The Rotten Fruit of Once Saved Always Saved by Jesse Morrell

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I know a Christian couple who was taught eternal security. You only lose rewards in Heaven if you sin, the church taught them. So when they got pregnant later in life when they were about to retire, they had an abortion.

They figured they would trade a few rewards in Heaven to enjoy life now.

I didn’t know all this but I shared some verses with her at church. I heard the pastor say you couldn’t lose your salvation and I read in a bunch of verses that you could.

Apparently it really upset her and her husband came over to my house to talk to me. Again, I didn’t know they murdered their baby.

I reasoned with the husband. He was an elder in the church and I was only 18.

I asked him if a Christian backsides and becomes a murderer are they still saved? I asked this because of my past life of crime. Murder was on the list of possibilities.

He said yes. I said based on the Bible no murderer has eternal life abiding on him. He said he had some things he will be accountable for to God.

He died shortly after that. I think he might have repented as a result of our talk. It wasn’t until later I found out they had an abortion and that is why they were so upset that I said you could lose your salvation.

Another friend at church backslide and I told him he lost his salvation. His mother freaked out and called me a heretic, reassuring him that he was still saved. A couple years later he committed suicide to go to heaven.

This is what the doctrine of eternal security leads to – abortion and suicide.






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