How to Weaken Temptation & Live Holy for Jesus!


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There are some wonderful brethren in Canada who have invited me up to their area twice now for open-air ministry.

They have been greatly influenced and impacted by our ministry and want to reach out to their local area. 

I often say in my videos, “All it takes to bring me out to your area is a plane ticket and a couch to sleep on and we can minister together in your area.” 

We reached THOUSANDS of people with the Gospel during this mission trip.

Read the amazing report below! 

Niagara Falls, Canada

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.48.53 AM

Our first outreach was to Niagara Falls Canada. 

Thousands of tourist from ALL OVER THE WORLD come to this site every single day.

What a perfect location to reach the masses! 

I found a blue cement block that worked perfectly as a soap box. 

This area was a “bottle neck” where everyone walking by went through, so it was perfect for open-air preaching.

33828821_10155540934171765_1528530580919025664_n (1)

A nice couple from Toronto walked by, stopped, and listened.

They seemed genuinely interested in my message.

I felt led to hammer home the point, “You are as close to God as you want to be.” 

The Lord seemed to be ministering to the two of them together.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.48.28 AM

After a little while of preaching on the blue block, a Niagara Park Police Officer showed up and said I couldn’t stand on the cement block. 

She said that the park had a rule against “climbing on structures,” and it was near the street which she thought was “dangerous” if I feel off. 

I perceived that she was very irritated with the preaching and was trying to just give me a hard time. The team wondered if she might be a lesbian. 

I moved to a new location and found a park bench there. I thought that standing on the bench was reasonable, as this is common for street preaching and it was made to hold people, but she told me I couldn’t stand on the bench either. 


From my past experience I have found that whenever the authorities move you from a street preaching location, the location you end up moving to ends up being better than the first!

This has been my experience time and time again.

I eventually moved down the road to a busy crosswalk that seemed to get a lot of foot traffic.

After open air preaching maybe 30 minutes, a very large crowd showed up. They were a tour group from a high school. 

As I preached against sin, the large crowd circled around me. They began engaging me in questions. 

I was able to answer their questions and point them to Jesus. They certainly were not learning about Jesus and the Bible in their public school! 

Their High School leaders didn’t seem happy that they were listening to a street preacher but couldn’t help it. One of their leaders was a homosexual man.

If I was rapping on the streets about drugs and violence, I don’t think their leaders would have minded. But I was preaching about Jesus and this worried them. 

But this turned out to be the best part of the outreach! I got to clearly preach against sin, call them to repentance, and point them to Jesus! 

Hamilton Canada


Hamilton was a city I had never street preached in before.

When we arrived we checked out downtown to find the best location to preach.

The best location was the corner of King and James St, which I thought was ironic because together it made “King James.”

So with our King James Bibles, we lifted up our banners and preached the Gospel! 


It wasn’t long before people started to approach us to talk about the Lord.

This is the reason we have big banners and bold Christian t-shirts. It lets everyone know we are there, why we are there, and that they can approach us to talk about the Lord.

Critics often say that these signs and t-shirts are going to “push people away” but we see the opposite effect. It pulls people in!

The most awkward moment about one-on-one witnessing is when you approach a total stranger to talk to them about the Lord.

This awkwardness is totally removed when you use big banners and bold t-shirts because total strangers will then approach you to ask questions about the Lord! 

You couldn’t ask for anything better than that! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.48.45 AM

The first thing I noticed about downtown Hamilton was that it was infested with drugs.

Homeless drug addicts were everywhere. 

This is the perfect place to minister the Gospel!

Often those who need the Gospel the most, hear it the lest!

I was saved out of drugs and alcohol when a preacher came to my prison and preached.


As I preached, a man walked by who was very animated in his movements.

He talked with his hands and his feet! 

I immediately suspected he was high on something like Meth. 

One of the people watching on YouTube said this guy was on “Bath salts.”

The effect of “bath salts” is that people contort their bodies and walk very strange. 

Whatever he was high on, he was able to engage me in a dialog for a long time.

I started suspending he might be demon possessed too because of some of the vile blasphemies he said, especially about Jesus. 

We were able to plant some good “truth seeds” into His mind that the Lord will continue to work to lead him to repentance. 

Pride Event in Dunnville Canada


The “main event” that the brethren brought me up to Canada for was a “Pride” event in Dunnville. 

The Bible says that pride goes before destruction (Prov. 16:18), so we preached that Dunnville needs to humble itself before God. 

The year prior the brethren had me come up for this event and while there, a sinner stole my sign.

This year, we invited back up. Ruben Israel came in from Los Angeles and a large team from Toronto came in. 

We had lots of Gospel Banners this year!

With the protection of the local Police, we were able to set up our banners right next to the main stage and preach the Gospel. 

Toronto Anime Event


Across America are “ComicCon” events which are very popular for the Comic subculture.

People attend, often dressed up like their favorite comic hero. 

Like ComicCon, there are also “Anime” events for cartoons. 

Again, people dress up like their favorite characters.

Toronto just so happened to be hosting a very large Anime event the weekend we were around.

There also just so happened to be a public street and sidewalk right in front of the convention center!

This was a perfect spot for us to lift up our banners and our voices for the Lord! 



Crowds of people were everywhere!

Since we already had lots of street preachers covering the main entrance, I decided to take a few brethren off to the side to another great area.

Across the street was an open grassy area with lots of foot traffic and people hanging around.

It didn’t take long of preaching there before we were surrounded by some interesting characters! 



Our crowd became so large that a local drummer who was performing on the sidewalk nearby became jealous!

He picked up his drums and positioned himself right next to me in front of the crowd, banging his drums! 

It’s a good thing we brought our bullhorns, otherwise the crowd would never have been able to hear my preaching with that drum going!


Our message was simple.

Sin leads to hell.

Jesus died for our sins.

God is calling all men everywhere to repent. 

If you repent of your sins, you can be forgive by the grace and mercy of God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.49.07 AM

The Toronto Police were great to work with but the private event security gave us as much of a hard time as they could. 

They claimed ownership of the grass I was standing on and made me move to the nearby sidewalk. 

I moved around a few times but managed to draw a nice crowd everywhere that I went. 


Eventually I rejoined the team at the main location at the front door. 

A large crowd had surrounded the team and we ministered to them for a few hours. 

Only one man tried to steal my amplifier but was unsuccessful. 

The Gospel preaching continued no matter what! 

Niagara Falls Canada Again 


We ended our mission trip with another great outreach to Niagara Falls. 

The first outreach to this location, I was the other street preacher.

But by the end of the trip, the team had grown so we wanted to return again. 

There was a perfect area for a street preacher to stand and preach, on some raised stairs.

Somebody must have called the Police because they showed up, talked briefly with us, watched us for a while, and eventually left saying, “You aren’t doing or saying anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable having my children around.” 

We continued to preach the rest of the day without problem! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.49.13 AM

I returned to the same busy crosswalk I preached at before. 

Two men saw me preaching and came up to me and said,”Brother Jesse! We watch you on Youtube!”

I said, “Wow, where are you from?”

They said, “India!”


Someone recently commented on my Youtube channel, “Greetings from Indonesia!” 

We are literally reaching the NATIONS with the Gospel! 



You weaken or strengthen every temptation by either resisting it or feeding it. 

The Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

After Jesus resisted the temptations of the devil, the devil went away (Matt. 4:11).

The thing about temptations is this:

resist them and they go away.

As a new convert, I still had to resist temptations for drugs and alcohol.

After 18 years, those aren’t temptations anymore.

Actually, after 4-5 years, once I was out of my teenage years and very active as a street preacher, those things were not tempting anymore at all.

The reverse is also true. The more you give into temptation, the stronger its pull and hold on you.

Temptations grow stronger if you feed them.

Given this principle about temptations, that if you resist them they go away and eventually aren’t even tempting anymore, I can conceive of attaining to a state where you aren’t really tempted much anymore.

If you habitually and continually say no to all temptations, I suppose eventually sin of any kind will no longer be tempting. 

It’s always possible to sin because God created us with free will, but if we overcome temptations in this life, we definitely won’t be sinning in heaven. 

The more you see sin for what it really is, Satan for who he is, and the more you love and trust God, the easier it is to overcome the temptations of the devil and obey the Lord.

Temptation to sin is especially weakened when you see sin for what it really is – a cancerous poison that is trying to hurt and ruin you.

It is ultimate by faith that we overcome temptation (1 John 5:4), trusting that God has our best interest at heart and satan is trying to damn our souls. 

It becomes easier to obey God when you understand His requirements are good for you and that Satan is trying to hurt you through sin.

Adam and Eve sinned because they distrusted God and trusted in Satan instead. 

Trust in God, not Satan.

Then you will obey God, not Satan. 



Making a Difference for the Kingdom of God!

The most exciting thing in the world, next to knowing God, is leading people to Jesus.

And the next best thing after leading people to Jesus, is raising up other witnesses to labor in the harvest field! 

I praise God that our ministry has been seeing people just recently come to the Lord out of Atheism, Islam, Homosexuality, Lukewarmness, Drugs, etc. 

I’ve been so blessed that our ministry has been in a season of harvest lately, after many years of plowing, in which we have been seeing every month many souls coming to the Lord and many Christians raised up for the work of soul winning! 


“I have been so blessed by your work and videos. I play them at home hoping my son will repent and turn to Christ. Thank you for all that you do!” Lisa



Somebody recently messaged me and told me, “I saw you on Netflix!” Apparently there is a documentary on Netflix about “Gay Rights” that shows me street preaching outside of the Supreme Court when they were ruling on “homosexual marriage.” I was wearing my “God Hates Sin” t-shirt.

I know clips of me from that outreach in Washington D.C. also appeared on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart and Colbert.

It’s awesome when you reach the secular world with biblical truth through secular media! 


“God blessed me through your ministry to continue being bold to preach the Gospel and not to be afraid to call sin for what it is. Through your preaching God has reminded me to continue being mindful of the aproval of God and not the aproval of man. The way you preach is necessary because it takes God’s commands seriously, as He has chosen the foolishness of preaching.” ~ Gerhard 







My inbox is not a stranger to “hate mail” from sinners and critics so it is nice when I receive some kind words of encouragement for our ministry. 

Brother Jesse. You been a blessing to me and my family. We so enjoy your street preaching especially your sermons. You have a way of explain things in a way that can be easily understood. Thank you for being bold and courageous . The fruits of the spirit are clearly seen in your character. God bless you and your family.” Lourdes

“I just want to say your street preaching is awesome. This is the boldness the church needs today. They don’t want us saying certain things because it could be offensive to people. I want to save lives not just hear eloquent speeches. You preach how John the baptist and Jesus preached. Repent ! And turn from your wicked ways. I will help support you..” Cotillion







This man is a Canadian who said he started street preaching EVERY DAY, starting a couple years ago, after watching our YouTube videos!!!!

I never even knew!

He said he found his calling!

Lord, send forth more laborers into the harvest field! 



 photo 1654540_10152378493191765_5666705586844976252_o_zps2f000cee.jpg

 photo 14610883_10153991472441765_406973655442265063_n_zpsvd2rjz8o.jpg



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