Help Us Reach the Nightlife With the Gospel!

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Hey guys,

I need your help! I am working with an awesome group of young men in College Station TX that have a heart to reach the party nightlife with the gospel. We went out there one evening to preach but didn’t get too much interaction going on. What we need is a sound system!

I want to go out there with a Double Microphone sound system – one of the preacher and one for the heckler / person with questions. This is how I used to preach in the streets 15 years ago and it is the best way to get interaction on the streets (it’s easy to get interaction on a campus but hard on the streets).

I looked online and found a speaker system that looks perfect for only $200. That’s where I need your help! I am looking for some sponsors who will help donate to this cause.

If four people donated $50, or if two people donated $100, or if just one person donated $200, we’d be able to get the sound system!

If we get more than $200, we could get an even better system. But $200 seems to be the minimum for what I am looking for.

Going out there with a preacher/heckler microphone set up could really turn the whole nightlife upside down. There was lots of loud music but I found a huge spot with lots of foot traffic that was quiet, which would be perfect to set up at.

Also, I always thought that the preacher/heckler microphone set up made the best videos too (for those of you who are blessed by our open air footage).



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