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When I arrived on campus there was not much activity going on. I wondered if we would be able to get any listeners or not as the campus seemed pretty barren. When I stood up to preach there was only a small group of about five people walking out of the area. They said a few words to heckle me and I quickly engaged them and captured their attention. From there we eventually gathered a nice size crowd, which was a surprise to me considering how dead the campus was when we arrived.

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A brother named Toby joined me on campus as well and he took his turn on the soap box. He dialoged with a small group of very interested students while a Police Officer monitored in the background.


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We had a very lively meeting at Kilgore College. The campus has been remodeled recently. An old unused building has been removed and the campus opened up to have a large grassy park type area. This is perfect for open-air preaching and gives us much better acoustics.

After I started preaching a woman from a nearby “Christian club” organization came out and started heckling and opposing me. As a result a good audience gathered around. Many in the crowd claimed to be Christians but their lives were full of hypocrisy and sin. I contended that Jesus was a Savior from sin, not merely from hell, and that the true Christian life was marked by a life of holiness and obedience.

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Brother Toby joined me again on this campus and took over the crowd after a little while. He is still learning the art of open-air preaching and was able to keep their attention and interest while he defended the Bible and called them to repentance.


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It’s rainy and cold at the University of North Texas but we turned up the heat with the gospel! We had a good team of brethren join us for this outreach. While one would preach, the rest would hold signs, pray, and talk to people one on one. Evangelism as a team effort is always more effective. It especially affects the campus for them to see that the preacher is not alone in his beliefs.

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The first few preachers were unsuccessful in drawing an audience and I wondered if the fact that another local team witnesses and preaches here frequently contributed to this. Students become calloused and accustomed to preachers and overtime develop a habit of ignoring them. To overcome this obstacle I decided to preach across the street from the normal location. This changes things up and creates more interest, overcoming their mental habit of ignoring preachers. They think, “Oh, this is a new guy” or “This is different.” It still took 30 minutes of preaching but eventually I got some listeners to stop and engage me.

I debated with one homosexual on campus and I felt like I was arguing with a Calvinist. He was saying, “I was born this way. God made me this way. I can’t choose to change.” Biblical theology will never be justification for sin, will never encourage impenitence, and certainly can never be used as arsenal against God.

Homosexuals say “God made me this way.” OK, if God wanted you to be a homosexual, why did he give you ovaries?

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We had some great open-air dialogs on campus and talked about free will, atheism, proof of God, drugs, vaccines, depression, homosexuality, Islam, etc. Unfortunately the wireless lapel microphone system for my camera was malfunctioning so I was not able to get a proper recording of the majority of these conversations. What did record well was put on YouTube.

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Islam was one of those “hot button issues” on campus, which is perfect for open-air preaching because hot button topics are issues that people want to debate and talk about.

On a university you can speak out against Christianity and it is considered intellectualism but if you speak out against Islam it is hate speech. The students at UNT acted like their heads would explode at some of my statements:

“You might not have a death bed. You might die from a Muslim bomb.”

“What this campus needs is some good healthy islamophobia.”

“A real Muslim is a terrorist. Mohammed was a terrorist.”

“If Islam were a religion of peace, the middle east would be the most peaceful place on earth.”

“Christianity is better than Islam. Jesus taught love your enemies. Mohamed said kill the infidel.”

“Christians build hospitals. Muslims put people in them.”

“Christians start orphanages. Muslims make orphans.”

But what really blew their minds and seemed so outrageous to them today was my simple statement against feminism:

“You women were created to be wives and mothers.”

They went crazy at that simple truth.

I explained that as wives and mothers women find God given satisfaction and fulfillment. Feminism makes angry bitter women. They are told they need to be independent women and get a career. They take upon themselves the curse of the sweat of your brow. They experience stress they weren’t supposed to deal with. They eventually realize it is just a job, they hate their work, and they wish they had more time to be home with the kids.

Anyways, I know my statements are politically incorrect and cut against the grain, but sometimes I am amazed at just how shocked they are at my countercultural Christian values.


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As a missionary, I find great pleasure in being about to host other missionaries whenever possible. Mitch Metzger is a YWAM missionary to the Philippines and we were blessed to be able to host him and his family for a couple days. I was able to film a nice interview in my studio with him. He is the director of the School of Evangelism (SOE) in Manila Philippines. Check it out on my YouTube channel “OpenAirOutreach.”


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As soon as I started preaching at Tyler Junior College I began to be heckled by a man that I could tell from his body language might get physical. He was upset at my remarks that sin was unintelligent. As I began to dialog with him, it turned out that he had served as a soldier in Iraq and seemingly was dealing with a bothered conscience over killing people. I’ve deal with soldiers turned students like this before on numerous campuses. Pray that this will become the occasion of their salvation.

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As I preached the Police showed up but didn’t bother me. One of the Officers talked to my friend Chris who was holding the camera. He told me afterwards that the Officer was telling him how much he loves what we are doing. When Chris and I switched and he took the soap box, the Officer came up to me and said, “I love you man!” and gave me a hug. He then old me that he watches my videos on YouTube preaching in Arizona and had no idea that I preach at Tyler Junior College too. He said that he loved our ministry. This was a sharp contrast with how Police on this campus have dealt with me before!

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Chris Wilkins Pastors a local church but has joined me on outreaches for many years. He had been preaching at Tyler Junior College weekly and we decided to do an outreach together. Students sat on the curb and listened as Pastor Chris offered them the gospel of Christ.

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As to be expected, not everyone is happy with our presence and message there. This one man in particular has heard us preaching for many years now. His impenitence manifested into real anger and hostility as Pastor Chris was preaching.


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We are VERY pleased to announce the birth of Mikaela Morrell! Her brother and sisters are also very happy to have her in the family! Raising godly seed is one of the best ways Christians can positively impact the world for Christ.

We are especially excited about hitting the road as a family again to preach the gospel all across the nation. Traveling the country to do ministry is especially a blessing to our homeschooling, as our kids get to see great places and play with other children from great families.

Our family size has outgrown host homes and also a single hotel room so we are fundraising for a family ministry trailer. This will enable us to continue to travel as a family and will also provide my wife with a convenient place to homeschool while we are on the road.

Would you consider giving? Everything from $1 to $1,000 makes a difference. In fact, with 8,000 YouTube subscribers, if everyone just gave $1.75 we would reach our goal!

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The 6 Traits of a False Teacher / False Prophet



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You never know who is watching your YouTube videos. I was contacted by an ex-hollywood actress who told me how the Lord has changed her heart, she left the world of hollywood for Jesus (she was in some well known films), and she watches all our YouTube videos with her family! Praise God that He is moving in Hollywood!


“Brother, you are an inspiration to everyone who is struggling to overcome sin. Your voice is the extra push that I needed to make the decision to say no to sin. I praise God for you and your open air outreach. I would not change your approach one bit. I’ve been born again since ’96 and I’ve never heard the Word the way you speak it. I thought that sin was a life long struggle and that I did not have the responsibility, accountability and authority to say no to sin. As a matter of fact, a month or so before I found your YouTube videos, God was dealing with my heart on the topic of will-full sin. Then I found some of your videos randomly and God responded to my complaint through them. I live in Philadelphia, Pa and would love to host you in the future as the Lord permit. Philly needs to hear the Word like you preach it. I pray that God keep you and yours through your travels, continues to give you divine inspiration through His Word and prospers your open air outreach. Today, I feel and believe that I can overcome sin by saying no to it daily. My heart is encouraged and it feels stronger than a few months ago. God is good.”
“For all of you hating on this preacher, you need to know something.  I am not a Christian so that is not why I am defending Jesse Morrell.  My defense of him is that he is one of the more reasonable preachers on YouTube.  There are some preachers on YouTube that say really hateful things – far worse than Jesse Morrell ever says, believe me.  Also, Jesse Morrell takes the time to interact and engage in conversation with his audience, unlike most street preachers who think they are so much better than everyone else and ignore objections from their audience.  At least Jesse Morrell is willing to debate. – Leo”

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This is a new satirical article I wrote on my blog which has become the most viewed article of the month: Limited Atonement – Jesus Did Not Die for Calvinists? Jesse Morrell 


If you would like to invite Jesse Morrell to minister at your church, speak at a conference, or minister alongside you on the streets or campuses, contact him today. He is available for Sunday services, evangelism seminars & conferences, and personal evangelism mentorship for the open-air. All that is required is a plane ticket and a place to stay.

Phone: 203-444-1912

Open-air preaching videos are added to my OpenAirOutreach Youtube Channel on a regular basis. Check it out here: OpenAirOutreach

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