America Is Going To Hell Faster Than Ever | How You Can Help Change That! Jesse Morrell



One brother emailed me and said, “Hello Jesse, I came to repentance from your preaching on YouTube.”

Another brother messaged me and told me that after watching our YouTube videos he started open-air preaching where he lives – Merida Mexico! See the video below!

And another brother messaged me and said this: “Hi bro Jesse I used to think you were just some self-righteous little punk, but then after I watched some of your video presentations and confirmed this by doing my own scripture studies, I had to repent of both my improper judging and also easy-believism. It’s been a real life change for me and this has extended to my entire family too. You are definitely producing good fruit my friend, and on account of you and a very few other holiness preachers and teachers, I now teach my family the same and incorporate a holiness, sin-free living and ‘believer’s probation’ message in our home, and in public and personal evangelism. I have been blessed abundantly in spiritual blessings on account of your ministry and simple words like “thank you” are not enough.”

Men are coming to repentance! Families are being changed! And laborers are being raised up all over the world! Praise God!

Someone made this encouraging comment on my video: “I’m praying for you brother. Thank you for your ministry. You have inspired me to preach the gospel in the open air. About three months ago I started open air preaching when I can. Several times at a truck stop that I minister at and my first public experience outside of a bar. It went well and I knew what to expect. Pray for me that I would be bold.”

Praise God! More and more laborers are being raised up!


Thank you for your help! We couldn’t do it without help from the body of Christ!

To donate to the Morrell Family Ministry Trailer, to send us all across the nation preaching repentance, click here: The Morrell Family Ministry Trailer Fund

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