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A brother in Alaska recently used his air-miles from his business to bring my family and I up to Alaska. I once said on my Facebook that all it takes to bring me to your area is a plane ticket and couch to sleep on and he is one who took me up on it!

Alaska has proven itself to be a difficult mission field. We were plowing the field but sometimes it felt like the field was plowing us! Read below about the multiple assaults and attacks that took place.

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The downtown Anchorage area is full of drugs and alcohol. There is a considerable homeless population in Alaska despite the freezing temperatures. There is one large park downtown called “Town Square Park” where a lot of the drug dealers and drug addicts hang out. Last year when I preached in the center of this park I was assaulted numerous times but held my own and preached the gospel anyways. This year I was hoping it might be tamer and it was. But we were still assaulted. Just not as much as last year.

Another brother named David Grisham recently moved to Alaska and he joined me for outreach. I stood up and preached on the soap box for about thirty minutes before I turned it over to brother David. He preached the gospel for maybe five minutes before a lesbian walked by and started heckling him. She was vicious and said she wanted to see violence.

I was filming but a homeless woman came up to me and said it was my fault that now this woman was heckling and causing a scene and she slapped me on the back of the head. Other people saw it so she said, “HE DESERVED THAT!”

Shortly after this a man walked up to David on the soap box and kicked him, somehow, in the chest! David was knocked off but what the attacker didn’t notice was that another man followed him from behind. When this other man saw David get attacked he ran up and punched the attacker in the back of the head and knocked him to the ground. Then he got on top of the attacker and started punched him repeatedly.

It wasn’t too long before everything settled down again and then David got back on the soap box without skipping a beat and kept preaching the gospel for another hour or so. The Police did arrive an hour later but both men who were involved were gone by then.

It is sad to see how men readily embrace sin which brings such destruction to their life and yet they resist so aggressively the gospel that can save their souls! Standing in that park surrounded by drug addicts and drunkards I was amazed at how sinners refuse to repent and continue in their rebellion against the moral government of God because they do not want Him ruling their lives but the result is that they are ruining their own lives.

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Ever wonder what a man’s face looks like before he attacks you with a rod? No? Me neither. But I got to see it above.

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There is another park in downtown Anchorage that we went to preach to another day. While the other park is full of the drug dealers and drug attacks (especially the inner city skate boarders), this park was full of older homeless drunk people (especially natives).

As I always do I preached on the new birth – how God can change and transform. “Jesus Christ can take a drunkard and make him sober! Jesus Christ can take sinners and make them saints!”

When I preached “One day you are all going to die and then you will stand before God and give an account for all of your life” one homeless drunkard in particular became very irritated and upset. He yelled, “SHUT UP!” I said, “No, I care about your soul!” He started walking over with his wooded cane, acting as though he intended to use it as a weapon. He said something to me like, “Do you know what it feels like to get hit with one of these?”

I continued to tell him that I was there preaching the way I am because I care about him. Nevertheless he swung his cane back and then swung it forward, landing it right on my calfs on the back of the legs. It stung and I was glad that he only swung it once. I was also glad that he hit me on the back of the legs and not on the front! It would have really hurt if he had hit my shins instead of my calfs. My leg was tender but not bruised.

I have been preaching open-air for 14 years but this was my first time getting a little beating with a rod. I thought, “Well, it’s biblical to be hit with a rod. Paul was.” Jesus said we are to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when we are persecuted. Paul said that we are to glory in our tribulations. The Apostles rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus. This was my attitude. And when Christians have such an attitude towards persecution, Christianity is unstoppable!

Brother David said, “Well, our attack ratio in this park is better than the other one. It’s 50 percent less than the other day.” I said, “Ha, that’s true. We were both assaulted the other day but only I was assaulted today.”

As our nation continues to turn its back on God and harden itself in its sin and impenitence, the persecution against Christians and against street preachers in particular will continue to increase. But no matter how much we suffer for the sake of the gospel it is worth it all because Christ is worthy and souls are valuable. Christ laid down His life for the sake of the salvation of souls and we should be willing to do the same!

Someone commented on my YouTube video of one of our assaults in Alaska and said:

“God bless you brother Jesse because of your open air preaching and YouTube videos that I was finally able to accept Jesus into my life. Praise God! And thank you.” – Nolan

PRAISE GOD! That is what it is all about! Everything that we endure for the sake of the gospel, for the glory of Christ and the salvation of souls is worth it all.

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