The National Street Preachers Conference | Speaker Bio’s & Ministry Schedule






619 W. Main St. Suite C Arlington TX 76010

Here is the schedule with the speakers & the bios for the speakers. 

THURSDAY March 29th:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Vijay Pisini at 8:00 am.
Jonathan Bryce at 9:00 am.
Outreach to the University of North Texas from 11:30am – 4:00pm.
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Zachary Humphrey at 6:00pm.
Sebastian Bryan at 7:00pm
Jesse Morrell at 9:00 pm.

FRIDAY March 30th:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Roger David at 8:00 am.
Don Day at 9:00 am 
Outreach to the University of North Texas from 11:30am – 4:00pm.
Evening session at the church from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Kyle Volkmer at 6:00 pm.
Carlos Diaz at 7:00 pm.
Keith Michael at 8:00 pm.
Jim Gilles at 9:00 pm.
Night Outreach at Sundance Square Fort Worth 10:00pm – 12:00am.

SATURDAY March 31st:

Morning Session at the church from 8:00 am to 12:00pm
Buddy Fisher at 8:00 am.
Christina Grisham at 9:00 am
Alan Burns at 10:00 am
Misty Hodges at 11:00 am
Afternoon Outreach at the Grassy Knoll in Dallas (where JFK was assassinated) from 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm.
Night Outreach at Sundance Square Fort Worth 8:00pm – 12:00am.



As a teenager I got involved in a lot of drugs and crime in the party scene. I was convicted of my sin when I heard a hell fire preacher in jail. I began reading the Bible in Rehab and was born again when I was 15. 
I started witnessing to my friends right away and began Street Preaching when I turned 18.
I hit the road full time at age 20 for open air ministry and have been going ever since, preaching on over 130 Universities and College campuses.
I am now 33 with a wife and four kids. I’ve published 5 books so far.
~ Jesse Morrell


I was raised staunch German Roman Catholic with nuns and priests on both of my parent’s sides. I and my three older brothers were altar boys. My siblings and I attended Roman Catholic grade and high schools.
I was saved on Nov. 7, 1980 while attending a Van Halen rock concert. It was while I was standing five feet in front of the stage where I was worshipping Eddie Van Halen. David Lee Roth declared, “Not even God can save your soul at a Van Halen concert” as his intro to their hit song, “Runnin With The Devil.”
God instantaneously sobered me up from two joints of Columbian Gold and a pint of Yukon Jack. I have never desired drugs, alcohol nor rock music since that night.
God called me to preach about one month after I was saved. I began to witness to family and friends. I was 18 and many old friends were getting married so I would attend the weddings. Just seeing me without a beer in my hand, clear eyes and being able to make verbal sense was all that I needed for an in road for my conversion to Christ.
At one wedding, as I was witnessing to one of my former classmates, a priest joined our conversation. This priest taught the high school senior “Theology” class. His “Theology” class consisted of him telling us how that he was a chronic masturbator and played “Insight” movies starring the pervert Martin Sheen. The thing to do was to get stoned before you went to his class. The priest was getting drunk as a skunk. Once the drunk Priest found out that I was talking about Jesus, he pulled my friend away and warned him that I was in a cult.
That friend was soon killed in a car wreck. I think that he was the first to die after high school graduation. 
I have preached on 335 college and University campi in 49 states and six countries.
~ Jim Gilles



Roger was born and raised as a staunch atheist who attended church, as a teenager/young adult, at the invitation of a martial arts training partner. He attended there while still living like the devil for years without hearing a call to repentance and faith in Jesus for salvation. Finally he went to a Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada convention at Queens University where he heard a hell fire brimstone preacher who called all in attendance to repentance and faith in Jesus. He answered the call.
He attended the Toronto Airport Vineyard and Brownsville Revival for years until the TAV got kicked out of the Vineyard fellowship. He took on a leadership roll, in a PAOC church, with homeless ministry and Youth and Young Adult ministries. That evolved into street preaching on the streets of Toronto. He eventually ended up selling everything he owned to move to Texas to marry an awesome God fearing wife.
While observing God use his youngest autistic son’s boldness in witnessing, Roger was reminded of his own calling to preach the Gospel.
Roger met up with Bro. Jesse Morrell at an evangelism conference and have preached with him on multiple occasions and many locations(clubs, bars, schools, festivals, parades, etc…) 
Since then, Roger has preached with others and has recently been called by the church to start an evangelism team to affect the local community for the cause of Christ.”

 Jonathan Bryce


“Saved in 2003
Missionary/Preacher for 10 years
At UTSA for 8 years, now on Texas A&M College Station Campus.
Associate Pastor at Mountain Valley Fellowship 
Burdened for the lost, want to see college students won to Christ and disciples”

Zachary Humphrey

“As far as bio, I’ve been saved almost 7 years. I was going to a Nazarene church and teaching bible studies on Monday mornings in my nursing school class at college. Slowly God unveiled to me a calling to preach. In 2013 God placed on my heart proverbs 29:25, Romans 10:14. He let me know not to fear man and that He would take care of me. I yielded to Him though fearful and been preaching ever since both traveling to preach in churches (Methodist , Nazarene, church of God) and open air preaching. God specifically laid on my heart late 2013 that the streets were where all the lost people were and that they needed preaching. I would feel God lay on my heart a deep desire to preach to the lost in the open air. Eventually I yielded to him in that as well of course. I preach mostly in eastern Ky, southern Ohio, and West Virginia both in churches and college campus , outside bars/clubs. I am married for two years and my wife is pregnant with our first child a boy. God has filled my heart with the Holy Ghost and I walk in a state of joyous fellowship with Him daily in obedience and faith.”

Vijay Pisini


“I was born in India in a Christian family. My mom was a devout God-fearing conservative Christian and instilled in us (siblings) the Christian values as we were growing up. I was considered a God-fearing kid. Participated in all the activities in a typical “church” (skits, songs, quizzes etc). However, when I was 13 years old while in 8th grade in 1985, though I read parts of the Bible before, I started reading the Bible to really find out as to what is in it. What changed my life was Mt 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you”. This opened up the door to full Gospel.
While in college, I was challenged by fellow classmates who were Hindus (India is 85% Hindu), I was interested in Apologetics and have done a lot of 1:1’s with a lot of Hindus. As prompted by the Holy Spirit, I decided to preach wherever and whenever I can. I have preached in the churches here and there from 2014, and have been Street Preaching from 2016. Through the YouTube videos, I have been encouraged to preach in the open air by these brothers: Jesse Morrell, Kerrigan Skelly, Ruben Israel, Micah Armstrong, and Buddy Fisher!
 In my 32 years of Christian life, I have seen many people coming to Christ and some walk away from God as well! Though I fell back at times and disobeyed God, I always feared God in my Christian walk. I want to be edified by the brethren and preach the Gospel whenever possible! I want to keep my message simple…SIN is what we need to keep out with the strength from God, live Holy and preach the Gospel! Bible is the standard for Christian living…nothing else and no one else! ALL the glory to God alone!!”

 Buddy Fisher


11 years preaching open air and campi.
Many mission trips to Haiti.
4 years of Pastoring. 
Prison ministry over 20 years ago.

Pastor Don Day 


Pastor of One Creek Valley Church 
Finley, Oklahoma
20 year Pastor 
25 years State Prison Ministry & County Jails
6-8 years Street Preaching
18 years Saloon/Bar ministry
15 years nation wide Bible distribution

 Kyle Volkmer


I’ve been saved since 2003.  
Been a Missionary/Preacher since 2008.
Preacher for last 10 years in San Antonio.
Been on many evangelism outreaches and missions.
Teaching Pastor in San Antonio.”

Sebastian Bryan

I  had a distorted upbringing at the beginning. While I was three after my parents got divorced, my mother went crazy with two other people and in a hotel/motels they would beat me daily. I was tied up all over my body and made to dance around for their entertainment. Had no idea of what was wrong or right. I thought love was when my mother did not tighten the ropes so tight, and she closed the door of the cabinet underneath the sink where she put me slowly. The others would tie me tight and stuff me under the sink and slam the door. 
When I was finally free from the craziness, was placed into a foster care and then my dad was able to get custody of me. 
From that time i derived my strength from my past and decided that no one could do worse to me than what already happened. So I tended to be arrogant, proud, as well as manipulative.
I remember about the age of 14 being under desire to call out to God to forgive me and save me. I had done some things to this day that brought a mountain of shame I regret and desperately wanted God to take away the anguish. 
So I felt after crying out to God save me relief. However, shortly after i started to pursue porn, weed, getting drunk, women, and other things and all the while felt like I was still saved. 
Wasn’t until I was 17 and a woman approached the car I was driving and on it had the notw(not of this world)sticker and sex pistols and Jeffrey Star sticker as well. 
She knocked and asked, “are you a christian?”
I responded, “Yes man I am.”
She said the most loving words, I still don’t forget them to this day. She said, “Your a hypocrite, you can’t have both of those.”
“You can’t tell me i don’t love God!!” 
I yelled at her and sped off, and was irritated with her for weeks. No one had told me I was a hypocrite everyone else who had some type of spiritual authority in my life didn’t call me out for hypocrisy like she did. 
He that rebukes in the end will find more favor than he that flatters with the mouth. 
However, it wasn’t until I was 19 when I heard God speak to me and tell me to read the bible 5 chapters a day so I began to do so. Though I didn’t know if i was crazy or not thinking I heard God. So I did and was broken when I read in Luke, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
I was angry and reasoned, “why God?!! Why are you going to forgive them the same people that spit on your face, and put the nails in your hands, oh yeah your just going to forgive the people that plucked your beard and put you naked on a cross!!??” 
I realized I was wrong and asked God to forgive me for my heart I had towards Him and then I asked God to forgive my mother and those that had done those things to me and felt like the weight of the world roll off my shoulders. And where there was hate and wanting to see my mother and those that hurt me die. Now there was a heart to see the same people and tell them that it didn’t matter what they did but that they would know Christ themselves and be saved. 
Only Jesus was able to change my heart, I was dead and he made me alive. 
I was forgiven of far more than many know and yet I knew if God would save someone like me than He can do it for anyone and my unquenchable desire was to express it to anyone and everyone who I could talk to. 
Started watching videos on how I could reach more because it seemed like no matter how hard I did one on ones or even groups in downtown that I was still missing countless people as they walked by not hearing the importance of Christ. 
So a friend of mine started listening to sermons from Leonard Ravenhill and Paul Washer and saw Paul Washer do open air preaching and wanted to do the same. Then we heard the importance of preaching in the air that was a compilation of clips from street preachers one of them being Jesse Morrell and began to go out.
The first place we ever preached was OU the University of Oklahoma and there they had a statue of a sower and though we had many things to learn we wanted to faithfully sow the word of God to those who were in darkness as we were once.
Since then I have been to colleges across America. States such as Texas, California, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, and New Mexico. Also have preached at high schools and have had huge success there, as well as bars and clubs and local events.
I can say like George Whitefield, if preaching wasn’t free I would pay to keep doing so.


Christina Grisham


No bio available at this time. 

Carlos Diaz


No bio available at this time. 

Misty Hodges


No bio available at this time. 

Alan Burns

No picture or bio available at this time. 

Keith Michael

No picture or bio available at this time. 






619 W. Main St. Suite C Arlington TX 76010

SEE YOU MARCH 29th-31st!

That is in just 2 days!



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