The Ultimate Biblical Refutation to Calvinism | FREE PDF | Jesse Morrell


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6 Responses to The Ultimate Biblical Refutation to Calvinism | FREE PDF | Jesse Morrell

  1. Rene Bugtong says:

    Thanks for the free pdf on Calvinism!
    Great job!
    Keep it up

  2. Robert Sturges says:

    Thank you for your standing up for the truth. Have you ever spoken at any churches near Fort wayne, or Shipshewana or Angola or Auburn Indiana. I am looking for others in the area to fellowship with who haven’t swallowed the Calvinist doctrine.

  3. Robert Sturges says:

    Do any of the churches, anywhere teach against Calvinism and natural inability, or that our sin is not passed down from Adam. I was looking at a Mennonite church in shepshewana but they list Adams sin as passed down to all men. They are conservative Mennonite and I know little about them. We cant find a church that isn’t overcome by Calvinist doctrine either by word or the way they live. Do you know any that hold to Finneys theology?

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