crowd if you have a banner and lift up your voice.

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There was one man in particular who heckled me. He seemed very convicted of his sin. I interacted and dialoged with him publicly in the open air and walked him through the law of God to show him his sins. He started off proud but it appeared that the law humbled him, thus paving the way for the gospel. We must first show people their sins before they will see their desperate need of the Savior.

This is something I read from Charles Finney about 12 years ago that really helped shape my view and understanding of how I should preach in the open-air:

“bring up the individuals particular sins. Talking in general terms against sin will produce no results. You must make a man feel that you mean him. A minister, who cannot make his hearers feel that he means them, cannot expect to accomplish much. Some people are very careful to avoid mentioning the particular sins of which they know the individual to be guilty, for fear of hurting his feelings. This is wrong. If you know his history, bring up his particular sins. Kindly, but plainly; not to give offense, but to awaken conscience, and give full force to the truth.” 

“Preaching should be direct. The gospel should be preached to men, not about them. The Minster must address his hearers. He must preach to them about themselves, and not leave the impression that he is preaching to them about others, He will never do them any good, further than he succeeds in convincing each individual that he is the person in question.”

“Go to a sinner, and talk to him about his guilt and danger; and if in your manner you make an impression that does not tell correspond, you in effect bear testimony the other way, and tell him he is in no danger. If the sinner believes at all that he is in danger of hell, it is wholly on other grounds than you saying so. If you live in such a way as to show that you do not feel compassion for sinners around you; if you show no tenderness, by your eyes, your features, your voice, if your manner is not solemn and earnest, how can they believe you are sincere?”


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South Padre Island is a popular Spring Break location in Texas. I have friends who have preached it in years past who have invited me to join them. This was my first time actually getting out there. In the past I’ve preached Spring Break in Daytona FL. Thousands of students flock to the beach during the day to party and then again at night at the bars and clubs. This provides us with a perfect opportunity for open air preaching, gospel tract distribution, and personal one-on-one conversations.

Numerous students came up to me and said that they recognized me from the campuses. Some of the campuses they recognized me from where in Texas but there were also out of state students who also said they remember hearing me preach on campus. I believe one in particular was from Minnesota. The same would happen when I used to preach at the Daytona Spring Break. I think it is great because it shows they can’t get away from the gospel! God is calling them to repentance everywhere they go!

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On the beach we set up right in the middle of their party. There was one particular bar on the beach where everyone parties. The bar was blasting their music onto the beach but we had our speaker system also which was loud enough to be heard.

We spent a week on this beach and the first couple days were the most hostile and rowdiest. But as the week progressed they got used to us and the open air meetings calmed down. With so many drunken sinners I expected there to be some type of physical violence or hostility of that sort but I do not recall that happening all week.

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At night time all the revelers flocked to the bar scene. We preached in front of Louie’s Backyard, which I nicknamed Louie’s Graveyard, and called sinners to repentance there. One of the local businesses set up their own sound system to blast music because we were preaching there. But despite their attempt to drown us out we were able to get the message out loud and clear.

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We were blessed to have a local church host us all. We slept in their classrooms with sleeping bags and there was a Walmart in walking distance. We cooked our meals in the kitchen in the church. All in all we had a wonderful week with great fellowship and outreach.


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A brother in San Diego decided to buy me a ticket and fly me out there to do some open air preaching in the area. I was told that San Diego State University was a real Sodom and Gomorrah in the area so that is where I decided to preach for three days.

The first day I had a muslim heckler who helped me draw a nice muslim crowd. We debated back and forth over the issue of supposed “Bible contradictions”  and also on the Deity of Jesus Christ. I then found out that it was “Islam Awareness Week” on campus as one of the muslims handed me a flyer. I gave Islam a good rebuke. “Mohammed was a pedophile. He had sex with a 9 year old.” One muslims woman yelled “That is B**** S****” I said, “Maybe you weren’t aware of that. But this is Islam Awareness Week and there are some things about Islam that I want you to be aware of.”

Young muslims gathered around and listened and I am sure that they had never heard anyone in their entire life speak out so strongly against their religion before. Our liberal American culture cuddles them and in their own countries they would kill you if you speak the way I was.

The next day a group of muslim girls with their head coverings on saw me and came up to me and said, “Hey Jesse! When are you going to start preaching again?” I told them it would be a few minutes. They waited around for me to start. Then a group of Arab men saw me and came up and said, “Hey Jesse! Are you going to be preaching again today?” I said, “Yes, in a few minutes.” They also waited for me to start. I thought to myself, “I wonder if they are waiting around to mock and heckle?” But when I preached, both groups just sat, watched and listened to me preach Jesus Christ for a couple hours! I don’t think that they had ever heard preaching like this in all their life.

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During my time on campus I focused much on the Fear of God. I preached, “God is TERRIBLE! God is HORRIBLE! He is terrifying GOOD! He is horrifying RIGHTEOUS! He burns the wicked! Alive! Forever!” As Jesus said, men ought to fear God because he destroys body and soul in hell! I told the crowd, “The Bible specifically says that GOD IS TERRIBLE!” “Come and see the works of God: he is TERRIBLE in his doing toward the children of men.” Ps. 66:5. “O God, thou art TERRIBLE out of thy holy places: the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Blessed be God.” Ps. 68:35. What America needs is a baptism of the fear of God.

The most loving being in all of the universe is also the most terrifying. And it is because of His love that He is terrifying. It is because God loves His creation, loves His law, and loves righteousness with such intensity that He utterly and absolutely opposes and hates all sin and punishes the wicked with eternal hell-fire. God is terrifying because God is loving. Some take comfort in the truth that God is loving and indeed we should; but we should also be afraid. Fear God because He is loving.

The immediate fruit was that two brothers have now started open air preaching! A friend of mine said, “That’s almost better than two people getting saved because multiplication is better than addition. Think of all the souls that could be saved through these two new preachers.”


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I was blessed to team up with numerous local brethren in the San Diego area. One brother suggested that we preach at the nightlife, specifically in front of a “Adult Shop” that he has been wanting to preach in front of for a while. We went out there and set up shop with a step stool and a banner. Lots of people ended up gathering around us while we preached. One of the workers came out from the store and heckled us. As I preached against sexual immorality and its offspring called abortion, it came out that he had paid for multiple abortions. I rebuked him and said, “This guy is a baby killer, has paid for three abortions, and works at Dr. Love’s Porno – no love there!” He was initially mocking when he first came out but when I began to rebuke him and warned him that the government should execute him as a murderer for killing his own babies, he became serious, convicted and angry. I’d rather have a sinner that is serious, convicted and angry over a mocking light-hearted sinner.

The devil sure wasn’t happy about this either. When one of the brothers stood up on the soap box to preach for the first time a hostile crowd gathered around him. One woman tried to light his tie on fire, ripped his glasses off his face and broke them, and walked off with the frames.

I felt bad for him and thought he might need his glasses to drive so I walked with the woman and tried to snag the frames back. She then tried to steal my glasses too! Then these huge bouncers from a club, who already called the police earlier to try to get us kicked out of the area but to no avail, rushed me and began falsely accusing me of hitting a woman! They grabbed me and pinned me to the ground. I didn’t resist them or anything but still ended up with a little black eye, a huge bruise on my back, and a bunch of bumps and scratches. As they were falsely accusing me and telling me that I was going to jail, I began praising and thanking God based upon Matt. 5:11-12. I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people get to praise God face first in the cement with two huge giants on his back falsely accusing him?”

I told them, “You better make sure that woman doesn’t leave. She needs to press charges.” But of course she took off since she was a thief. When the Police arrived they put me in handcuffs and in the back of the Police car but said I wasn’t under arrest. It looked like they didn’t even want to do that but probably felt like they had to because these bouncers were pinning me down like I was some violent threat. Then I simply told the Police what happened and that was the end of it. They let me go and we went back to preaching.


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I came to Houston a little while ago to preach in front of the City Hall when the lesbian mayor had issued subpoenas to local ministers to hand over their sermons on homosexuality. I thought, “She wants sermons? I have one!” And we preached in front of her office.

During that outreach I met some local brethren in the Houston area and one of them invited me to do a Evangelism Conference at their church for the Young Adult Ministry. I’ve been praying for more opportunities to minister inside the churches and so this was an answer to prayer.

The first message was an introductory/motivational message for soul winning. It was called “A Life Worth Living: A Call to Soul Winning.” I said, “In America today we have big churches, big sanctuaries, big flat screen TV’s, but small prayer meetings and small outreach teams – if any at all. This ought not to be!” “We are supposed to be like soldiers in a war but many times we act like children in kindergarden! We just want to be entertained and have fun! The church has lost focus on what really matters.”

The second message was called “Street Preacher Martyrs: A Call to Martyrdom.” I explained that if there is biblical gospel preaching there will be biblical opposition as well. We must not only expect it but be able to rejoice through it.


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The University of Houston was the location we picked for our outreach for the Evangelism Conference. This was a new campus for me. When we first arrived there was some noisy construction so I walked around to find the best place to preach. What would have been the best spot had the noise from the construction. But after about an hour the construction noise went away and so that is where we preached. It was a large open grassy fountain area in front of the library.

We had seven people from the conference come out on the outreach as well as some local street preaching brethren and even a campus pastor with some of his students.

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Our day on campus was full of open air preaching, gospel tract distribution, and one-on-one conversations. I had prayed with one student in particular who asked for healing. On atheist stood in front of me with a sign of protest but the campus security made him move. On our team there were four people who stood up to testify in the open air for the very first time!

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This was the team from the Evangelism Conference that came out. They just had new t-shirts made for their team with the name “God Squad” on it. They have plans to do regular outreaches to the campus.

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One blessing from this trip was that my wife and children were able to join me. We were blessed to go out to eat with Ashley who is the young adults leader. After the conference I also took my family to NASA there in Houston as a Home School Field-Trip. We had a blessed time as a family.


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I am very happy that I was there April 28th 2015 preaching in front of the Supreme Court along with other brethren to call America back to God, as the very fibers of society were being attacked. On that day the Supreme Court began hearing arguments for the legalization of homosexual marriages all across the United States. The very backbone of society is the family unit. I expect that as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the legalization of the slaughter of babies, they will also rule in favor for the legalization of sodomite marriages. It just goes to show how far our country has gone away from God, who instituted and designed marriage in the first place.

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We had brethren from all over the country fly into DC for this outreach. We had a fairly large size team and we spread out with our signs and amplifiers and preached to all of the other protestors who showed up.

There are those who don’t want us to rebuke sinners, warning them of hell-fire, and calling them to repentance. They especially don’t want us to do so towards homosexuals. If you do, you will be called hateful and unloving.

But the truth is that it is loving to warn the wicked and call them to repentance and it is unloving not to. Jesus said, “As many as I love I rebuke and chasten.” God told Ezekiel if you don’t warn the wicked when you see destruction coming, their blood is on your hands. Leviticus says not to hate your neighbor and suffer sin to be upon him but to in any wise rebuke him.

The “love” that the world wants is for us to accept and tolerate their sin. But such love is actually hatred. They call love hatred and they call hatred love. We are to love them regardless of whether they call it hatred or not.

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Jesse Morrell photo GoPro Supreme Court_zpse0r5l26k.jpg

Saying “It is OK to be gay” is hate speech. These people are killing each other with deadly diseases. Nobody kills more homosexuals than homosexuals kill each other. That is why homosexuality is a hate crime. What we need to do is love homosexuals and tell them to stop it! That is, to repent and be born again. That is love-speech. To fail to warn the wicked and call them to repentance, when it is in your ability to do so, would itself be a hate crime. Lets not hate homosexuals. Let’s call them to repentance instead. If we call other types of sinners to repentance but not homosexuals, we are discriminating. Don’t discriminate against homosexuals! Call them to repentance!

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As we preached the homosexuals chanted “Love conquers hate! Love conquers hate!” I said, “You want to talk about love and hate? Christians start orphanages. Homosexuals molest kids. Christians build hospitals. Homosexuals give each other diseases. So who are the loving ones?”

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Jesse Morrell photo National News Thumbnail_zpsqsl9kqug.jpg

This event was covered by all the major news networks. As soon as I started preaching early in the morning I ended up being surrounded by photospheres and video cameras. Someone told me, “You were briefly pictured on the 700 club today on their coverage of the gay marriage case at the U.S. Supreme Court.” Praise God! Our preaching outside the Supreme Court has made little cameos on international, national, and even local news all over the place. I know that our preaching was seen in USA Today, AOL News, Huffington Post, NBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, the Daily Show, and others. Praise God!

 photo 11174972_884210614977271_2874622449710338138_n_zps55mfodfb.jpg

After the outreach we all went out to eat. I suggested a brick oven pizza place. The food and the fellowship was excellent! I would have flown all that way just for the food and fellowship!


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 photo 10830792_10152790190661765_939627499462510527_o_zps3jkks0q9.jpg

This is my new soap box that I just made. I wanted an old fashion style soap box so I decided to make one myself. I had some scrap wood in my garage from old crates that I used. I made it so that it opens for storage so I can put Bibles and tracts inside. There is also a handle for carrying it. And I made my own stencils and spray painted messages on it. It is very sturdy and has plenty of room for me to stand on it. In the picture is also one of my old Methodist hymnals from 1884. The Methodists used to sing hymns in the open air to start off their meetings. I thought about memorizing a few hymns to recite in the open air at certain times. I am not a very tall man so I need elevation for when crowds circle around me. And I thought an old fashion looking soap box might create more curiosity and interest in people passing by.

 photo 11212671_10152792311886765_2312999372829765667_o_zpsuylxn16x.jpg

When I preach in the open air I like to sometimes use visual aids and props. Just recently I thought about dangling my pocket watch that my wife gave me years ago and preaching, “Every passing second is just the count down to Judgment Day. Every tick of the clock is a tick off your life. You are one day closer to the grave, one day closer to Judgment, one day closer to Eternity than you were yesterday. Let every clock and every watch remind you of your appointment with God.”

This summer I plan on preaching on the streets with my watch and new soap box.

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Now that campuses have let out for the summer I will have more time for reading, writing and prayer.

These are comments that I made on My Facebook recently:

“It takes more than a big banner and loud bullhorn to be a great street preacher. You can be a loud mouth with a shallow heart and an empty head. A great street preacher needs to be a man of much prayer, fasting, and study. We must tarry until we have been endued with power from on high (Luk 24:49). Before we stand and plead in the presence of sinners we must kneel and plead in the presence of God. You need to be much on your knees before you can amount to much on the street.”

Jesse Morrell photo Jesse Morrell Age 30 2015_zpsvtomo8ic.jpg

I also plan on making some teaching videos in my garage studio and elsewhere this summer. I just did one video on “The Sinner’s Prayer, Decisional Evangelism, Altar Calls and Monergism vs. Synergism.” Here were some of the points from that teaching:


I’d say that God didn’t’ even hear 90% of people who said a “sinner’s prayer.” That is because they just wanted forgiveness. They were not determined to “sin no more.” God does not hear the prayers of the impenitent for a license to sin.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a “sinner’s prayer” given that it is a prayer of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. There are examples of sinner’s praying for forgiveness in scripture:

1. David in Ps. 51:7
2. The Lord’s prayer – Matt. 6:12
3. The Lord’s parable – Luke 18:10-14
4. The man on the cross – Luke 23:42-43

The REAL problem is a “sinner’s prayer” without repentance, since God does not hear the prayers of impenitent sinners.

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me” (Ps. 66:18). “The Lord is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayers of the righteous” (Prov. 15:29). “The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord: but the prayer of the upright is his delight” (Prov. 15:8). “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination” (Prov. 28:9).“The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit” (Ps. 34:18). “…your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear” (Isa. 59:2). “Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth” (Jn. 9:31). “And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight” (1 Jn. 3:22).

A person is not necessarily saved because they said a “Sinner’s prayer.” Neither is a person necessarily unsaved because they said a “Sinner’s prayer.” The question is, did they repent of their sins?


 photo 11267342_578962235539512_104218285_n_zps33xmo9sc.jpg

I know that my books have been circulating worldwide and making it into various countries for a while now, but I am still amazed and praising God for it, especially every time I hear a new report. I just read a message from a bother who showed me that they arrived in Sheffield England! This is very encouraging to me. At the moment I also have some six unpublished books that I need to take time to edit and release as well as more that I want to write. Things like this encourage me to do so. Praise the Lord!

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As of late one Calvinist called me an apostle for satan and another reformer called me a servant of the devil. Then a Christian told me he started open air preaching overseas in Switzerland after being inspired by my ministry. I rejoice over all three of these things!

I also greatly rejoice when I hear of souls being saved through our ministry. I just received a message that said, “Jesse Thank you for all the hard work you do and the message you give, you and others have opened my eye’s to reading the bible and turning away from my sins. GOD BLESS.”

On one of my YouTube videos a critic said that open air preaching is the LEAST EFFECTIVE method of evangelism and look how one of the viewers responded:

The critic said, “Why choose the method least likely to bring about any conversions, and most likely to be counter-productive? This has nothing to do with concern for people’s souls, and everything to do with getting your “go ye into all the world” ticket punched.”

One of my viewers responded: “Least effective method? You obviously haven’t read the Bible before to know that open air preaching is God’s ordained method of preaching the Gospel which is why all the prophets did it, and all the apostles, as well as Jesus Christ Himself! As the Bible says that Paul disputed in the marketplace daily with those who met him there, so Jesse Morrell is doing following the Biblical example. And by the way, I was saved through listening to his open air preaching! So stop spouting your ignorance”

I praise God that people are getting saved watching the youtube videos! And I am especially grateful when they testify to critics who ignorantly say “Nobody is getting saved through this.”

I also had no idea that there was an “other” tab in private messages for messages from people who are not your Facebook friend. My “other” folder is packed! I already had my “Inbox” overflowing so much that I can’t keep up with it. Now I have an “other” folder as well!

I started clicking through it and found some encouraging messages I never knew about!

A lesbian from a recent campus wrote me and said, “Jesse, I met you today at FGCU . Out of all the preachers who have come onto our campus I have to say I respect you the most.” Then she followed up and said, “Just finished watching your biography and now I honestly respect you a lot more!”

Another student messaged me months ago and said:

“Hey Jesse, I am a student at ETSU, and I’ve been going and listening to you, and I just wanted to say that you have really inspired me and changed my whole view on god, and I know people yell and make fun of you but you just push right through them by being the bigger person, it really amazed me, and opened my eyes up, so I just wanted to say thankyou for taking your time and doing so!”

Another wrote, “Jesse. I saw you today at my university. I support what you are doing.”

And, “Hello brother, is this the Jesse Morrell of Youtube? I really just want to say I have been viewing your youtube video’s, I strongly support and love what you are doing. This world needs more representatives of Jesus. I have showed many friends of mine of the good works you are doing. I know you have met many sarcastic men/women in your outreach, but I assure you I am a believer in God. I was blessed to come across your videos brother. Remember, do not feel overwhelmed when the sinners surround you, you are with the legions of god’s angels my brother.”


I liked this one: “Hello brother Jesse, I have seen couple of your open air preach. and I praised God and thank Him for sending you to this missions. we are a Christian in fact a baby Christian. My husband and I just turn to Jesus 11 months ago. From watching you preach we learned a lot from you. and thank you for the messages. God bless you and He will wrap His arms around you.”

Of course, I get my share of hate mail too. One student wrote me and said:

“You are the most shameful excuse for a human being I’ve ever encountered and I cannot wait until God’s wrath punishes you for the hatred you try so hard to spread. May God have mercy on your useless soul.”

Another said, “I don’t believe you to be a true Christian. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be preaching God’s word as you do. You are like several that Preach by calling people names and you have no idea what you are doing. I am one that would have probably gotten back in your Face, not with a gun but with the true word of God. And yes in the Bible there are several phrases and words that can be taken out of text and that is what you do. To condemn the Jews as you verbally did you are the one that is going to burn in HELL….I would not friend you or connect to your site because that would mean I agree with you and I don’t I believe in my God that is loving and forgiving and doesn’t judge others…you should be arrested for saying what you did, and in sighting an incident…..”

 photo 21025_10153183979098917_1758927904794921371_n_zpsaxv6gayq.jpg

Cindy Smock wrote this encouraging report about the above picture: “What do you know? We found some real men Christian students who joined us sharing the Gospel today in Rolla, Missouri University of Science and Technology. They were inspired by Jesse Morrell videos! They took over our crowd when we left!!!”

 photo 1654540_10152378493191765_5666705586844976252_o_zps2f000cee.jpg photo BackSide_zps6f2158b6.jpg


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6 Responses to Street Preachers Rally Outside the Supreme Court for Gay Marriage Hearing | Jesse Morrell

  1. yahwehismyrock says:

    thanks for featuring us at the end! God bless you

  2. John Duritz says:

    “The most loving being in all of the universe is also the most terrifying. And it is because of His love that He is terrifying.”

    Jesse, I don’t ask any of these to jest or to be a troll, but to know where you’re coming from.

    (1) Are you personally scared of God? Does He frighten you? Or do you say things like that to scare people?

    (2) Do you think anyone should be literally afraid of God? If so, whom, and why?

    (3) What good does it do anyone—Christians, non-Christians, maybe even yourself—to be literally afraid of God?

    (4) How do you respond to Bible commentators who say that “the fear of God,” at least for Christians, is a figure of speech for reverence, respect and obedience; or to those like Ellicott, who say that with Jesus inaugurating the new covenant, “the ‘fear of the Lord’ was now superseded by the higher duty of the ‘love of God,’ and of man, for His sake”?


    • Yes I literally fear God and believe that other people should fear God too.

      Mat 10:28 – And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

      2Co 5:11 – Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.

      Psa 111:10 – The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.

      Heb 12:28 – Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

      The God of the Bible kills people and then condemns them to hell to burn forever. That’s terrifying and horrifying.

      Now, God sends people to hell for loving reasons – to protect the universe and promote the happiness of heaven by excluding sinners from it. So it is because of His love that He is terrifying.

      I love God. I have an intimate loving personal relationship with Him. But His holiness still terrifies me and rightly so.

  3. John Duritz says:

    Whether or not you answer—and I hope you do—I don’t think you have reason to be afraid. Plus, I can personally testify to the damage literal fear of God does to a believer, and if you have literal fear of God, I’m certain it’ll eat you alive.

    I wrote about this issue a while back. I wanted to include a blog post as something for you to consider.

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