Is Street Preaching Effective? by Jesse Morrell


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Is Street Preaching Effective?

By Jesse Morrell 

People often watch our youtube videos and see the opposition and hostility of sinners and then ask, “Is this really an effective way to reach people?”

The fact is, when sinners get convicted of their sins they either react in anger or in repentance. The fact that sinners get angry and hostile when we preach is actually a good sign. If unconverted sinners are apathetic when you are preaching, you might be doing something wrong.

The Gospel is effective. Asking if street preaching is effective is the wrong question. It depends on what you are street preaching. If you are street preaching the Gospel, it is effective!

I told the church, “Street preaching with the anointing of God is effective.” Praise God we see sinners convicted and come to repentance EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. It’s amazing what God is doing and how much the Church tries to oppose Him in it!

I preached, “You know what isn’t effective? Doing nothing. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. We have to do something!”

The fact is, I have seen more people come to the Lord through street preaching than through any other method I have tried. Every single month I see sinners come to repentance. Every. Single. Month. They convert to Christ out of homosexuality, Islam, lukewarmness, atheism, etc. Street preaching is very effective which is why the devil says it isn’t.

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