‘They killed my mother like a chicken’ says womans 15-yr-old daughter.

Street preacher Mrs Eunice Olawale of Abuja,Nigeria was murdered at about 5:30a.m. on Saturday. She was 42 years old.

It was her usual practice to preach in the early morning close to her residence, which she called “Morning Cry.”

Her throat was slit and her head rested on the Bible she used for street preaching.

“She is innocent; she didn’t do anybody any harm. She uses just her megaphone and bible; just preaching. They just killed her like a chicken and left her there.”

“There was one particular day she went out and noticed that there is a mosque at the back, where they made comments about her preaching.”

Her pastor husband said: “My wife always goes out early in the morning for ‘Morning Cry.’ She was so committed to anything that is of God. She was a reckless giver to God’s work. She rarely missed any programme in church. I see her as a martyr who died for Christ.”

The Federal Capital Territory Police Commend said that six people have been arrested in connection with her murder.

Her death was an honorable and God glorifying death. It is not the death of a martyr that we need to fear. We all have to die somehow anyways. I fear a meaningless death – a death by a car accident or a heart attack. I fear fast food more than I fear ISIS. If we all have to die anyways, may our deaths be as God glorifying as hers.

~ Jesse Morrell

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  1. Tom Torbeyns says:

    Nice conclusion Jesse Morrell! 🙂

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