Election Day Thoughts: Hillary Aligns Herself with Satanists

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Today is the day that the new President of the United States will be announced. As everyone is going to the voting booths and casting their vote I wanted to share this short video about how the Clinton Campaign said, “Middle Finger to the Lord” during a Jay Z Concert that they hosted. Public expressions of Satanism at a Political Campaign should be deeply concerning to all Americans.


Clinton’s Campaign says “Middle Finger to the Lord” | Hillary and Satanists like Jay Z & Beyonce

Ultimately a change in Presidents is not likely to change America completely around and back to God. What needs to happen is for Christians to rise up all over the country to witness and testify for the Lord and call America to repentance! Considering joining The Street Preacher Movement or at least getting behind it with prayer! The proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what can turn this country around back to God!


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