The Death Toll of a Global Depression by Jesse Morrell


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“And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.” Genesis 47:15


This is something worth reading:


By Jesse Morrell

You have to have foresight and think this through rationally and logically, not hysterically with panic.

Look at the actual data of the virus – the death toll and the mortality rate, and see if that merits a global economic collapse and global depression. It doesn’t.

Think through the logical chain reaction of an economic shutdown.

First everyone stays home so people don’t go to work. Businesses get a month of no revenue and go bankrupt. After just a few days of loss of revenue big companies already had to do mass layoffs.

There won’t be jobs for people to return to if all the industries crash. Our government cannot bail out every industry in the country. Not to mention the loss of revenue counties, states, and the federal government will suffer from this.

50% of the country is employed by small businesses and even large companies are already doing mass layoffs. Norwegian Air laid off 90% of their staff. Businesses, small and large, go bankrupt. People don’t have jobs and can’t pay their mortgages.

Do you know what fractional reserve banking is? It means the money you think is in the bank isn’t there. They loaned it out and pay the withdrawals from the interest payments coming in.

What happens when banks don’t get their interest payments, they cannot pay their depositors and the banks fail.

Last month when the economy was great a bank failed. How many will fail when there is mass unemployment? If the whole nation isn’t working, ALL the banks will fail. That means everyone loses whatever they had in the bank.

That is why it’s called bank-rupt. It’s what happened in the Great Depression after the stock market crash.

That means you can’t feed your family. You can’t buy anything. All your cash is gone. Your bank card won’t work. It’s just whatever change you have in your pocket or cash tucked away.

But wait. The FDIC insured the nations depositors up to $250,000 an account. Yes, but just like the bank does fractional reserve banking, insurance does fractional reserve insurance.

The FDIC doesn’t have enough money to cover all the banks they insure. If everyone makes a claim, insurance companies go bankrupt.

Already, the reserve amount required by the Federal Reserve has dropped from 10% reserves down to 0%, meaning banks are not required right now to have any reserve to cover their depositors.

“the Board reduced reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions”

When a banks reserves  hit only 9% in the past, the FDIC deemed it insolvent and shut it down. Now they can go down to 0%. This means the banks are either already collapsing or they see the collapse around the corner.

When the banks don’t have enough money to cover their depositors, the FDIC will turn to the federal reserve to print more money. Can the tax payer bail out every depositor in the country???? Can you say hyperinflation and currency collapse? Look at what happened in Venezuela!

Currencies have collapsed under less severe circumstances than a nationwide economic shutdown!

And an economic collapse is the perfect conditions for a socialist revolution – the government rebuilding the economy. They already have made the masses dependent on the government for their monthly income. If the country collapses, they will look to the government to fix it. They already talked about bailing out big industries in exchange for equity. And government ownership of the economy is communism.

But a global economic collapse is too big to even be bailed out by the tax payer. You think the economy will just bounce back?? It took them ten years to get out of the Great Depression. And they only had 24.9% unemployment! They are already talking 35% unemployment for America right now and it’s just the beginning if it doesn’t end soon.

Think worse than the Great Depression. Think greatest economic catastrophe in our nations history. Even the Great Depression didn’t shut down the economy of the entire nation.

We already saw a run on Wall Street. We saw a run on Walmart. And it’s just a matter of time before we see a run on the banks. That’s the real reason they are closing branches, limiting their hours, and limiting your withdrawal amount.

We already saw what happens to Walmart when people panic. Empty shelves. Hoarding causes scarcity and scarcity causes more hoarding. But that is just the beginning of the shortages. If you shut down 50% of our countries production, there will be massive shortages. Think massive starvation.

If you shut down 50% production, you also are shutting down 50% distribution, which means shortages of 50% consumption.

And the economy is so interconnected that one thing affects another until it’s not a ripple affect but a tsunami.

So the food industry stays open. But what about the plastic factories that service them? Or the cardboard factories? The economy is all interconnected.

Doctors can’t get to the hospital to save lives if their car breaks down, Uber was shut down, dealerships shut down, and mechanics shut down. Say the mechanics stay open but with everyone staying home, they go bankrupt anyways.

More people would die from the coming global economic collapse than the people who would die from the virus itself.

The cure is worse than the disease.

And the CDC wanted to shut down the economy of the entire nation until July August the earliest??? Are you insane? There won’t be a nation at that point.

You think small towns and small businesses can go 4-5 months without revenue. Businesses collapse after weeks of no revenue. 4-5 months and every business is bankrupt and every American unemployed. And that’s just America.

Following our bad example, now UK and India shutdown their economies. We are taking billions of people unemployed for a virus that right now has only claimed 20,000 lives worldwide. The flu alone claims 250,000 lives every single year but we don’t collapse the economy and plunge the world into global depression.

The economy is like a bicycle. Lots of moving parts. You need to keep it moving or it falls down. Go to slow and the ride is over. You can’t just pause the economy of a nation. This is reality. An economy is essential to a nation. An economy is not optional. You can’t just pause or stop an economy.

Fauci is an expert on viruses not the economy. He even said he is not thinking of the economy and that overreacting to this virus is the right thing to do. Wrong.

If you underreact you make the death toll higher than it needs to be. But if you overreact you cause global economic collapse and kill way more people.

You want to properly react to this virus. And since 99.3% of those infected would recover, 99% of those dying have preexisting conditions, and the death rate is very low for people under 50, and that is just the date from the confirmed cases with our limited testing, it means that those most at risk should practice social distancing to avoid exposure and the young and healthy with the least risk should get back to work and keep the economy from collapsing.

You can solve both the hospital crisis and the economic crisis at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice the 1% for the 99% and you don’t have to sacrifice the 99% for the 1%. Trump is seeing both crisis and making plans accordingly.

By letting certain regions at low risk and certain ages at low risk back to work, President Trump would be saving countless lives by avoiding a global economic collapse and global depression that would result if this went on for months like shortsighted overkill germaphobe Fauci wants.

And when all the data finally comes in, and we confirm all the actual cases that include the majority that only had mild symptoms and nothing life threatening, it will show the mortality rate was actually really low, lower than we see now and lower than we first thought. I calculated it will be .1% given the 20,000 deaths right now, if the actual number of infected was 2,000,000. And .1% is the death rate of the flu.

Imagine that. Causing a global economic collapse and global depression over a virus that in the final analysis has a very low mortality rate, similar to the flu.

The CDC evidently did not think through the economic affects of their plan. They did not calculate the death toll a global depression would cause.

We are in a recession right now and if the government keep the economy down, that’s a depression. But we can shift gears and avoid the catastrophe by President Trump changing course.

To comfort and convince the public to go back to work, the CDC and White House needs to emphasis the actual known mortality rate, instead of the death toll. You can’t stop all deaths but the mortality rate will show that while this virus is highly contagious it is not highly deadly. Very few of those infected actually die. Collapsing the economy at this point makes no logical sense. It’s a bad plan and I’m glad Trump broke from Fauci on his stupid shortsighted 4-5 month shutdown. This isn’t a Hollywood movie. It’s real life with real consequences.

They should have a business death toll and job death toll on the news like they do for the virus.

Listening to Fauci and shutting down the economy will go down in history as President Donald Trumps biggest mistake.

Again, The Federal Reserve estimated unemployment to hit 30%. The Secretary of the Treasury said unemployment will rise to 35%.

Do you know the unemployment during the Great Depression? 24.9%

But hey, that means that 75.1% had jobs, so the Great Depression wasn’t that bad, right? The economy is just money after all, right?

So with a population of 331 million people in America, what’s the number of unemployed at 35%? Do the math. It’s 116 million people unemployed. This is astronomical.

You know it took them ten years to finally come out of the Great Depression?

And do you know what caused the Great Depression? A stock market crash and then a banking collapse.

Businesses cannot handle months without revenue. They cannot even go weeks without revenue without bankruptcy. This shutdown needs to end in days. Days. Or else the economic problems will be too big for government to fix.

But we can just pretend that people don’t need jobs, businesses don’t need customers, and banks don’t need interest payments, if that makes you feel better.

Hey you wanna go play some video games? Let’s see what’s new on Netflix.

Wake up America!


The Criteria to Judge Whether a Economic Collapse Over a Virus is Justified Or Not is the Mortality Rate, Not the Death Toll.

The mortality rate shows you how deadly the actual virus is.

As this virus continues to spread, the death toll will continue to rise. But as more tests are being down, the mortality rate will continue to fall. Again, the death toll will continue to rise but the actual mortality rate will continue to fall. That’s because most of the injected only have mild symptoms and children often show no symptoms at all.

Mass Testing Will Drive the Mortality Rate Down

Share this! This is very important: the difference between the DEATH TOLL and the MORTALITY RATE! Big difference!

The mortality rate, not the death toll, is what you look at to see if an economic collapse and global depression is justified.

The media needs to emphasis the mortality rate rather than the death toll so that people see an economic collapse is not a justified plan.

Using the global data right now:

458,662 confirmed cases
20,799 dead
113,776 recovered

458,662 x .0452 = 20,731

So the death toll right now using the data of the confirmed cases is 20,799 with a mortality rate around 4.52%.

But with limited testing up until now, and the criteria for testing being severe symptoms or exposure to those who had severe symptoms, with most actual cases having mild or no symptoms, and with this outbreak going on since December, it’s possible that there have actually been 2,000,000 cases worldwide.

Most cases were not tested because they were mild and didn’t meet the criteria and tests were limited.

That would not change the death toll. That remains at 20,799. But it drastically changes the mortality rate.

If there have actually been 2 million cases, the math now puts the mortality rate at .01 which is .1%, so only 1% of 1%. A fraction of a percentage.

Until we have mass testing and know how many have been infected with mild to no symptoms, the actual mortality rate will be too high on paper.

And to put this into perspective, the flu death toll is around 250,000 people worldwide every single year. We are only at 20,000 people right now with coronavirus so we are nowhere near that yet.

And the mortality rate of the flu is also .01 which is .1%

So yes, if coronavirus is more contagious than the flu, it might have a higher death toll, but it could also have a lower mortality rate for the same reason – it’s so contagious because most have mild symptoms when they eventually manifest after two weeks of no symptoms.

As the virus spreads and more testing is done, yes the death toll will continue to go up but the actual mortality rate will continue to go down – since most people infected merely have mild to no symptoms.

People need to stop the panic and the hysteria and start looking at the data and think rationally and logically about this.

Those most at risk according to the data need to isolate themselves (those with preexisting conditions and those with high mortality rates based on age)and those with little risk according to the mortality rates (the young and healthy) need to get back to work and keep the economy going.

Many of us likely already had it and beat it and are now immune and the data is wrong because most of the infected never got tested because it was mild and the criteria for testing didn’t allow it, and so the actual mortality rate is far less than they have been reporting.

Mass testing being done now will help the data catch up and the mortality rate will be seen to be much lower than before.

But a global depression! That could mean mass scarcity and mass starvation! We need to end this madness and set a global example and reopen the economy before its too late!

Shutdown the economic shutdown!

I really think that when this is all said and done and the tests give us better data, we will see that we destroyed the economy for a virus that has a similar mortality rate of the flu.


Italy has the largest population of 80 year olds in the world. The Italians are known for their longevity because of their Mediterranean diet.

The average age of those who are dying is 80.

And 99% of those who are dying, according to Italy, had one or more preexisting conditions.

As for the mortality rate, that cannot be accurately known without accurate data. And you can’t have accurate data without mass testing.

However, since they say that most people have mild to no symptoms so they don’t get tested, and since tests themselves are limited, the actual mortality rate is much lower than the numbers they give us when they only include the confirmed cases.

If the data included the number of people who were infected and recovered and had mild to no symptoms, the mortality rate would be very low.

Many of you were likely already infected and recovered and hardly even noticed it.

The Surgeon General said that 99.3% of people infected will recover.

And 6 in 7 infections go unknown.

Only 5% of those hospitalized for coronavirus are fatally ill.

This isn’t Ebola or the Black Plague. But we are causing a global economic collapse by shutting down our economies and quarantining the healthy population. This cannot go on for weeks or months without global economic depression.

I exposed MSNBC for fake news and hysteria last night on their reporting of Trump ending the shutdown and they had to issue a correction this morning!

I quoted their article that said:

“if a pandemic rages across the country and kills 50% of the population.” #FakeNews

The Surgeon General said that 99.3% of those infected would recover.

Just look at Italy. The average age of those who are dying is 80. The same age group that the flu claims each year. And 99% of those dying in Italy had preexisting conditions.

Stop with the hysteria already. Educate yourself with some facts.

MSNBC Correction: “The quote originally posted was incorrect due to an editing error. It should read: “if a pandemic rages across the country and infects 50% of the population, and kills a percentage point, at the low end.” The erroneous post originally quoted as “kills 50%.””

I commented:

MSNBC so now your article makes no sense. Why collapse the economy for a virus that 99.3% would recover from?

If the mortality rate was 50% sure, but we are talking about a very low mortality rate for people under 70 years old.

“Editing error” yeah right.

The media needs to focus more on the low mortality rate than they are on the rising death toll, so that people will feel safe going back to work and realize the data doesn’t justify a global economic collapse over this virus.

This is much needed good news. The initial predictions that prompted such extreme measures are not showing in the data they have collected now from mass testing.

“The predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground in either China, South Korea, or Italy. When people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected, it’s very scary. But we don’t have data that matches that based on the experience… That was the report that said there would be 500,000 deaths in the UK. And 2.2 million deaths in the United States. They adjusted that number in the UK to 20,000….” – Dr. Deborah, The White House Coronavirus Task Force

The truth is that it’s never safe to go back to work.

3.1 million people die in car accidents each year.

1 million die from mosquitos each year.

And 250,000 die from the flu each year.

There is always risk of sudden death every time you go outside.

But the mortality rate of this virus must be weighed against the possible death toll of an economic global collapse and global depression.


I posted this article on the White House page three days ago and now Trump is essentially quoting it in his sudden change of policy to reopen the economy!! He said these exact things in his briefing! I wonder if someone at the White House maybe printed off this article and gave it to him? He even mentioned the car analogy. Ideas travel. That’s why you need to voice them. All the government officials were saying July August to end the shutdown and so I started posting that was the wrong plan. NOBODY was saying these things two weeks ago which is why I started spamming the news pages and White House with articles like these:


1.35 million people die in car accidents worldwide every year. Don’t you care about those people? That’s 3,700 deaths a day. But if everyone right now would just get off the road and go home for a whole year, we can prevent all those deaths.

Don’t you see how that might be a true statement but the economic consequences would be devastating? It’s unpractical and unsustainable.

There are more realistic ways to prevent car accident fatalities than shutting down the entire nation and causing a global depression!

When some hear economy they think money. When I hear the economy I hear people, families, lives. You think the Great Depression was no big deal because “it was just money”?How many would die in a global economic collapse?

There are ways to protect the weak and elderly from this virus without causing a global depression.

For most people this virus poses no risk at all since most have no symptoms. But that’s why it’s so contagious.

I don’t think it’s wise to destroy the economy over a virus that for most results in little or no symptoms at all.

What we should do is isolate those who are weak and vulnerable, quarantine those who are sick with symptoms, and let the young and healthy beat it with their immune system and the 99% keep the economy going at the same time.

That way we save lives and don’t kill the economy.

People make irrational decisions when they are panicked and that is the most serious problem of this pandemic.

Throw away the economy! Make everyone dependent on the government! Release the inmates! Pump me full of unknown vaccines!

Use your head people. Think all this through rationally and logically.

Stop being driven by irrational panic.

People will do whatever the government tells them to do when they are panicked, no matter how unreasonable it would be to them in any other circumstances.

The way to establish socialism is to crash the economy so the government can rebuild it.

The hysterical overreaction is just giving opportunity for a socialist revolution.

They have already made Americans dependent on the government for their monthly income now.

People are so terrified of this virus they think that if you get it, it’s a death sentence.

You think 99.3% surviving is very deadly? Be informed with facts.

If 99% has mild to no symptoms and recover, that’s not a very deadly virus.

The average age of death in Italy was 80 and 99% of them had one or more preexisting conditions.

And Italy has the largest population of 80 year olds. Their Mediterranean diet is known for longevity.

Destroying the global economy for a virus that the Surgeon General said 99.3% would recover from makes no sense. This is not Ebola or the Black Plague.

Just like we have measures to prevent fatal car accidents without shutting down the roads, we have ways to prevent death from this virus without shutting down the economy.

The CDC needs to get behind Trump on this, not in front of Him.


When Trump was asked when this shut down might end, he said “I’m being told July, August.”

Then others in the government, like the Surgeon General and the Secretary of the Economic Council said the same thing – 3 months they said.

That’s when I got concerned and started thinking through the chain reaction that would start in the economy and concluded it would be an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression.

Nobody was saying that so I started writing articles on this and posted then everywhere all last week. And about two days after posting on a news site, my arguments would essentially become headlines.

At first everyone said “Just shut up and listen to the experts. Nobody is saying what you are saying.” Even friends told me this.

Then I started posting my articles on the White House page and two days afterwards Trump suddenly had a drastic change of mind and changed course.

And his talking points for this change of decision was all the things I kept hammering in my articles I kept posting….

Who knows. Ideas travel. But this was not their plan. Fauci was calling the shots before and he said months of this.

I especially felt the Lords presence when the critics, even my friends, were telling me to just “shut up and listen to the experts.” I felt Gods presence reaffirming me to keep going and that being a voice would make a difference.


President Trump said he wants the economy open by Easter!

If the country follows through with this, we could avoid a global depression that would result in massive death.

The economy of a nation is essential. It can’t just be turned off. It’s not optional. People need to get back to work before the problem becomes too big for the government to be able to fix.

A risk based plan, where states with low risk and age groups with low risk can get back to work and prevent the economy from total collapse, is a common sense plan based on reason and logic. Those who are at the highest risk should be isolated in their homes. And everyone should practice good hygiene and reasonable social distancing.

Pray for the President and the Governors to follow through with this, as they deal with both the health crisis and the economic crisis at the same time.

This is a time for all of us to use wisdom and to trust in the Lord.

God always gets His people through crisis.


New Book!


When asked if he saw any evidence that the coronavirus came from a Wuhan Lab, President Trump said, “Yes, I have.”

Mike Pompeo said there was “enormous evidence” that the novel coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan.

Here is “The Wuhan Lab & The Mad Science Dr. Fauci Funded” with 760 pages with 2,300 sources!

This book contains well documented facts that some people want to keep secret.

The question of the origin of the pandemic is not a political one but a scientific and historical one.

Senator Tom Cotton said that “all the evidence” points to the Wuhan labs.

Examine all the evidence and see the big picture and come to your own conclusion.

Communists, spies, mad scientists, government cover ups and billionaires; it sounds like a movie but this is true life.


Did Covid-19 come out of a Wuhan laboratory?

Is this virus a communist bioweapon?

Is Bill Gates associated with Communist China?

Is Dr. Fauci a plant in the White House?

Is war with China coming?

These are the questions that this book seeks to answer.












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  1. We are watching the government try to bailout the stock market, bail out the big businesses, bail out the small businesses, bail out every employee, bailout the banks. We have never seen anything like this before. It’s because the entire system of the economy is collapsing. Shutting down the economy of a nation is unprecedented. It’s only been 11 days and look at what it’s done. Once an economy is shutdown, that nation is a sinking ship.

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