Black Lives Matter Throws Eggs at Loving White Preacher Jesse Morrell


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We spent a couple days preaching to the night life of Fort Worth. The area has really developed over the past ten years that I have been preaching there. It is one of the most pleasant nightlife scenes that I have preached to.

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There have been many different groups to evangelize here in the past ten years that I have observed but this one brother seen above has been the most consistent and faithful. He is out there every Friday and Saturday night to witness and he has done this for years and years.

I asked him if he wanted to do any open air preaching and he said yes. Normally he does tract distribution and one on one conversations. After he preached he asked the crowd if anyone wanted to give their lives to God and two women said yes and prayed with him. That is unusual on the streets in an open air setting but God was moving in their lives and I pray He continues the work.

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A brother came down to visit me from Missouri and we had s great time of fellowship and outreach. He preached with fire and passion and that captivated an audience for over an hour. That is also a rare occurrence on the streets. This location, known as Sundance Square, has become one of the best places in the country for street preaching in my opinion because of the fact that crowds of people will circle around you for hours while you preach.


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I was blessed to be invited to New York by two young Christian brothers who have been watching my YouTube videos and have started open-air preaching in their area. The first place that they took me for some open air preaching was a bus terminal. I started my ministry 14 years ago preaching at bus stops.

We preached for about an hour before we were shut down by the Police. They told us that we were actually on private property, not public. But one man came up to me after we stopped preaching and told me, “Thank you. I have gotten away from the Word and that is what I needed to hear to get back.” Two women also came up to thank us.

One man, however, started yelling at us and accusing us of being hateful. I told him that sin was hateful but calling sinners to repentance was loving. He then went on to argue, “The Bible has been changed! And we don’t have the originals.” I said, “If we don’t have the originals, how do you know its been changed?” At that he was silent and stormed off. Pray for his soul.


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We went to the boardwalk of Long Beach in Long Island for some open air preaching. The two brothers who invited me to New York had tried to preach at this location before but were shut down by the Police. They wanted me go to with them to talk to the Police and get things squared away.

There was supposed to be a fireworks display but that was cancelled due to unexpected rain. The crowds were slimmer than expected as a result. However, one brother was able to have some good open air dialogs with a crowd of teenagers.

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As expected the Police showed up. At first they tried to tell me that we needed a permit to do this. But once I turned my video camera on they changed what they were saying. Then they said that we needed a permit to take pictures or videos on the boardwalk. I asked if cell phone pictures were included and they said no. They also tried to say that we were disturbing the peace if we gathered a crowd but I said that Police often attract crowds too when they are just doing their job, so certainly that cannot be the right interpretation of the law. Another officer had said at one point that we could not yell because that would be “unreasonable noise.” On and on it went. You can watch the video on YouTube.

At the end of it all I was able to stand for our rights and agree with the Police that so long as we don’t block traffic and if I put my video camera away, and if we move to a slightly different location away from a particular building, then we could keep preaching without problem. And that is what happened.


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I was blessed to be able to teach an Evangelism Training Session at a church on Saturday before leading a team from the church out to the streets of New York. And then I was able speak again to the congregation as a whole on Sunday morning. Both teachings are now on my Youtube channel for you to watch.


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The location we picked for our church outreach was outside of Madison Square Gardens. It seems that any street corner in New York gets flooded with people so you can literally preach anywhere. What was nice about this location was that there was a large enough sidewalk for a crowd to gather without blocking any of the foot traffic.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.15.07 PM_zpsvteyv7h5.jpg

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Since we had members of the church joining us on this outreach the members of the congregation would gather in front of the preacher and make up a crowd. This naturally attracted the attention of other people walking by and it wasn’t long before new people would stop and listen and engage us in open air dialog.

 photo 13654282_10153721364241765_2119528743567571392_n_zpspnsgvh3b.jpg

I was able to introduce the church to a local New York street preaching team that goes out regularly to the streets. I was also very happy to see that the street preaching clothing I had recently designed and made available in my store had made it to New York even before I did! In the picture above you can see a brother wearing our “No Sin” hoodie.


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It had been about 15 years since I had visited Time Square. Never before have I preached there though. This was a first and I was excited about it. It is said that 26 million people visit Time Square each year! You could preach at Time Square every day of the year and preach to new people each day and by the end of the year you would have preached to 26 million. That is amazing!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.14.30 PM_zpsxajuussh.jpg

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We had a good size team so we took turns open air preaching. The great thing about Time Square is that it is a tourist attraction. People from all over the world come here so by preaching there we were having an international outreach! You just never know how many countries you are reaching when you preach there.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.16.49 PM_zps9kchgjmw.jpg

As usual a hot button topic was homosexuality. There was a lesbian in the crowd who started talking filthy and as we rebuked her for her homosexuality another man “came out of the closet” and started saying that he was a Christian AND a homosexual. More and more of our society is being given over to a reprobate mind. As America has turned its back on God our country is becoming more and more morally insane.

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A nice group picture of our team at Time Square! Every city and town should have an evangelism team like this!


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When we were at Time Square there was a “Black Lives Matter” protest going on at the same time. For the most part we ignored them and preached the gospel but eventually they came and heckled us, once we had a crowd bigger than theirs. When we went to Union Square we found out that a “Black Lives Matter” protest was going on there too.

Once I stood up to preach they started chanting, “If we don’t get no justice then they don’t get no peace.” I decided to spring board off that to talk about their sin. “Justice? Justice? What about all the black babies that are aborted? There is no justice in that!” Again they started chanting, “Black Lives Matter!” I said, “Yeah, black lives matter. So why do so many black people abort their black babies?” At this point I got their attention and they circled around me and heckled. One lady threw eggs at me but praise God one bounced off and broke on the ground and the other one missed me completely.

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 photo Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.14.01 PM_zpsqfllfjai.jpg

As a preacher I want to always be relevant to my audience by talking directly about their sin. And I want to always be truthful without compromise. That is what I did at this Black Lives Matter protest. With abortion, gangs, and domestic violence, the greatest threat to black lives in America is other black people. Not to mention how their rap music promotes and glorifies black on black crime, violence, and murder. I wish Black Lives Matter would focus on these, as these are greater problems than white cops.

I went on to preach about other sins as well. The crowd eventually calmed down but started chanting other things like, “What do we want? SIN! When do we want it? NOW.” They also chanted, “SIN! SIN! SIN! SIN!” And also, “SEX! DRUGS! ROCK N ROLL! SEX! DRUGS! ROCK N ROLL!” I rebuked them and said, “You know, that is such a bad idea I bet you people smoke cigarettes too. Because you are full of bad choices.”

 photo 13627217_10153723828231765_2927577448178264252_n_zpsz0d2g6ky.jpg

After I preached I had time limitations so I turned it over to another brother and the rest of the team who handled the crowd for the rest of the night. The crowd was rough at first, obviously since I was egged, but the crowd tamed out afterwards and became a typical crowd of sinners in the open-air.

 photo 13612347_10153724503091765_8990307637765875142_n_zps6u6qvipt.jpg

 photo 13590228_10153724503281765_2119445046140827320_n_zpstha63okh.jpg

I praise God that He is raising up so many laborers all across the country! Satan is active but God is on the move!






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I’m very happy to say that we have finally launched a street preaching t-shirt ministry! This is something I have wanted to do for years now, to serve the evangelism community. Below are some of my favorite new designs but we have many more in our store.

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Right now my itinerary consists of a trip to Montana, Alaska, Indiana, and Hawaii. I also have possible trips to Mexico, Michigan, and the Philippines that have not been finalized. If you are in any of these locations and would like to fellowship or join me on an outreach or if you would like to invite me to come to your area (it just takes a plane ticket and a place to sleep), just send me an email:

My YouTube just hit One Million Minutes Watched in the past 28 days alone. That is amazing! Praise God.

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The best part about our ministry, next to seeing sinners come to repentance, is seeing other believers raise up all over the world to preach the gospel! It takes a lot of time to work on our videos, publish our newsletters, etc, but that is the part of our ministry that ministers to the body of Christ.

This was an email I just received from a brother in ENGLAND who has started preaching on the streets. He responded to my latest newsletter.

“Hi Jesse ……you have inspired us over in England to preach on the streets ..we were in Liverpool on Tuesday last repentance and God’s grace Jason was punched in the chest which sent him flying but he just got back on his step ladder and continued we were all seven of us got engaged talking to individuals we must’ve spoken to 100 people that day ….we “blame” you for the big crowds that are drawn as we use God’s method of calling sin what it is and ..praise God some come to repent some come to cause mischief some tried to burn our literature…..we rejoiced greatly on the way home ……Thank you Jesse for sparking off the preaching of the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation…..we are not ashamed of the gospel… is an honour to stand for the Lord Jesus who gave his life for us. May the Lord fill us all with the Holy Spirit that many may be saved through the preaching of His word. God bless all you guys over there in America you are all a great example to us …keep on keeping on walking in holiness and abiding in Him…….. Kieran your brother in Christ”

Praise God! Pray for these brothers as England is in dire need of street preaching but certainly hostile territory.

As an open-air preacher that publicly confronts sin, I get lots of hateful comments on my YouTube and in my emails from people wishing me bodily harm. But I also get some encouraging messages at times too. Here are two recent ones:

“I must say that by chance I found your videos on you tube a short while back and have never stopped watching them since. There is something in your preaching that is different from anything I have ever seen or heard in my entire life. I brings me to tears of joy that you do what you do. Forgive me for sharing my heart but nothing has ever captivated and moved me more on you tube or for that matter in any church I have ever been to. To see you preach to the lost,along with taking so much verbal and sometimes physical abuse from them, can be nothing other than a divine calling from God. You remind me of the apostle Paul who saw something so magnificent when the heavens opened up to him, that he turned from Saul of Tarsus to one of the greatest men that ever lived. Blessings” Paula 


 “Hello my name is Carrie I came across one of your videos and have been hooked now for about 4weeks trying to watch all Your videos. I am a born again Christian as of 10 yrs ago clean and sober completely transformed by the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I just finished watching one of your videos about how to know your rights when confronted by police and am interested in the lamented constitutional rights that you said you could send out. I am part of the __________ ministry team of bible believing Christians and the _____ worship team down here in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri area. We are working together by the leading of His Holy Ghost to go OUT and reach the lost. I am very interested in learning all I can about street preaching. I even told my husband that I am addicted to street preaching and that is why we ran out of Internet data so he got us unlimited data so I can keep watching and he made me a t-shirt lol. I also had my friend in the ministry sub your you tube channel. Anyway I am a bit intimidated to street preach, which is strange because I work at a minimum security prison and am a volunteer for the local jail ministry for the female inmates. I would be concerned that I wouldn’t have all the answers and comebacks like you do lol but I can be loud when I speak and maintain a cool head the only part I’m concerned about is being touched or assaulted because that would test my self control. Anyway I love what you are doing and will keep watching! It would be great to see this open air outreach movement become the new “norm” instead of this world parading sin in our streets to the glory of pride and shaming the name and word of God. ” Carrie

One brother emailed me and said:

“Hello Jesse, I came to repentance from your preaching on YouTube.”

Someone made this encouraging comment on my video:

“I’m praying for you brother. Thank you for your ministry. You have inspired me to preach the gospel in the open air. About three months ago I started open air preaching when I can. Several times at a truck stop that I minister at and my first public experience outside of a bar. It went well and I knew what to expect. Pray for me that I would be bold.”

Praise God! More and more laborers are being raised up! Another brother messaged me and told me that after watching our YouTube videos he started open-air preaching where he lives – Merida Mexico! And another brother messaged me and said this:

“Hi bro Jesse I used to think you were just some self-righteous little punk, but then after I watched some of your video presentations and confirmed this by doing my own scripture studies, I had to repent of both my improper judging and also easy-believism. It’s been a real life change for me and this has extended to my entire family too. You are definitely producing good fruit my friend, and on account of you and a very few other holiness preachers and teachers, I now teach my family the same and incorporate a holiness, sin-free living and ‘believer’s probation’ message in our home, and in public and personal evangelism. I have been blessed abundantly in spiritual blessings on account of your ministry and simple words like “thank you” are not enough.”

Men are coming to repentance! Families are being changed! And laborers are being raised up all over the world! Praise God!

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