Innocent White Preacher Attacked by Black Radical at Mizzou During Black Lives Matter

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I am very pleased to announce that my wife is due in the spring with our 4th child and we are soon going to become a family of 6!

We are currently fundraising for a new ministry vehicle so that we can continue to travel and preach as a family. The car that we currently have is maxed out and cannot fit one more carseat so we are fundraising for a ministry vehicle that will fit our growing family. All of our children have been on tour with us and we want to be able to continue to travel as a family. We’d like to get a vehicle that can fit a family of six or more and also preferably one that might be able to pull a travel trailer in the future.

Will you get behind us and help us as a ministry family? Every little bit helps! We pray that God blesses you as you are a blessing to others.

Click here to help: Morrell Family Ministry Vehicle Fundraiser



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For the past few years now I have been a guest speaker at the Evangelistic Education Ministries Annual Conference in Shipshewana Indiana. This is an Amish town with some very unique stores and restaurants. We arrived as a family a day early for the conference so that we could have a family outing. The kids loved the horse and carriage ride.

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I spoke at the conference twice on the doctrine of the Passibility of God, in contrast to the notion of impassibility. I argued that God is a real person with real feelings and emotions and that what we do genuinely affects him. Through man’s sin God can be angered and grieved but if man repents and lives holy God will rejoice and even sing over His people.

The idea that God is impassable or void of emotion and barren of feeling is really a platonic philosophy rooted in this assumption that God does not experience duration or any type of change. It is not the portrayal of God we find in the Scriptures.


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The best part of attending Conferences is getting to visit with friends and making new friends. In this picture you see me visiting with some other traveling campus preachers. I pray God raises up many many more!

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One advantage of being a traveling ministry family is that we get to take the children on homeschool field trips! About once a year we visit the Creation Science Museum. The children enjoy all the different exhibits and especially like the petting zoo. As they get older and older they will be able to understand more and more. I am looking forward to when they are old enough to walk slowly through everything, reading all of the plaques.


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I was flown up to Cincinnati Ohio by a local brother named John Williams who is very active in street evangelism. We preached last year at the Octoberfest and he wanted us to preach together again. He and I invited some other fellow street preachers to join us so we ended up with a small street preacher conference!

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Besides Octoberfest in Cincinnati we wanted to also preach at some other local universities. Our first target was Northern Kentucky University!

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Northern Kentucky University has become one of my favorite campuses to preach on. I first preached on this campus a year prior and had a wonderful time in their amphitheaters. The campus has two amphitheaters, both of which are great for preaching. Like last year we had no problem filling up these small stadiums with listeners.

I am intentionally becoming more theatrical in my preaching as a means of improving my communication skills. In the picture above I act out the day that I knelt down and cried out to God to save my soul.

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The Police were on scene and monitored the situation. On the second day they created a barricade on the top of the amphitheater that they wanted to put us in. We refused because this theatre had been working great. It used to be that when we would preach on the top of the amphitheater, where all the foot traffic was, the administration would try to put us down into the amphitheater. Now they we were drawing large crowds in the amphitheater with students sitting for hours, they wanted to put us back up on top of the amphitheater. All of this appears to me to be an attempt at hurting our attendance rate. We came to an agreement with the Police. We decided that we would stay in the amphitheater and preach and only move to the barricade on top if the crowd became out of hand. This never did happen, as these seats naturally tame the crowd, and so we never needed the cage.

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Dialog, discussion, and debate is the name of the game. You can have a captive audience of students for hours and days if you will simply dialog, discuss, and debate with them. The key to getting their attention is to preach about topics that they are interested in. You have to tie those topics that they are interested in to the gospel message. So I preached about sex, which is their favorite topic, and rebuked the sexual sins that are prominent on universities and colleges. We also discussed other hot button topics like homosexuality, marijuana, Islam, etc. There was plenty of heckling but that is not only to be expected but desired. It creates more of a scene and in effect draws a bigger audience for the gospel message.

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Since we had a nice big team of different preachers, we tag teamed throughout the day. As one preacher would be open air preaching, others would be doing one-on-ones on the sidelines. And nothing initiates good sideline one-on-one conversations like an open air preacher. When an open air preacher is on campus, suddenly the campus becomes very open and willing to talk about the Bible, Jesus, and spiritual issues.


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We spent a couple days and nights preaching to tens of thousands of sinners at the Cincinnati Octoberfest. This was nothing more than a Beer-fest. Most people appeared to be walking around with alcohol, many severely intoxicated, etc. This homeless man took advantage of the crowd we had gathered and held a sign that said, “Why Lie I need a beer.” He received a very large offering from our street congregation there, which tells you a lot about these people. I gave them all a strong rebuke because obviously, alcohol is not good for this guy! He is homeless! He may even have children out there. And they are giving him more money for more beer? It is a good thing we were there to rebuke all this sin!

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Brother John Williams had the idea of using a rainbow flag as a preaching prop. One of its uses is a street preaching carpet. It certainly gets attention and sends out a message at the same time. I like it. The prophets in the Bible did some dramatic, drastic, and outlandish things to communicate the gospel. I’d rather not walk around barefoot and naked like Isaiah, or cook my food off of dung laying on my side like Ezekiel. I prefer striking t-shirts, bold banners, and rainbow carpets.

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We had a nice team of evangelists out there so we took turns sharing the bullhorn. It is good preacher etiquette not to hog the bullhorn when you are with other street preachers. It also helps us to last longer since it is easier on us. That is one reason I always prefer to preach with a team.

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During the day we had no problems with aggression or violence, that I can recall. But at night we had multiple incidents. One sinner started to charge at one of the preachers and appeared like he was going to be violent. Then, out of nowhere, an older man stepped out of the crowd and shoved the guy backwards. He flew about five feet and landed on his behind. The guy disappeared and the incident was over. I’m not sure if that man was a sinner or an angel.

There was also an angry woman who heckled us at night. She was the typical liberal hippie type. She was extremely lewd, intolerant, and hateful. She threw beer on the preacher and the Police talked to her but did not arrest her. Then the guy she was with ended up throwing beer on the crowd and getting the Police as well. The Police reacted quickly then and arrested both of them. I thought that the reason the guy threw beer the second time was because the Police taught them it was OK after they decided not to arrest them for it the first time. The Police let them throw beer on others but once it landed on the Police themselves, they acted.

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The food and fellowship afterwards was excellent. I have the privilege of getting to fellowship with the best Christians in the United States – those who actively share the gospel out on the streets!


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Brother John Williams arranged for me to have an interview on a Nationally Syndicated Radio Program!


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Originally the interview was with me but the host decided to bring all of my “entourage” into the studio and have us all on the program! It was great and I pray that what we said on national radio bears fruit lasting into eternity.


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There has been a cultural “zombie apocalypse” phenomenon for a while now and I have never understood it. It seems like many are completely detached from reality and prefer to live in a fantasy. Now there are “Zombie Walks” in which people dress up like dead zombies and militants who fight zombies and they parade through cities in parade…. Well, no matter what the event, we can somehow turn the topic around to Jesus Christ. We decided since there would be crowds of people there, we’ll go and preach there and tell them about Jesus Christ who came back from the dead!

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We enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. We covered the event on both ends. As you can see in the picture above, we had a team on both sides, preaching the gospel to them as they got ready for their parade.

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As I said in my previous reports, my favorite part of the outreach is the food and fellowship afterwards. I really enjoy sitting down with believers and talking about the Lord, sharing witnessing stories, etc.


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 photo GayPriestsRebuked_zpspcedbhez.jpg

For church on Sunday we decided there was no better church for a group of street preachers to go to than a “Gay Friendly” Episcopal Church in Cincinnati. We all stood outside with our signs and banners and preached on the bullhorn. To my surprise, the priests came outside to engage with us! You can see on my Youtube channel that we gave them a good rebuke. See that here:



 photo 12002288_10153146827141765_8279860904626835943_n_zpsz535a5ri.jpg

As we were walking from the “Gay” Church to preach outside of a Bangles Football game, we passed a local Starbucks. Starbucks is a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, which slaughters babies and sells their body parts. We decided it would be good to stop and preach a little to Starbucks. I thought that we would stand outside with our banners and preach to customers as they went in and out. But one brother felt led to go inside and give a short word of rebuke.

The CEO of Starbucks said that if you are a Christian and support traditional marriage, he doesn’t want your business. Fine. If you don’t want our business, then you shall have our rebuke.


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A huge crowd of people came to watch a football game at a Cincinnati stadium and we were there with our t-shirts, banners, and bullhorn to remind them about Jesus and get their minds of the things of God.


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This was a picture uploaded to Facebook by a photographer after the recent lunar eclipse. I made one of the first comments and turned the focus to God and intelligent design. My remarks ended up going viral with the picture. The picture received 473,747 likes and 619,908 shares.  My comment was then liked 3,513 times with 414 replies. Praise God!

This is what I wrote, “Shared! The solar system operates like a well oiled machine. It is like we live in a massive clock. Indeed, the days, months, seasons, etc are the measurement of time. The solar system is incredibly precise and remarkably complex. No man made machine can compare to what we see in the systems of the body, the eco-system and the solar system. Systems indicate order and order is indicative of mind. The “systems” of the universe were obviously designed by a mind far superior to our own – by the mind of God. His creation is a testimony to His greatness. They show His genius.”


 photo 12036633_10153163639921765_3087669863834210126_n_zpsqd3oyhtm.jpg

I had the blessing and honor of speaking to a Young Adults group in the Houston TX area. This was the second occasion I was given to speak to these young adults. I preached on the “Fraudulent Jesus of Counterfeit Christianity.” This was the first message I gave in a series on “Counterfeit Christianity.” I spoke at another church after this on the “Fraudulent Preacher,” “Fraudulent Grace,” and “Fraudulent Faith” of “Counterfeit Christianity.” This series will be uploaded to YouTube when time permits.


 photo 11228524_10153164855621765_1872429465724369770_n_zpspx417udu.jpg

Young people from the church I spoke at also joined me on the University of Houston for a couple days of open air ministry. The campus has a free speech area which is an open grassy lawn next to some sidewalks that get a good amount of foot traffic. The weather was particularly hot and there is no shade in that area so I decided to try preaching off to the side a little bit underneath some trees. This would have been an ideal location for preaching because of the shade and also because there were natural barriers to keep the crowd back like some trees, a bicycle rack, etc. Unfortunately the campus Police arrived maybe after I had been preaching for twenty minutes and told me I needed to move to the lawn. A large crowd had already gathered and a good amount of them transitioned to the new location with me.

 photo 12122654_10102727064692666_6714555665061457019_n_zpss7rnq65h.jpg

As I preached in the open-air, other members of the team worked the sidelines with one-on-one witnessing. In the picture above you can see a young boy (in the red shirt) from the church sharing his faith on the campus. They were engaged in one-on-one witnessing for hours as the open air meeting continued on.

 photo 11205490_10153166503826765_3434841442018199653_n_zps7eu3s31u.jpg

 photo 12144883_10153166501351765_5082044181660524888_n_zpsopaaofkx.jpg

I was happy to see that even the pastor from the local church joined the team for the outreach! Pastors need to lead their flocks by example, especially when it comes to personal witnessing. I wish that pastors all over the country would start preaching outside of their church buildings in order to reach our rapidly degenerating culture.

After I had preached for sometime the pastor expressed that he would like to address the crowd. I turned the crowd over to him and they quieted down to hear what he was going to say. I worked the sidelines witnessing one-on-one as he preached. It was great to see him get up there and preach.

 photo Atheist_zpsek2die1z.jpg

At the end of the day I had a nice interaction with an atheist on campus. He said that he only believes what he can see. Then he said that in the beginning there was only a dot. I asked him if he saw that dot and he said he did not. After all, if only a dot existed, there were no eyes back then. I showed him that he just contradicted himself said he said he only believes in what he can see and yet he believes there was only a dot before there were any eyes at all. Atheists cannot go even a minute without contradicting themselves if you ask them the right questions.



 photo 12107921_10153175001046765_6354015195164722108_n_zpsasjloxhn.jpg

I have been attending the “Southeastern Open Air Preacher’s Associations” Annual Conference for ten years now. It is always a pleasure to see street preachers come together from all over the world. We are always a big presence when we all descend unto a campus with our banners lifted high.

We caused “no small stir” at Georgia State University. In fact, our presence on campus was reported nationwide. It was reported in Georgia, Mississippi, Connecticut, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and elsewhere. Praise God! The best part is that in these news reports, pictures of our banners with their message can be seen clearly for all to read!


 photo 12065987_10153176893861765_105886327910223489_n-2_zpszpykutct.jpg

Georgia Tech has a wonderful amphitheater for preaching. This year, however, the conference had a hard time obtaining a permit from the administration to utilize it. They have a new waiting period in place that made it impossible to get the permit in time for the conference. For that reason we found a nice city street to preach on instead. A nice crowd began to gather on the street and we soon had the attention of the campus police. They realized that their job would be much easier if we were in the amphitheater so they gave us the green light to move there with the crowd!

 photo 12115902_10153176504891765_3551536556754310880_n_zpsxj80113c.jpg

 photo 12074917_10153176504746765_4205182204941615818_n_zpstpywaoyt.jpg

Students filled up the stadium like amphitheater as we preached. We are not dull and boring preachers. We are intentionally sharp and interesting. Even though this amphitheater is a little bit out of the way from the foot traffic, we always manage to get their attention and interest with our banners and preaching. It only took about thirty minutes of preaching to fill up this location with students.

 photo 11222224_10153176505046765_5675763528514384690_n_zpsb3jbsfnt.jpg

 photo 12079126_10153176505006765_8469098377226108318_n_zpsddw4yfdc.jpg

We proclaimed the gospel and interacted with the students in questions and answers as we took turns preaching. Most of the audience were students but I noticed some older men who stopped and listened for a while who were either professors or administrators. I always like to see them come and listen too. Multiple Police stayed the entire time too which is great because it means they got to hear the whole message too.


 photo 12088513_10153177014696765_3269534144935395890_n_zps0zgedhse.jpg

During the mornings and evenings we would have our conference sessions at a local church. I was able to speak three times and I always count it a high honor to be able to address fellow open-air preachers. I was also blessed to hear some of the other preachers who also spoke. I especially enjoy listening to and fellowshipping with the veteran preachers who have been doing this for 30+ years. They are men who have been preaching the duration of my whole life, as I am only 31 years old now.


 photo 12112055_10153218176136765_4068569097731450436_n_zpsi76dlucx.jpg

 photo AM_zpser4ohxme.jpg

Texas A&M in College Station is “the big campus” for the A&M system but they have a smaller campus in Commerce which is only about an hour or so from my house. I have only preached there a few times but would like to get out there more often, as my schedule permits. The campus is wide open as far as their free speech policy so I can show up and start preaching anytime. Some brethren from Oklahoma were invited to come and preach on the campus by a student and they invited me to come to be the main open air preacher. As I preached, a large crowd gathered and all the other brethren ended up having large crowds of their own as they witnessed one-on-one.



 photo Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.43.46 PM_zps4lr4mt7h.png

 photo 12238222_10153231502776765_4455866851860363640_o_zpsr9fosmbf.jpg

I read in the news about the “Black Lives Matter” protests that were going on at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I thought to myself, “Somebody needs to get out there and do some campus preaching.” I had preached on this campus many times in years past. It just so happens that all this was going on the same time that another brother in Missouri decided to fly me into Kansas City for some campus preaching. As soon as I arrived and he picked me up at the airport he said, “Hey, do you want to go to Mizzou to preach?” I said, “I was just thinking somebody needs to get out there and do some preaching. Let’s go.” The next day we were on campus and ready to preach.

A black communist revolution group from New York was there preaching “Communist Revolution” on a megaphone while also preaching about “Black Lives Matter.” They said the solution to the problem was communist revolution. They were off to the sidelines at “Speakers Circle” but the amphitheater was left open. So I decided that I’d stand in the circle and start preaching. I began by preaching that black lives do matter but Police lives matter to. And this “F#@$% THE POLICE” mentality that you find in the black communities is not helping them. I gathered a small crowd.

I said, “The reason that Michael Brown in Ferguson was shot and killed is because he had a disrespect for authority.” As soon as I said that, one of the black students went wild and began attacking me. He just barely landed the first punch, enough to bust and bloody my lip, before others restrained him. He broke free once and came at me again but I was able to block his punches. He eventually stormed away and I kept preaching with a bloody busted lip for a couple more hours.

This ended up winning the sympathy and support of some in the crowd. To my surprise, the next day this incident was reported by Alex Jones of InfoWars, on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, and even on the EIB Rush Limbaugh radio program. When I uploaded the video to YouTube, it quickly received tens of thousands of views.d

The Police and the administration handled the situation properly. The student was arrested a couple days later and the school sent out a mass email to all of the university to let everyone know what happened was not right and that the student had been arrested.


 photo 12248031_10205340837786658_9005803431515104111_o_zpsz2kbcz65.jpg

The second day I had other preachers join me on campus. They drove for many hours to accompany me. When I began preaching, I asked, “Do Black Lives Matter?” A crowd standing by turned and said, “Yes!” I then asked, “Then why do so many black women abort their own babies?” This got a major reaction from the crowd as they circled around and filled the amphitheater.

 photo 12194922_10153231650796765_727129763992736630_o_zpsx8yjlknj.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.53.07 PM_zpsfcfqdlrs.png

Once I had the crowds attention cemented in the amphitheater, I turned it over to brother Ross Jackson who had joined me on campus. He had been preaching for a couple hours prior to this but not in the amphitheater because it had been occupied by another group. It was great having Ross on campus because he’s African-American from New York. He had some words of rebuke for the Communist Black Lives Matter group as well.



 photo 12238292_10153233269551765_3172684964259321507_o_zpstunqihr9.jpg

My host home in Kansas City said that he witnesses in the local market place on the weekends. In the past he has engaged in one-on-one witness and gospel tract distribution. There is nothing more biblical than open air preaching in the market place, as Paul in Acts disputed daily in the market place. So we scouted the area for the best place for a little open air preaching, though I knew we wouldn’t have too long until the officials kicked us out.

 photo 12232777_10153233269806765_1694656555032680304_o_zps3mrassh0.jpg

 photo 12238276_10153233269996765_8846946971072442050_o_zpsxpoofcbb.jpg

A woman who was with us, who is nearly 70 years old, felt led to testify for the Lord in the open-air. She started us off and was able to get the attention of a few people walking by. She probably preached for 15 minutes until a Police Officer came and said that we needed to move to the city sidewalk.

 photo 12219352_10153233333276765_7329904042148102449_n_zpsworbcew4.jpg

We continued to preach on the city sidewalk and set up on a great corner where we could preach to many people as they came and left the market place. One man in particular came under conviction and asked for prayer. Right there in the street he knelt down and prayed to the Lord. He was a man with evident alcohol problems but the Lord was moving in his life.


We had a sudden, unexpected and unplanned outreach to the University of Kansas. My host home decided later in the afternoon that we should swing by this campus on a particular day while we were out. I didn’t have my camera with me, hence I have no picture from the outreach, since it was a sudden and random outreach. By the time we got to campus it was already later in the afternoon. This was a new campus to me but my host home had been there before and knew where the free speech area was.

I began preaching before a class change and by the time the class change started I had a nice little crowd that had gathered. I preached hard against sin, warned about God’s judgment, called sinners to repentance, and exalted the cross of Christ as our only means of salvation. Many in the crowd took seats on some steps and benches to sit and listen to the preaching. It was a really good outreach and I wish I had filmed it but that just means I’ll have to go back and do it again sometime.


“Just thought I wd drop u a quick note to let u know how much u have impacted my life. I came upon your u-tube videos about a year ago or so. They encouraged me so much, that my friends n I have have become street preachers in the city of Fort Wayne, IN. We r out preaching a couple of days every single week. We have lead 2 people to CHRIST n have preached the full Gospel to many hundreds this past year. God Bless u for putting your videos out there! Your teachings r Wonderful too!! The best I think I’ve seen!! I pray for u every time I think of u n your family! It has not been easy being on the streets…I have never known such wickedness existed until I became a street preacher n how many lost souls need Christ! -May God’s favor continue to anoint u n bless u n your family! Christina.”


It is not every day that you receive an email from a Science Professor at a University to express his appreciation after watching your YouTube video of campus preaching debating atheism…. but today is not every day. This was an encouraging email I just received.

As usual when I post emails, I’ll keep his name private. And since he is a Science Professor of a University, I’ll keep private which particular campus he teaches on. But I will say that he is in the far North (not in the South), and that I have preached on this campus once before.

This was his email:

“Dear Brother Jesse

I am writing to express my admiration for your efforts. I spent the evening viewing your YouTube videos and found what you are doing both admirable and inspiring. I was especially impressed with your argument with the young atheist in the video from Oct. 5, 2015. As a science professor, it is sad to see how our craft has degenerated into this atheistic nonsense. The greatest scientists believed in God, from Newton and Leibniz to Einstein and Schrodinger. No, they did not believe in God. They saw, as you so clearly stated, the clear evidence of God in the sublime harmony of God’s creation. This central insight from which science was born has all but been eliminated from the modern secular universities.

This situation is not only a function of the teaching in the universities but also due to the actions of a relatively few self-aggrandizing, Godless publicity seekers of the ilk of the Dawkins or Hawkings, who have promulgated the notion that somehow science contradicts scripture. I almost cheered to hear your arguments that the design we see around us is evidence of a mind far superior to ours (first expressed very clearly in science by George Berkeley), or that if one is to believe in a dot or God, that God is obviously the preferable alternative.

What the poor young man you argued with failed to realize is that the “dot”, or more properly, a point, is 1 divided by the infinity that we all understand God to be. 1 divided by infinity is a point, which is zero. So zero is another way our very limited minds may recognize the infinity and mystery of God. If you had not thought of this before, you may wish to bring this to the attention of other atheists you may encounter in the future.

Also, if you have not read Nicholas of Cusa’s book On Learned Ignorance, I recommend it. Cusa was present at the dawn of science and found the perfect reconciliation of science and scripture, but his teachings have been lost, or more likely ignored, by the atheists.

In closing, I have come to call these unfortunate souls “philosophical pygmies” and I invite you to use this term as well. The arrogance that stems from the darkness of their ignorance can only cause us to pray for their souls.

Again, Sir, I offer my respect at your efforts. May God continue to guide your actions.

With much respect,


Professor, Department of Physiology”

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The Morrell Family is a missionary family to the United States, preaching the gospel in the open air to hundreds of thousands each year. We live by faith as God provides from the body of Christ through personal gifts. Will you consider being a monthly supporter or giving a one-time gift? Every little bit helps!

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Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

Special thanks in advance to our supporters. THE BATTLE IS ON! We couldn’t do it without you!

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2 Responses to Innocent White Preacher Attacked by Black Radical at Mizzou During Black Lives Matter

  1. Roke Nga says:

    great stuff! great preaching! any chance you could come to the university of delaware?

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