White Privilege in America? Jesse Morrell

I am a young white American male but I do not have any “White Privilege.” There are tons of black people who come from better neighborhoods than I do, went to Ivy League schools, have wealthy parents, have higher incomes, etc. You can even get college scholarships for being black, which you can call a “Black Privilege” in this country. You can be black in this country and even become the President of the United States.

The recent talk of “White Privilege” was created to stir racial tensions for political reasons. Talk of “income inequality” is just propaganda to usher in socialism. Income should be unequal because not all knowledge, skill, talent, and labor is equal. 

America is the land of the free with a free capitalistic market place and if you study hard, think hard, and work hard you can succeed in life regardless of race. But many who come from disadvantaged circumstances, like I do, would rather blame other people for their failures rather than to take responsibility for their lives. It is easier to blame “White Privilege” for your poverty than to blame dropping out of school, joining a gang, and having drug problems. It is more comfortable to blame “systemic racism” than to point out your own cultural problems.

We all have problems to overcome and set backs in life, whether you are rich or poor, black or white. But we also all have the ability to take the opportunities presented to us and to make opportunities ourselves, whether we are rich or poor, black or white.

It would do everyone much good to take responsibility for their lives, stop blaming other people for not being where they want to be in life, and realize that if you are living in America you have great privilege and opportunity compared to the rest of the world no matter what your skin color is.

Jesse Morrell

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1 Response to White Privilege in America? Jesse Morrell

  1. I think that once we elected a black President, those activists who made their living “fighting racism” in this country and preaching to black people about their “disadvantages” need to come up with stories like “White Privilege” and “Unarmed Black Man shot by White Officer” to keep their careers going.

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