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This was my second year attending the Houston Gay Pride Parade and Festival. They changed the location of this event so that the homosexuals were partying this year on the lawn of City Hall. Houston does have a Lesbian Mayor. The streets were crowded with homosexuals and homosexuals supporters. There were over 100,000 people in attendance and I noticed that most of them were young people, as in High School and College age. The Homosexual Movement has been very successful in indoctrinating young people, mainly through television and the public school system. While many churches would like to simply ignore these types of events, it is very important that we reach out at them. The Great Commission is go to into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, so that includes events and people like this.

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Certainly the reason many Christians do not want to reach out to a bunch like this is because they are angry, hostile, intolerant, closed-minded, animalistic sinners. And while it is true that most will not heed our message, some will. I know numerous open-air preachers who have a testimony of coming out of the homosexual movement. God can save anyone who cries out to him. So it is my hope and prayer that there will  be people who heard us at this event who will come to know the Lord. Sometimes those who are the angriest are the ones who are the most convicted.

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There were three locations where we preached at this event. First was a barricaded area that was just outside the main event. Some brethren preached there but as it didn’t get too much foot traffic, and it was right next to a loud stage, I took a few brethren to the front gate. This was an area where multitudes of people were going in and out and we set up our soap-box right there. We had lots of interaction with the crowds and though one Police Officer tried to give us a hard time about using a soap-box, we stood our ground and had a great time.

Then we also preached on a busy street corner just outside of the event. I stood up and started confronting the sinners that were hanging out in the area and immediately had a nice crowd. Some lesbian Police Officers hassled me about my location so I moved just a few feet to accommodate them. A group from a local church joined us on this corner as well so while we were preaching they were working the crowd one-on-one.

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My favorite part of an outreach is always the food and fellowship afterwards! The team and I went out and shared encouraging testimonies with each other from the day, laughed about various things, and had a good time in the Lord.

I uploaded videos from this outreach to YouTube and was praising God that a couple of them went “viral.” One of them was called “Demon Possessed Hateful Homosexual vs. Holy Spirit Filled Loving Preacher.” It now has 143,000 views! That is now my most popular video on the internet. And another video called “Lesbian Cops Discriminate Against Street Preachers” now has 57,000 views! Praise God we are reaching the masses with the gospel!


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We had our first Street Preachers Conference in Gettysburg Pennsylvania! A local pastor organized and hosted the event at his church. He wants this to be an annual event, as Gettysburg gets flooded with tourists every Fourth of July. I was blessed with the opportunity to speak to the conference three times and also heard other wonderful speakers like brother Jed Smock. But what I like most about Street Preacher Conferences is being able to fellowship with the other brethren. I find great encouragement at events like these.

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During the days we had sessions at the church but during the evenings and nighttime we took the gospel to the streets. There were three different places that we preached in town during this conference. One was the Haunted District of Gettysburg, another was a busy sidewalk in the middle of the town, and the last was outside of a popular bar downtown.

The pictures above are from the “Haunted District” of Gettysburg. Tourists come here for haunted tours. As the crowds walked by I said, “I am haunting this street corner tonight with the Holy Ghost! You are seeing a real life manifestation right now!”

The Police arrived on the scene and after speaking with them we decided to turn down the volume a little bit. After that we had no more problems with the Police. A nice crowd gathered on the street corner we were preaching on and we ministered the gospel late into the night.

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In the downtown was a particular sidewalk that seemed to get a lot of foot traffic. There was a restaurant nearby with an outdoor patio and there were also public benches in this area where people seemed to sit and congregate. It was ideal for street preaching so we set up our soap-box right there.

It didn’t take me very long on the soap-box to get a nice interaction going with a small crowd. I had only been preaching maybe five minutes when a Satanic Band showed up with all their instruments and sought to drown us out. Their lyrics were complete blasphemy. I preached as they sang songs about “Hail Satan” and “death to God.”

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The team and I took turns preaching, which helped us save our voices considering the music. Brother Mikhail did a good job engaging them and even coming up with his own scripture-themed song to their beat. Though this band did stay for a while, we eventually out lasted them as they packed up and left and we kept on preaching all night.

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Another great location in Gettysburg was outside of this popular bar. We set up our soap-box and began to preach about sin, righteousness, and judgment to come. It didn’t take very long at all until a crowd of sinners circled around and engaged us in heckling and questions. The Police arrived to the scene to monitor the situation.

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There was one particular sinner who was defiant towards the Police all night. He was threatening to push me off my soap-box. He was resisting and disobeying the Police on numerous occasions until they finally arrested him. I thought he would have been arrested sooner actually. Sadly, his attitude is a reflection of most of this generation. They are very defiant towards authority. I was able to spring board off this situation into the gospel and warned the crowd that if you disobey God’s law the prison is eternal hell. On Judgment Day, God will enforce His law through His Holy Officers the Angels.

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We certainly caused no small stir in this small little town. I don’t think they have ever seen anything like it! Eventually the Police decided to tape off the area where we were preaching in order to keep the crowds back. That was something I had never seen before while preaching on the streets! Until late into the night we preached against sin, warned about God’s judgment, called sinners to repentance, testified of the saving power of the gospel, etc.


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During the prayer meeting in my house I felt it put on my heart to pray for the Porn Industry. I had never done that before. But as the Porn Industry is having a very large influence in our society, we should pray for it. So I prayed for God to move amongst the porn stars, producers, leaders of the industry, etc. Two weeks later I found out that the National Porn Convention was coming to Dallas and that the leaders of the industry would be there. I thought that might be an answer to prayer. We took our signs and Bibles and went to preach outside of the event.

While outside of the building, I realized that the interior of the building had a large hallway outside of the actual event. The building is a city building and there was no admission to get into this outer hallway, so I suspected that maybe we could get inside there to walk around with our t-shirts and signs. My friend Jim Gilles was with me so I mentioned this to him. He decided to go and ask the Police and to my surprise, they gave us the green light! We were not only allowed inside of the building with our signs, which was a nice relief from the 100 degree weather outside, but we were also permitted to preach from our soap-box without amplification right next to the ticket and entrance area!

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 photo 11846797_10153062884971765_6266240303473680387_n-2_zpsqgr5pljk.jpg

Inside this building we held our banners, preached on the soap-box, and ministered one-on-one. Since we set up right at the main entrance, everyone going into this event had to pass by us. That included not only the attendees but also the porn stars and their producers. Many of them stopped to engage us the three days we preached there and some of the same porn stars came out every day to interact with us. We gave them a good rebuking and I suspect this is the first time anyone ever talked to them as bluntly as we did.

 photo 11229892_10153065125796765_4582391110292461214_n_zpsoviotctb.jpg

On one of the days I brought some visual aids like my skull and brains. With the skull in my hands I preached, “The wages of sin is death! It is appointed unto man once to die and after this comes the judgment.” And with the brain I preached, “Your mind is in the gutter. You need to repent which means to change your mind. You are carnally minded and that is enmity with God.” These are good striking visual aids that helps to capture their attention and interest. A good open-air preacher needs to be a bit unique and interesting.

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We were interviewed by the spanish “Telemundo” broadcasting television network. Though we only spoke English, and the network is Spanish, I don’t think that they aired any of the interviews. I suspected that they may have aired some shots of our banners and signs though.

 photo hqdefault_zpslsj0l8iq.jpg

This was a picture taken and then posted online by these porn stars. According to one website that this picture appeared on, it had 2 million views in just two days! And it had lots of comments of people discussing it. Praise God for that! Notice it has the “Fear God and give glory to Him” t-shirt, which is the everlasting gospel. It also says “God punishes sinners with hell-fire” which is foundational gospel truth and then the soap-box says “He is Risen” which is the good news of the resurrection! Two million people viewed this! I say that God answered our prayer to move amongst the Porn Industry in a major way!

 photo 11863328_10153059622231765_4669742032800902473_n_zpscoz9dgid.jpg

After every outreach during these three days we all went out to eat at a local gas station that had some excellent tacos! As I said earlier, my favorite part of an outreach is always the food and fellowship afterwards!

 photo 11824956_10153064758106765_1819413349921342581_n_zpsdw1os9iu.jpg

Since brother Jim Gilles was staying at my house during this event, I was able to film a video with him in my garage studio using a green screen. Jim Gilles traveled the country full time for twenty years preaching on university and college campuses. He taught me awhile ago about street preacher “voice exercises” to warm up and strengthen your voice. That way you do not lose your voice or damage your vocal cords. It is the same type of exercises that professional singers would use. So I thought it would be beneficial to the street preaching community if I sat him down and got these instructions and exercises on video. I posted this to my YouTube channel OpenAirOutreach, titled “Street Preacher Voice Exercises: How to Preach Without a Bullhorn.”


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There had been a lot of news about Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts for profit (which is disgusting even without the “for profit” aspect of it). So I decided to go to my local Planned Parenthood and show my support! My support for the death penalty for baby murderers that is. According to Romans 13, the government is supposed to execute the sword upon evil-doers to deter them. And if capital punishment was executed upon those who murder babies, there would be a lot less babies murdered. Instead, our government legalized the murder of babies and consequently nearly 70 million babies have been butchered! Anyways, I posted this picture on my Facebook and it ended up going “viral” and I was even contacted by some media outlets over it.


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 photo 11866350_10153077823271765_729585813006598151_n_zpsosyz3vsq.jpg

A brother in Missoula Montana flew me up there to preach with him outside of the State Fair. I had not been in Missoula Montana for about eight years. I had preached on the campus there in the past but this year we focused on the State Fair as the classes on campus had not started yet. Every day that we preached we were able to gather a nice attentive crowd of young people. The Police, however, did not like our presence there and they did virtually nothing to keep us safe. I was threatened and assaulted multiple times over the period of a couple days.

 photo 11863477_10153077820876765_7916156553285482714_n_zpsvcoobcye.jpg

 photo 11899803_10153093618081765_804023022510554899_n_zpsj6fgdgez.jpg

As you can see the lost made their own signs to protest my preaching. What they don’t realize is that this just creates a bigger scene and actually helps my cause by drawing a bigger crowd to hear my message. Many of my hecklers were lesbians. I was surprised at how many teenage girls in Missoula were involved in lesbianism. It was very evident that Missoula needs Jesus and I was glad to preach Him there and offer them Christ.

 photo 11215108_10153075707831765_4100443811880103422_n_zps9be93imh.jpg

 photo 11898579_10153077821006765_5840406964699698240_n_zpslqqkeujo.jpg

One particular lesbian was so upset with me saying that homosexuality was a sin that she came and shoved me off my soap-box. She then broke down into tears. It was obvious that she did not want to hear the truth but that it was nonetheless having a deep impact upon her. An angry crowd is always better than an apathetic one because it shows sensitivity of conscience.

 photo 11846622_10153079346941765_135263136623761322_n_zps6ea5tm68.jpg

For those of you who know my testimony, you know that when I was a troubled youth I was locked up in a Detention Center when I first heard a preacher preach that because of my sin I deserved to go to hell. That was a big part of my conversion process. My eyes were opened and I was under the Spirit’s conviction and a couple months later I began to read the Bible and was born again.

The opportunity opened up for me to speak in the Missoula Juvenile Detention Center. I shared my testimony and ministered Christ to them. One juvenile in particular, who was in there for attempted murder he said, seemed especially interested in being born again. Two others showed interest as well. They signed up for someone to come and follow up with them later on in the week. Pray for these young people!


 photo 11899988_10153081485971765_8995798252021620049_n_zpssrbwlh2q.jpg

 photo 11902368_10153081485446765_5542746438026793865_n_zpsfnggz7yl.jpg

We drove from Montana to Utah to preach outside of the Mormon Tabernacle. The Mormons have a big conference once a year and many street preachers reach out to them then, but I had never preached outside of their Salt Lake City Tabernacle before. About seven or eight years ago I did preach outside of Salt Lake in a small town called Logan which hosted one of their State Fairs. We reached a lot of Mormons then. But this was my first time visiting the Salt Lake City Mormon Tabernacle.

Apparently the Mormon church purchased Main Street to keep all the street preachers away. But one of their side streets had a busy crosswalk for Mormons who were visiting the Tabernacle and their Museum which is right next to it. We set up there and engaged the Mormons as they walked by. Quiet a few stopped to interact with me for a while. I aimed at showing the antithesis between the Bible and Mormon teaching, since they claim to be Christian and even claim to follow the Bible. I emphasizes that Mormonism teaches that marriage is eternal (since you need to have celestial sex to populate your planets once you become your own god), but Jesus said that in Heaven you were neither married nor given in marriage. Therefore, you cannot believe both the teachings of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Mormon Church, since they are contrary one to another.


 photo 11892028_10153097646271765_8093303809191856815_n_zpsyqbfhpyx.jpg

 photo 11880405_10153097645516765_6329511368892415022_n_zps36eev6gt.jpg

My family and I were blessed with an invitation to go to Alaska to minister the gospel on the campus and streets there. A brother who lives outside of Anchorage was able to fly my whole family and I up there using his “miles” that he had accumulated with an airline. These were some of the beautiful pictures I was able to take from our plane ride from Texas to Alaska. My children were so excited when they saw snow!

 photo 11953132_10153098861236765_749428548589470452_n_zpsj5noqoqk.jpg

I was happy to see that my books from my Bookstore made it up to Alaska before I ever did! My host had a whole stack of some of the books that we reprinted and a few of the books that I wrote as well. He likes to give these away to Christians to help spread biblically sound theology.

 photo 11218211_10153102539066765_5361596032620553563_n_zpsplkszmhf.jpg

My first outreach was to a park in downtown Anchorage which was apparently infested with drugs and alcohol. I heard later that this is the park where the drug dealers hang out. Homeless people, inner city drug addicts, drunks, etc, all hung out here. They were pretty hostile towards me. I was attacked three different times but stood my ground. One homeless man was very hostile until he asked me for some money for food and I gave him some. Normally I do not give anyone money because it is likely they will buy drugs or alcohol with it, but I thought it would be good to win him over because of how hostile this park was.

 photo 11949386_10153102432401765_6735802013156154664_n_zpsenbetohd.jpg

I preached for a couple hours and the crowds fluctuated. They would gather around me for a while, then move away and heckle me from afar, then come back up close again. Eventually the Police arrived because they had heard about the situation. It was shortly after that I ended up calling it a day. I was tired and my voice was getting worn out. I was glad I was able to last a couple hours out there because I had accidentally drunken a little bit of food grade hydrogen peroxide earlier thinking it was water. It really burned my throat but the Lord sustained me as I preached.

 photo 11953167_10153105169056765_687717262362474905_n_zpsmuj3lemv.jpg

 photo 11902307_10153105391421765_899035655892656905_n_zps0r0tsq6a.jpg

This was another park I ministered in. It had a stage and good acoustics. My voice really seemed to echo through the area. There were food venders in this area as well and multiple stores that attracted tourists. It was really an ideal place for open air preaching.

As I preached, people who bought hot dogs at a local vender came and sat down in the park to enjoy their food and listen to the message. One man that I ministered to was a “pastors kid,” though he is now grown up, drunk, and homeless. He asked me to pray for him at the end and he told me I made a big impact in his life. Another brother who joined me for this outreach took him out to eat afterwards.

 photo 11924902_10153105169281765_5236980367179111273_n_zpsbnwi3lfy.jpg

 photo 11899866_10153105169426765_3874680469480257806_n_zpsiatvih6z.jpg

I noticed that this seemed to be the park where a lot of the homeless native drunks hung out at. They heckled me saying, “Get out of our park! Go back to that other park where the drug dealers hang out.” One man also said, “We have our own gods!” I testified to the saving power of Christ. “What have your gods done for you? You are homeless and drunk. Jesus Christ has delivered me from the power of drugs and alcohol and has given me newness of life!”

 photo 11052408_10153105169511765_6313874743856667312_n_zpsxx9ffjw9.jpg

These “Downtown Ambassadors” with the neon outfits came and harassed me. They were trying to get me to stop preaching and leave because they were getting complaints. They were my worst hecklers out there. One in particular really acted like he was in kindergarden. They kept touching my camera and harassing me. I was able to preach for almost two hours or so before these guys arrived. I kept preaching after they arrived too. Though they did not deter me in the least, I wrapped up the outreach about thirty minutes after they arrived because of my schedule restraints.

 photo 11060014_10153114477686765_69873802968471646_n_zps4keaz3lg.jpg

 photo 11217556_10153114476786765_2271208594393037730_n_zpsra3bwsaf.jpg

I spent two days preaching on the University of Alaska in Anchorage. At first I had some difficulty with getting on the campus. I had emailed the administration ahead of time to tell them I was coming and they gave me their policy. Alaska is in the same district as California which has the best rulings for free speech on campus. Their policy said that I just needed to check in at a certain office but when I went to that office they told me they no longer do that. They gave me the number of someone else in another department who was impossible to get a hold of. So I ended up working with the Chief of Police on campus who set everything up for me. He showed me what he thought would be the best location on campus and it turned out to be a great spot.

 photo 11947524_10153114476961765_7172261583769806786_n_zps6kxuxyux.jpg

 photo 11988413_10153114477831765_3813484680306407158_n_zpsygh3yrhd.jpg

At times a very large crowd gathered and the Police were there just to make sure everything went well. The students were exceptionally well behaved, especially compared to other campuses. Nobody got out of hand or physically hostile. Even my hecklers were fairly well-mannered. The students would ask questions and allow me to respond. I could tell that the students didn’t want to voice their opposition too strongly because they were being polite. This was a sharp contrast with what I encountered in downtown Anchorage in the parks. I really enjoyed my time on campus and look forward to coming back.

 photo 11953038_10153107827421765_4386495617117255268_n_zpsuw2gvigv.jpg

During my time in Alaska I took the opportunity to make some short exhortation and teaching videos, since I had such beautiful backgrounds. You can find those videos on my OpenAirOutreach Youtube channel.

 photo 11951167_10153103680771765_7566922363702030129_n_zpswdzm53da.jpg

 photo 11951313_10153117839081765_7541615871504965629_n_zpso7fey578.jpg

 photo 11934993_10153117806756765_364646922252831402_n_zpstyes4ky7.jpg

My family and I had a wonderful time in Alaska with our very wonderful host family. We got to see various sites like glaciers and glacier rivers. What precious family memories we have now! The Lord is good.

Please continue to pray for all the people who heard the gospel as I ministered on the streets and campus. Anchorage needs to see a move of God!

I have many more recent outreaches to report but so that this newsletter isn’t too large, I’ll save them for the next newsletter.

Open-air preaching videos are added to my OpenAirOutreach Youtube Channel on a regular basis. Check it out here: OpenAirOutreach

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Here is a new article that refutes the idea that Jesus only rebuked the Pharisees but not other kind of sinners: “Jesus Only Rebuked the Pharisees, Not Sinners” Is A Lie | Jesse Morrell
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